Hecate’s Moon Event

2024/6/5 – Added “Point List”. Brushed up “Tips for getting high points”.

To take up the challenge

Event Center > Hecate’s Moon

You can challenge once by using one “Underworld Key”.

You can get one Underworld Key when you achieve 80 or 110 score of daily “Activity”. 2 keys in total per day.

Or buy the paid package. One for $9.99.

Monster Defeating

Search and Attack

When you start the challenge, monsters will appear one by one in the vicinity of you (within approximately 30km).

TIPS: Starting the challenge at the edge (corner) of the map will limit where the monsters appear and make them easier to find.

Monsters can only be attacked solo. Rallying is not allowed.

Once defeated, the next monster or NPC will appear.

The monsters and NPCs will remain on the map for only 5 minutes, and will disappear if they are not found and defeated before that time.

You can also use an item to search instantly

You can find them instantly by using the “Lunar Sacred Mirror,” an item marked with a magnifying glass.

To use the “Lunar Sacred Mirror,” simply press the button framed in red on the screen below.

You can get Lunar Sacred Mirror when you achieve 80 or 110 score of daily “Activity”. 8 pcs in total per day.

Or buy the paid package. 8 for $9.99.

Final Boss (Trial Temple)

After defeating all of them, the final boss, the “Trial Temple,” appears. (It is like a Barbarian Castle. There are troops inside, mainly of one of the troop types).

To attack or scout the Temple, the bubble must be dropped.

As of 1/29/2024, there is a glitch, sometimes attacking or scouting does not get any response and you can’t beat them. In my case, this happened once I lost and restarting the game cured it.

Final Boss (Trial Temple): Example of troop formation

  • Normal / Mounted / buff 2517%: Power 420M
    • Number of soldiers: 2,852,000
      • t14 Mounted 700,000
      • t13 Mounted 700,000
      • t12 Mounted 700,000
      • t11 Mounted 700,000
      • 1,000 other layers each
  • Normal / Siege / Buff 2549%: Power 420M
    • Number of soldiers: 3,149,000
      • t14 Ground 100,000
      • t14 Ranged100,000
      • t14 Mounted100,000
      • t14 Siege 700,000
      • t13 Siege 700,000
      • t12 Siege 700,000
      • t11 Siege 700,000
      • Other layers 1,000 each
  • Difficult / Siege / Buff 978%: Power 200M
  • Difficult / Siege / Buff 1,759%: Power 200M
  • Difficult / Siege / Buff 2,549%: Power 1.2B
    • All of the following. Even if the buffs are different, the troops are the same.
    • Number of soldiers: 4,852,000
      • t15 Ground 100,000
      • t15 Ranged 100,000
      • t15 Mounted 100,000
      • t15 Siege 500,000
      • t14 Siege 1,000,000
      • t13 Siege 1,000,000
      • t12 Siege 1,000,000
      • t11 Siege 1,000,000
      • Other layers 1,000 each

NPCs (Hecate) & 3 choices

When you visit the NPC (Hecate) that appears, you will be given three choices.

When you choose one of the options, you will be able to press the decision button.

The NPCs that appear are as follows

Black Moon Hecate

  • Select the strength of the final boss (possibly the number of troops)
  • Less on the left, more on the right
    • Easy: 1,549,000
    • Normal: 2,852,000
    • Difficult: 4,555,000
    • The number of troops seems to be slightly different depending on the choices made by other NPCs.

New Moon Hecate

  • Select the type of troops for the final boss.
    • Ground Troop
    • Mounted Troop
    • Ranged Troop
    • Siege Machine

As of 1/29/2024, it is not functioning properly due to a glitch. The final boss’s troop type becomes ranged troop even though I chose ground troop, or ground troop even though I chose ranged troop.

Underworld Moon Hecate

  • Select the height of the final boss’s buff
  • Left: Weak, Right: Strong
    • Left: 974%
    • Center: 1791%
    • Right: 2500%
    • Buff values seem to be slightly different depending on the choices made by other NPCs

Points and Ranking

If the final boss is defeated or if the contestant fails to continue during the challenge, one challenge ends and points are determined. The ranking is determined by those points.

If the points are tied, the first player to reach the point will be ranked higher.

Tips for getting high points

There are 3 important things to do.

1. defeat the final boss who is as strong as possible
2. defeat as many high point monsters as possible
3. visit all three Hecates.

However, 2 and 3 are completely up to luck, so you can only control 1.

