Assistant Generals Guide

* The term “basic skills” on this website is synonymous with “special skills” in the game.

9/15/2023 – Laudon is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
9/1/2023 – Pyrrhus is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
8/7/2023 – Kleos is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
8/4/2023 – Pallas is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
7/21/2023 – Subutai is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
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2/3/2023 – Charles XII is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
1/20/2023 – Sun Ce is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
1/13/2023 – Turenne is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
1/9/2023 – Lautaro is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
12/30/2023 – Mason Weaver is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
12/30/2023 – Zucca is added to “General’s Combination Compatibility List”.
12/19/2022 – An additions were made to the compatibility of Edward III with other generals’ combinations.
12/4/2022 – An additions were made to the compatibility of Ludwig with other generals’ combinations.
11/25/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Alessandra)
11/20/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Mordred)
11/15/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (James Conrad)
10/20/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Septimius Severus)
10/10/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Ii Naomasa)
9/26/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Wallenstein)
8/27/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Maeda Toshiie)
8/21/2022 – updated “General’s Combination Compatibility List”. (Yodo-dono, Toyotomi Hideyori)
8/12/2022 – updated “Basic Skill Competitive Table for Assistant”.
8/10/2022 – updated “Basic Skill Competitive Table for Assistant”.
7/23/2022 – updated “Basic Skill Competitive Table for Assistant”.
7/21/2022 – updated about glitch.
7/19/2022 – updated “Basic Skill Competitive Table for Assistant”.
7/10/2022 – Significantly updated “Basic Skill Competitive Table for Assistant”.
7/8/2022 – Added note about glitch.
7/4/2022 – Added basic specs, added verification of buffs requiring dragons.

Basic Specifications

  • An assistant can be attached to an attacker and defender.
  • When attaching an assistant to an attacker, the main general must have a level of at least 20 and a star level of at least 3.
  • When attaching an assistant to a defender, there is no requirement for the level or star level of the main general.
  • Only 3 of the assistant’s performances are effective: Basic skill (star level 0 to 5), Skillbook, & Specialty.
  • The additional skills of red star 1-5 due to star level ascension are not valid.

In other words, only 3 things are required in the training of an assistant.
– Give them a skill book
– Develop specialties
– Make the general level 25 to develop specialties

Assistant’s performance
Stats (star 0 to 5)
(Leadership / Attack
/ Defense / Politics)
Stats (red star 1 to 5)
(Leadership / Attack
/ Defense / Politics)
Basic Skill (star 0 to 5)Enabled
Basic Skill (red star 1 to 5)Disabled
Spiritual BeastDisabled
  • An assistant general’s basic skill and skill books are disabled if they conflict with the main general’s basic skill and skill books.
Examples of conflicting with basic skills of the main general
  • Any of the assistant general’s basic skills or specialties whose activation condition is to attach a dragon to the assistant general are
    • activated by attaching a dragon to the assistant general (tested).
    • not activated by attaching a dragon to the main general (tested).
Skills for which attaching a dragon is a trigger condition

Glitches currently being found

Very unfortunately, several glitches have been identified and are summarized here to reduce the damage.

  • Generals with Double drop rate increases
    • Bibars, Theodora, and Cleopatra
    • Double drop rate does not increase when set as an assistant.
    • I have tested and confirmed the following.
      • Using Bibars (skill only, no equipment), 20 normal monsters were killed and the number of double drops was investigated.
      • Expected double drop rate is 40% = 25% skill + 15% VIP
      • ver. 4.26.2
        • When solo: double drop count 8
          • -> 40%
        • When assistant: double drop count 2
          • -> 10%
    • No announcement from Evony team, but it was fixed. I confirmed that it does not occur in ver. 4.29.0.
      • Vip+Bibars (DD expectation 40%) -> 30 normal monsters killed, DD 12 times.

  • Shajar al-Durr
    • The “Food Protected from Troop Upkeep” does not increase when set as an assistant. The trouble is that it is not increasing internally, although it is increasing when looking at the Warehouse detail screen. When the game is restarted, the food will decrease. (If you have more food than the original limit.)
    • No announcement from Evony team, but it was fixed. I confirmed that it does not occur in ver. 4.26.2.
  • Generals who increase March Speed
    • Seleucus I, Huo Qubing, Spartacus, etc.
    • When set as an assistant general, the march time is reduced on the soldier selection screen, but it is not actually reduced. If you look at the march bar in the upper left corner after departure, you will see that it has not decreased.
    • No announcement from Evony team, but it was fixed. I confirmed that it does not occur in ver. 4.26.2.

There may be more, so if you have any information, I would appreciate it if you could share it with me in the comments section.

Cases in which an assistant general’s skills are disabled

  1. If similar to the main general’s “Basic skill”.
  2. If similar to the main general’s “Skill book”.

If similar to the main general’s “Basic skill”

Basically, it seems that those with similar properties and buff values compete with each other.

However, the detailed criteria are not quite clear, so you will have to actually try it to see if it conflicts. (See the table later in this article for the results of combining the various generals.)

Example: Basic skills of assistant are disabled (both, ranged and siege attack)

Example: Skill books of assistant are disabled (both, mounted attack)

If similar to the main general’s “Skill book”

For example, if the main general has a skill book of an attack, and the assistant’s basic skill is an attack, it may be invalidated. In this case, changing the main general’s skill book for an attack to another one will make the assistant’s basic skill effective.

And this is quite important.

Sometimes the skill book in issue can be made effective if it is attached to an assistant instead of to the main general. (Only some generals)

For example, if you want to attach the assistant Trajan to the main general Elise, you need to attach the ground HP to Trajan instead of to Elise. This way, both Trajan’s basic skill and the ground HP skill book can be enabled. Attaching ground HP to Elise would disable Trajan’s basic skill.

Recommended Assistant Generals Ranking

Note: Since compatibility between generals is also a consideration, please also refer to the “General’s Combination Compatibility List” below.

Recommended Combination

Best Generals (& Combinations)

Recommended generals are summarized by role, such as battle-oriented and development-oriented.

General’s Combination Compatibility List

The following is based on my own research.

Unauthorized reproduction or plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Please be sure to include a link to this page when you introduce it to anyone in the community, on YouTube, etc.

[ Information Wanted ] If you know of a general not listed, please let me know in the comments section with a screenshot.

Preliminary report on Subutai

Pairs possible: Douglas, Charles XII, Simeon, Edward III, James Conrad, Eleanor

Pairs impossible: Elektea, Minamoto no Yoshitune

Skill book: Ranged Attack CAN’T be added.

Preliminary report on Eleanor

Pairs possible: Douglas, Charles XII, Wallenstein, Simeon, Elektra, Edward III, James Conrad, Alfred, Minamoto, Tomylis

Skill book: Ranged Attack, Defense, HP, March Size can be added.
However, March Size must be attached to Eleanor.
(when using Minamoto, can’t attach Attack.)
(when using Edward III, Defense must be attached to Edward III.)

Preliminary report on Douglas

Pairs possible: Eleanor, Mason Weaver, Elektra, Edward III, Minamoto

Pairs impossible: Charles XII, Wallenstein, Simeon, James Conrad, Kaguya, Alfred, Tomylis

Skill book: Ranged Attack, Defense, HP, March Size can be added.
(when using Minamoto, can’t attach Attack.)
(when using Edward III, Defense must be attached to Edward III.)
(when using Eleanor, March Size must be attached to Eleanor.)

