Duty Officer Guide

A basic guide mainly for beginners.

Includes information on buffs, common mistakes beginners make, skills, equipment, etc.


Unlock Requirements

When each facility in the city reaches a certain level, you can assign a duty officer to it.

  • Archer Camp – Lv21
  • Barracks – Lv25
  • Workshop – Lv29
  • Stables – Lv33
  • Rally Spot – Lv35
  • Archer Tower – Lv11
  • Hospital – Lv15
  • Trap Factory – Lv19
  • Bunker – Lv20
  • Warehouse – Lv23
  • Embassy – Lv27
  • Holy Palace – Lv35
  • Keep – Lv16
  • Academy – Lv20
  • Market – Lv24
  • Forge – Lv28
  • Research Factory – Lv32
  • Military Academy – Lv1


Assigning a duty officer will give you various buffs.

  • Archer Camp – Ranged Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Barracks – Ground Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Workshop – Siege Machine Training Speed / Capacity
  • Stables – Mounted Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Rally Spot – March Size Capacity
  • Archer Tower – Archer Tower Attack
  • Hospital – Hospital Capacity / Healing Speed
  • Trap Factory – Trap Building Speed / Damaged Siege Machine Capacity
  • Bunker – Bunker Protecting Capacity
  • Warehouse – Resources Protected / Food Protected from Troop Upkeep
  • Embassy – Reinforcing Troop Attack / Defense / HP
  • Holy Palace – Holy Palace Deserter Capacity / Resource consumption of reviving troops / Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city
  • Keep – Construction Speed / Training Capacity
  • Academy – Research Speed
  • Market – Resource Tax Amount
  • Forge – Crafting Speed
  • Research Factory – Research Stone Production Limit / Speed
  • Military Academy – Research Speed

Requirements to assign a Duty Officer

In order to assign a Duty Officer, the general’s attributes and power must meet certain requirements.

For specific numbers, see the “Requirements” section of the following article.
Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

What beginners often get wrong

Duty Officer & Defense General

These two are completely different things.

In order to be stronger in a defense battle, the equipment and stats of the defense general needs to be better, but improving that of the duty officer has no effect on the battle.

See below for details.

When to Assign a Duty Officer

Basically, you only need to assign them for a moment when you need them.

There is no need to leave it on for a long time.

For example, if you want to increase the construction speed, you can assign a duty officer to the keep, but

  • You need to assign them before you start construction.
  • Assigning them after construction has begun will not have any effect.
  • You can remove them as soon as you have started construction.

This is also true for the following cases other than construction.

  • When researching ( Academy, Military Academy )
  • When taxing ( Market )
  • When crafting equipment ( Forge )
  • When producing research stones ( Research Factory )
  • When training troops ( Stables, Barracks, Archer Camp, Workshop )
  • When building traps ( Trap Factory )
  • When marching ( Rally Spot )
  • When fighting ( Archer Tower, Hospital, Trap Factory, Warehouse, Embassy, Holy Palace )
  • When healing troops ( Hospital )
  • When hiding troops in bunker ( bunker )

Note – Exceptionally, in the case of Warehouse, the Duty Officer must be left set. (Food Protected from Troop Upkeep)

Also, if the duty officer has skills in buffing for combat, it is better to assign them all the time when fighting. (Note: Not all skills are valid. Only those with the proviso “when General is the (xxxxx) Officer” are valid.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which general is better? How to obtain them?

Any general can become a Duty Officer.

However, some generals have original skills that are activated by becoming a duty officer of a particular facility.

Therefore, it is advisable to assign those generals if possible.

See the following article for a list of applicable generals and how to obtain them.

List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

A comprehensive list of all golden historic generals, over 100 in total, by role.

Are buffs / debuffs by the Duty Officer effective?

Basically, they have no effect. (Skill, Specialty, Equipment, etc.)
However, those with the proviso “when General is the (xxxxx) Officer” are effective.

This can be confirmed by conducting PvP both with and without a duty officer and comparing the buff values in the respective battle reports.

I checked both during attack and defense, and the values were the same when there was no proviso.


  • Buffs by stats (can be checked from “Cultivate” screen)
  • Basic skill
  • Skill book
  • Specialty
  • Dragon, Spiritual Beast
  • Equipment (Other than the equipment dedicated to the duty officer)


  • Skills & Specialties with the proviso “when General is the (xxxxx) Officer”.
    • Example: Ban Chao’s basic skill “Western Regions” (ranged attack buff & mounted debuff)
  • Buffs for equipment dedicated to the duty officer (“Officer’s Robe” or “Officer’s Staff”)

Is it necessary to level up, enhance, and cultivate duty officers?