As for 1, you need to choose the strongest difficulty and buffs possible in the selection at the NPC (Hecate).

And if you have well-trained ground troops or mounted troops, it is recommended to choose siege machines.
(Do not attack with ranged troops. They are vulnerable to siege machines.)

As for 2, unless Goblin or Normal Boss (ex: Typhon etc) appear, you will not be able to differentiate yourself from other players. (See the point list below.)

Since the number of monsters and hecates appearing before the final boss (Trial Temple) is fixed at “19 of total”, it is not possible to make a difference in the “number”.

As for 3, it seems that basically all three hecates appear in most cases, but if you are unlucky, only two or less may appear. In this case, the items (number of troops, type of troops, buffs) that could not be selected seem to be determined at random.

Example of points earned

Example of points earned per round when defeating the final boss temple.

Even if the same difficulty/buff trial temples are defeated, it depends on “number of Goblins and Normal Boss killed” & “number of Hecate that were able to visit”.

  • Difficult / Siege / Buff 2,549%
    • 890 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x3, Hecate x3
    • 870 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x2, Hecate x3
    • 850 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x1, Hecate x3
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x2, Hecate x2
    • 830 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x0, Hecate x3
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x1, Hecate x2
  • Difficult / Mounted / Buff 1,846%
    • 820 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x2, Hecate x3
  • Difficult / Ground / Buff 1,844%
    • 800 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x1, Hecate x3
  • Difficult / Siege / Buff 978%
    • 760 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x2, Hecate x3
    • 720 points
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x0, Hecate x3
      • Goblin/Normal Boss x1, Hecate x2
  • Normal / Siege / Buff 2,549%
    • 800 points
  • Normal / Mounted / buff 2,517%
    • 740 points

Point List

MonsterLv1 Sphinx20
Lv2 Sphinx20
Lv3 Sphinx20
Lv4 Sphinx20
Lv5 Sphinx20
Lv1 Pan20
Lv2 Pan20
Lv3 Pan20
Lv4 Pan20
Lv5 Pan20
Lv1 Hydra20
Lv2 Hydra20
Lv3 Hydra20
Lv4 Hydra20
Lv12 Kamaitachi40
Lv14 Behemoth40
Lv16 Jormungandr
Lv17 Typhon40
Lv7 Swift Goblin40
HecateBlack Moon Hecate40
New Moon Hecate40
Underworld Moon Hecate40
Trial TempleDifficlut / Siege / 2500%390
Difficlut / Siege / 1700%340
Difficlut / Siege / 900%280
Difficlut / Mounted / 1700%340

Temple Defeat: Number of Troops & Buffs Required

Example 1: Normal 1,791%

  • Temple
    • Difficulty: Normal – Number of troops: 2,852,000
    • Type of Troops: Ranged
    • Buff : Center 1791%
    • Power : 196M
  • Attacking March
    • Ground
    • Number of troops : 2,913,750
      • k39 March Size +50%
    • Formation: Many t14 and t13. Other layers 1,000 each.
    • Buffs: Attack 1,500% / Defense 1,518% / HP 1,618%
    • Debuff: Attack -292% / Defense -257% / HP -241%
    • Lost Power: 5.8M
    • Wounded: 49,998

Example 2: Difficult 2,500% (Lose)

  • Temple
    • Difficulty: Difficult – Number of troops: 4,555,000
    • Troop type: Mounted
    • Buff : Right 2500%
    • Power : 1.2B
  • Attacking March
    • Ranged
    • Number of troops : 3,732,500
      • k39 March Size +200%
    • Formation : Many t14 and t13. Other layers 1,000 each.
    • Buffs: Attack 1,939% / Defense 1,369% / HP 1,314%
    • Debuffs: Attack -352% / Defense -305% / HP -273%
    • Lost Power: 17.7M
    • Wounded: 167,963

Example 3: Difficult 2,525%

  • Temple
    • Difficulty: Difficult – Number of troops: 4,852,000
    • Troop type: Siege
    • Buff: Right 2525%
    • Power: 1.2B
  • Attacking March
    • Ground
    • Number of troops: 3,164,250
      • k39 March Size +100%
    • Formation : t14 ground about 2,800,000, t13 ground about 120,000. Other layers 2,000 each.
    • Buffs: Attack 1,552% / Defense 1,551% / HP 1,656%
    • Debuffs: Attack -282% / Defense -237% / HP -241%
    • Lost Power: 14.2M
    • Wounded: 120,123

Item exchange at the store

When you defeat a monster, you will get an item called “Radiant Night Torch”. (No double drop).