Preliminary report on Charles XII

Pairs possible: Eleanor, Elektra, Minamoto, Mason Weaver, Edward III

Pairs impossible: Douglas, Simeon, Kaguya, Tomylis, James Conrad

Skill book: Ranged Attack, Defense, HP, March Size can be added.
March Size can be attached to anything other than Charles.
(when using Minamoto, can’t attach Attack.)
(when using Edward III, Defense must be attached to Edward III.)
(when using Eleanor, March Size must be attached to Eleanor.)

Preliminary report on Mason Weaver

Pairs possible: Douglas, Charles XII, Simeon, Elektra, Minamoto, Alfred, Tomylis, Kaguya, James Conrad

Pairs impossible: Edward III

Skill book: Ranged Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
(when using Minamoto, can’t attach Attack.)

Preliminary report on Edward III

Pairs possible: Douglas, Eleanor, Charles XII, Simeon, Elektra, Minamoto, Kaguya, James Conrad, Wallenstein, Tomylis, Alfred

Pairs impossible: Mason Weaver

Skill book: Ranged Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
However, the Ranged Defense must be attached to Edward III.
(when using Minamoto, can’t attach Attack.)
(when using Eleanor, March Size must be attached to Eleanor.)

[ Information Wanted ] If you know of a general not listed, please let me know in the comments section with a screenshot.

Preliminary report on Laudon

Pairs possible: Poligenus, Mordred, Custer, Roland, Hannibal, Zhao Yun, Sun Ce, Lysander, Gaius Octavius, Maximilian I, Basil II, Gnarr

Pairs impossible: Martinus, Ii Naomasa, Prince Eugene

Skill book: Can’t attach Mounted Attack Skill Book.
Mounted Defense, HP can be added.

Preliminary report on Poligenus

Pairs possible: Laudon, Mordred, Custer, Martinus, Sun Ce, Ii Naomasa, Lysander, Gaius Octavius, Prince Eugene, Maximilian I, Bertrand du Guesclin

Pairs impossible: Zhao Yun, Roland, Hannibal, Basil II

Skill book: Mounted Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
There is no problem to attach the skill book of attack to the pair of generals of Poligenus.
(when using Laudon, Martinus, Ii Naomasa, Prince Eugene, can’t attach Attack.)

Preliminary report on Sun Ce

Pairs possible: Laudon, Poligenus, Mordred, Custer, Zhao Yun, Roland, Hannibal, Martinus, Ii Naomasa, Lysander, Gaius Octavius, Prince Eugene, Maximilian I, Bertrand du Guesclin

Skill book: Mounted Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
There is no problem to attach the skill book of attack to the pair of generals of Sun Ce.
(when using Laudon, Martinus, Ii Naomasa, Prince Eugene, can’t attach Attack.)


[ Information Wanted ] If you know of a general not listed, please let me know in the comments section with a screenshot.

Preliminary report on Pyrrhus

Pairs possible: Ludwig, Aurelian, Elise, Scipio, Alessandra, Maeda Toshiie, Turenne, Soult, Basil II, Sun Ce, Leonidas I, Oda Oichi, Leo III, George Dewey

Pairs impossible: Trajan, Epaminondas

Skill book: Ground Attack, Defense, HP can be added.
There is no problem to attach the skill book of Attack, Defense, HP to the pair of generals of Pyrrhus.
(when using Turenne, Soult, can’t attach Attack.)

Preliminary report on Aurelian

Pairs possible: Pyrrhus, Alessandra, Turenne, Soult, Epaminondas

Pairs impossible: Ludwig, Elise, Scipio

Skill book: Ground Attack, Defense, HP can be added.
There is no problem to attach the skill book of Attack & HP to the pair of generals of Aurelian. (when using Turenne, Soult, can’t attach Attack.)

Preliminary report on Turenne

Pairs possible: Pyrrhus, Ludwig, Elise, Scipio, Trajan, Lautaro, Leonidas

Skill book: Can’t attach Ground Attack.
(Can’t even pair with a general with added ground attack)

[ Information Wanted ] If you know of a general not listed, please let me know in the comments section with a screenshot.

Preliminary report on Pallas

Pairs possible: Kleos, Edward Teach, Zucca, John Churchill, Petronas, Septimius Severus, Surena, Philip, Mason Weaver, Ulysses S Grant, Khalid

Skill book: Siege Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
(can’t attach Attack when using Septimius Severus or Surena.)
(when using Septimius Severus, Siege HP must be attached to Septimius Severus.)

Preliminary report on Kleos

Pairs possible: Pallas, Edward Teach, Petronas, Ulysses S Grant, Septimius Severus, Surena, Philip

Skill book: Siege Attack, Defense, HP, and March Size can be added.
(March Size must be attached to Kleos.)

Preliminary report on Edward Teach

Pairs possible: Pallas, Kleos, Zucca, John Churchill, Petronas, Septimius Severus, Surena, Philip

Pairs not possible: Ramesses, Mason Weaver

Skill book: Siege Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
(can’t attach Attack when using Septimius Severus or Surena.)
(when using Septimius Severus, Siege HP must be attached to Septimius Severus.)

Preliminary report on John Churchill

Pairs possible: Pallas, Edward Teach, Septimius Severus, Surena, Ramesses, Mason Weaver, Ulysses S Grant, Matthias I

Pairs not possible: Zucca, Petronas, Philip, Napoleon

Skill book: Siege Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
(can’t attach Attack when using Septimius Severus or Surena.)
(when using Septimius Severus, Siege HP must be attached to Septimius Severus.)

Preliminary report on Mason Weaver

Pairs possible: Pallas, John Churchill, Petronas, Napoleon, Ulysses S Grant

Pairs not possible: Edward Teach

Skill book: Siege Attack can be added.

Preliminary report on Zucca

Pairs possible: Pallas, Edward Teach, Septimius Severus, Surena, Ramesses, Ulysses S Grant, Khalid

Pairs not possible: John Churchill, Petronas, Philip, Napoleon

Skill book: Siege Attack, Defense, and HP can be added.
(can’t attach Attack when using Septimius Severus or Surena.)
(when using Septimius Severus, Siege HP must be attached to Septimius Severus.)


Preliminary report on Takenaka Shigeharu

Pairs possible: William Marshal, George Dewey, Yodo-dono, Lautaro, Oda Oichi, Leonidas, Queen Boudica, Mason Weaver, Edward Teach, Septimius Severus

Pairs not possible: Leo III

Skill book: Siege Attack, Ground Defense, and Mounted Defense can be added.
(Siege Attack cannot be added when paired with Septimius Severus.)

Preliminary report on Mason Weaver

Pairs possible: Takenaka Shigeharu, Leo III, George Dewey, Lautaro, Kusunoki Masashige

Preliminary report on Lautaro

Pairs possible: Takenaka Shigeharu, Leo III, George Dewey, Mason Weaver, Kusunoki Masashige, Turenne, Trajan

Skill book: Mounted Attack, Ground Attack, Defense, and HP can be added. (Ground Attack cannot be added when paired with Turenne.)
(when using Trajan, Ground HP must be attached to Trajan.)

Test result: whether the assistant’s skill that requires a dragon is triggered or not

For example, among Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s basic skills, the ranged troops attack buff +15% is only effective when the dragon is attached.

So, if we have Minamoto no Yoshitsune as an assistant, will this “buff that requires a dragon” work?

The description of the assistant in the game states that “Assistant Generals still need to equip dragon to activate corresponding buffs”.

However, even if I attach a dragon to an assistant, the assistant’s dragon icon is grayed out. This makes it hard to tell if it is really triggered or not.

Therefore, I did the following test.

