Duty Officer Guide

A basic guide mainly for beginners.

Includes information on buffs, common mistakes beginners make, skills, equipment, etc.


Unlock Requirements

When each facility in the city reaches a certain level, you can assign a duty officer to it.

  • Archer Camp – Lv21
  • Barracks – Lv25
  • Workshop – Lv29
  • Stables – Lv33
  • Rally Spot – Lv35
  • Archer Tower – Lv11
  • Hospital – Lv15
  • Trap Factory – Lv19
  • Warehouse – Lv23
  • Embassy – Lv27
  • Holy Palace – Lv35
  • Keep – Lv16
  • Academy – Lv20
  • Market – Lv24
  • Forge – Lv28
  • Research Factory – Lv32


Assigning a duty officer will give you various buffs.

  • Archer Camp – Ranged Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Barracks – Ground Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Workshop – Siege Machine Training Speed / Capacity
  • Stables – Mounted Troop Training Speed / Capacity
  • Rally Spot – March Size Capacity
  • Archer Tower – Archer Tower Attack
  • Hospital – Hospital Capacity / Healing Speed
  • Trap Factory – Trap Building Speed / Damaged Siege Machine Capacity
  • Warehouse – Resources Protected / Food Protected from Troop Upkeep
  • Embassy – Reinforcing Troop Attack / Defense / HP
  • Holy Palace – Holy Palace Deserter Capacity / Resource consumption of reviving troops / Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city
  • Keep – Construction Speed / Training Capacity
  • Academy – Research Speed
  • Market – Resource Tax Amount
  • Forge – Crafting Speed
  • Research Factory – Research Stone Production Limit / Speed

Requirements to assign a Duty Officer

In order to assign a Duty Officer, the general’s attributes and power must meet certain requirements.

For more information, see the “Requirements” section of the following article.
Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

Which general is best?

Any general can become a Duty Officer.

However, some generals have original skills that are activated by becoming a duty officer of a particular facility.

Therefore, it is advisable to assign those generals if possible.

For a list of applicable generals, please refer to the following article.
List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

What beginners often get wrong

Duty Officer & Defense General

These two are completely different things.

To become stronger in defense battles, you need to develop your defense generals, but you don’t need to develop your duty officers.

The details of developing them are described later.

When to Assign a Duty Officer

Basically, you only need to assign them for a moment when you need them.

There is no need to leave it on for a long time.

For example, if you want to increase the construction speed, you can assign a duty officer to the keep, but

  • You need to assign them before you start construction.
  • Assigning them after construction has begun will not have any effect.
  • You can remove them as soon as you have started construction.

This is also true for the following cases other than construction.

  • When researching ( Academy )
  • When taxing ( Market )
  • When crafting equipment ( Forge )
  • When producing research stones ( Research Factory )
  • When training troops ( Stables, Barracks, Archer Camp, Workshop )
  • When building traps ( Trap Factory )
  • When marching ( Rally Spot )
  • When fighting ( Archer Tower, Hospital, Trap Factory, Warehouse, Embassy, Holy Palace )
  • When healing troops ( Hospital )

Note – Exceptionally, in the case of Warehouse, the Duty Officer must be left set. (Food Protected from Troop Upkeep)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to level up, enhance, and cultivate duty officers?

In order to meet the requirements for appointment, it is necessary.

However, since there is no positive effect on battle, you only need to increase the attributes that are required for appointment.

For example, in the case of a Keep, you only need to increase Leadership and Politics.

Reference – How to increase attributes quickly

How much should I increase the general’s level?

See the following article.
Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

Are buffs / debuffs by the Duty Officer effective?

Basically, they have no effect. (Equipment, etc.)

However, some of the original skills that generals have that are listed as “when General is the (xxxxx) Officer” are effective.

(For example, Ban Chao’s ranged attack buffs and mounted debuffs, and John I’s ranged attack, HP, defense buffs etc.)

What should I do about Skillbook?

Unnecessary. No effect.

What should I do about Specialty?


Specialties have no effect, except for those that are activated by becoming a duty officer.

However, since the rune stones for learning specialties are quite valuable, learning these specialties is not recommended. At least not as a priority.
Reference: Specialty Guide

What should I do about Equipment?

Basically unnecessary. It has no effect on combat.

However, if power is required as a requirement for assignment, it can be useful to equip it only when assigning. (You can remove it after the assignment.)

What should I do about Spiritual Beasts & Dragons?

Basically, you don’t need them. They have no effect on combat.

However, if power is required as a requirement for assignment, it can be useful to equip it only when assigning. (You can remove it after the assignment.)

Note – Attaching a dragon will increase the general’s attribute, but this does not count as a requirement for assignment.

If I fight a battle with a duty officer assigned, will the duty officer’s EXP increase?

No, the duty officer’s experience does not increase.

If I lose in PvP, will the duty officer die? or be captured?

(PvP = Player versus Player)

If you are defeated in the defense of your city, the duty officer will not die, but may be captured.



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