Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

What is a buff / debuff

  • Buff – An effect that increases one’s ability (such as attack).
  • Debuff – An effect that reduces an enemy’s buff.

Specification of Debuff in Evony

You can only reduce the enemy’s buff by half. (You can’t reduce an enemy’s buff to 0%.)

Therefore, even if you have a very high debuff, if the enemy’s buff is low, you will not be able to show your full potential.

For example, if you have a debuff of -300%, the effect will change depending on the enemy as follows.

  • If the enemy’s buff is 50%, you can reduce it to 25%. (-25% debuff)
  • If the enemy’s buff is 300%, you can reduce it to 150%. (-150% debuff)
  • If the enemy’s buff is 600%, you can reduce it to 300%. (-300% debuff)
  • If the enemy’s buff is 800%, you can reduce it to 500%. (-300% debuff)

What is the maximum amount that can be raised?

Top players have achieved buffs of over 1200% and debuffs of over -600%.

Theoretically, it is possible to raise the debuff to -1200% (*), but as mentioned above, if the debuff is too high, it will be useless.

(If the enemy’s buff is not above 2400%, it will not be -1200%.)

It is better to think that the maximum debuff that is realistically effective is around -600%.

*Limited to certain items (siege machine’s attack)

How to check your buff / debuff values

Battle Buffs / Debuffs

At the bottom of the Battle Report, you can see the total value of your buffs and debuffs.

Buffs and Debuffs section of the Battle Report
Buffs and Debuffs section of the Battle Report

The total value of battle buffs and debuffs varies depending on various situations, such as whether you are attacking or defending, so the only way to check is to look at the Battle Report for each battle.

Note – For non-solo fights, the buff/debuff column may show the buff values of others.

When Rallying – The buff column for your team is the value of the Rally Owner.

When Reinforcing an Alliance member’s City – The buff column for your team is the value of the City that Received the Reinforcements.

When Reinforcing an occupied facility (such as a Temple) – The buff column of your team is the value of the Last person to Join the Reinforcement.

The debuff column is under investigation.
At least, it is not necessarily the value of the person in the buff column. Nor is it a simple addition of the debuffs of all participants. It is probably one player’s, or the sum of all players’ debuffs after eliminating duplicates.

In addition, buff and debuff values can also be checked in the monarch’s detail screen.

Note, however, that these values reflect only a portion of research and monarch gear etc. (General’s skills etc. are not reflected.)

Buffs and Debuffs section of the Monarch Details screen

Non-Battle Buffs (Construction Speed, etc.)

These can be found in the monarch’s details screen.

Buffs and Debuffs section of the Monarch Details screen

How to increase Buffs (Components of Buff)

The first priority should be to raise the attributes of the general, research, and give the general Ares or Achaemenidae equipment and refine those equipment enough.

High Impact

Medium Impact

* Each subordinate city’s buffs add up. (If there are multiple subordinate cities of the same culture, they are added together. They do not overlap.)

Other (permanent)

  • Duty Officer
  • Monarch’s Talent
  • Culture
  • Art Treasure in Art Hall
  • Alliance Science
  • VIP
  • City Decoration

Other (temporary)

  • Items
  • Offering in Shrine
  • Battlefield Building Occupation
  • Title of Throne

How to increase Debuffs (Components of Debuff)

The basic idea is to equip all the mayors of the subordinate cities with some of the Achaemenidae or Ares equipment, and then let those subordinate cities enter the battle. (All debuffs of each mayor will be added.)

High Impact


* There is no debuff on the subordinate cities themselves, but you need to have a lot of mayors, so you need to have a lot of subordinate cities (max 9). Also, in order to do so, you need to increase your prestige and raise your rank.
related: How to get Monarch EXP & Prestige efficiently

How to calculate the total value (addition? multiplication?)

Each of buffs & debuffs percentages is “added up”.

For example, in the following case, the total buff to attack would be +60%.

  • General’s Skill: +20% Attack
  • General’s Equipment A: +10% Attack
  • General’s Equipment B: +5% Attack
  • Research: +25% Attack

Note that the resulting attack value after the buff is applied is calculated as follows.

Troop’s Attack Attribute x (Attack Buff % +100%)

For example, the attack attribute (without buffs) of a tier 1 mounted troop is 220.

If the total attack buff is +200%, the result is below.

220 x (200%+100%) = 660

4 Basic Types

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between the following three.

  • Basic Buff
    • In-game notation: (No special note)
  • Marching Buff (Attacking Buff)
    • In-game notation: Marching~ / when they are attacking
  • In-City Buff
    • In-game notation: In-City~ / for Defending City
  • Reinforcing Buff
    • In-game notation: Reinforcing~ / when they are reinforcements

These phrases are mainly used in the equipment, research screens, etc.

In addition, you can check these 4 types of buffs in the monarch details screen.

