General Cultivate Guide

In this article, I will explain the tips and specifications of the general “Cultivate function”.

*As for how to “increase the power of generals”, please refer to the following article.
How to increase the General’s Power (and the Danger)

What happens when a general is cultivated?

You can increase your general’s stats (leadership, attack, defense, and politics) by up to almost +500 each.

What happens when the status is increased?

Buffs such as the attack, HP, etc of your troops will improve.

When you reach +500 cultivation, the buffs from cultivation alone will be approximately +70 to +100%. (Note: Some items are excluded.)

In this example, the buff is about 60% for base stats alone, and about 70% for cultivation alone, for a total buff of about 130%.

Relationship between Stats & Buffs

The following shows what buffs can be improved by increasing which stats.


  • Subordinate City Training Speed
  • Troop HP
  • March Speed


  • Troop Attack


  • Troop Defense


  • Subordinate City Construction Speed
  • Subordinate City Gold Production Speed
  • Resource Gathering Speed
  • Troop Death to Wounded

Note: This only applies if you fight or gather resources with that general, or make him/her a mayor.

Relationship between Cultivate Value & Buff Value

Up to +300 cultivation, each 100 stats will be buffed by 10%.
After +300, each 100 stats will be buffed by 10% “more”.


If you have +300 Cultivate (10%)
  • Leadership 545+297=842 (Buff +84.20%)
  • Attack 515+298=813 (Buff +81.30%)
  • Defense 515+296=811 (Buff+81.13%)
  • Politics 531+300=831 (Buff +83.10%)
If you have +500 Cultivate (10% more)
  • Leadership 738+500=1238 (Buff +157.60%)
  • Attack 636+498=1134 (Buff +136.80%)
  • Defense 728+500=1228 (Buff+155.60%)
  • Politics 673+500=1173 (Buff+144.60%)

How to Cultivate a General

Open the detail screen of the general you want to cultivate, and click the “Cultivate” button at the bottom.

Cultivate button at the bottom of the general's detail screen

You can cultivate the general with either Gems or Gold, so press the button of your choice.

The result will be displayed, but it is not yet reflected at this point. (Which items will be cultivated, and whether they will be positive or negative, will be determined randomly.)

If you want it to be reflected, click “Confirm”. If you don’t want it to be reflected, click “Cancel”. (You will not get the cost back if you cancel.)

*Note that only gems can be cultivated 10 times at once.

If you want the sum of the positive values to be greater than the sum of the negative values, choose Total Increase.

If you only need a specific item to be positive, choose other.

Basic specifications for cultivation

  • Gold can be increased to nearly +300, and gems to nearly +500.
  • When you cultivate once, a value between -3 and +3 is randomly generated for each item.
  • Between 0 and +20, you will always get a + value; above 21, you will get a negative value.
  • In order to cultivate up to 500, it is necessary to “enhance” and increase the star level beforehand. (Click here to see the cost and conditions required for enhancement)
    • To get +100 or higher, Star Level 1 is required.
    • To get +330 or higher, Star Level 2 is required.
    • To get +380 or higher, Star Level 3 is required.
    • To get +430 or higher, Star Level 4 is required.
    • To get +480 or higher, Star Level 5 is required.
  • The cost per cultivation depends on how many + values you currently have for each stats.
    • +99 or less -> 20 gems or 6000 gold
    • +100 or more x1 -> 25 Gems or 6,750 Gold
    • +100 or more x2 -> 30 Gems or 7,500 Gold
    • +100 or more x3 -> 35 Gems or 8,250 Gold
    • +100 or more x4 -> 40 Gems or 9,000 Gold
    • +200 or more x1 -> 46 Gems or 10,000 Gold
    • +200 or more x2 -> 52 Gems or 11,000 Gold
    • +200 or more x3 -> 58 Gems or 12,000 Gold
    • +200 or more x4 -> 64 Gems or 13,000 Gold
    • +300 or more x1 -> 71 Gems or 11,250 Gold
    • +300 or more x2 -> 78 Gems or 9,500 Gold
    • +300 or more x3 -> 85 Gems or 7,750 Gold
    • +300 or more x4 -> 92 Gems or 6,000 Gold
    • +400 or more x1 -> 100 Gems or 6,000 Gold
    • +400 or more x2 -> 108 Gems or 6,000 Gold
    • +400 or more x3 -> 116 Gems or 6,000 Gold
    • +400 or more x4 -> 124 Gems or 6,000 Gold

The gold cost will increase until one of the stats reaches +300, but when all four reach +300, the gold cost will return to the lowest price of 6,000 gold. However in this state, gold cultivation will not produce any + value.

Tips for Cultivation

  • It is not common to have all the positive values in one cultivation. Therefore, when the total of positive values exceeds the total of negative values, it is better to fix all of them.
  • Basically, you should be careful not to bias the + value to any one item. If the result of the cultivation is that the sum of the positive and negative values is zero, and if the result is such that the bias can be adjusted, it is recommended to set the value to fixed. (Equivalent exchange)
  • It is recommended that you use gold to raise to +300. It is also possible to raise to +300 with gems, but if the exchange rate at the keep is high due to research, it is more expensive and not recommended.
  • The upper limit of cultivation can be slightly exceeded. (301, 502, etc.) You can exceed the upper limit if you get a large positive value right before the limit. In particular, if you cultivate with 10 Gems just before +500, you can exceed +510 if you are very lucky.
  • Once an item has exceeded the upper limit, further cultivation will only result in a negative value. However, the button can still be pressed. Be careful not to press it.