In order to meet the requirements for appointment, it is necessary.

However, since there is no positive effect on battle, you only need to increase the attributes that are required for appointment.

For example, in the case of a Keep, you only need to increase Leadership and Politics.

Reference – How to increase attributes quickly

How much should I increase the general’s level?

See the following article.
Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

What should I do about Equipment?

Basically unnecessary. It has no effect on combat.

However, if power is required as a requirement for assignment, it can be useful to equip it only when assigning. (You can remove it after the assignment.)

In addition, at Forge Lv27, equipment exclusive for the duty officer can be crafted. (“Officer’s Robe” or “Officer’s Staff”)
This is meaningful to equip because it is effective in battle. However, it is currently difficult to obtain it unless you are a high payer.

What should I do about Skillbook?

Unnecessary. No effect.

What should I do about Specialty?

Basically, they have no effect.

However, those with the phrase “Applied to (xxxxx) Officer” are effective.

But, since the rune stones for learning specialties are quite valuable, so unless you are a heavy spender, learning these specialties is not recommended. At least not as a priority.
Reference: Specialty Guide

For example (Effective)

For example (doesn’t work)

  • Ban Chao: 2nd specialty “Sabotage” (Defense Debuff).
    • Tested and confirmed. The value of the debuff does not change when comparing battle reports with Ban Chao as the Archer Tower officer and without his specialty and with his specialty raised.
    • However, if Ban Chao is the mayor of a subordinate city and is allowed to participate in the battle, the debuff will be effective.
  • Minamoto Yoshitsune: Specialty “Ranged Troop Assault” (Ranged Buff)
    • Tested and confirmed. The buff value does not change when comparing battle reports with and without Minamoto no Yoshitsune as the officer.

What should I do about Spiritual Beasts & Dragons?

Basically, you don’t need them. They have no effect on combat.

However, if power is required as a requirement for assignment, it can be useful to equip it only when assigning. (You can remove it after the assignment.)

Note – Attaching a dragon will increase the general’s attribute, but this does not count as a requirement for assignment.

– Dragon Complete Guide – Type, Buff, Enhance
– Spiritual Beast – Type, Buff, Enhance

If I fight a battle with a duty officer assigned, will the duty officer’s EXP increase?

No, the duty officer’s experience does not increase.

If I lose in PvP, will the duty officer die? or be captured?

(PvP = Player versus Player)

If you are defeated in the defense of your city, the duty officer will not die, but may be captured.


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Hi, does the iron curtain fifth speciality work on duty generals. Do they add buff and debuff to the main defense if you have them on duty gen? Thank you


I don’t think it works because it would be a big problem if it worked.

Frage zu toyotomi hideyoshi
Stadt lv 35 General lv 37 6 Sterne
Angriff und Führung benötige ich 1400
aktuell habe ich führung1438(9) Angriff 1386((8)
Problem ist Angriff beim kultivieren 887+499 500 ist ja max
Welche Möglichkeit habe ich die 887 zu erhöhen?
hoffe du kannst mir helfen danke

Now that 100 times cultivation has been implemented, it can be achieved by once reducing attack and leadership to 498 or less and then making 100 times cultivation a priority for attack and leadership increase. It is possible to get the value of plus several tens. However, it will consume quite a lot of Gems (Probably several hundred thousand Gems. If you are lucky, tens of thousands of Gems).


I am.curious, when you have a duty officer thst buffs troop stats, which troops do those affect: in-city, marching, sub city, all of the above? I have been playing for over 8 months, and i am still not certain. Thank you for any replies.

Only those with the proviso “when General is the (xxxxxx) Officer”.
If it is a basic buff, then it is for in-city and marching troops.
If it is a in-city buff, then only in-city troops.

If it is a marching buff, it is only for troops on the march, but I don’t think there are any duty officers with this skill at the moment.

If you are not sure what basic buffs, marching buffs, and in-city buffs mean, see below.
Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

Crafting a “Cloak of XXX Officer” would have a positive effect.

But I don’t know where to get that scroll. I thought about commenting on which page, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I commented here.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I understand.
I asked everyone in the alliance and they couldn’t figure it out, so thanks for the help.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.


Olá, tenho uma grande dúvida. Ao ascender os generais de dever os Buff funciona? Porque os buffs são voltados a generais de dever..Assim como o livro que já vem nele..desde já agradeço a resposta.

