How to increase the General’s Power (and the Danger)

12/21/2022 – Star Level section added.
4/18/2021 – Added about power examples and dragon power.

The factors that determine a general’s power are as follows

  1. Stats (Attribute : leadership, attack, defense, and politics)
  2. Specialty
  3. Star Level
  4. Generals’ Equipment
  5. Spiritual Beast, Dragon

1. Stats (Attribute)

Here’s how to increase your stats (leadership, attack, defense, and politics)

  • Leveling up your general
  • Enhance (Star Level)
  • Cultivate
  • Dragon

The basic idea is to level up the generals.
Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

In cultivation, which can be raised up to about +500. (Gold is recommended for up to +300; gems are the only way to boost over 300.)
(For more information, see this article – General Cultivate Guide)

However, to reach +500, you need to level up or enhance beforehand.
(For more information, see this article – Enhance Guide)

Dragons can also be assigned to raise their stats. Depending on the level of the dragon, it can add approximately 6-100.
(For more information, see this article – Dragon – Type, Buff, Enhance)

At +100 status, you gain an approximate 10%~20% buff. (Leadership -> Troop HP, Attack -> Troop Attack, Defense -> Troop Defense, etc.) (Leadership -> Troop HP, attack -> Troop Attack, Defense -> Troop Defense, etc. You can find detailed percentages in the Cultivate screen.

Power example
  • Level 29, Star 0, Refine 0, no dragon (Stats around 320) -> 109,987
  • Level 29, Star 5, Refine +300, no dragon (Stats around 970) -> 765,598
  • Level 29, Star 5, Refine +500, no dragon (Stats around 1,200) -> 1,152,202

2. Specialty

When a general reaches level 25, you can level up his/her specialty. This also increases the power (albeit slightly).

There are four types of specialty for each general. (The four circles are displayed on the general’s detail screen.)

There are also five levels of specialty. (Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange -> Gold)
The higher the level, the higher the power.

(For more information, see this article – Specialty Guide)

Power example

Only the amount added by specialty.

  • Green x1 -> 750
  • Blue x3 -> 7,950
  • Purple x3 -> 19,350
  • Orange x3 -> 52,950
  • Gold x4 -> 189,800

3. Star Level

Increasing the star level increases the power.

When the star level is 5 or lower, as mentioned above, increasing the star level will increase the power because of the increase in status. (It is not clear if increasing the star level itself also increases the power.)

At star level 6 and above, the situation is a little different: even if the status does not increase, the increase in red stars itself increases the power. (During stages 1-4 of each star level, the status also increases with each stage, but when the star reaches stage 5 (the next red star), the status does not increase.)

Power example

Only the amount of increase.

  • Red Star 1 (Star Level 5 Stage 4 -> Star Level 6 Stage 0)
    • 150,000
  • Red Star 2 (Star Level 6 Stage 4 -> Star Level 7 Stage 0)
    • 180,000
  • Red Star 3 (Star Level 7 Stage 4 -> Star Level 8 Stage 0)
    • 200,000
  • Red Star 4 (Star Level 8 Stage 4 -> Star Level 9 Stage 0)
    • ?
  • Red Star 5 (Star Level 9 Stage 4 -> Star Level 10 Stage 0)
    • ?

Note that between stages 1 and 4, the power will increase slightly due to the increase in status. (about 4000-6000 for each stage)

When it comes to stage 5, the star level will be increased to increase the power.

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4. Generals’ Equipment

Basically, the more expensive the equipment, the more power it has.

Increasing the star level of the equipment or refining it will further increase its power.

Star levels can be upgraded up to 5 levels, increasing the power by 3 to 10 times, depending on the equipment.

As for refining, the first time you refine, the power of your equipment will increase by about 1.5 times, but after the second time, it will not necessarily increase.

The reason for this is that it depends on the strength of the buffs granted by the refinement. (When you refine your equipment, four buffs are granted. The more high value buffs there are, the higher the power value of the equipment.)

Equipment refinement is very important, and it greatly affects the strength of the general. (6 equipment x 4 buff slots = 24 buff slots in total)

There are various ways to increase buffs in Evony, but the increase by equipment refinement has the greater impact.

