Construction / City Development Guide

Beginner’s Guide

Priority Buildings to Upgrade

Once you raise your keep level, you should upgrade these two first. This game is won by those who grow bigger buffs, and research at the academy has a huge impact on raising various buffs. Also, increasing the march size at the rally spot will make resource gathering and combat easier.

How to speed up construction

Research – This is just as important. Prioritize advancing “Construction,” “Adv Construction,” and “Super Construction” in the Academy’s “Advancement” category. Also, to speed up that research, you should also prioritize “Typography” and “Super Typography” in the “Advancement” category.

Monarch Gear – When upgrading buildings, equip the “Strength Crown” before starting construction (see this article for details). For more information on how to quickly raise the level of monarch gear, please click here.

Duty Officer – When upgrading a building, set duty officer in the keep before starting construction (see this article for more details). Anybody can be a duty officer, but the ideal is Meenshikov or Zhuge Liang. The basic skills will further speed up the construction (+20%).

Alliance Science – A buff that is activated simply by belonging to an alliance. Donations and raising the level will give you more buffs.

These are mainly important in the early stages of the game. Other things can also make you faster, such as the Civilization Treasure (Mask of Agamemnon), Victory Column, and Dragon (Celtic Demon), etc.

How to get Speedup items efficiently

How to get Resources Efficiently

Consuming Return Event is important at the keep level 25 & above

During building upgrades, some functions are disabled.

Be especially careful when upgrading Hospital, Shrine, and Walls.
You will not be able to recover until you complete the upgrade.

  • Hospital – Cannot heal wounded troops. (It is possible to revive dead soldiers from server wars).
  • Shrine – Cannot revive dead generals.
  • Walls – Cannot extinguish fire or repair when defeated in defense. (However, if you complete the upgrades, it will recover all of the damage.)
  • Academy – Cannot research.
  • Military Academy – Cannot research.
  • Forge – Cannot craft equipment. (It is possible to upgrade from Dragon equipment to Ares equipment (requires Lv 30))
  • Stables – Cannot create soldiers.
  • Archer Camp – Cannot create soldiers.
  • Barracks – Cannot create soldiers.
  • Workshop – Cannot create soldiers.
  • Research Factory – Cannot produce research stones.
  • Bunker – Cannot put troops in the Bunker.

Building Guide

The following is a summary of resource and other requirements for each building level.

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Annie 🍃

I want to know about (New update) after k40 buildings
How much rss and time need for k42 /43/ 44/45 or whatever we need ? Any update please ……

Ou est-ce que l’on peut connaître la puissance d’augmentation d’un bâtiment par niveau ???


The “Details” of the building lists the power of each level.


I was aiming for K40 from K39 while charging as much as I can each month and then I got the K45 notice…. I can’t afford the resources and spears anymore.


Hello! Great stuff as always! Worth mentioning…another way to decrease construction time is with sub cities. You can change culture (2000 gems) to Europe so your main sub city gives you a construction buff. Also, owning (or borrowing/switching with a friend or alliance member) Europe sub cities will give you construction buffs according to their level.

Suggestion: put a link in this article to your article about taking advantage of the Consuming Return Events for RSS and Speed-ups! When you are doing big building upgrades, it is good to get a return on your resources! That article has gotten me tons of RSS and Speed-ups!

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.

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