Test date: 7/4/2022 / ver 4.26.2

Change in ranged troops attack buffs with and without dragons

I attacked NPC subordinate citiy and checked the buff value in the battle report.

Basic setting

General’s Ranged Troops Attack Buff
Main GenAssistant (Minamoto)
Basic SkillNoneBasic buff +25%
Requires dragon +15%
Total +40%
Skill bookNoneNone
SpecialtyNoneBasic buff +12%
Dragon’s Ranged Soldier Attack Buff
  • Stats buff: +23%.
  • Refine buff: +20%.
  • Total: +43%.

* The stats buff is 20% of the dragon’s attack stats. Alternatively, it can be calculated by removing the dragon and taking the difference between the attack values on the general’s cultivation screen.

Buff value on battle report

Comparison with and without assistant general’s dragon

Main General’s Dragon: None

  • Assistant General’s Dragon
    • With: +611%
    • Without: +596%

The difference is 15%. This is consistent with Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s figures for the buffs required by the dragon.

Comparison with and without main general’s dragon

Assistant General’s Dragon: None

  • Main General’s Dragon
    • With: +639%
    • Without: +596%

Difference 43%. Matches the buff value by dragon. Minamoto Yoshitsune’s buffs requiring a dragon did not add up.

Therefore, any of the assistant’s basic skills or specialties that are activated by attaching a dragon to the assistant are activated by attaching a dragon to an assistant general. They are not activated by attaching a dragon to the main general.


If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.



Hi There, Do you have any stats on best pairings for Laudon yet please? TIA.


Who is most compatible with Aurelian. Right now I have him with Epaminondas but wondering if there’s a better pairing.

Hi Thank you for your very very nice job. Pair possible : Petronas + Kleos with all skills books about siege. just capacity cant be added to Petronas when he is the main.
Thank you again 👌

Please can you clarify this for me? Thank you
I did an experiment for resource gathering.

queen jideok ( with books collection speed +45% ore, wood, stones) + Gaius Marius (books collection speed +45% food, wood , stones)

out of all resources Jideok + Gaio is your best bet

Question: Putting Gaius +Jideok on wood and stones should have +60% . instead it takes longer. Why?

Just a note that, sadly, Aurelian does not work as an assistant with Maeda Toshiie.

Hello! This is a great help!

Is it possible for Princess Kaguya and Eleanor to work together?


어시스턴트는 장비를 착용해도 장비로 인한 효과가 없는것인가요?

예를 들어 천갑옷을 입은 어시스턴트와

드래곤 갑옷을 입은 어시스턴트와 다른게 전혀 없는것인가요?

스테이터스 도 효과가 없는것인가요?

예를 들어 리더십,공격,방어,정치 총 합이 4000인 어시스턴트와

총 합이 400인 어시스턴트와 똑같은 것인가요?

> Does the assistant not have any effect from the equipment even if it is equipped?
> For example, an assistant in cloth armor and
> Is it no different than an assistant wearing dragon armor?
> Does the status also have no effect?
> For example, an assistant with a total of 4000 leadership, offense, defense, and politics
> Is it the same thing as an assistant with a total of 400?


Thank you for this guide it was very helpful! However, I have a question. So assistant generals can equip a dragon to activate their skill that requires a dragon as shown in your test.

I have Caesar as assistant general and I tested him out with and without a dragon and my teammate also tried, however there wasn’t a difference in the number of wounded when we’ve attacked a monster. Do you think this is a glitch?

Or could it be because my main general has Mounted troop attack as their speciality/skill book and it clashes with Ceasars’ dragon bound buff of mounted troops attack?? None of the skill books are greyed out however. So I’m not sure. I will test further ..

Thank you for your response, I’ve had a read through and that makes sense. However, when using the same two generals but using Caesar as the main gen I saw a reduction in wounds when using a dragon with him compared to when I didn’t use one. So that’s what made me think there might be a glitch. But overall I had more wounded then before, so I can see your point about the threshold now.

I would like to add, Edward teach works with both zucca and John Churchill. I of course put the zucca or Churchill as the mains. Teach just needs a garbage throw away beast to keep his full skill. And luckily evony gave us some disposable beasts with the ordinary ones.


Regarding the march speed to monster, the unique skills that Spartacus and Huo Qubing have are effective on the way there and ineffective on the way back if you are an assistant.
When I make them main general, they are effective on both the way to and from. Is this a specification?
I have not checked the skills in the assstant’s march speed skill book.


huo qbing I added another March speed to, and for my monster assists I’ve started adding a regular March assist so that they can not only be fast on the way there, but on the way back as well! and to seleucus I added a monster march speed! for the same reason

Kerr Avon of 1034

John Churchill also doesn’t work with Napoleon because their main skills conflict. Thanks for putting this together – this has been very valuable in pairing my other generals and assigning useful skill books! I’m almost done reconfiguring; it’s been a 2-month process 🙂


Edward III is suddenly greyed out as assistant to Douglas,,,,is it the same for you also?


my bad,,,it as because of the Defense skillbook

Hi, any idea if the new mounted general Poligenus Is finally the good one to assist Hannibal?

When combining Elise and Turenne, it says that ground attack should not be attached to either of them.

Looking at the page on ground generals, if I want to combine Elise and Turenne, should I put Elise as my main?

Also, if you are considering combining Elise with other generals, how would you, the admin, give Elise the skills?
(If I give her ground attack, she will not be able to work with Turenne. If Trajan or other generals are used as assistant, ground HP should not be granted to Elise.)

Thank you in advance for your help.

I would main Elise. If you use Elise, you have to put a dragon on her, but if you make her an assistant, you will not be able to take advantage of the dragon’s performance. If you have too many dragons, you can put them on, but most people aren’t, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The skill book to be attached to Elise is decided after first deciding on an assistant. If I change the assistant, I will reattach the skill book from scratch. The main general and his/her assistant are given the following 6 skills: attack, defense, HP, speed, march size, and march speed. There is no particularity in which one is attached to which one. However, since the main general will be used in the Maya event, the march size should be attached to the main general as much as possible. (If the assistant is Alessandra, then there is a problem with that, so put the march size on Alessandra.)
Reference: Revelation of Maya Event

Thanks for your reply.

I am thinking of changing Elise’s assistant from Trajan to Turenne. (Since Alessandra is not yet available and I got Turenne).

Based on the evaluation of the generals, I think Turenne is a better general than Trajan.
(Although Trajan’s can be maxed out to red star due to ease of availability.)

However, if Turenne is combined with someone who has the skill of ground attack, the skill will not work.

In that case, would it be better to give him 5 skills, excluding ground attack, instead of 6 total?
I can’t find any other good skills. (Revival maybe?).

I would like to hear what the administrator thinks. Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much.
I would like to focus ascending on Elise, as it does not make sense to raise the star level for an assistant.

I would certainly prefer that skill when it comes to Pan.
Thank you for all the information you have given me!

Thank you very much. This is my go to place for checking!

I do see about dragon in the last section. How about if assistant general needs not dragon, but any other spiritual beast, does it still works ?

Thanks for useful inf! I have question on dragon that you explained in the last section. What if I add dragon to both main and asst generals? Are they both activated?

Thanks in advance

When Tran Hung Dao is used as assistant with William Marshall, William Marshall cannot have the skill book for Ground Troop HP, since it disables Tran’s basic skill.

Do the assistants specialties apply even if they are an exact match of the main generals? Example, “Mounted troop Ares”

После последнего обновления большинство совместимости не работает . Это глюки игры или так постоянно будет теперь ? Пример , совместимость Роланд и Ии ,Мартинус ,. Элиза и Тюренн.