  • “Military” category – Basic Buffs
  • “Troop Attack and Defense” category – Marching Buffs / In-City Buffs / Reinforcements Buffs

Basic Buff

A buff that activates at any time, whether marching, in a city, or as reinforcements.

In-game notation: (No special note)

Examples of Basic Buff
Basic Buff for Equipment

Marching Buff (Attacking Buff)

In-game notation: Marching~ / Attacking~ / when they are attacking

Example of Marching Buff
Basic Buffs for Equipment

It is enabled when marching troops are fighting.

Basically, it’ s enabled when “attacking” as in

  • Attacking solo
  • Rally – Starting a Rally by yourself
  • Rally – Participate in a rally started by someone else

However, it can also be enabled during “defense” & “reinforcements” as follows

  • Defending or reinforcing a building already occupied by an ally (portal, temple, throne, etc.)
  • Defense of a Camp.

Therefore, please note that the expression “attacking” is not accurate.

In-City Buff

In-game notation: In-City~ / for Defending City

Example of In-City Buff

Effective in the following cases.

  • When defending your own city
  • When you send reinforcements to an alliance member’s city to defend it (applies to your own troops)

Note that it is not activated when defending with the following.

  • Buildings on the map (Portal, Temple, Throne, Alliance city, etc.)
  • Camp

Therefore, please note that the expression “defending” is not accurate.

Reinforcing Buff

In-game notation: Reinforcing~ / when they are reinforcements

Example of Reinforcing Buff

Applies to your own troops when you join an alliance member’s city as reinforcements.

It does not work in the following cases. (Attack buffs (march buffs) are applied.)

  • When participating in a rally / starting a rally by yourself
  • When sending reinforcements / defending / attacking an occupied building on the map (Portal, Temple, etc.),

Conditions for Activation (Generals Skill)

In the description of the general’s skills, there are variations as follows

  • when General is leading the army (* or no description)
  • when General is leading the army to attack
  • when General is the Main City Defense General
  • when General is leading the army to reinforce
  • when General is leading the army to launch Alliance War
  • when General is leading the army to attack Monsters
  • when General is the Mayor
  • when General is the (xxxxx) Officer

when General is leading the army (* or no description)

In this case, buffs and debuffs will be triggered in most cases if the general is used in battle.
(All of the above activation conditions except for the Duty Officer)

Example of a general: Li Jing, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, etc

when General is leading the army to attack

The same as Condition A, “Marching~ / when they are attacking”.
It is activated when the marching troops led by the general fight.

Examples of generals: Simeon the Great, etc

when General is the Main City Defense General

It is similar to Condition A, “In-City / for Defending City”, but only if the general is the defender of your city.

Examples of generals: Joseph E. Johnston, etc

NOTE – Tran Hung Dao and James Bowie do not mention “in-city” in their descriptions. (Example: Joseph: “Increases in-city mounted troops’ HP” / Bowie: “Increases ground and mounted troops’ attack”)

I thought to myself, “Could it be that just by making them defense general, the buffs would also be effective when attacking?” I thought so, and actually tested it with these two, but the result was invalid. (It only works when defending your own city.)

In addition, non-battle buffs, such as construction speed, are activated simply by setting a defense general.

when General is leading the army to reinforce

Same as Condition A, “Reinforcing~ / when they are reinforcements”.

Example of a general: Dmitry

when General is leading the army to launch Alliance War

Activates only when you start a rally.

Example general: Tomyris

when General is leading the army to attack Monsters

Activates only when attacking a monster.

Example general: Caesar, etc

when General is the Mayor

Activates only when the general is set as the mayor of a subordinate city.
Mainly applies to non-battle buffs, such as gold production.

Examples of generals: Lincoln, etc

NOTE – If you set a general with “leading the army” in the skill description as mayor, and bring a subordinate city with that mayor into the battle, the debuff will be effective. The buff does not apply to troops in the main city at least.

when General is the (xxxxx) Officer

The buffs and debuffs become effective only when the general is set as the Duty Officer.

Examples of generals: Ban Chao, etc

NOTE – For debuff skills such as those possessed by Ban Chao (decrease enemy mounted troops attack), and buff skills such as those possessed by John I, etc (increasing troop attack, HP, defense), they are effective not only when defending, but also when attacking.

NOTE2 – Buffs added by the skill book will not work. Also, if equipment with buffs/debuffs is attached to the Duty Officer, it will not work too.

Related: Duty Officer Guide




hi, may I ask if the base stat increase of a champion’s equipment is added to the minion’s base stats or added to the total base stats. (10000 + 500) * 1000 or 10000 * 1000 + 500?

Hello, I have a question regarding buff, I am at level 34 and I have done most of the research in the academy and I am still weak in attacking and unable to attack level 33 , What do I do for this ?

K33 allows to make Achaemenidae equipment. If this makes the enemy’s debuff very strong, or if the enemy has too many t13 or t12, it will be difficult for you to win with a solo attack, even if your attack buff is 1000%. Gradually whittle down your opponent’s strength with multiple attacks, or rally to attack.


