Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

3/1/2022 – added Super Officer, Military Academy, and Bunker.

How strong does a general have to be to become a Duty Officer? A guide to levels, stars, enhancements, etc.

  • The following is only a guide and varies from general to general. (Due to the different “base stats” and “stats increase values”.)
  • The following is based on the assumption of a golden historic general.
  • Duty Officer and Defense General are two completely different things. There are no special requirements to become a Defense General. (It is possible to become a Defense General even at level 1.)

Guide to General Level & Star Level, etc

Junior Officer

  • Lv 21, 1 Star (Enhance), Cultivate +200
  • Lv 22, 5 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate 0
  • Lv25, 3 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +60
  • Lv 25, 4 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate 0

Medium Officer

  • Lv 22, 5 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +350
  • Lv25, 4 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +350
  • Lv27, 4 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +300

Senior Officer

  • Lv 27, 5 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +500
  • For dedicated duty officers, you can be appointed at the following levels.
    • 5 stars / Cultivate +500
      • Ban Chao – Lv27 (Archer Tower)
      • Skanderbeg – Lv27 (Hospital)
      • Eulji Mundeok – Lv26 (Academy)
      • Askia Muhammad I – Lv28 (Trap Factory)
      • Toyotomi Hideyoshi – Lv27 (Rally Spot)
      • John I of Portugal – Lv28 (Archer Camp)
      • Oleg of Novgorod – Lv28 (Stable)
      • Abd al-Rahman I – Lv28 (Barracks)
      • Gwon Ryul – Lv28 (Workshop)
      • etc.

Special Officer

  • Lv33, 5 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +500, and 6 Red Equipment (5 Stars)
  • For dedicated duty officers, you can be appointed at the following levels.
    • 5 stars / Cultivate +500
      • Ban Chao – Lv30 (Archer Tower)
      • Skanderbeg – Lv31 (Hospital)
      • Eulji Mundeok – Lv31 (Academy)
      • Menshikov – Lv32 (Keep) (Possible at Lv 31 if you can raise star level to Stage 4 of 5 stars with ascending, or +504 politics with cultivation)
      • Askia Muhammad I – Lv33 (Trap Factory)
      • Toyotomi Hideyoshi – Lv34 (Rally Spot)
      • John I of Portugal – Lv35 (Archer Camp)
      • Oleg of Novgorod – Lv35 (Stable)
      • Abd al-Rahman I – Lv35 (Barracks)
      • Gwon Ryul – Lv35 (Workshop)
      • etc.

Super Officer

  • Lv37, 5 Stars (Enhance), Cultivate +500, and 6 Red Equipment (5 Stars)
    • Example
      • Simeon @ Embassy
      • Martinus @ Holy Palace
      • Zachary Taylor @ Warehouse
  • For dedicated duty officers, you can be appointed at the following levels.
    • 5 stars / Cultivate +500
      • Ban Chao – Lv38 (Archer Tower) (Possible at Lv 37 if you can raise star level to Stage 2 of 5 stars with ascending, or +510 attack with cultivation)
      • Skanderbeg – Lv40 (Hospital)
      • Eulji Mundeok – Lv38 (Academy)
      • Toyotomi Hideyoshi – Lv39 (Rally Spot)
      • Menshikov – Lv39 (Keep)
      • Askia Muhammad I – Lv40 (Trap Factory)
      • John I of Portugal – Lv40 (Archer Camp)
      • Oleg of Novgorod – Lv40 (Stable)
      • Abd al-Rahman I – Lv40 (Barracks)
      • Gwon Ryul – Lv40 (Workshop)
      • etc.
    • Other
      • (Archer Tower) Ban Chao
        • Lv37 / 5 stars / Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv1
      • (Hospital) Skanderbeg
        • Lv39 / 5 stars / Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv2
        • Lv39 / 5 stars Stage 2/ Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv1
      • (Keep) Menshikov
        • Lv38 / 5 stars / Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv1
        • Lv37 / 5 stars Stage 1/ Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv2
        • Lv37 / 5 stars / Cultivate Leadership+504, Politics+499 / Victory Column Lv2
      • (Rally Spot) Toyotomi Hideyoshi
        • Lv38 / 5 stars Stage 2/ Cultivate +500 / Victory Column Lv1

Note – General who can be a Super Officer

For some buildings such as Keep, the required attributes are very high, and even if the generals are trained to the maximum (Lv40, 5 stars, cultivate +500), only some generals can meet the requirements of a super officer.

