General’s Star Level & Common Misconceptions (Enhance / Ascending Guide)

6/16/2022 updated- More ways to get Blood of Ares. (activity, boss, relics, resource tile) The “Difficulty of Blood of Ares” section was updated accordingly.
6/1/2022 updated – Major additions as the “Ascending” system is implemented and the star level is extended to 10.

How to raise the star level, requirements, benefits and common misconceptions.

What goes up by the general’s Star Level


  • Stats (Leadership, Attack, Defense, Politics)
  • The value of the stats increase when the general levels up
  • Power
Power, Stats, Value of the stats increase

Raising the star level by one level will increase the stats significantly more than if you raise the level by one. (About 50-70)

The stats increase is the number written with a green arrow to the right of the general’s stats. It also goes up. There is a common misunderstanding about this, which will be explained later in this article.

From star level 6, “Original Skills” are also enhanced (Ascending)

Note: only the “Red” Epic Historic Generals. (See Portrait of the Tavern)

When a general’s star level reaches 6 or higher, the original skill’s star level also increases, and new buffs are added.

Star level of original skill and each buff

How to raise the general’s star level

To increase the star level, you need the “Enhance” of the general.

  1. Open the general’s details screen and press “Enhance” in the lower left corner.
  1. When the cost is displayed, press “Confirm” if everything is OK.

This will raise your star level by one.

In addition, once the star level reaches 5, it is treated as “Ascending” from then on, and the required cost changes.

Each ascend raises the stage by one.
Therefore, after star level 5, it takes 5 ascend to raise one star level.


After star level 5, the way it goes up changes (Ascending)

Up to star level 5, 4 stats are improved collectively for each level up.

After that, 5 stages must be completed for each star level.

5 stages

In the first 4 stages, each stage improves 1 stat.

When the 5th stage is completed, the general’s star level will increase and the original skill’s star level will increase.

  • Stage 1: Leadership
  • Stage 2: Attack
  • Stage 3: Defense
  • Stage 4: Politics
  • Stage 5: Original Skill

Status Increases after Star Level 5

After star level 5, each stats is increased by 10 for each stage achieved as follows.

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
Star 5 -> 6+10+10+10+10
Star 6 -> 7+10+10+10+10
Star 7 -> 8+10+10+10+10
Star 8 -> 9+10+10+10+10
Star 9 -> 10+10+10+10+10

The value of stats increase for each level up remains the same. (The green number with an up-arrow on the right of each stats on the General’s detail screen)

Requirements for Enhance

The amount and type of cost depends on the star level.

Star Level 1-5

The following is required

  • Gold
  • Medals
  • Level of generals

The amount of cost varies depending on the rarity of the general.

Example: For Golden Historic General

  • 1 star – 1M gold, 40 medals, General level 5
  • 2 stars – 2M gold, 120 medals, General level 10
  • 3 stars – 4M gold, 300 medals, General level 14
  • 4 stars – 8M gold, 800 medals, General level 18
  • 5 stars – 15M gold, 2,000 medals, General level 22

Star Level 6-10 (Ascending)

The following is required

  • Historic General Fragment (him/herself)
  • Blood of Ares

The fragment of a general cannot be from another general, it must be from the general him/herself.

of Ares
5 -> 6Stage 1480
Stage 2480
Stage 3480
Stage 4480
Stage 514300
6 -> 7Stage 18100
Stage 28100
Stage 38100
Stage 48100
Stage 528350
7 -> 8Stage 112110
Stage 212110
Stage 312110
Stage 412110
Stage 542450
8 -> 9Stage 116130
Stage 216130
Stage 316130
Stage 416130
Stage 556550
9 -> 10Stage 120150
Stage 220150
Stage 320150
Stage 420150
Stage 570650

How to obtain

Gold / Medal / General EXP

Historic General Fragment

Sell the general (Perfectly Dismiss)

Pay 10,000 gems and get 30 fragments of that general.

Perfectly Dismiss

Consuming Return Event: Blood of Ares

Related: Consuming Return Event

Relic Chamber

You can only get some generals.