Cost & Effort required to “reach +500”

Total Cost (approximate)

My actual results are as follows.

about 20M Gold + 150,000 Gems

0 to 300 -> about 20M gold
300 to 500 -> about 150,000 gems

*In addition to the above, the cost of enhancement is also required. (Click here for details on costs)


You have to do a huge number of them.

The sum of the positive values exceeds the sum of the negative values only two or three times out of ten.

And even then, it is often the case that one of the items is positive and one of them is negative.

On average, after 10 times of cultivation, each item would finally be +1.

If I keep going at that pace, I will need about 3,000 cultivating sessions to get to +300.

In my experience, even if I have enough costs (gold, gems, general EXP, and medals) in advance, it took me about 2 to 3 hours to turn a general with no cultivation (level 1, star level 0) into a general with 500 cultivation (level 22, star level 5).

Planning for Cultivation and Selection of Generals

As mentioned above, cultivating a general requires quite a bit of cost and effort, so it is best to have a plan in place before you start cultivating.

By the way, I am thinking as follows. I hope this helps you.

Priority: High (to be cultivated to 500 immediately)

  • Main-general for Monster Hunting – x1
  • Main-general for PvP – x1 (or 3 – 4 if you have a large budget, one for each type of troop)
  • Defense General – x1
  • Main-general for Resource Gathering (Queen Jindeok)
    • You only need to increase the “gathering speed”, so increase only “politics”. If you can afford it, increase “leadership” to increase “march speed”.

Priority: Low (to be cultivated to 200-300)

  • Temporary Main-general (early in the game, when you don’t have any other good generals. In the future, you can make him/her a Duty Officer or Mayor)
  • Duty Officer
  • Sub-general for Monster Hunting (for 2nd and 3rd lines (Baibars2 and Baibars3…))





Sorry for the minor tweaks.
I’ve been cultivating my newly acquired general (Takeda) for the Gather Troops event’s 1,000 general cultivations, and I was able to get him to +113 with level 1 and no stars.
Of course, I didn’t cultivate them with 10 gems, but with gold.

In addition, if you cultivate at +113, you will get a message saying that you have reached the limit.

I tried it with another general (Shimazu), and at +100, I got a message saying that I had reached the limit.
It seems to be different depending on the class of the general.


I have my top gens in ares armor and cultivated at max 500 but I’m still lacking in reaching the special officer requirements for my keep building. It seems that I only need 25 more points in politics category. What can you suggest for me to raise his politic score?

If you can raise your general level and star level, raise these.
If the general is already level 35 and has 5 stars, then you cannot increase his politics any further.
(Note that assigning a dragon will slightly increase your politics and other attribute values, but this will not count.)
In this case, you will need to switch to a different general.
If the general’s Leadership and Politics increase to 8.8 or higher at level 1, there is a good chance you can achieve this.

Related: Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

I much appreciate your site, you make it easy to understand a complicated game.
My main general for PVP, Aldolfus, has 504 on attack but 423 on defence.
What is the best way to get his defence up without loosing the attack ?

I can’t find the place to select whether I want overall increment or just on one specific item…basically where are those check boxes?

Sorry for the back-to-back posts.
I was able to guess that the lucky stone is involved in the double EXP rate for specialties, so please disregard the comment I just sent you.
I apologize for that.

I always refer to this site.
On the General’s Specialty screen, the “Current Double EXP Rate” is displayed, how can I increase this?


Regarding equipment refinement, if I refine it, will the basic performance be overwritten?


Appreciate your detailed articles as they have helped me understand the game so much better. I’m not sure I understand the calculations you have for the relationship between cultivating and the buffs, especially for the +300 cultivates. I cannot understand how the buffs are calculated there. Can you please explain the math there? Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry💦I didn’t know where to put this so I’ll put it here💦
I’d love it if you could tell me how to do the Battle of Constantinople and the Battle of Gau Gamera.
I’m not sure how to do this, so I can’t participate even if I wanted to… 😞😞😞😞


Check the BOC and BOG information (the “i” icon) to get a general idea.


In the case of monster hunting generals, is it a good idea to cultivate Baibars to 500 as my main?
Or is it better to use the cavalry specialized general as the main one and grow Baibars as the second or third one?
If so, please give me some advice.
For your information, the cavalry generals I have are Barbarossa, Li Jing, and Wei Qing.

I guess it depends on the policy of each player. 🤔
If you already have a well-developed cavalry PvP general, I don’t think you need to force it to 500.
If you are focusing on cavalry and don’t have a well-trained cavalry PvP general, you should prioritize cavalry PvP general training over Baibars.

By the way, I have only cultivated the first Baibars to 500.
Also, only he has “Mounted Troop Attack” and “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monsters” level 4 skills.
The reason for this is that I have a low priority in growing cavalry PvP generals. (I’m focusing on ranged troops)


Thanks for the answer.
Basically I don’t do PVP, I mainly play monster hunting, so I’m going to take the plunge and try to get up to 500 with Baibars as my main.
I’m always looking forward to reading your articles.
I hope you will continue to help me.

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