How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

A comprehensive, all-inclusive guide to collecting large amounts of resources in a short amount of time.

A) Items (Resource Boxes)

A-1) Defeat many Event Bosses (especially Witch 3 & Warlord 3)

You can always get resource items by defeating some of the bosses.

Recommended bosses are as follows.

Considering only the Quantity

  • 1.7M x4 types – Witch 4, Warlord 4
  • 1.5M x4 types – Witch 3, Warlord 3
  • 1M x4 – Phoenix
  • 900K x4 – Golem 4, Lava Turtle 4
  • 700K x4 – Golem 3, Lava Turtle 3, Behemoth
  • 600K x4 – Witch 2, Warlord 2
  • 500K x4 – Fafnir, Senior Hydra
  • 400K x4 – Kamaitachi, Golem 2, Lava Turtle 2, Medium Hydra

Considering Stamina Efficiency

  • 200K/stamina – Witch 3, Warlord 3
  • 170K/stamina – Witch 4, Warlord 4
  • 100K/stamina – Phoenix
  • 93K/Stamina – Golem 3, Lava Turtle 3
  • 90K/Stamina – Golem 4, Lava Turtle 4
  • 80K/Stamina – Witch 2, Warlord 2
  • 70K/Stamina – Behemoth
  • 60K/Stamina – Junior Hydra
  • 53K/Stamina – Golem 2, Lava Turtle 2, Medium Hydra
  • 50K/Stamina – Fafnir

Reference: Boss Chest & Drop Item List

A-2) Consuming Return Event

Speed Consuming Return Event

If you complete all the common speed-up sections, you will get 175M of each resource.

Speed Consuming Return Event
  • 25,000 mins (about 17 days) – 5M x4 types
  • 100,000 mins (about 69 days) – 20M x4 types
  • 250,000 mins (about 173 days) – 35M x4 (60M x4 total)
  • 500,000 mins (about 347 days) – 50M x4 (110M x4 total)
  • 1,000,000 mins (about 694 days) – 65M x4 (175M x4 total)

In the following “resource consuming return event”, If you can consume 2,500M in 4 types of resources, you will get a total of over 640 days of speedup.

With this, it will be easier to clear all the Common Speedup sections.
Reference: How to get Speedup items efficiently

Resource Consuming Return Event

Resource Consuming Return Event

For each type of resource, you will receive the following.

  • 125M – Super Resources Chest (Gold) x120 (randomly 12M-48M)
  • 500M – Super Resources Chest (Gold) x240 (randomly 24M-96M)
  • 1,250M – Super Resources Chest (Gold) x350 (randomly 35M-140M)
  • 2,500M – Super Resource Chest (Red) x50 (50M x 4 Type)
  • 5,000M – Super Resource Chest (Red) x110 (110M x 4 Type)


For example, if you can consume 2,500M on 4 types, you can get 200M of each resource (plus a random maximum of 284M).

Reference – Approximate Keep Level to Complete 4 types (in my opinion)

  • 125M – Keep Lv25 or so
  • 500M – Keep Lv27 or so
  • 1,250M – Keep Lv29 or so
  • 2,500M – Keep Lv31 or so
  • 5,000M – Keep Lv33 or so

A-3) Monarch Talent Lv22 “Resources Critical”

When you open a resource item, if you are lucky, you will get double the amount. The probability of this increases by 10%.

A-4) Other Basic TIPS

Don’t open a Resource Box

There are only demerits if you open them right away.

  • If you have too much food, it will be consumed for upkeep.
  • If you happen to be attacked and lose, you will be looted.

Open them only when you are going to use them, such as for construction or making soldiers.

Don’t buy from the Store

Very expensive.

Buy on the Black Market only in an Emergency

The price is better than the store, but it is not a good deal.

(For example, 5M of resources costs 1,800 gems, but it takes more than a day to gather 1,800 gems, while 5M of resources can be gathered in a few hours. It’s not a balanced price.)

Reference: Black Market Item List

B) Gathering (Resource Tile)

The following two are important.

– Extra Resources from Gathering
– Gathering speed

Note – “Troop Load”
Newbies often make the mistake of thinking that “troop load” is important, but it is not. Increasing it will not improve the efficiency of gathering from resource tiles.
It only reduces the number of troops needed to gather. This is useful in the early game when you don’t have many troops, but useless in the late game when you have a lot of troops.
(Note – This is useful in “plunder “. More details are given in section D.)