I have a question about equipment refinement items.
In the equipment refinement item for attack, there are two options: +○ and +○%. Which one should I choose first?
When I look at the rankings of the generals, it seems that most of them choose the one with +○%, but I don’t see anyone mentioning it, so if you could please explain.

I have a question about solo monster attack – do you get alliance buffs when attacking them on your own??

The buffs of the Alliance Science (Lv1, Lv2) are what I call “basic buffs” in the article. (This has been tested.) Therefore, it should work in a monster fight, regardless of whether you are solo or rally.

i have a question about DUTY OFFICER .if I put the enable books of 1 duty officer , like Giovanni 1 from Portugal (for the archers camp) do the related buffs take effect or not?


Hi. Thank you very much for your help.
I have a question, in the case of an alliance rally, do all the debuffs of the alliance members’ generals duplicate?
If a number of people join the rally with a general who has a debuff and 1 troop, will that debuff be effective against the enemy?
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Debuffs from rally participants are valid.
I don’t know how it is affected by the number of troops, but debuffs from research, duty officers, etc. as well as general skills are applied.
However, the debuffs of all members do not simply add up.
You can check these from the rally owner’s battle report.

I think it’s one of the following, but so far I haven’t tested it.
– The debuffs are added, but the duplicates are excluded.
– The debuff of only one person is applied (the most powerful person is chosen?)


Thank you for your reply 😊.
My alliance doesn’t have many Achaemenes holders yet, so I was curious to hear about it.
If so, is it the same when reinforcing?🤔
In the battle against monsters, I make use of the debuff of four sets of dragon equipment, but I feel that the debuff of two or more people is effective, though it is only a feeling.
I’d like to try this one out in order when the number of Achaemenes owners increases. (*^^*)
Thank you very much 😊.

At least, the same is true when defending with reinforcements to the temple.
(As for when reinforcing alliance members’ city, I have yet to verify this. 🤔)


Thank you very much for all your help, administrator.

In fact, I’ve been wondering about my development lately. I’ve been looking for some advice, so I thought I’d write to you.

My keep level is K34 and power is now 580M.
T13 is over 1,000,000 for each type of troops.
However, I feel like I’m not doing very well.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been paying nothing from K30 to now, but I feel like “I just have a lot of soldiers”.
The main general I’m using is Prince Rhaegar, and his training is pretty half-assed compared to others around him.
His power is 4.9M.

I don’t play PVP very aggressively, but when I do, the damage is more than I expected. (I do a good job of layering, though.)
The other day I was attacked by the same K34 player on the battlefield and my troops were wiped out even though I had over 480M of power left.
My friends say that I need a buff, but I think “I wonder if that’s the case” or “I’m a little unconvinced.”
I was thinking of increasing the number of troops as it is, but I am wondering if it would be useless if it were like this.
However, getting to K35 is a lot of work, and I’m wondering what I should do.
I would be very happy if you could give me some advice on the future development plan.

Sorry for the long post. I would like to thank you for your cooperation.

I recommend that you raise buffs and debuffs first.

If you have low buffs and debuffs, increasing the number of troops or raising the troop level will waste troop creation and recovery costs.

For example, in the following example, you can see that it is more cost effective to raise the buffs with t13.


Ranged troop attack (initial value without buffs) is
t13 3450
t14 4070

If the current buff is +600%, then
t13 24,150

If you make t14 with +600% buff
t14 28,490

If you increase the buff to +750% while keeping t13
t13 29,325

I also have the impression that beyond k33, buffs are obviously important, but debuffs are even more important.

The k33, which has a strong debuff, will not be defeated even if half-finished k35s gather in the rally.

I suggest you start by giving all of your mayors equipment that has debuffs for ranged troop attacks and siege machine attacks.


Dear administrator, thank you very much for your answer!
I see, that’s one way of thinking about it.
I’ve been making Achaemenes from time to time, but if that’s the case, I think I’ll increase my crafting pace a bit.

By the way, doesn’t Achaemenidae and Ares have a debuff for ground attacks?
I noticed this when I was looking up information on various equipment in the forge.
If someone is mainly a ground player, can they only deal with it through research?

I’m sorry for asking this question again.
Thank you very much for your time today.

To increase the debuff of ground attacks, we now have the following 🤔
– Research (max -70%)
– Achaemenenidae equipment set buffs (6) (-15%)
– General Skills
—- Constantine the Great (-20%)
—- Jester (-15%)
—- Harald (-10%)
—- Mansa Musa (-10%)
—- Margaret I (-10%)


Thank you again for your answer.
I guess there are not as many options as I thought.
The only relevant general I have is the Mansa Musa.😭
I still need to be more diligent.

Thank you very much for all the advice!


If I make an undead general the mayor of a subordinate city, is it correct that the death rate of the entire enemy will increase, while the death rate of the allies will only increase for the troops of the undead general’s city?

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