The torch is also awarded for each challenge, depending on the achievement points, whether or not the last boss can be defeated, and the difficulty level.

These can be collected and redeemed for items at the “New Moon Shop”.

The Torch will automatically disappear after the event.

Number of “Radiant Night Torch” drops by monster

As of 1/29/2024, there is a glitch; the number of drops shown on the screen before the battle is different from the actual number of drops.

  • 5 pieces
    • Lv1 Sphinx
    • Lv2 Sphinx
    • Lv3 Sphinx
    • Lv4 Sphinx
    • Lv1 Pan
    • Lv2 Pan
    • Lv3 Pan
    • Lv4 Pan
    • Lv1 Hydra
    • Lv2 Hydra
    • Lv3 Hydra
  • 10 pieces
    • Lv4 Sphinx (sometimes 5 and sometimes 10)
    • Lv5 Sphinx
    • Lv4 Pan (sometimes 5 and sometimes 10)
    • Lv5 Pan
    • Lv4 Hydra
    • Lv7 Goblin
    • Lv12 Kamaitachi
    • Lv14 Behemoth
    • Lv16 Jormungandr
  • 20 pieces
    • Lv7 Swift Goblin (sometimes 10 and sometimes 20)
    • Lv17 Typhon

(As for the ones with two patterns of numbers, the number might be higher if they appeared after the 16th one ? maybe…)

Other Rewards

For each challenge, you will receive rewards based on achievement points, whether or not you can defeat the last boss, and difficulty level.

Rewards are also awarded according to the ranking order.

In-game Description

1. During the event, using the Underworld Key allows you to summon Hecate. Hecate can transform into various Boss monsters. Defeating them earns you event points and the event token – the Radiant Night Torch.

2. After defeating an incarnation of Hecate, another will spawn at a random location on the world map. There’s also a chance that Hecate’s true form will appear. When you visit Hecate’s true form, you can choose the difficulty level for the Trial Temple, the type of troops, and the strength of the buff. Hecate’s true form will appear up to 3 times. The more incarnations you defeat, the higher the probability of encountering Hecate’s true form.

3. The Boss monsters that Hecate transforms into will disappear once the countdown ends. Additionally, the drop rate and number of Radiant Night Torches from these Boss monsters are not affected by Double Items Drop Rate.

4. From the summoning of Hecate to the defeat of all her incarnations is considered one challenge round. If any Boss monster disappears midway, that round automatically concludes.

5. The Trial Temple will refresh during the final trial of challenges in a single round. The higher the difficulty chosen by the Monarch at the beginning, the better the rewards for successfully completing the trial.

6. During the event, you can use the Radiant Night Torch to redeem items in the Event Shop, Underworld Goddess Treasures. Once the event concludes, any remaining Radiant Night Torches will automatically disappear, so please use them promptly.

7. Players will be ranked based on the highest total points in a single round. Ranking rewards will be sent via mail at the end of the event. If players have the same point, the one who reached it first will rank higher.


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Do you know what is the criteria for being in any of the 3 groups Senior, Medium, Junior? I couldn’t find any explanation of that and I am always set on Senior group but it is too high for me.


It seems to me that if you are K35 or higher, you are locked into the senior, regardless of your power or rate of achievement.


There are people with about 2M power who can get Radiant Night Torch, but is it that easy to collect it with low power?


I suspect the New Moon Hectate for troop type choice is a poorly worded one – If you select the type of troops you’ll be attacking with then the spawned temple should be the counter troop that yours will kill the best? i.e. select Ground and the temple contains Range. Select Mounted and the temple contains Ground.

Need to test it again as the event has been glitchy at best.

I don’t know if your point is in response to my article or to the in-game description, but I have already stated in my article from the beginning that there is a glitch. I agree that the in-game description is inadequate.


Tried this twice yesterday. First run I selected Ground troops and received a Ranged temple to attack. Second run I selected Mounted troops and received a Mounted temple to attack.

Thank you very much for all your help.
As the number of troops in Easy was “?”, I just wanted to let you know.


Suggestion for those who have difficulty beating 19 monsters.
Figure out how many you can beat and what your score is at that time.
Calculate how many attempts it will take to get the fragments, Maria Theresa.
The keys do not disappear after the event, so save them until you reach the required number and then challenge.

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