B-1) Increase Extra Resources from Gathering

These allow you to get more than twice as many resources from a 7M resource tile, for example. (Up to about 21M)

Gathering Report for 7M Resource Tile
Gathering Report for 7M Resource Tile

B-1-1) Gathering with Queen Jindeok (+40%)

The original skill gives you an additional bonus after gathering. (for Alliance resource tile, +20%)

B-1-2) Have many Korean Subordinate Cities (Max +135%)

Just by having Korean subordinate cities, you get an additional bonus from the subordinate city buff.

The better the rank of the subordinate city, the more you get. (+3 ~ 15%)

For example, if you have 9 Korean epics, you will get +135%, and if you finish gathering all 7M resource tiles, you will get 16.45M.

Reference: List of Subordinate City Buff

B-1-3) Make Culture Korea & increase the Quality of In-city Subordinate City (max +15%)

Same as above.

The above +135% is when the quality of the subordinate city in the city is maximized.

(You can have a maximum of 9 subordinate cities, one of which is a subordinate city within a city.)

For more information on how to increase quality and cost, see this article.
Subordinate City Complete Guide

B-1-4) Monarch Talent Lv26 “Gathering Boost” (+20%)

Increases 4 levels from Lv26 to 29, +20%.

B-1-5) Equip Champion’s Set (4) to General (+10%)

Champion's Set (4)

Equipping the following 4 will give you +10% due to set buffs.

  • Champion’s Helmet
  • Champion’s Armor
  • Champion’s Leg Armor
  • Champion’s Boots

B-1-6) Art Hall – Art Treasure Buff (+10%)

Activating “Mona Lisa” will give you an extra resource buff of +10%.

Activation Requirement

  • Oil Painting Hall
  • Jewelry Hall
  • Ancient Coin Hall

Reference: Exhibition Hall Reward List (Art Hall)

B-1-7) Research – Advancing the “Alliance” Category

By advancing the Alliance category of research, you can increase the gathering bonus for “Alliance Resource Tile”.

  • Alliance Agriculture Bonus (Food)
  • Alliance Lumbering bonus (Lumber)
  • Alliance Masonry Bonus (Stone)
  • Alliance Mining Bonus (Ore)

B-2) Faster Gathering Speed

B-2-1) Maximize Queen Jindeok’s Level / 5 stars / Cultivate +500 politics (about +180%)

Increasing politics increases the gathering speed.

Therefore, in cultivation, you only need to increase the politics.

(If you can afford it, you can also increase leadership. It will increase the march speed.)

B-2-2) Use a Skill Book (+45%)

For more details, please refer to the following article “I) Resource Gathering General”.

Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add?

B-2-3) Research – Advance the “Advancement” category (Max +180%)

  • Scythe (Food +10%)
  • Bucksaw (Lumber +10%)
  • Pickaxe (Stone +10%)
  • Furnace (Ore +10%)
  • Adv Forage (Food)
  • Adv Logging (Lumber)
  • Adv Quarrier (Stone)
  • Adv Furnace (Ore)
  • Super Forage (Food)
  • Super Logging (Lumber)
  • Super Quarrier (Stone)
  • Super Furnace (Ore)

B-2-4) Before reaching resource tile, change Monarch Gear to Crystal that increases gathering speed (+50% for Lv8)

See the following article for details.

Reference: How to use Monarch Gear, which Beginners Tend to Make Mistakes

B-2-5) Before reaching resource tile, change General Equipment to the King’s Equipment

Gathering Speed Buff of King’s Equipment

The King’s equipment has a buff to increase gathering speed.

Gathering Speed Buff of King's Equipment

* The following figures are for 5 stars.

Food (+75%)

  • King’s Spear +25%
  • Fearless King’s Helmet +25%
  • Courageous King’s Armor +25%

Lumber (+100%)

  • King’s Axe +50%
  • Courageous King’s Leg Armor +25%
  • Fearless King’s Armor +25%

Stone (+100%)

  • King’s Sword +50%
  • Fearless King’s Leg Armor +25%
  • Courageous King’s Boots +25%

Ore (+75%)

  • King’s Bow +25%
  • Courageous King’s Helmet +25%
  • Fearless King’s Boots +25%

In addition, the following 3 types can be refined to add more buffs to the gathering speed.
(Max 15% x4 = 60%)

  • Helmet
  • Leg Armor
  • Weapons

Thus, you can get the following buffs at maximum.

– Food (+195%)
– Lumber (+220%)
– Stone (+220%)
– Ore (+195%)

Need to change equipment

However, to increase the gathering bonus, you need 4 Champion’s equipment, which cannot be combined with King’s equipment.

However, to activate the gathering speed buff, you only need to equip it when you arrive at a resource tile. (This also applies to monarch gear.)