Reference – Requirements for Duty Officer

NOTE1: Attribute boosts by dragons (See the explanation article) are not included in the count.

NOTE2: Attribute boosts by Victory Column are included in the count. (Requires Keep Lv35 to build.)

  • Military – Archer Camp, Barracks, Workshop, Stables, Rally Spot
  • Defense – Archer Tower, Hospital, Trap Factory, Bunker, Warehouse, Embassy, Holy Palace
  • Interior – Keep, Academy, Market, Forge, Research Factory, Military Academy

Junior Officer

Required Stats : 450 – 500


Medium Officer

Required Stats : 800 – 850


Senior Officer

Required Stats : 1,100 – 1,200

Defense (Except for the Holy Palace)01,1001,1500
Defense (Holy Palace)01,1501,2000

Special Officer

Required Stats : 1,150 – 1,350, Power 3.1M – 3.3M

Military (Rally Spot)1,3001,300003,300,000
Defense (Archer Tower, Embassy)01,1501,20003,100,000
Defense (Hospital, Trap Factory,
Warehouse, Bunker)
Defense (Holy Palace)01,3501,35003,500,000
Interior (Market, Forge)1,150001,2003,100,000
Interior (Academy, Research Factory)1,200001,2503,100,000
Interior (Military Academy)1,200001,2503,300,000
Interior (Keep)1,250001,3003,300,000

Super Officer

Required Stats : 1,350 – 1,450, Power 3.1M – 3.5M

Defense (Archer Tower, Embassy)01,3501,35003,100,000
Defense (Trap Factory)01,3501,40003,100,000
Defense (Hospital, Warehouse, Bunker)01,4001,40003,100,000
Defense (Holy Palace)01,4001,40003,500,000
Interior (Academy, Market, Forge)1,400001,4003,100,000
Interior (Research Factory)1,400001,4503,100,000
Interior (Military Academy)1,400001,4503,300,000
Interior (Keep)1,450001,4503,300,000

Reference – Specific Examples of Generals

Isabella I (Lv 21, Star 1, Cultivate +200)

  • Leadership : 527
  • Attack : 510
  • Defense : 511
  • Politics : 539

-> Assignable Duties – All Junior Officers

Ban Chao (Lv 25, Star 3, Cultivate +60)

  • Leadership : 508
  • Attack : 504
  • Defense : 518
  • Politics : 543

-> Assignable Duties – All Junior Officers

Prince Rhaegar (Lv 27, Star 5, Cultivate +500)

  • Leadership : 1,193
  • Attack : 1,182
  • Defense : 1,169
  • Politics : 1,142

-> Assignable Duties – Military & Defense category for Senior Officers (not Interior)

Alfred the Great (Lv 33, Star 5, Cultivate +500)

  • Leadership : 1,397 (+61) *The numbers on the left include the dragon’s attribute boost.
  • Attack : 1,361 (+61)
  • Defense : 1,381 (+61)
  • Politics : 1,356 (+61)

Equipment : 2 Ares, 4 Dragon (all 5 stars, refined)

Dragon : Celtic Demon Lv7

Power : 3.8M

-> Possible Duties – Special Officers (other than the Keep)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Lv 39, Star 5, Cultivate +500)

  • Leadership : 1,474
  • Attack : 1,410
  • Defense : 1,020
  • Politics : 1,091

Equipment : 6 Achaemenidae (all 5 stars, refined)

-> Possible Duties – Super Officer (Rally Spot)

Reference – Basic Guide to the Duty Officer

Duty Officer Guide

Reference – Recommended Generals for Duty Officers

List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)


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it only writes the stats for the (Junior etc) Duty officer.