For example, Achaemenidae’s equipment, the highest rank equipment, can give up to +100% (=25% x4) buffs per piece of equipment by refining.

(The increase is proportional to the rank of the equipment: For example, up to +32% (=8% x4) for orange equipment)

Power example

Only the amount added by equipment.

  • Achaemenidae Boots / Star 5 / Refine Buff Total 94.6% -> 450,276
  • Achaemenidae Boots / Star 5 / Refine Buffs Total 56.4% -> 400,248
  • Ares Boots / Star 5 / Refine Buffs Total 83.4% -> 435,888
  • Ares Boots / Star 5 / No Refinements -> 325,800

4. Spiritual Beast, Dragon

Assigning a Spiritual Beast to a General will increase his power.

You won’t know how much power it increases until you assign it. (There is no power indicator on the Beast’s screen. The dragon’s screen has a power indicator, but it’s not equal.)

Dragons, like equipment, can be buffed by refining. (+60% to 100% depending on the type of dragon) Therefore, refining dragons is also very important. Refining dragons is easier (relatively speaking) than leveling up dragons, so it is recommended to improve your dragon’s refinement first.

Also, in proportion to the total buff value of the dragon refinement, the power of the general who assigned that dragon will also increase. (Note: The power display on the dragon’s screen will not change)

Power example

Only the amount added by beasts and dragon.

Thunder Scorpion

  • Lv2 Quality Blue -> 50,408
  • Lv4 Quality Orange -> 130,816
  • Lv5 Quality Orange -> 160,918

Bird of Hurricane

  • Lv10 Quality Gold -> 377,105

Lord of lava

  • Lv1 Quality Blue -> 43,960

Behemoth King

  • Lv1 Quality Green -> 29,200

Celtic Demon

  • Lv1 Refine Buff 52.1% total -> 161,655 (100,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv4 Refine Buff 52.1% total -> 380,548 (280,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv9 Refine Buff 54.4% total -> 1,190,439 (980,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv10 Refine Buff 54.4% total -> 1,418,750 (1,180,000 power in Dragon screen)

Norway Ridge

  • Lv1 No Refinements -> 125,514 (120,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv1 Refine Buff 29.3% total -> 154,814 (120,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv2 Refine Buff 29.3% total -> 201,287 (160,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv2 Refine Buff 29% total -> 200,987 (160,000 power in Dragon screen)
  • Lv6 Refine Buff 9.6%+1497 total -> 641,635 (520,000 power in Dragon screen)

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IMPORTANT – General’s Power does not equal Strength

The “Power” indicator in this game, not just for generals, is only a guide. A high power value does not necessarily mean that a general is really strong.

It’s easy to increase the power of a general with expensive equipment, but if a general doesn’t have enough status, research, skillization, and equipment refinement, he’s actually weak. If he is not, he is weaker than a less expensive general. (Buffs from research, retrofitted skills, gear, etc. do not add to the general’s power value.)

For example, if a general has the same power of 1.4M as below, General A is stronger than General B in this case.

General A

  • Mounted General. His original skill is a mounted buff, and his army is mainly mounted troops. (Same as General B.)
  • All four have a status of about 1,100.
  • Equipped with a “Fearless : King’s Armor” (= with a Mounted Attack & Defense Buff).
  • Other equipment is the lowest line of gold equipment (Champion’s equipment)

General B

  • Mounted General. His original skill is a mounted buff, and his army is mainly mounted troops. (Same as General A.)
  • All four have a status of about 700.
  • He is equipped with a “Courageous : King’s Armor” (= No Mounted Buff).
  • Other equipment is the highest line of gold equipment (King’s equipment)

The differences between the two are as follows.

  • Difference in status, with a 40% difference in various buffs (HP, attack and defense)
  • B has more expensive equipment, but there is not enough of a buffing difference between the Champion’s equipment and the King’s equipment to make up the 40% difference.
  • Both of them have the same rank of equipment with the “King’s Armor”, but B has no Mounted Buffs.

Therefore, be careful not to make increasing the power value of your general a goal in training him.

Reference – Recipe for Reaching General Power

“What exactly do I need to do to get to ~M?” I’ve put together some concrete examples. Please refer to it as well.