  • Roland
  • Winfield Scott
  • Kusunoki Masashige
  • Yi Sun-sin
  • Yue Fei
  • Vladimir the Great
  • Abd al-Rahman I
  • Elektra
  • Hannibal
  • Suleiman the Magnificent

Great General Chest

It is located in the upper left corner of the store and in the tavern.
You can only get some generals.

  • Martinus
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Prince Rhaegar
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Gwanggaeto the Great
  • Barbarossa
  • Isabella I
  • Sherman
  • Wei Qing
  • Li Jing
  • Himiko
  • George Dewey (old name: Joseph E. Johnston)
  • Oleg of Novgorod
  • Honda Tadakatsu
  • John I of Portugal
  • Ban Chao
  • Mansa Musa
  • Askia Muhammad I
  • Queen Boudica
  • Arminius
  • James Bowie
  • Shajar al-Dul

Blood of Ares


You can get up to 7 per day.

  • Activity – Achieve a score of 145
    • Up to 1 per day
  • Boss – Defeat an event boss of level 3 or higher or a normal boss of level 11 or higher
    • Up to 3 per day
  • Explore the relics
    • Up to 2 per day
  • Resource tile – Level 13 or higher
    • Up to 1 per day

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event

3 of them are in the “Witch’s Gift” that you get when you give a pie to a witch.
The chance of winning is random.

See also: Dwarf’s Lucky Apple

Journey to Glory Event

Collect Knight Coins and turn the roulette to get the Blood of Ares if you are lucky.

  • Chance of winning
    • 3 pieces: 19.8%
    • 150 pieces: 0.2%
    • 350 pieces: 0.2%
    • 600 pieces: 0.2%
    • 1000 pieces: 0.2%

Knight coins can be obtained by gathering resources, hunting monsters, or purchasing packages.
(For resource gathering, the maximum number of coins you can get is 10 per day.)
(For hunting monsters, the maximum number of coins you can get is 40 per day.)
(For package purchases, 20 coins for a $9.99 pack or 180 coins for a $99.99 pack (as of 2/17/2023))

After 40 spins, you will always win at least 150 Blood of Ares. If you work hard at gathering resources and hunting monsters to get 50 Knight Coins each day (the maximum you can get per day), you can get at least 150 in one event period (about 10 days).

Server Wars

Place high in the SvS individual rankings

  • 1st: 270 pcs
  • 2nd: 240 pcs
  • 3rd: 210 pcs
  • 4th: 180 pcs
  • 5th: 150 pcs
  • 6th: 130 pcs
  • 7th: 110 pcs
  • 8th: 90 pcs
  • 9th: 70 pcs
  • 10th: 50 pcs

Earn SvS Personal Score

It is in the “Server War Monarch Score Chest” in Rewards.

  • 2.25M Score: 0 pcs
  • 9M Score: 5pcs
  • 22.5M Score: 10 pcs
  • 45M Score: 15 pcs
  • 67M Score: 20 pcs (50 total)
  • 112.5M Score: 25 pcs
  • 225M Score: 30 pcs (105 total)
  • 360M Score: 35 pcs
  • 540M Score: 40 pcs (180 total)

Package Purchase

  • Event Packages (as of 6/1/2022)
    • 1st level ($4.99): 2 pcs
    • 2nd level ($9.99): 5 pcs
    • 3rd level ($19.99): 10 pcs
    • 4th level ($49.99): 25 pcs
    • 5th level ($99.99): 50 pcs

VIP Daily Free Gifts

  • VIP20 – 1 pc/day
  • VIP21 – 2 pcs/day
  • VIP22 – 3 pcs/day
  • VIP23 – 4 pcs/day
  • VIP24 – 5 pcs/day
  • VIP25 – 6 pcs/day

Related : How to increase VIP Level & earn VIP Points

Difficulty of Star Level 10

Difficulty of Fragments

It takes 450 fragments to go from 5 stars to 10 stars. In other words,

you need to get 15 of the same general and sell them.

It is still better if it is a general from a tavern or relics, which we can get without paying.

However, the premium generals, which can only be obtained with paid packages, are random as to what we will get. Thus, we have to buy a lot of expensive packages.

Difficulty of Blood of Ares

It takes 4,580 pieces to go from 5 stars to 10 stars.

If you buy the 5th stage of the event package ($99.99) with the double coupon, you can get 100 pieces. If you collect them only by paying for them, it will cost about $4,600.

