Subordinate City Complete Guide

How to get greater benefits from subordinate cities, setting guides and how to increase the number of such.

Requirements for Unlock

When the keep level reaches 11, the first subordinate city is unlocked within the city and can also occupy the outer subordinate cities. (Initially, up to two.)

Basic Benefits

The basics are as follows. The effect obtained depends on the rarity (quality) and level of the subordinate city, the mayor, etc.

Enlisted Troops

Subordinate cities can have a separate army from the main city’s, and can be sent into battle when attacking monsters or enemy cities, or when defending against an attack. (The number of troops they may be called upon to fight does not depend on the main city’s march size (the number of troops on the march).

However, if a subordinate city’s level is not as high as the main city’s Keep level, its troops will be low tier and will be not much of a force. Also, if you want to hurry up and increase the number of troops in a battle, you will need a good amount of gems. Therefore, it will not be practical for many people.

Additionally, a subordinate city’s troops who is killed in battle is not considered wounded, but dead. They will not be sent to the hospital. If you want to improve the situation, there are some researches that can increase the survival rate from death, so you can increase it.

Note – You cannot take a subordinate city in the following cases:

  • No mayor
  • The number of troops in the subordinate cities is “zero”
  • Rally
  • Attack on the Temple
  • Attack on Buildings in the Battlefield
  • Attacks on NPC Subordinate City

Gold Production

Over time, gold is produced automatically. Depending on the keep level of the subordinate cities, it gets faster.

Base speed (example)
  • Subordinate city keep level 17 -> 760/h
  • Subordinate city keep level 18 -> 820/h
  • Subordinate city keep level 19 -> 900/h
  • Subordinate city keep level 20 -> 980/h

Production speed can be increased by general skills and the like, but the production rate is still slow. Therefore, this will also not be practical for many people.

Material Production

Materials, refining stones, and research stones are produced automatically over time.

Subordinate cities where the material was produced

The amount of materials that can be held is fixed (depending on the rarity of the subordinate city (7 for uncommon, 9 for excellent…), and production stops when the maximum is reached. If you acquire them, production will start again.

Which materials can be made depends on the culture of the subordinate city.

Example: America
  • Dragon Scale Lv1-3
  • Refining Stone
  • Research Stone
  • Animal Bone Lv1-3
  • Leather Lv1-3
  • Purple Crystal Lv1-3
  • Blue Stone Lv1-3
  • Red Agate Lv1-3
  • Silver Pearl Lv1-3

Also, research can increase the speed of production and rate of gain of materials.

*Policy, mayor, monarch talent does not matter.

Important Benefits

The above seems to be the main thing in the game, but their greater benefits are the following

  • Buff
  • Debuff
  • General EXP earning

The details are summarized in the following article, so take a look.


What should be the setting of a subordinate city?

Subordinate cities’ screens have “Automatic fight for other Cities” and “Accept Reinforcements” settings, but these are for defensive battles if they are attacked.

If you want to invite a subordinate city to join the attack (when attacking a monster or enemy city), you must select the subordinate city you want to invite to join the attack on the troop selection screen before the march. Therefore, in this case, the “Automatic fight for other Cities” and “Accept Reinforcements” settings are not relevant.

  • Automatic fight for other Cities – If it is turned on, when the main city or other subordinate cities are attacked, this subordinate city will automatically join the fight. Therefore, only turn it on if you think you can win a defensive battle. If you turn it on and lose, the subordinate city will be heavily damaged, so turn it off if you are not confident that you will win the defense battle. Also, if you want to ghost, make sure to turn it off, as troops will die for nothing if it is on.
  • Accept Reinforcements – If it is turned on, if this subordinate city is attacked, other subordinate cities and main cities will automatically join the fight. As with the above, if you are not confident of winning a defensive battle, it is best to turn it off if you are not confident that you will win.

As for the subordinate city buffs, they are in effect no matter what the setting is. (e.g., a Japanese subordinate city’s buff to increase Marching Attack, or a Russian subordinate city’s buff to increase In-City Attack etc.)

What should be the policy of the subordinate cities?

I recommend making it “war-oriented” and speeding up the training of troops. If all the troops of a subordinate city are wiped out in battle, the mayor will die, so the more troops you have, the better, even if they don’t become a major force.

Rarity (Quality)

What happens when I upgrade the rarity of a subordinate city?

Subordinate cities have five different rarity levels.

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Excellent (Blue)
  • Legendary (Purple)
  • Epic (Gold)

And the higher the rarity level, the more of the following benefits you get.

