General Skill – How to add 3 Skills “You Want”

You can add three skills of your choice to the general, but even if you want to add a second or third skill, you may fail to do so (at a certain rate, it will override your existing skills).

This is a bottleneck that may make some people hesitant to add a Lv4 skill even if they want to.

If you use the method described on this page, you can certainly add 3 Lv4 skills that you want to add.

Assumption: The Basic Specs of Adding Skills

  • The probability of a successful addition is 100% for the first, 50% for the second, and 25% for the third (if it fails, it will overwrite any of the existing skills).
  • If you use a higher level skillbook for a skill that has already been added, it will be 100% overwritten by that skill.
  • You cannot use a lower level skillbook of an already added skill. (e.g., if Mounted Attack Lv 3 has already been added, Mounted Attack Lv 1 cannot be added.) This also applies to the original skill of the Golden Historic General. For example, Baibars originally had a double-drop skill and cannot use the luck skillbook.

Therefore, the following is the basic method.

First, add 3 Lv1 skills and then use the Lv4 skill book

If you eventually want to add the following skills,

  • Lv4 ranged attack
  • Lv4 ranged range
  • Lv4 ranged HP

First, add the following.

  • Lv1 ranged attack
  • Lv1 ranged range
  • Lv1 ranged HP

Strictly speaking, you don’t necessarily have to be Lv1. (You just need to add 3 lower level skills first.) If you want to eventually get to Lv4, it doesn’t matter if you add Lv2 or Lv3 first.

So it’s very important to decide what the “final 3 skills” will be before you add them.

Tips for filling 3 at Lv1

When adding 3 Lv 1 skills, you need to have more skill books, as you will undoubtedly fail to add them many times first.

In my experience, it took about 9 skill books to fill 3 slots. So it’s a good idea to have at least 3 Lv 1 skillbooks of each in advance.

If you try to add skills, and if you don’t have enough, you can purchase them at the skill book shop at the Academy each time. (3,000 gems per skill book)

If you’ve already added one Lv4 skill

If you’ve already added one Lv4 skill and you have two open skill slots, unfortunately you can’t eliminate the possibility of overwriting it. There’s a high possibility that it will be overwritten before you add three skills, so try again, next time with your Lv 1 and Lv 4 skill book fully prepared.

Exceptions – Generals who cannot use this technique

Some generals can only use Lv4, not Lv1-3.

In this case, the techniques in this article cannot be used.


  • Khalid – Siege Machine Attack
  • Barbarossa – March Size
  • etc.

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I dunno of this is true or just superstition but it feels to me like a skill that is newly added is “loose” for some time… it is very often replaced right away if you try to add another skill book immediately but if you wait a while (i think a day or two?) then the skill replaced seems more random. So while it’s easier to plan to get all three in one session it’s likely cheaper to space out the additional skill books. Still costly and there’s still much replacement of the existing skills but i think it’s slightly better?

It seems that it is near impossible to fill all four skill slots with books because the game LOVES to overwrite other books whenever you try….
Seems to not have anything to do with the percentage chance shown, and almost ALWAYS will replace one of the other books you have successfully added, forcing you to have to go and get a replacement, which is easy to say, but extremely difficult to do as the game has decided to make it near impossible to get skill books, even level 1, that you need, without spending hundreds of thousands of gems to buy them. Even then you are left at the mercy of this game’s tragic concept of randomization to get the book you are looking for.
Is there any way to bypass this ridiculous difficulty, and just ad the books you want to a general, or is that just a part of what makes the game ‘FUN” or whatever??
Thanks in advance!!

Can you add level 1 then 2 or 3 then 4? or does it directly have to go from lvl 1 to 4?


Is it possible to add both “march speed” and “march speed to monsters”? If so, would both of these affect the march speed to the monsters? I was wondering if it was possible to make it very fast.


I always find it helpful.

I’m thinking of adding skills soon, but I’m not sure what I should add.
I know it depends on the type of general, but is it possible to summarize the recommended skills?

Depending on the general and how you want to organize your troops, I think the following is the basic form. It’s like developing their strengths.

– Mounted Specialization – Mounted Attack, Mounted HP, Mounted Defense
– Ranged Specialization – Ranged Troops Range, Ranged Attack, Ranged HP
– Ranged + Siege – Siege Range, Ranged Troops Range, Ranged or Siege Attack
– Ground Specialization – Ground HP, Ground Defense, Ground Speed or Attack

Be careful man, and make sure you have dozens, if not more, of the books you want to add, because the game has a nasty habit, of replacing existing books, almost every time you add one. This forces you to have to go back, and use another skill book to get what was destroyed back, and that one will likely replace something else you have….
Getting 3 books on a general is relatively doable, but filling the fourth slot is darn near impossible man!!

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