> After the last update most of the compatibility does not work. Is this a glitch in the game or will it be like this all the time? Example, the compatibility of Roland and Ii, Martinus. Elise and Turenne.
Please review their skill books and Section 3 of this article carefully.

Hola amigo, tengo una duda referente a las estrellas rojas, si se le ponen las estrellas rojas a un general asistente los atributos de estos hacen efecto o no tiene caso poner estrellas rojas a un asistente?

> Hello friend, I have a question regarding the red stars, if the red stars are put on an assistant general, do their attributes take effect or is there no point in putting red stars on an assistant?

already explained in section 1.

With Guan Yu as main Ground general, Trajan’s basic skill does not work.

I can confirm that Churchill doesn’t work with Phillip as well. It should be kinda obvious because you have already confirm 2 others that don’t work. But wanted to add a data point.

If electra has 20% ranged attack on her main skill and charles 12 as her assistant has 40 % ranged attack on his main skill, Are those buffs going to be one and effective?

Good afternoon and thank you for the wonderful information you providing.
I m new on the game and would like to ask about the mounted preliminary report on mounted and ranged.
you mentioning that pair is possible between Sun Ce and Martinus but the main skill is deactivated.
Same applies for Charles Xii with Minamoto.
is there something that maybe I do not understand on your report?
thanking you in advance

Yes I am aware of that but I was talking about the special skill. not the skill books.
when I try to pair Sun Ce and Martinus the special skill on the assistant general is grey.
same for the other pair.
so not sure whats happening

hello again…just saw this!
ohhh I see…
so I will need to remove the mounted attack skill book from Sun ce in order to be compatible with Martinus.
let me know in case I understand wrong.
thanks again for your help.


1.보조장군을 손책으로 할 때 한니발과 마르티누스 중 어떤 조합을 추천합니까?
2.엘렉트라를 주장군으로 할 때 가구야와 찰스12세 중 누구를 보조장군으로 추천합니까?

1번은 잘 모르겠지만 2번 질문은 charles III 강추합니다.

I’m really liking the Roland/Zhao Yun combo.
Elektra/Conrad looks to be a decent combo as well according to the charts. I’m using Alfred The great with her now. I may do some testing tomorrow in BoG with Conrad. Very good info

Regarding the combo of Roland and Zhao Yun, do you have a dragon attached?
I finally got my hands on Zhao Yun and I don’t know what to do…


Contrary to initial information here, I can confirm that March Size increase skillbook is effective on Charles XII as an assistant general (to Elektra in my case). This seems similar behaviour to other generals with a March Size increase basic skill such as Custer and Alessandra.

I did not write that march size cannot be added to Charles XII. Also, Charles XII behaves differently than Custer or Alessandra. Unlike them, there is no problem to put March size on a General who is not Charles.


sorry, i misunderstood the statement in the preliminary report. Thanks for clarifying.


I’d love to see a list of Mounted/Boss Hunter General compatibility list.

I recently reached K34, but my +K35 alliance memebers seem to have significant more wounded on Boss Monsters that I get.

My main is Aethelflaed with Barbarossa AG.
I wonder what other combinations are worth trying to have.

Mason wearer need to dragon or spiritual beast to aktifty her skill. If she put in assistant are her skill with dragon or spiritual beast gone or not

Her full special skill works if you have a spiritual beast or dragon attached and she is an assistant. However, the buffs from the dragon or beast itself are disabled.

لدى جورج ديوي و جادويجا و بوديكا و تران هونج دو و غنار . أيهم افضل للدفاع عام و مساعد . لدى 5 غنار . و جورج ديوى نجمة واحدة حمراء


Nice to meet you, always very helpful 🙏.
The Vietnamese member said that the assistant can wear the dragon equipment (I was assured that it is a set equipment, not a spiritual beast), but it is a wrong, isn’t it?
Is it possible that the translation is wrong?

tôi có thắc mắc rằng ngôi sao thứ 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 của tướng trợ thủ có tác dụng không?

You can have Mason weaver as assistant general on wall (with a crappy spiritual beast and her buff applies (but not say the 10% buff from actual beast)
Then you can have your main defense general with drag or spirit beast applied.. if you have a spirit beast unused you can do this with MW

I think the Assistant wall general’s additional stars are active (6-10) but only for the assistant wall gen. When you put a 7 star attach general as an assistant the additional stars on the gold book disappear to let you know there not active. With a assistant wall gen that does not happen. I tried testing it and it seems they are active but I have no clue if I tested correctly.

I think that is some kind of mistake.
I verified this in my environment and even with a 7 star general as an assistant defender, the 7 star skills were disabled. (Leo III: Increased hospital capacity)

to date…Monster Respect does NOT work for the assistant general…only with the main general.


According to your info, i gave ranged defense book to Edward III. He works as an assistant to Simeon


Hi there. First of all happy new year.
About PvP what do you think Elektra as main and Zucca as assistant (assistant I can use also Napoleon)?
Thanks for help


Hey i have Edward, Alfred, Himiko and soon Winfield Scott, what should my pair up be? Im very f2p player.

Is “Edward” referring to the “III”? Is it the “Black Prince”?
If you are not paying, I suggest you get Elektra at the relics and make her your main general. In terms of making her a red star.
If Edward is the “III”, her assistant is Edward. If not, Alfred.


If I had to choose among them, I would choose Alfred (main) and Himiko (assistant). If you can get Elektra by collecting fragments at the relics, you can go for Elektra (main) and Alfred (assistant).


Thank you for your always helpful information.
Regarding the basic skill of the assistant Winfield Scott in the table of bow generals, it says “all troops attack +5%, ranged troops attack +20%”, so I was wondering if I could consider it as +25% exactly for archers attack, is this idea wrong?
Sorry for the minor detail on the notation in the table.

Hi ☺️I put Caesar on Theodora, which I got based on your Maya article here, and it was grayed out 😣. Always thank you 💯.


When Caesar is attached to Theodora, the basic skills on the far left are not grayed out, and are still active.
The dragon attached to Caesar is grayed out. Not sure about the 15% increase for infantry and mounted troops.

Michael K.

Can you clarify something. I see the assistant general power is green with traits gray. So do we get the power from equipment, just no buffs,


You are always so helpful!
Thank you for creating a great site.

The combination of the boss hunting general is the main skill for Theodora M and Caesar (dragon) A.
It seems that both will be effective if Theodora does not have the skill book of mounted troops against-monster attack.

Thanks again for all the great information. I appreciate all your efforts.
Now, when Theodora’s assistant is Roland, there are zero wounded soldiers, but the opposite is blatantly more wounded soldiers. For what it’s worth, when Theodora is the assistant, her basic skills feel non-functional even though they are active. Is this a glitch or is this a spec?

In resource gathering, if I have a main with a Jindeok and a sub with a Constance, for some reason I am sometimes able to gather additional Constance. Is this a glitch? The additional gathering of Constance is so small that it can be said to be an error, but is it given when the power exceeds a certain number?

As an assistant general, if only his skills and specialties take effect, do we need to level him up? I mean, is an assistant general as effective when he is level 1 as when he is level 20? Forget about dragons for this discussion. I’m a new player and not there yet… Thanks!


As an assistant general, you do not need to level up if you expect to benefit from basic skills and skill books. For specialties, the general’s level must be 25.