If you work hard, you can do it without paying, but it may take almost 1-2 years.

To collect 4,580 pieces, if you do not participate in SvS and get 7 pieces every day, it will take 655 days.

If you get 7 pieces every day and achieve 67M score (get 50 pieces) in SvS every time, it will take about 15 months.

Common Misconceptions

“Does the fact that enhancements increase the STATS INCREASE VALUE mean that I have to enhance it earlier or am I missing out?

For example, the

  • If you add one star at general level 5 and then raise to level 10.
  • If a general reaches level 10 and then adds one star.

The latter will reach level 10 with a smaller increase in value. Therefore, “Will the status be lower than the former, even though the level is the same 10?” That’s what it means.

So I tested it with two of the same generals.

  • The first, at level 26, then 5 stars.
  • The second, at level 22, had 5 stars, then leveled to 26.

First: at level 26, then 5 stars.

First: at level 26, then 5 stars.

*The green and yellow numbers are due to cultivate, so you can ignore them.

Second: at level 22, had 5 stars, then leveled to 26

Second: at level 22, had 5 stars, then leveled to 26

Then the stats values were the same in both cases.

Therefore, you will not lose anything. Regardless of whether you’re enhanced or not, I recommend you to increase the level of your generals more and more.



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I didn’t see it listed but if you’re a VIP 25 in your daily VIP gift you get 6 Blood of Ares every day which is nice. But of course it takes a ton of money to get there.

I should probably expand on that, starting at VIP 20 you get 1 and each lvl higher is plus 1 until VIP 25 gets you 6.


Thank you very much for all your helpful information, Mr. Administrator.
I am currently in the process of specializing in defense and have accumulated a lot of Ares blood. I am wondering if I should use all of it on one defender, or if I should make the duty officer in charge of each building 6 stars and get the buffs that come with it. Which should I prioritize?

If I were you, I would start by raising the defender to 2 or 3 red stars, then raise all the duty officers to 1 red star. After that, I would raise them as needed, starting with the one who has all the fragments.

I am currently exploring two units in the relics and have obtained 4 Ares blood each (8 total). Has the daily limit been increased?

setelah update jrndral theodora bisa mendapat ascending tapi bagaimana cara mencai fragment theodora ?

> after the update, Theodora can get ascending, but how do you find the theodora’s fragment?
You can get lucky by opening “Epic General,” “Epic Historic General,” and “Epic Historic General (Premium).”
These can be obtained at some events, battlefield shop, auction, and paid packages, etc.

So do the first five stars add the corresponding buff/debuffs under the original skill description. Or these only become active through stars 6-10?

It’s very hard to get same general again and again lol i got Elise and Leo ||| in last event of trial of knight and 😅I don’t spend money 😅 LOL now

Hi, Its Sai again. I have some information on the total fragments required to 10 star a general. The confirmed ones I have from our server coiner are as follows:
Star 7 Stage 4 – 12 fragments, 110 blood of Ares
Star 7 Stage 5 – 42 fragments, 450 blood of Ares

I did a basic pattern matching for the fragments needed and this is what I found(no concrete evidence, just based on information for various stars and stages I have received so far)
5 star to 6 star = 30 fragments
6 star to 7 star = 60 fragments
7 star to 8 star = 90 fragments
8 star to 9 star = 120 fragments
9 star to 10 star = 150 fragments

A whopping total of 450 fragments(15 duplicate generals are needed) for fully 10 starring a general 😀
The cost of Blood of Ares is not following through a pattern like this and I am yet to figure it out. Hope it helps

So I have Hannibal at lv31 with 5 stars. I have blood of ares and 7 fragments of hannibal. but it says Ascending is not available on this General yet. what Do I have to do to enable Ascending this General?

As of today (6/22/2022), Hannibal can’t be ascended and unfortunately we have to wait for developers to enable it. The ascending cannot be enabled on the player side.

Thank you for all your great articles ✨
I see that the Blood of Ares is now available in the “Journey to Glory” (a roulette that can be turned with Starblue Coins).
I don’t buy coins, I get it from resource gathering and monster hunting. With this kind of leisurely coin acquisition, I can get 10 coins in 2 days. I am relieved that the difficulty of obtaining the blood of Ares has become a little easier.
(I wish they would take into consideration the difficulty of obtaining the General’s Fragments as well…)

I am glad that there are more ways to get it. But it’s still hopeless and I still need more ways to get it 😂.