  • The effectiveness of the subordinate city buffs increases.
  • The training speed of troops in the subordinate cities increases.
  • The number of troops you can hold in subordinate cities will increase.
  • The speed of gold production in subordinate cities will increase.

Of particular importance are the subordinate city buffs.

For more information on how strong the buffs become as the rarity increases, please refer to this article. ( List of Subordinate City Buff )

In addition, only subordinate cities within the main city can be upgraded. Subordinate cities on the world map cannot be upgraded.

How to Upgrade a Subordinate City

Open the screen of a subordinate city of the main city and press the arrow to the right of the subordinate city name to display the upgrade screen. In addition, to upgrade, you need to reach a certain level of keep in the subordinate city and pay gems.

Upgrade Requirements

  • Uncommon -> Subordinate City’s Keep Lv10 + 5,000 gems
  • Excellent -> Subordinate City’s Keep Lv15 + 50,000 gems
  • Legendary -> Subordinate City’s keep Lv 20 + 500,000 gems
  • Epic -> Subordinate City’s keep Lv 25 + 2,500,000 gems

How Many to Have

How many subordinate cities can I have?

At the keep level 11 you can have 3, and up to 9.

The current number of holdings and the maximum number of holdings

How to increase the Number of Slots?

By increasing your rank, you can increase the maximum number of subordinate cities (e.g. +1 for a knight, +6 for an archduke). In order to increase your rank, you must earn prestige and increase your rank ranking.

Reference: How to get Prestige efficiently

How to Get

There are three major ways to occupy a Subordinate City.

A) Attacking NPC Subordinate City

*NPC – Non Player Character

Attack an NPC subordinate city located somewhere on the map and win. (Unlike (B) below, you only need to do this once.

Attacking NPC subordinate cities is only possible solo. Rally attacks are not possible.

Also, when attacking a subordinate city solo, you cannot bring in a subordinate city that you already own.

The strength of the NPC subordinate cities is as follows. (Slightly different for each culture)

  • White (Common)
    • about 21.6K power
    • Troops 10,000 (t1: around 2,000 x 4 types / t2: around 400 x 4 types)
  • Green (Uncommon)
    • about 175.4K power
    • Troops 40,000 (t3: around 3,000 x 4 types / t4: around 7,000 x 4 types)
  • Blue (Excellent)
    • about 478.6K power
    • Troops 57,556 (t5: around 4,000 x4 types / t6: around 11,000 x4 types)
  • Purple (Legendary)
    • about 1.4M power
    • Troops 93,910 (t7: around 5,000 x 4 types / t8: around 18,000 x 4 types)
  • Gold (Epic)
    • about 9.1M power
    • Troops 318,570 (t9: around 14,000 x 4 types / t10: around 60,000 x 4 types)

Note that attacking NPC subordinate cities will result in deaths rather than wounds.
For more information on how to reduce the number of dead, please refer to the following article.
Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

B) Robbing Another Player’s Subordinate City

To occupy the city, it is necessary to attack the subordinate cities to reduce the HP of the walls to 0 and to attack 10 times.

As with attacks on NPC subordinate cities, attacks can only be made solo. Rally attacks are not possible.

However, unlike attacking NPC subordinate cities, it is possible to bring in subordinate cities that you already own when attacking solo.

A note on attacking – scouting before attacking does not tell you if the enemy’s main city will come in as reinforcements. It is better to attack with a small number of weak troops first and see the reports before making a decision.

C) “Historic City Search” Event

If you are lucky, you can get a subordinate city at the “Historic City Search” event held irregularly.

During the event period, you can get “Subordinate City Clue” by defeating monsters or buying certain packs.

If you have the “Subordinate City Clue”, you can place a bet on the city you want in the “Historic City Search” event screen (Event Center > Historic City Searching > Subordinate City Searching).

You will be competing against other players, so your chances of winning will depend on their bets. (Japanese cities and highly ranked cities are very competitive.)

The more bets you place, the better off you are, but whether you win or not is completely up to your luck.

If you want to greatly increase your chances of winning, you have to pay. (You can get far more than you can collect by killing monsters.)

At the end of the application period, if you are lucky enough to win, you will get the key to the city of your province.

When you use the key, you will get the coordinates of the winning subordinate city, so all you have to do is attack and occupy that NPC subordinate city.

Note – When you use the key, your name and the fact that you used the key will be announced to the entire server and you will not be able to bubble for 10 minutes from the moment you occupy a subordinate city. Therefore, you need to be careful about intercepting other players.