However, my general is unable to report to duty, despite having reached it.
i did not enhance to atleast 1star…. it seems it is a compulsory requirement, not noted in the article

C. Baird

Could you please explain why you chose the generals you did for Super Duty?

It would be great to update this article now that ascending is available. Is it possible to reach super office at level 36 or 37 for some duty officers by adding 1 or 2 red stars?


Toyotomi Hideyoshi was able to become Super Officer at Lv 37 with +500 red stars 2.

Hi, I’m stuck at K35 right now.
What are the benefits of raising it to K36 and unlocking the Military Academy?
I’m not sure about the military academy when I look for it, what kind of tactics can I get with the tactics scroll?
I am wondering if it is better to raise my current 1.5B strength to 2B with K35 or to learn tactics with K36, thank you in advance.


Hi, first of all thank you so much for all the site the information is really helpful.
Have any clue on % (aprox) of Toyotomi on epic general tokens on battlefield shop? Or you know about someone who get him from there? Just to know if its possible 😅


It’s enough to cultivate 2 stats for Duty Officers to become Special and Super?
Or the 4 stats are needed?


3,300,000 power is reachable with just 2 stats +500?
that would save me quite some gems

I want to make a duty officer, so I’m cultivating him with gems, and I get a message that the limit has been reached. Do I have to raise my monarch level and then re-cultivate?


I’d like to know more about the duty officer buffs. For example, if you appoint a Ban Chao to the Archer Tower, the skill description includes a cavalry debuff and a ranged troops buff, but does the cavalry debuff apply when attacking? Is the cavalry debuff also applicable when attacking, or is it limited to within the city (when attacked) like the ranged troops? Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you sell the general, it will be deleted.
Press the red helmet icon at the top right of the general details screen. (Not visible to generals in the march)

Question: What skill books work on what Duty officer? For instance, Menshikov as a duty officer for the Keep. What skill books will work for him, as well as other duty officers & their skill books?

Привет, если развивать специальность дежурного генерала это влияет на войска?


Can you tell me what kind of buffs I get when I appoint a duty officer?

Hi….What equipment will you suggest to a defense general. Also, do we need to engance them?

Hi I have a question. Does a duty office require skill book. Is it going to affect anything?

When you lose in PvP, the generals on the walls are sometimes taken prisoner, but in rare cases, generals placed outside the walls, such as in hospitals, are somehow captured.
Do you know anything about this?

Sometimes the duty officer also becomes a prisoner.
When this happens, the face of the captured officer is displayed in the Battle Report, so I think this is a specification rather than a glitch.
Related: Duty Officer Guide

In addition, if you look at the Prison > Imprison screen, the “i” mark for viewing the detailed explanation is not there as of today.
However, if you press and close the promotion banner at the top of the screen, the “i” mark will be restored.
The description only says that it is the defense generals who are captured.
Maybe they are intentionally removing the “i” mark because they are in the process of fixing the description. 🤔

Hello. Thank you for helpful information. It’s really useful for me. Here’s one question about general cultivate. When cultivating general is over some thresholds(maybe +30), it often reduces general’s status. Are there any tips for cultivating general well?

Thank you😃.
Unfortunately, there’s no trick to this, so you’ll have to keep repeating “cancel if there are too many minuses, and confirm only if there are too many pluses”.
If I had to guess, I would say that if you use gems to cultivate, you can cultivate 10 times at once, and there is an option to confirm only if the pluses are greater than the minuses, so it’s harder to make a cancellation mistake that way.
Refference: General Cultivate Guide

Nice to meet you. I’m always interested in your work. The mayor of a subordinate city will level up slowly if you let him participate in the battle, but will the defense general or duty officer level up?

Do defense generals have to be high level? Is it the same with equipment?

There is a lot of great information here and it is very helpful. One question, is it ok for the Duty Officer to be naked with no equipment except for the defense of the main city?

Not necessary. Even if you give them, the soldiers in the main city will not get stronger.
Also, i don’t know if the attack power of the archer tower will increase, but even if it does, it will be weak, so i don’t think it is necessary.
Reference: Duty Officer Guide

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