What does the books of the assistant general multiply with? I noticed if you send a weak assistant, the results are not as good compared to sending a stronger assistant general. If the attributes don’t factor and the troops are the same, is it basing it on level or exp? I tested it with the same general assistant but 1 was level 1 and 1 was maxed exp to level 38. Have anyone noticed this as well?


Specials on the level 38 and general power is added. Non of the atk, def, led, or pol are added though.


Did you know that the assistant general’s “increase in march speed” and “increase in monster march speed” techniques at the rally are not working at all?

In solo hunts, Spartacus’s monster march speed is also applied on his return, but Spartacus’ skill as an assistant general does not work when he participates in rallies.

I confirmed this error as a result of five tests that I had joined Spartacus (75%) as an assistant as the same general, and five tests that I had joined Kwak Geo-byeong (20%) as an assistant.

Those 10 test results matched the speed of return when Theodora was sent alone without an auxiliary general without error.

Pairing Simeon with Henry V as assistant. But not clear on what disabled per attack skill box means in this case. Should I remove attack skill box from both and then Henry will still bring an additional 30 attack buff? Thanks and awesome work.

If you pair Simeon with Henry V, it means that you cannot use the attack skill book.
– If you attach it to Simeon, it will disable the basic skills of assistant Henry.
– It cannot be originally attached to Henry.

I do not see Harald III in the list of AG for Simeon… any reason why ? I was thinking of pairing them . Thank you for your great job with this guide ☺️


Do you need to have the same category of general and assistant general? For instance, if you have a ranged main general, could you assign a mounted general as an assistant general?


No, you can mix if you want, depending on the situation. I use Petronas as an Assistant to Elektra so I can get some extra Siege buffs for mixed troop type attacks.


What happened to the Boss Monster list? There used to be one and now its gone.

I am fairly new to the game but I have Alfred and Li Shimin and Li’s basic skill as an assistant does NOT apply with Alfred. I cannot confirm the other generals as I do not have them. But He def does not work with Alfred or Edward the Black prince

You are right. I am a dummy. Sorry!!! I forgot I had put the lvl 1 attack skillbook on alfred.

Thank you for the compilation. It was very helpful and easy to understand.
I have a question. My alliance members have told me that Shingen Takeda is more skilled as a ground than as a mounted troops. I am not sure.
In the table, Shingen Takeda is listed as an assistant to mounted troops, so which is it? I thought.
He is a general that I had obtained in the early days and I have already started up to the third specialty.
I would like to put it to good use if I could…

As it stands now, we have
Elise as main
Shingen Takeda as an assistant 
As for special skills, I have confirmed that they are not grayed out.

He is both mounted and ground troops.
Only the first of the specialties is more mounted-oriented, so if I had to say then he is mounted troops, but the difference is not significant.

As per your article, when attaching dragon to AG, buff from dragon is still triggered. If so, attaching dragon to main and assistant both is workable for better effect? ex) Main Roland + AG Martinus. I’m thinking to attach dragon to both and wonder if it works.

You seem to have misunderstood.
When a dragon is attached to an assistant, any of the general’s basic skills that are triggered by attaching a dragon will be enabled, but the buffs that the dragon itself has will be disabled.
If you attach a dragon with Martinus as an assistant, 15% of the attack among the basic skills will be enabled (and if 4 specialties are maxed out, the 4th one, 46%, too). But that is all.
I do not recommend putting a dragon on an assistant because it is a very wasteful use.

For Monsters: If I use Roland as my Main; is it better to use Yue Fei as assistant (25% attack) or Buford who gives you 30% attack. All the same skill books work for both combinations. Buford’s specialties aren’t bad either.

Elektra (main + dragon) and Simeon ( AG + dragon ) do we get dragon buffs on both ? Thanks

I’m a bit confused with the whole dragon thing. Let’s take Tomyris and Minamoto for example:

If I use Tomyris as my main and Minamoto. And I only have one “range” dragon. Where should I put it? On Tomyris or Minamoto?

I’ve tried leaving it on Minamoto and assigned a Spritual Beast on Tomyris. All four specialties developed on both of them, both to them fully cultivated, same level. One red star (Ascended) both. Swap gear from one to the other. Again, left the Beast on my main (Tomyris) and Dragon on my secondary (Minamoto), and I have observed that stats are generally lower than the other way around

Under those conditions, the dragon should be attached to the main Tomyris.
Otherwise, the tremendous buffs of the dragon will be lost. (Attribute boosts, inherent buffs, refinement buffs, talents)
Minamoto’s buffs will also be lost significantly (15% base skill, 46% 4th specialty), but that is better.

However, to begin with, in the case of this premise, it is better to use Minamoto (+ dragon) as the main and Tomyris as the assistant.


Ii Naomasa seems to be in the same group as Hannibal and Roland.
Basic skills are now grayed out.

He is in a different group than Hannibal and Roland and in the same group as Martinus. (Verified)
Are you attaching a skill book that should not be attached?
Mounted troops attack is not allowed.
Mounted troops HP must be attached to Ii Naomasa.


Thank you.
I had put cavalry attack on Hannibal and cavalry HP on both.

So for defense I use jadwiga with James Bowie and it is aloud. I didn’t see this combo so I thought I’d say it.

If you use an aide that increases the march speed during a boss hunting rally, the skill will not work. (Tested)
However, if you use an assistant that increases the march speed for single hunting, the skill will work. (Tested)

I think the same goes for double drops (not tested).

Thank you for precious information. But when I tried to use Elise with Trajan, Trajan’s main skill was not enabled. Can you check this again? thank you.


What. Is. Going. On???

Why can’t the best ranged troop assistants be attached to Simeon? I don’t understand the logic. All of the players who invested into Simeon, and this is not an easy general to obtain or ascend, now have to use inferior assistant generals. As far as I can see, there is no assistant for Simeon with ranged attack more than 25% unless you want to give up the ability to use lv4 Attack skill book on either main or assistant general. Winfield Scott and Edward the Black Prince are the only good choice. I have already invested runestones into Simeon, so I can’t go back to Minamoto or Elektra. It appears now that Elektra and Minamoto are now probably the best ranged generals for F2P -and- coiners.

من أفضل مساعد الى الجنرال ميناماتو للرماة

Dose assistant general gear makes any difference?
Dose it important to give him good refined gear ?


No assistant generals get nothing from armor. Or attributes, or stars. The only thing that counts is .. books and specialty


this is incredibly thorough and very helpful, thank you! also, as a resident of al ain, I applaud you on your choice of name for your arabia sub 😀


What do you think about Aethelflaed (cavalry defense, against-monster cavalry defense, against-monster cavalry HP) as main and Theodora (cavalry attack, luck, march size) as assistant, I think it would be useful for monster hunting.


i did Aeth, Mounted HP, Mounted HP vs Monsters, Mounted Def vs Monsters
Theodora: Mounted Attack, Luck, March Size.

Edward Black Prince looks good as a defender, what do you think? He can be paired with Yodo-dono or Kusunoki.

Is there any avenue for adding a seige general as an assistant to a ranged primary general? In a mixed march to gain the benefit for both?

Don’t do it. Ranged+siege combination is not very useful for attacking a keep that already started building defense, and this means that they will always have plenty of siege troops. If you have a few hundred thousand siege troops in your march, but a keep that already has decent defense can have lets say one million or more of the siege type, then your siege troops will always be defeated. Your basically gonna waste space for siege in your march, and points. Just go with pure ranged march and ignore the buffs for siege…

Martin Farrington

Sadly despite spending billions of diamonds i have only 1Jindeik.
I have 6 Constance 1. Her and Gaius Marius were awesome on rss tiles.
Each time I use Constance for rss gathering on Ore or Stone Gaius is now greyed out. FYI.
This never used to be the case

Did you add ore or stone gathering speed books on Constance? Lucy is good to add speed, because her basic skill book is general, not for specific type of resources.