It seems that if we spin 500 times within 10 days, we can get them all off and get 2,300 Ares blood. The coin requirement is 5,000 coins.
Without paying, the maximum coins we can get in 10 days of the event is 500 coins and 50 spins.
If we buy the $99.99 pack with a double coupon, we get 360 coins.
So even if we pay $1000, we still won’t reach 500 spins.

What are those green numbers with the arrows related to? If I got the general section right those stats make a at least when ranking the gens.

So what’s going to happen with the rest of popular generals who don’t have any ascension path yet? For example Minamoto or Kasunoki? Is there going to be an update for them?

FYI I have ascended Roland on the “6th” star. The last portion that raises the specialty is EXPENSIVE! 300 ares blood and 14 fragments.

My thoughts on the new ascension system is that this suddenly make relics generals somewhat more valuable, and also the chest generals, because you get their fragments for free (somewhat slower for chest generals). Imagine what kind of coin one has to spend to get another general like Scipio or Simeon.


So, i want to get a general 4 star fast, really fast, so i choose common for it, what are the requiements for it?

I’m a little confused. So do you add the star when they gain that level or you just save it till they are at level 26 then add them all at once?

There are two types of refinements for general’s equipment, one is +25% and the other is +1000, which one is more advantageous?

Nếu tôi sử dụng li jing ở 1 phụ . Kĩ năng tấn công 35% của anh ta có được tính vào buff cho toàn bộ quân đội không ? Hay chỉ tính cho quân đội trong phụ đó ?

Hi, I am just starting with the gane and I am trying to learn from different sources and I have to say your content is great. Thank you for sharing! I have read as much as possible about generals amd I have a doubt about two particular generals. I do not have any gold general and my best generals are Cleopatra and Constance, both historic purple. I am using Cleopatra for monsters and bosses (+20% double drop) and Constance for gathering (+20% gathering resources, +20% troop load)

Can their built in skills be replaced when adding a new skill or are they permanent?

Can you confirm the historic purple generals can master 4 skills?

Up to what point would you levels up, enhance and cultivate them?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you too. 😃

The skills they originally have cannot be replaced.

Purple historical generals can have 4 skills, but it is not recommended to give them high level skills. Skill books are valuable, and purple generals will not be of much use in the future.

I think all generals are the same for leveling up, enhancing, and cultivating. (Lv35, 5 Star, Cultivate 500)

Hi, I am wanting to get the best debuffs out of my sub generals for when I attack and/or when I am defending an attack. Can you tell me what I need to do with my sub generals to get them to be effective. I have Baldwin, Himiko, Dowager, Andrew Jackson, Suleiman, Cnut, Arminus. I am wondering what skill books to use, and whether they need to have stars. Any help will be muich appreciated. Thanks

If your goal is to get debuffs, there is no need to give them skill books or increase their star level. Give them Achaemenidae or Ares equipment. (These equipments need to be 5 stars) (In addition, if you give the general six Achaemenidae equipment, you get an additional debuff)
For now, there are no skill books that provide debuffs, and raising the star level of a general does not provide debuffs.
Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide
Red Equipment Comparison (Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae)
Skillbook List (Lv1~4 Effects)

Thank you, your help is much appreciated… I’ll add the gear… 🙂


is it worth to level up to max 5 stars when you only have legendary/historic general (purple one) like for example cleopatra, john bufford, hernando cortez or sanada yukimura … or should i wait until i get lucky enought to have epic general worth to level max? hope to hear you soon

Do you think that the result of Cultivate depends on the stats increase value?
If so, I was wondering if raising the star level as soon as possible would reduce the amount of gold and gems needed for Cultivate.
I’m just wondering because it seems that the more times I do Cultivate, the more gold and gems it costs per time.

I haven’t tested this rigorously, but I don’t believe it is greatly affected by the stats increase value.
The increase in the cost of Cultivate is not caused by the number of times you do it.
As the “+ value” increases, so does the cost.

Please see below for details.
General Cultivate Guide

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