A good countermeasure is to change your name before you use the key, and then change your name again when you go to occupy it, and so on. (e.g., use the same name as another winner or a member in the alliance. As a countermeasure against arrest warrants and searches from the alliance member screen.)


Which culture to choose?

Depending on the culture, the subordinate city buffs vary.

  • If the emphasis is on fighting, Japan and Russia.
  • If the emphasis is on city development, Europe, America, China and Korea.

*For more information, see below.


Which general should be the mayor of a subordinate city?

Basically, a historic general with a debuff should be the mayor. (Skills, equipment, Specialty)

Is it better to choose a general with a higher level or status?

Of course, the higher the better, but if you only want a debuff in combat, you don’t need to level up, enhance, or cultivate the Mayor General. (Exception – if you want to activate the debuff specialty, you need to raise it to level 25.)

If you want non-combat buffs, such as speeding up construction of subordinate cities, speeding up training, or increasing gold production, all you need is high “Leadership” and “Politics”.

In particular, when those two become 900, the “Death into Survival Rate in this Subordinate City” buff becomes effective. Since the mayor will die if the troops are annihilated, it should be enabled if possible. Therefore, you may want to cultivate the mayor after you have fully cultivated the main general.

“Attack” and “Defense” does not affect the troops in the main city. Also, as mentioned earlier, the troops in the subordinate cities are of low level and do not become an asset. Therefore, they are of little importance.

A general who has a buff in skill and specialty better?

The buff that the mayor has does not apply to the troops of the main city. Also, as mentioned earlier, troops from subordinate cities are not a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, the skills and specialty of combat buffs (attack, defense, HP, etc.) are unimportant.

Historic generals better?

If you choose a historic general as your mayor, that alone will provide a buff to speed up training in the subordinate cities. Try to avoid choosing non-historic generals. (See this article for more information on who is a historical general.)

What should the mayor be Equipped with?

Except for equipment with debuff performance, it does not matter.

As mentioned above, the attack and defense increase by equipment does not apply to troops in the main city.

Also, if the mayor equips a ring with a “Killing Monster EXP”, the amount of EXP the general receives will not change. (Both the amount of EXP received by the main general and the mayor will remain the same.)

However, if the equipment has a debuff, it takes effect in combat.

Should I add Skills to the mayor?

On the skills screen, the granting of skills in the “Military” category is unnecessary (buffs for mounted, ranged, ground and siege). The reason for this is that, as in the previous story, there is little benefit from having a buff. It would be different if the skill book could give you a debuff skill, but so far, there is no such skill book.

However, it is better to add skills in the ” Subordinate City” category of the skill screen. The recommended priorities are as follows. If all the troops in a subordinate city are wiped out, the mayor will die, so you’ll want to add at least “Rebirth”, if possible.

  1. Rebirth
  2. Training Speed
  3. Training Capacity

Related : Skillbook List (+ Buffs by Level)


What happens if you raise the level of the subordinate city (building level)?

  • High tier troops will be able to make. (Barracks, Stables, Archer Camp)
  • Training speed of troops in the subordinate cities will increase. (Army Camp)
  • The number of troops that can be held in a subordinate city increases. (Keep)
  • The speed of gold production in subordinate cities increases. (Keep)

How to increase the speed of construction?

The speed of construction within a subordinate city can be increased by

  • Mayor (Politics, Skills, Equipment)
  • Research
  • Speed-Up Items

*Policies, Subordinate city Rarity, Subordinate city Buffs, and Monarch Talent are irrelevant.


How to raise the tier of troops that can be created?

The tier of troops to be created depends on the level of buildings (barracks, stables, archer camps) in the subordinate cities.

How to increase the training speed of troops?

Possible to speed up the training of troops by

  • Policy
  • Mayor (Leadership, Skill, Equipment)
  • Research
  • Army Camp Level within a subordinate city
  • Rarity of Subordinate city
  • Subordinate city Buffs (enabled by setting a historic general as mayor)
  • Talent of the Monarch

Note that there is a “Training Speed” in the Chinese subordinate city buff, but this only covers the training speed of the main city.

If you pay gems, it is also possible to complete training immediately (up to the maximum number you can hold in the subordinate cities) .

How to increase the number of troops that can be held in a subordinate city?

  • Keep Level within a subordinate city
  • Rarity of Subordinate city
  • Research

*Policy, Mayor, Monarch Talent does not matter.

Gold Production

How to increase the gold production speed?