Martin Farrington

I use Ore Stone and Wood on Constance because I have now recruited 4 Shimazu.
I use Lucy for a speed up and food plus some cat and gd troop loads. The same applies to Amir for his load. (So to speak…ahem) Gaius is now more or less redundant. He is incompatible with Constance and Jindeok. Great shame. I have 5 of the blighter.

If you’re doing it in a row, it will. If it doesn’t appear, you should leave some time and do another turn.

Henry V basic skill was greyed out when using him as assistant general to Simeon.
It seems there are fewer good choices for Simeon unless a dragon is used on both generals.

Out of curiosity, I tried all the generals in Pattern A with Simeon, except Toyotomi, Li Shimin, and Antara. The only assistant generals that had active basic skill for me were Elizabeth, Himiko, and Gwanggaeto.
This is not the first time I’ve seen inconsistencies between players with assistant general buffs.
I will submit a ticket and see what Evony has to say.
Thanks for all your work.

Oh, Yes. For skill books on Simeon I had Ranged Attack, Ranged Troop Range Bonus, and March Size. I didn’t realize the attached skillbooks influenced basic skill compatibiy. Thanks for helping me understand. The comprehensivness of your table is amazing 🙏

I couldn’t find an article about increasing EXP, so I tried it with Viking, but even if I added monster’s respect to the assistant and it was ON, EXP wasn’t added. Is it a glitch?

Thank you for your tips and tricks. i have already learned a lot. one question: Hedwig von Anjou is missing from the defense generals. does it have a reason?

Easy answer: She is called Jadwiga in English!


Thank you for all your valuable information.
When I appoint Roland as my main and Barbarossa as my assistant, Barbarossa’s original skill of increasing march size is not applied. I have given Roland a skill book of cavalry attack, anti-monster cavalry attack, and double drop + hurricane bird. When I change my main to another general, the march size seems to increase. I would like to raise the march size and hunt monsters, but I don’t know why, please let me know if you.

Its because of Barbs skill of Marching attack. Evony broke it as it used to work except Barb was my main and Roland was assistant. Basically have to use Martinus as main and Roland or Barb as assistant.


Perhaps someone has already mentioned this, but when I combine Elise and Trajan, Trajans main skill is greyed out. so Trajan is not compatible with Elise when Elise is main and Trajan is assist. Or am I doing something wrong?

@Admin. In the article you have explained well everything, but in the compatibility list appears that the basic skill of Trajan and Soulk can be applied to Elise. Have I read wrong the list or there’s an error? Thanks for your fantastic work

VIP 13, no double drop factor for the main general and a luck level 4 skill book for his assistant Nathaniel.
In other words, no double drop factor except for the assistant.
I have now killed 10 normal monsters and confirmed one double drop.
The version is 4.28.1.

I also tried it on version 4.29.1.

I tried to kill 10 normal monsters with Cleopatra as my assistant in VIP8, Roland as my main with no skill and equipment.
As a result, I was able to confirm double drop twice.

Thanks for the info.
It looks like it has finally been fixed.
I also just tested and confirmed it. (ver 4.29.0/iOS)
Vip+Bibars (DD expectation 40%) -> 30 normal monsters killed, DD 12 times.

Hello. I have a k35 with vip 13, so no double drop from my vip level. My main is Roland with no double drop skillbooks and no double drop ring. When assistant generals came out, i was happy because i had a way to get double drop on him. But that does not seem to work. I used Baibars as an assistant general for his 25% skill and started hunting bigger monsters that i could not with Baibars. But i never got 2 chests in over 50 boss monsters that i checked the reports. I killed hydras 2, cerberus 2 and level 40+ vikings and i never got 2 chests. I checked every report for when i sent Roland and Baibars and NOTHING. Then i tried putting a different assistant general with a 18% double drop skillbook and still not even once did i get 2 chests of any monster. Does anyone else noticed this problem, or i am the most unlucky man on the planet?

You are not alone. There are others who have noticed.
You can see the results of my testing in the article.

I contacted customer support about this and got no response from them to fix this glitch.
It was the best quality support I have ever experienced. wtf.

No announcement from Evony team, but it was fixed. I confirmed that it does not occur in ver. 4.29.0.
Vip+Bibars (DD expectation 40%) -> 30 normal monsters killed, DD 12 times.

The bug appears to have been fixed if the assistant has luck in the basic skills, but the bug still seems not to have been fixed for the assistant with luck in the skill book.

Does Hannibal, with specialties developed, have good compatibility with Theodora’s special skill? I don’t know if the 30% attack is really working.


That’s probably the best combo right now in my opinion.

Another glitch maybe? I’ve noticed lately when I use Atilla as the assistant general on a barbarian, while I see the troop load go up in the troop selection screen, it doesn’t reflect in the plunder from the barbarian itself.

E.g. on a barbarian with 3 million of each, I send Li Jing with Atilla, expecting to bring back 3 million of each. The troop selection screen indicates a load of 15 million, but I end up bringing back 2.6 million of each, or roughly 10.4 total, which was what the load would be with any other assistant


Not a glitch, You only get the resources available from barbarians castle or resources spots, it does not increase what you bring back if it above the limit.

Let say your troops could only carry 8 million resources without Atilla, then you would recieve 8m out of the 10.4m. With Atilla, you would be able to gain more resources & get 10.4m resources.
You do not get a bonus with your point above.

Gregg L.

Any thoughts on pairing Suleiman with Simeon or Alfred? Looks similar to Elizabeth, but with more focus on the siege attack and better debuffs.

How about assistant specialties? Will it be disabled if the same as the main general specialties?

Gregg L

That’s a good question. Elizabeth has 2 of the same specialties as Alfred.

Gregg L.

OK. I just tried Alfred and Dmitry together. The specialties are not greyed out, even though they both have ranged troop formation and ranged troop ares. Both are at gold level as well.


for Glitches section
assistant Wall general is not returning to his post after reviving.
The Main Walls general does.

I noticed a few Missing generals that seem like they might be good as assistants.

1 Prince Rhaegar is not shown on any of the PVP setups? He adds 15% attack when leading the army to attack.

2. John Bufford is not listed on the Boss assistants. He adds 30% Mounted attack vs monsters as well as 15 % ranged and siege attack vs monsters.

3. Lastly, just as a general curiosity, would sub gens with basic skill debuffs make a sensible choice as an assistant defense general at times?

Thank you for the work you have done here.

Verified assistant double drop for Bibars under the following conditions.
Date verified: 2022/07/19
Vip13…no double drop correction
Main General…Huo Qubing…no skill book, no equipment, no spiritual beasts, plain
assistant…Bibars…Basic skill double drop +25%, no skill book, no equipment, no spiritual beast
Number of battles…15
Verified with no double drop factor except for the assistant as above.

As a result, I confirmed that the double drop occurred 3 times
To be sure, we tried up to 20 times after that, and a double drop occurred one more time.

Thanks for the info.
Your result looks like it has been fixed.

However, I just verified it again and the DD of the assistant Bibars was still not working in my environment (iOS). Is there some other condition involved…
Verified on 7/27/2022
ver4.26.2 (latest version)
DD rate: VIP 15% + Bibars 25% = 40%.
25 battles (normal monsters), 3 DD -> 12%.


Correction or rather addition.