> Hello, I have a big question. When ascending the duty generals the buff works? Because the buffs are aimed at generals of duty…As well as the book that already comes in it..thanks for the answer.

Those with the proviso “when General is the (xxxxx) Officer” are effective.
At the moment, this proviso is present in the red star 1-5 of dedicated officers such as Ban Chao and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, so it works in their case.


Godzilla beast has in-city buffs (2x), enemy ranged defense debuff, and archer tower attack buff. These seems to good on multiple places, with at least wall general, archer tower, & sub mayors (?). Which one would be best and why?

If Eulji, the research academy duty officer, is given 2 red stars to gain 8% research speed, does this reduction in research time apply to the research in the Military Academy?

Perhaps, yes.
I have not tested the research speedup for Red Star 2, but I have confirmed that the research speedup for the basic skill applies to research in Military Academy.

Why can’t I be assigned to each facility even though I meet the requirements for junior officer stats? Not only purple but also golden generals are useless.

I have almost the same problem. Generals that meet the requirements before the update can be placed, but generals that have been strengthened and meet the requirements after the update cannot be placed.


after update
Purple generals no longer appear in duty officer,
Do you know anyone?


It seems that I can’t select a lower level officer.
I am inquiring now. 😤


Thank you very much.

It looks like the medium level is not showing up either.


I have same problem; so purple does not work any more?


I have the same problem. I changed duty generals temporarily and could not replace the lower level general that was originally there.

How would you rate Yodo-dono?
I am thinking she is a good general for defense, but I would like to hear opinion.

I heard that duty generals skills now have an affect on your buffs in the new update, is this true?


If the general is made 6 or more stars with the Blood of Ares, the buffs will be added as per the requirements, if the requirements are met.

I’ve just started and I want to ask, how can I take civilians as prisoners of war? Does it mean that if there is too much difference in force, everyone will die?

Mær Rígan

The difference in power doesn’t matter. You either win or lose. If you attack someone they will get as many wounded as the hospital can hold. For example, they have 100,000 troops and the hospital capacity is 75,000 then 25,000 will die. Certain generals like Sherman can cause wounded troops to turn to dead troops. Research in the academy can counteract this buff.

For a general’s specialties, lets say Leonidas as your defense general: are all his 4 specialties effective? Or is it only the two specialties which are as “Applied to main city defense general”? Same thing for other duty generals like Oleg and hideyoshi…

When I added Abd al-Rahman I as a junior officer in the barracks, the training time became longer. Is this a bug?

My guess is that the time is getting longer because there are more people to train.
Of course, the training time should be less…

Hello, thank you for all your help!

Beginner’s Guide (Duty Officer).
I would appreciate it if the captivity section was a little more generous.

I thought it was safe to say that captive generals can be left alone and just break out or be executed.

However, I found an website stating that “a system of capturing enemy generals and turning them into comrades is also included,” so I paid the ransom to avoid the risk, although I had not paid attention to it before.

I will check it out the next time I can acquire a captive, but even though deaths can be revived, I think there may be some people who are confused about captives, so I think there may be a demand for them.


It’s haphazard. A captured general cannot be taken permanently. The captured general cannot be used (duty) by the enemy.

In the original Evony that was played on PC like 15 years ago you could lose your generals if you lost the attack. They would basically get mad at you for doing something stupid like attacking someone you had no chance of defeating and they would just join the player that beat you. Obviously that created a lot of problems as most people were not willing to spend a bunch of money on a general that could just walk away because the game glitched or they moved troops around real fast and defeated you. Not everyone would keep your general and a lot of servers had a rule that you weren’t allowed to but there’s always that one player….

Romanoff II

El Arco del General o cualquier otro arco, tiene efecto en Ban Chao cuando lo asigno a la Torre de Arquería?

I’ve never had a duty officer be captured. Please confirm. Anyone else? Only sub city generals or attacking general.


Yes I have had. Wall and traps for example

I got caught today.
During the ghosting, the defender was removed. The duty officer had never been caught before, so I thought it was ok, but the two duty officers in the trap factory and the warehouse were taken captive.


Using Ban Chao as an example, attaching a dragon to him with debuffs have any effect in battle?

No, buff or debuff of officer dont work in defence

I always refer to this site. Does Ban Chao of Archer Tower also not need any equipment?

As the article says, equipment does no good after the assignment. However, you may need the equipment to get Ban Chao’s power high enough to qualify for the level of officer you want him at. So you put it on, assign him, then you can take it off and use it on another gen.

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