General’s Power Reaching Recipe (What does it take to reach ~M?)


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Hi can u plz tell me why it shows numbers at the top of the generals level lie 2 or 3 in a circle. What does it indicates


If you have more than one of the same general, you’ll be able to identify them as (1), (2)…


I have a question about general equipment, when it shows 2 similar attributes, for example march speed to monsters, and in one case one is percents, other is absolute number, and the second case is when both show different percents.


Oi. Qual o nível e a quantidade de tropas cavalaria para matar o Dragão Esqueleto? Obrigada. 😊


Sometimes I see generals with all their equipment removed, is there an intention behind this?

I think that’s in the general rankings, and I think it’s probably one of the following
– Changing one piece of equipment with multiple generals depending on the situation, such as during PvP or monster hunting.
– In order to keep others from knowing the strength of their general, they remove their equipment unless it is necessary.

Hi. It’s me again. I read every article in the website and this one is the only to mention something about specialty. From your rough description, I deem it to be something similar to Star level of General or Spiritual Beast. Can you please give me more details on that, in terms of any requirement (General level, attribute), needed material (runestone, gold, gem) and any danger which may happen and method to avoid.
Thank you very much.

is it better to star your equipment to 5 before you refine? Does it make a different in the percent in the refinement?


Hi, what’s the pattern to refine generals attributes, I press refine and then the total goes down , even if set attributes and refine attributes are a good percentage it goes down ?? Please help thanks


I always visit this site. thanks you. I’m sorry if the content has already been uploaded somewhere.
I would like to know that when refining a general’s equipment, the buff is displayed in % and only numbers (for example, cavalry attack +12.6% or cavalry attack +358). What is the difference? Since the buff value reflected in the PvP report is displayed in %, is it better to refine the equipment in %?

Hi. I can not get it about the strength of generals.
What the power and stat means and its usage.
I referred to your article about boss(monster) battle logic, and you said the power of general doesn’t take part to the logic. Then, what the power or stat of general really means in the game.

A strong general has a high power value, but
A general with a high power value is not necessarily a strong general.

This is because even if you train in the wrong direction (wearing useless equipment, dragons, etc.), the power value will increase. But in reality, they are weak.
Generals who are trained in the right direction have high power values and are strong.

There are also cases where a general is really strong but not reflected in his power value.
For example, if you add a +25% mounted attack skillbook to a certain mounted PvP general, his power value will not change.
However, in reality, the general with the skill is clearly stronger.

There are also cases where power value does not differentiate between the two.
For example, mounted troop and ground troop of the same tier have very different attack, defense, and so on.
However, the power value is exactly the same.

The power value in this game are just rough estimates of strength.
It can be useful to some extent to gauge the strength of an enemy.
However, it is not 100% reliable.

As for stats (Leadership, Attack, Defense, Politics), it is important to increase it.
Regardless of which type of troops the general is strong against, it will definitely make him stronger.


What is your take on General Speciality? Is it worth spending gems there?


He means the 4 buffs shown at the bottom of the general when you recruit him. They’re called “max level attributes”


كيف يمكنني ترقية مستوايا من فيكونت الي ايرل بأسرع وقت ؟

I’m not sure what you mean by “max level attributed unlock”, but if you mean you want to maximize the attribute value of your general, then get him to level 35, raise his star level to 5, do lots of Cultivate (+500), and equip him with a well-trained dragon.


I always refer to it. It reads like I can give stats up to +300 in gold if I keep the general enhanced.
However, I’ve been doing 10 Cultivate with Gold every day for about 30 days and I’m still between plus 20 and 30 for each item.
Is there not enough to do?

You’re right 😭.
Cultivate requires a tremendous amount of work.

When you Cultivate, you’ll only be confirmed when the positive outweighs the negative, but only two or three times out of ten will the positive outweigh the negative.

And even then, there should be a lot of times when one of them is positive and one of them is negative.

On average, I think it’s about +1 on each item finally after 10 Cultivate sessions.
If you go at that pace, it would take about 3,000 Cultivates to get to +300😭.


Thank you for your reply. I understand that it takes a tremendous number of times 😨 I will give it a steady stream!

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