I went to the gem mine with my main general Princess Lucy (Champion 4 + Transcendence 2) (ore gathering speed Lv2, stone gathering speed Lv3, ore exploitation Lv3) and my assistant Queen jindeok (Champion 4 + Transcendence 2).
However, there was an additional reward for Princess Lucy, but not for Queen Jindeok.


I would love to see OP test and put this on the chart as well. We have RSS speedups shown, but not RSS Exploitation. Thank you!


Additional rewards were not generated when Queen Jindeok was made an assistant in the Gem Mine.


Tomyris + Electra (in any order) need the Attack skillbook attached to Electra.

Since this site is reference material, let’s please update the compatibility table (Pattern B, Ranged).


least we can do to assist your huge effort.
Delete this discussion if you will, to keep only useful comments on.

Sir Kicktime

I just tested Yi Song Gye as an assistant to Simeon. 35% ranged defense buff was active and showed in the battle report.

Thank you for the effort to share the information. It’s very useful.

Can specialties be greyed out?

Like if I used Elektra with Kaguya assist?

Martin Farrington

Dear Sir, I follow your articles intensely and am in awe of your sage like wisdom.
I put vast amounts of yiur expertise into my gaming. Thank you 🫂
Now it is stupid question time.
Q) Why are Zachary & Leonidas incompatible as Wall General + Assistant
Thank you for any advice.

Martin Farrington

I see it greyed out, i just dont understand why when there is no real obvious conflict. Other generals are almost exactly the same as Zach and yet are compatible ……


Is it because of Leonidas’ second skill is 25% range and Zachary’s Ascended second skill has ground? Interesting because Leonidas plays well with both Dewey and Marshall.

Would black prince pair with moto ? He had a high value given book?

849 guy

put a dragon on Simeon and secondary minamoto. watch what happens to your attack buff before and after. i used my purple dragon on minimoto. then put my level 10 Pegasus on Octavius to make it up

Galen Breve

Hi great article! Just trying Trajan as main and Epaminondas as assistant and In this combo Epaminondas main skill is not allowed. This is different to what your spreadsheet suggests. Just thought you ought to know!

Sun-Sin works pretty good with Marshal on wall, I set him with ground skills including speed and improve the defence quite a lot. Kaguya with dragon is assisted by runed Simeon, his main skill doesn’t work but for me is the best pair till getting duplicate for ascending him

How about John Buford as an assistant for monster hunting?
In addition to the unique skill mounted troops monster attack +30%, you can add mounted troops monster attack lvl 4 +45%.


I have tried it and it works. If you add John (cavalry attack, double drop, monster cav attack) to assist Roland (speed, HP, march size), you can maximize attack against monsters with each of their unique skills. I have not confirmed if this is possible with Hannibal, but I think Hannibal can also maximize his attack with the same configuration.

Do we know whether or not equipping the assistant general makes any difference?

Hey, sorry dont find how to Post seperate comment. Setting Amir as Assistant Gen doesnt seem to Work. Tried it looting a Farm a few days ago, troop load shown Changes, but looted amount actually doesnt. Seems similar to marchsize.

Appreciate your efforts and valuable info.

Another good choice for a non premium Mounted assistant general seems to be Yue Fei and works well with Roland. Would request you to add him to your list.


Thanks a lot for all the hard work. Seems that Hannibal and Basil don’t pair


I am always looking for your reference. Thank you. The general who will be an assistant general, it seems that only skills and specialties are effective, so if I don’t consider specialties, is it ok if I don’t level up, enhance, etc.?


Level to 25, cultivation isn’t useful for assistant generals. Only specialty and skill books give benefit.


If the assistant general has different buffs based on star level, does each level work or only the original skill? AKA are star tier level AGs worth pairing?

Anyone now finding they cant pair another general when sending a luck based one to rallies? I cannot send anyone to accompany Baibars or Theo

Guy watching a guy playing evony

Just to let you know. Dewey and Tran, main skill is enabled. It seems to have no conflict. If it’s really adding the buff I don’t know yet.

ابو فواد

احاول ان اعرف مثلك تمامآوظع ديوي مع تران علا الحائط


John Buford complaints for “attack against Monsters”,,,both with Baibars and Hannibal

Sir Bedevere

For gathering, the recommendation has always been kings gear until on the tile, then switch to champions gear. But I wonder with the AG feature, if one carries champions gear, the other kings, if we get the best of both worlds without the gear swap. I’m in SvS or i’d test it myself. Gotta stay off those tiles!

To answer your question: the mail specifically said attributes of assistant’s gear do not take effect.

Use trajan with Elise ground troop speed ground troop attack and ground troop defense books on Elise
Ground troop hp March size and seige machine range bonus books on trajan this Best combination for ground PvP


Using Leo III with Yi Sun Sin does not work. It claims that they have the same primary skill but it’s not even close. Evony is hating on Yi and Dmtry pretty heavily. I have both.


I am finding that Li Jing (full dragon armor) works very well with Sanada Yukimura (full kings armor) as the AG in running rallies on monsters. Sanada’s debuff skill dropped the number of troops needed for 0 wounds by almost 100k. Hernando Cortes is another good one for AG, but his monster debuff has a smaller percentage. For those interested in monster killing, I can highly recommend using a general with a monster reducing skill. LOVE the fact I’m spending more time rallying than healing in the hospital.

Another thing I tested was leveling up a general by using as AG. This works well & is much faster than assigning to sub-city mayor. In one day of rallies, I had a brand new general go from lv1 to lv11 so I’m pretty sure the AG does get General EXP along with the main.


For a greater debuff, max Yukimura’s first specialty. I keep him with 4 dragon gear and 2 generals gear in a sub city for soloing, and use him as AG to Hannibal on big monster rallies (B16, Hydra 4, etc)

When “luck” is on secondary generals in specialties (like Theodora or Aethelflaed), or on skill books… there are glitches… I can run a combo of 101% double drop and get ~50%. It’s impossible to tell exactly how broken this is, but luck is very broken when in assistant general slot. Sometimes it will work as intended… with Theodora and Aethelflaed it often will not

Is this a glitch due to the addition of the assistant function?
It seems that only the assistant remains in the castle after the rally recruitment is over and they depart.
If we adjust the timing of the rally implementation, Nathaniel Green will be very active.

What about defense generals. I can’t tell if Leo III and William Marshall will work together. Both their skills are designated for “Main city” defense general.


Leo III works with Leonidas, Epaminondas, Robert the Bruce, Trajan, William Marshal.
Does not work with Oda Oichi.
Others were not tested.


Princess Kaguya is incompatible with Tomyris (whoever is main general or assistant, special skill stays greyed out).


Main: Elektra
Assistant: Kaguya (Ascend +1)
The +15% defense and +10% HP of the Ascend 1 was effective.

Tapping on a grayed out assistant’s disabled skill will show the reason for the disablement. I hope this is helpful.


elektra + simeon: when simeon doesn’t have a dragon, i get +20% archer attack, and +20% siege attack. i’m makimg a second dragon for simeon, so i try him with a dragon. has anybody tried that pair when bith elektra and simeon have a dragon? i wonder if his +15% archer attack when general carries any dragon, will be effective. there may be a conflict with elektra’s 20% archer attack, when carrying any dragon, or with her level 4 attack skill. thanks.

When an army starts marching, its assistants can join another army. (glitch?)
This allows one theodora to join two marches.


Well I tried attaching a sacred dragon to Isabella, to get the 10% march buff, it did not work when she was an assistant, the buff only cgi aged when she was the main general.