Gold production speed can be increased by

  • Keep level of a subordinate city
  • Policy
  • Mayor (Politics, Skills, Equipment)
  • Research
  • Rarity of Subordinate cities
  • Subordinate citiy Buff (only in America)

*The Monarch Talent does not matter.

Abandonment and reoccupation

What happens when I abandon a subordinate city?

Become a level 1 NPC subordinate city.

What happens when I take over again?

Return to the level before abandonment.




I recently lost my best sub city after my bubble went down while I was asleep, can I just attack it 10 times to take it back?? They attacked that thing about 20 times before taking it, killing the general, and slaughtering my troops, and I would like to have it back because Legendary subs are almost impossible to find on my server anywhere anymore.
I realize that when I start taking it my bubble. will drop and their Alliance will move on me, but I do not want something that rare to be stolen from me. I won it in the Historic City Searching raffle, and that cost me a LOT of clues to do. Plus it was even a culture I wanted,
I do not want to let them just have it because they don’t sleep!!

As for the following in the “Setting” section
“As for the subordinate city buffs, they are in effect no matter what the setting is.”
Does this mean that the sub buffs will take effect as soon as I get the sub, regardless of whether the sub is accompanied or not, and regardless of whether the mayor dies or not?

Arul Anbazhagan

hi Evony,

I have doubt, if upgrade my sub city in my keep , is it have any benfift.

currently im at level 24 sub inside keep.

im planning to convert to gold sub, only i reach 25..

is it worth converting or not.

if yes please give me reason..


The benefits are explained in the Rarity (Quality) section of this page.
Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your budget.
However, the cost effectiveness of going from purple to gold is not great, so it is recommended that you spend your gems on refining your equipment first, and then start when you have enough of them.


I occupied a subordinate city, but the owner’s name is not shown. Why is that?

Sir Sire

You can name your city whatever. Only when a player looks at the details of the city, will they know who the owning monarch is.

Can I take a sub city on another/svs server?
Can I keep it after the svs ends?

When I occupy a subordinate city, do my marching troops return to the castle? Or do they stay in the subordinate city as troops of the subordinate city? If so, is there any way to return the troops to the castle while still occupying the subordinate city?

If you hold a sub inside your hive, is there any added effect from Alliance buffs? Where can this be seen? Thank you!

Is it possible to have a subordinate city at a higher level than your keep? Someone was postulating on WC yesterday that you could have t14 troops produced in your sub whilst you could still only make t12 in your city.


In the event of historic city search, do I need to attack and obtain the city after I use the key? If yes, is the power of that subordinate city same as the NPC ones on map?


If my sub city was taken from me, would i lose the mayor general?


Does the Mayor General’s Double Drop skill work?
I’m wondering if I should give the Mayor General the double drop ring.

If all my subordinate city slots are full and I win a city through the historic city event so I need to abandon a city before I win one?

If we get keys for the sub city via the search event. Do we still fight out the troops in it as NPC occupancy or we get in just with keys.

My sub city troop levels keep decreasing for some reason. Each day I have less troops and it’s not because I am losing them to battles. Does anyone know why and how I avoid this from happening?

Great guide but how do I acquire the research materials from the city? Thanks.

What skill books should a debuff general like Arminus fill in, is a sub skill book

I’d like to move a sub city near our hive.
That sub city is taking a space in the hive.
Is it possible to move that away?

Ciao, qualsiasi generale con abilità di debuff attiva il debuff in battaglia oppure ci sono generali specifici da utilizzare

Wenn ich das spirituelle beast einen Unterstadt General hinzufüge z.b Harald greifen die Werte als debuff auch ein oder spielt es keine Rolle? Wie sieht es aus beim wandgeneral oder Bogenschützen Turm greifen da die Werte ein? Desweitern schreibst du in der Ausrüstung zählen nur die Werte als debuff die ein Schwächungzauber haben. Kannst du ein Beispiel mir mal schreiben an ein Ausrüstung Gegenstand? Vielen Dank und ich hoffe stell nicht Zuviel fragen.

> Hello,
> If I add the spiritual beast a subordinate city general e.g. Harald does the values as debuff also intervene or does it not matter? What about the wall general or archers tower do the values intervene? Furthermore, you write in the equipment only those values count as debuff that have a weakening spell. Can you write me an example of an equipment item? Thank you very much and I hope you don’t ask too many questions.
Spiritual Beasts do not have debuffs.
The mayor’s debuff equipment is mainly Achaemenidae equipment or some Ares equipment.

