Specialty Guide

Primarily a basic guide for players below General level 25.

What is a specialty?

A buff or debuff that only the rarest generals (purple and gold) have.

Gold generals have four, purple generals have three.

Specialties are unlocked at general level 25, but have a default value of zero, so you will need to use runestones and gems to increase your learning level.

Each general has a different specialty. You can see which generals have which specialties from their portraits in the tavern.

Basic Specifications

  • Each of the four specialties requires a different type of runestone. From left to right on the screen, the following are required.
    • Specialty 1 – Leadership Runestone
    • Specialty 2 – Military Runestone
    • Specialty 3 – Glory Runestone
    • Specialty 4 – Immortal Runestone (Specialty 4 is not available to purple generals)
  • There are five learning levels for each specialty.
    • Level 1 – Green (Veteran)
    • Level 2 – Blue (Master)
    • Level 3 – Purple (Expert)
    • Level 4 – Orange (Grandmaster)
    • Level 5 – Gold (Genius)
Example of increasing the learning level to purple (Expert)
Example of increasing the learning level to purple (Expert)
  • As you increase your learning level, the buffs for that specialty will increase little by little.
  • The content and values of the specialty that can be seen in the portraits in the tavern are those when the learning level is raised to the maximum.
  • When paying runestones and gems to increase EXP, you may get double EXP if you use lucky stones at the same time. (Depends on your luck)
  • The chance of getting double EXP increases depending on the number of lucky stones you use (5% for 1 stone, 90% for 10 stones).
Example of using a lucky stone
Example of using a lucky stone

The 4th specialty is for heavily paid players

The 4th specialty, the rightmost one that the golden general has, is often much more powerful in buffing and debuffing than the three specialties before it.

An example of the 4th specialty
An example of the 4th specialty

However, this 4th specialty can only be unlocked if the previous 3 specialties are all gold (genius), so you can’t increase your learning level until then.

This takes a lot of effort, time, or money, so unless you are a heavy paid player, it is best not to rely on the 4th specialty. (For an unpaid player, I think it takes a couple of years.)

I recommend that you keep this in mind when you are seriously considering which general to train.

What kind of person can make 4 specialties gold?

As an example, here is a model case of how far someone could raise their specialty within a year of starting the game.

Model case by budget

  • $10,000+ per year (k35, 1.5B)
    • 4 golds (1 general), 3 oranges (2 generals)
  • Less than $5,000 per year (k33, 320M)
    • 3 oranges (2 generals)
  • $500 per year (k30, 140M)
    • 3 purples (1 general)

Runestones are extremely valuable. You should focus on one general first.

To maximize specialty, you’ll need a huge number of runestones. (See below for the specific number.)

You need to carefully decide which general you want to use them on.

Unless you are a heavily charged player, it is recommended that you focus your runestones on one general only.

(Runestones themselves can be obtained without paying for them, but if you want to get a lot of them in a hurry, you need to get a lot of high scores on the battlefield. This means that you will end up having to charge quite a bit of money to grow quickly.)

The cost of turning 4 specialties into gold


  • Runestones – 50,800 pcs (12,700 pcs x 4 specialties)
  • Gems – 1,015,920 gems (253,980 gems x 4 specialties)

Note – It is possible to reduce the cost a bit more by using lucky stones. Above are maximum values.


The following are required per specialty.

  • Green (Veteran)
    • 200 Runestones, 4,000 Gems
  • Blue (Master)
    • 500 Runestones, 10,000 Gems
  • Purple (Expert)
    • 1,000 Runestones, 19,980 Gems
  • Orange (Grandmaster)
    • 3,000 Runestones, 60,000 Gems
  • Gold (Genius)
    • 8,000 Runestones, 160,000 gems

The above is not a cumulative total, but the cost required to raise from one previous level.

How to get a Runestone

  • Purchase packages
    • Examples in event packages (number varies by event)
      • $4.99 – dozens runestone chests
      • $99.99 – hundreds runestone chests
  • Daily Activity
    • If you achieve 145 score, you will receive 5 runestone chests.
  • Selling Generals
    • The number of chests you get depends on the rarity of the general and the state of his training.
    • Example
      • Green General Lv1 / 0 stars / cultivate 0 -> 0 chests
      • Purple Historic General Lv1 / 0 stars / cultivate 0 -> 10 chests
      • Gold Historic General Lv1 / 0 stars / cultivate 0 -> 24 chests
      • Gold Historic General Lv30 / 5 Stars / cultivate 300 -> 111 chests
      • Gold Historic General Lv30 / 5 Stars / cultivate 500 -> 170 chests
  • Battlefield
    • At the Battle of Constantinople (BoC) and the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG), you can get more depending on your score, wins or losses, and whether or not it is during the All-Star Event.
    • e.g. 20-300 chests for the Battle of Constantinople
  • Server War
    • Defeating an enemy player if both sides’ troop power loss is more than 30M. (see image below)

How to get a lucky stone

  • Server War – Defeating an enemy player if both sides’ troop power loss is more than 35M.
An example of a runestone and lucky stone drop
An example of a runestone and lucky stone drop

How to get Gems

See the following article.

How to get Gems


General’s Star Level & Common Misconceptions (Enhance Guide)

General Cultivate Guide

General Skill – How to add 3 Skills “You Want”




So we need 12,700 rune stones to make one specialty gold.
I didn’t pay for it, but I thought it might be more efficient if I dared to spread them out instead of concentrating on one.
This means giving up on reaching genius and raising the specialty of several generals to blue or purple.

In SVS, I got a lucky stone when I won by losing 7.8M and my opponent lost 23.3M.


I suggest recruiting a general at the tavern and selling him/her right away. In this case, a 1M general will get 1 runestone, while a 10M general will only get 3. Some purple generals would also be more efficient. For players who don’t make t14 and have extra money, I figure it’s a good way to boost their specialties a bit!

That shall cost a huge amount of gold because when you sell a general, the gold received is only half of the amount you pay when purchasing.

The expected answer comes in a whole article. Thank you so so much.

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