So perhaps it only works with some generals.


Asistan generallerde ejderha ve ekipman işe yaramıyor

Some guy playing Evony

Scipio and Epaminodas = match made in heaven.

Guy watching a guy playing evony

Not really. Can’t add ground attack and you will see scipio trajan is better match. By 10 or 15%.

Some guy playing Evony

Takeda could work in a pinch too with Scipio, but it’s really not 100% optimal. It does work, however, if necessary; and you can at least get the benefit of ground troop speed and defense books if you put them on Takeda as the assistant.

Some guy playing Evony

Also, what about a Martinus and Maximilian combination?


Basil is a good match for Scipio. Many of our all-star members use this.


Hello, thank you for all the useful information.
I was able to put Shingen Takeda as an assistant of Scipio with his main skill effective.

The Big Al

I can confirm that all troop buffs on a special skill work with specific troop buffs. Raged King’s 10% attack can work with anyone that doesn’t have an all troop buff.

Please add a monster hunters section. I’m curious on if Theo + Baibars works or Baibars + Spartacus. Thanks!

Theo and Baibars does not work together. I tried. Their special skill is too similar, so the assist general’s skill is greyed out.

Never tried Baibars and Spart, but their special skills should stack (their skills do different things), unless there’s some kind of issue with skill books that were put on them.

What about the debuff skills of the assistant general ?

Sir Bedevere

The same issue for Theo and Cleo, which is fun to say. Doesn’t matter the order, their main skills are too similar


Hi, Love your guide and reference it frequently. One thing I noticed in the email the game sent and was testing was the fact that the ascension attributes will not work on the assistant general but all of their specialties will work. What I think this will mean is you have the opportunity to ascend a easier to obtain general such as Elektra and have Alfred (who cannot ascend at this time) or Princess Kaguya (who is new and hard to get copies) as the assistant with maxed out specialties. What do you think about the possibilities of this?
P.S. I am totally cool if you don’t post this but just want to hear your thoughts.


Good article, I have put my generals into defence then added the assistant to see what skills work and what are ruled out, it tells you when you do that.

The question I have is does the armour work on the assistant, it does not seem to, as an example I added a ring to the assistant for an extended march, it did not work, it worked only when it was an actual skill book and the main general did not have one already attached.

But maybe Achaemenidae armour works ? I would like to know this question, if the armour is useless on the assistant it can go into the sub cities or on other generals instead.


According to the email, the equipment does not work. The assistant general goes into war naked. As the Miser said, they’re putting the ass into assistant.


Il est écrit que vous n’avez pas besoin d’armure


Lysander’s main skill works as an assistant for Martinus, just FYI

Spartacus seems to compete with Monster March Speed. He does not seem to compete with normal march speed.
It is likely that the Purple General will be reevaluated as an assistant since there are others like Spartacus and Barca.


If a dragon is attached to the assistant, is accounted for all its buffs (or onle enables the pre-requisites for the assistant) ?

Only the ones for the assistant are enabled. It’s an expensive use of a dragon unless you have many.

Guys, the skills and specialties of the assistant have to be different or of greater quality than the Main general if you want to get the benefits of both generals. In effect, an assistant is a compliment to the main and is designed to cover the weaknesses or improve the overall effects.

Now you can send a powerful Ground or Archer Rally with Siege by adding a strong siege general as an assistant. The skills and specialties should compliment or be different from the Main. A duplicate skill or a skill of less percentage will not take effect.

Sir Bedevere

Forget everything posted prior to the fix. But one thing that remained unchanged by the fix was that both the general and the Assistant General get the full General Exp from a PvE rally. I verified this via testing. Thus, if you send along a new general as the assistant to a rally, you can level them up fairly quickly.

Until the mid 20s, at which time generals stop leveling even reasonably efficiently from PVE.

It’s such an unimportant way to level generals anyway. Use sub city bashing or put them in a sub in BoC/BoG.


I was using a sub city to level a general and an assistant and both generals received the full general experience. Great way to level two generals at once. Hope Evony doesn’t change this feature.


As I thought, it has been fixed. It was a broken strength.
It was crazy that there were zero injuries in B16 when there used to be injuries in B15…

They nerfed it already. Yesterday was killing up to B15, with no wounds, today a Witch 4 gave me wounds, with same march I sent yesterday. It was too good to be true.


Assistant is bullshit strong.
As admin says, it will eventually be revised downward.

Roland L32 power 3.3M T13 mounted troops 1.25 million. Ymir3 wounded soldiers 12,000 to 0
L10 Nathaniel Green for stamina reduction.

The results of the test to see how far we can go with 0 wounded soldiers.
Fafnir, Cerberus2, and Bayard2 were reduced to 0.

Furthermore, my friend (Castle K30) had 80,000 mounted troops in T11 and 700 wounded in Cerberus1.

Let’s all test things out. Before it is fixed.


Notations as “…when leading the army” or “…when is the Defense General” are allowed for assistants?
or, this kind of wording renders the general unsuitable for assistant?


i tested with shajar as a AG, her skill is still active, so i think it’s allowed

Assistant is still considered as leading from my observations.

Note. Debuff gens do work as an assist to carry over debuff it seems. Tested this on an unoccupied gold sub. Definite wounded difference with and without debuff gen (debuff gen was not skilled for test, was a Cnut the Great).

Use a 600k siege march with Siege Monarchy gear for Gold Subs. This will guarantee 0 wounded regardless of what general you send.

200-400k T13
400-200k T12

You can also use T11 but make sure you send 600k total siege machines.


Are the buffs/debuffs of Assistant’s equipment not reflected?


t12 mounted troops 420.000
I have now defeated the kamaitachi without wounding.
The assistant system is broken 🤪.


how about Hannibal + Maximilian 1 I checked. It seems that their duet works well

Alfred special skill works with Minamoto. Thanks for sharing your findings and keep up the good work.


Adding Nathanael or Spartacus as assistant to the boss-hunting general resulted in reduced stamina costs and increased speed.


What about Theodora as assistant to Hannibal for monster hunting?


As a archery assistant, Winfield Scott was easy to use.
You can’t put an archer attack on the main general, but I was able to put an archer attack on Scott, so that was not a problem.

When I put Hannibal (additional skills: march size, mounted troops attack, mounted troops monster) on Theodora (additional skills: mounted troops attack, luck, mounted troops monster) as an assistant, the march size increased.
Hannibal’s special skill does not have a March size increase, so the March size skill book effect was reflected.


We have been mixing for PvP. Wonder if you all will look at that in the future. Combinations we are trying Main: range Asst: ground to see how they improve

Jintoku and Shimazu do not compete. The efficiency of food recovery will increase tremendously.


Thank you for all your valuable information.
I was thinking at the level of putting Trajan as an aide to George the Defender, etc. However, this article was on a different level, as it was about attaching an assistant marksman to a marksman general, etc.
Please give us some consideration for lower levels sometime soon.


I use tran with William Marshall, his main skill works (I noticed this combo was still left blank in the sheet)

I am always learning from you.
Thank you for the prompt update.
I appreciate it.
I have several questions and would like to ask them one at a time.

If the main general is an archer general and his assistant is a siege general, are buffs, skills, etc. null and void?
For example, Elektra + Philip II, archer + siege is meaningless?
Thank you in advance.

I am still investigating those things.
There are still many things I don’t understand myself, so I would be happy to exchange information with you all here.
At any rate, I honestly think it is full of glitches at the moment 😓 (too strong).

The reply has not been reflected. My apologies. Thank you for your response😊.

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