Related articles:
Spiritual Beast – Type, Buff, Enhance
Red Equipment Comparison (Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae)

Thank you very much for your helpful article! !! Should I turn on “Automatic fight for other Cities” in each sub-city if I want to use the debuff of the mayor of a sub-city to defend the capital at an undead event?

Subordinate cities do not participate in the defense of the undead event.


Do the sub cities I captured need to be close to my main city? Is there an advantage to having sub cities closer or doesn’t it matter?

Boa Noite , excelente conteúdo , parabéns !A respeito do debuff , se eu tiver o mesmo general em diversas cidades subordinadas o debuffs serão cumulativos , por exemplo tenho cinco Mansa Musa e quatro Harald ?

> Good evening, excellent content, congratulations! About the debuff, if I have the same general in several cities the debuffs will be cumulative, for example I have five Mansa Musa and four Harald ?
You have a gorgeous crew! I envy you.😃
Debuffs are cumulative.


In the sub city research tree, there are some “in city” attack, defense and hp researches, and they say that the attack (or defense or hp) gets boosted 1%,2% or 3% for each sub city fighting. Is the buff for all main city troops defending the main city or just the sub city troops fighting for the main city?

It applies to all troops in the main city. I don’t know if it will be applied to the troops in the subordinate cities.
For example, if it is 3%, and you have 9 subordinate cities participating in the battle, the buff will add up to 3 x 9 = 27%.


That’s an amazing level of research! Is the administrator a PhD?
I really feel that this kind of information should not be read with a casual mind. Thank you very much.
I have a question. You are saying that if I don’t let the sub-city join the battle, there will be no debuff effect, right?
If I want to get the -600% effect, I have to have all my subs in the game, right?
I’m sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question.

Thank you too. 😃.
The mayor’s debuff will not work unless you get the subordinate cities into the fight.
-600% will be difficult to achieve if you don’t have all the subordinate cities participating in the battle.
You need to have mayors with debuff skills and all of them must have debuff equipment (Achaemenidae, Ares).
It’s tremendously hard work. 😅
Related :
Red Equipment Comparison (Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae)
Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

Thank you! This article is very good, I would like to ask you please how to place a bet on sub-city? What does that require and what is the winning percentage? Or how to increase the winning percentage of the bet? i didn’t get one before, i don’g know what should i do

Thank you too. 😃
I have added some details to the article. Please refer to the [“Historic City Search” Event] section of this article for more information.

Hallo sind die debuffs der der historische Generäle sofort aktiviert oder brauch man eine bestimmte Stuffe.

> Hello, are the debuffs of the historical generals activated immediately or do you need a certain level.
Hi Patrice. 😃
Debuffs will be active immediately. There is no need to level up your generals.
Please note that the debuffs that mayors have will only activate if their subordinate cities participate in the battle.

Hi. King Sejong has a skill that, when appointed as mayor, increases the speed of gold production in subordinate cities by 75%, but
As I wrote in this article, I don’t think gold production in subordinate cities is worth it.
Therefore, I do not recommend buying it. 🤔

How do I find my subordinate cities if I don’t have them in my bookmarks?

You can find it in the following way.
1. Open the subordinate cities menu and view the list.
2. press the subordinate city you want to find to open the detail screen.
3. Press the coordinates below the illustration of the subordinate city.


When I attack with a debuff general, sometimes the debuff is full and sometimes it’s only halfway. Is there a reason for this? Does the debuff value change depending on the level difference?

If I enter a subordinate city into a monster hunt, will the troops of the subordinate city die instead of being wounded?

That’s right. Troops in subordinate cities don’t go to hospitals, they only decrease. 😭
This is true for PvP as well as monster hunting.
If you want to improve it, there is something in the research that increases the conversion rate from death to survival, you can raise it.
*I have added the same information to the article. 😃


I’ve attacked someone else’s subordinate city, but I couldn’t take the city.
Is there any way to take it?

Are the Mayor Generals’ debuffs always active for defence of the main city, or do they only work if the “fight for other cities” option is turned on?

Thanks for the info.
Does it matter for the size of the debuff if you have 1 or 2 of the same subordinate cities? Is it cumulative or not? I thought its not cumulative and its better to mix, so having all cultures.

Debuffs are cumulative. Therefore, having more than one of the same culture can be effective. For example, if you want to increase attack, it is recommended to have all of them in Japan.

Samantha E Early

BUT if someone else occupies it in between? Does it count as reoccupation or does it count as taking a new city?

If someone else occupies it, the occupant will start from level 1.
If you get it back, your subordinate city’s level will be restored😃.

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