– Before arriving at the resource tile, equip the king’s equipment.
– After arriving at the resource tile, equip the champion’s set (4).

If you change your equipment like this, you can get the advantages of both.

If you don’t want to change

…but it is a hassle.

If you don’t want to do all this, we recommend that you have the following equipped at all times.

King’s weapon + Champion’s Set (4)

  • King’s equipment, weapons only
    • For Spear / Bow (Food / Ore)
      • Resource Gathering Speed +25%
      • Max +85% with refine (=25% + (15% x 4))
    • For Axe / Sword (Lumber / Stone)
      • Resource Gathering Speed +50%
      • Max +110% with refine (=50% + (15% x 4))
  • Champion’s Set (4) Helmet, Armor, Leg Armor, Boots
    • Resource Gathering Speed +17.5% (=set buff 10% + basic buff 7.5%)
      • Max +97.5% (any 1 resource type) with refine helmet & leg armor
      • (97.5% = 17.5% + ((10% x 4) x 2)))
    • Extra Resources from Gathering +10%

In total.
– Extra Resources from Gathering +10%
– Resource Gathering Speed
…… for Spear (Food) Max +182.5%
…… for Axe (Lumber) Max +207.5%
…… for Sword (Stone) Max +207.5%
…… for Bow (Ore) Max +182.5%

Reference 1- King’s equipment is replaced by Dragon Set (2)

  • Dragon Set (2) Weapon, Ring
    • Resource Gathering Speed +15%
      • Max +95% (any 1 resource type) with refine weapon
      • (95% = 15% + (20% x 4))

Total with Champion Set
– Resource Gathering Speed (any 1 type) Max +192.5%
– Extra Resources from Gathering +10%

So, Dragon Set is not strongly recommended considering the cost effectiveness of crafting and refinement.

Reference 2- King’s equipment is replaced by Transcendence Set (2)

  • Transcendence Set (2) Weapon, Ring
    • Resource Gathering Speed +8%
      • Max +32% (any 1 resource type) with refine weapon
      • (32% = 8% + (6% x 4))

Total with Champion Set
– Resource Gathering Speed (any 1 type) Max +129.5%
– Extra Resources from Gathering +10%

B-2-6) Always use items that speed up gathering (+50%)

Use one of the following

  • 24 hour Resources Gathering Speedup (+50%)
  • 8 hour Resources Gathering Speedup (+50%)
How to get
  • “Wheel of Fortune” at the Tavern
  • “Lucky box” of “Lucky Composing Event” (not included depending on the timing of the event)
  • etc.

IMPORTANT – If the effect expires during resource gathering and you use the speed-up item again

If you use a speed-up item while gathering resources, the gathering time will be recalculated.

Therefore, if you do not have a gathering speed-up crystal (monarch gear) equipped at that time, the gathering time may INCREASE.

This also means that if you are gathering with more than one type of resource tile, the gathering time of one of the resource tiles will always increase.

If all of the following apply, the gathering time will increase.
– When you arrived at a resource tile, you had used a gathering speed-up item.
– When you arrived at the resource tile, you had equipped a crystal (monarch gear) that increases the gathering speed.
– During gathering, you used a gathering speed-up item while not equipping the above crystal.

The time will not be increased in the following cases.
– Originally, you were not equipped with a crystal.
– You were equipped with a crystal, but your crystal level was 7 or less (41% or less) and you had not used the gathering speed-up item.

Related: How to use Monarch Gear, which Beginners Tend to Make Mistakes

B-2-7) Buffs gained by being in an Alliance Hive (+25%)

Effect of alliance city buffs.

(Can be found by looking at the Alliance City details in the center of the hive.)

B-2-8) Gather in High-Level Resource Tile (Lv12+) (200K/h)

The higher the level, the faster the base gathering speed.

Recommendation: Lv12 or higher.


  • Lv6 – 182,000/h
  • Lv7 – 184,000/h
  • Lv8 – 186,000/h
  • Lv9 – 188,000/h
  • Lv10 – 192,000/h
  • Lv11 – 196,000/h
  • Lv12 – 200,000 /h
  • Lv13 – 200,000 /h
  • Lv14 – 200,000/h

B-2-9) Always gather with Alliance Resource Tile

This simply means that you are less likely to have free time after you are done gathering.

(It does not mean that you can gather more Alliance resource tile in less time than resource tile.)

As a player’s level increases, even a Lv14 resource tile can be completed in a short time. In particular, if you send out a resource tile to gather before going to bed, you will finish gathering it by morning, leaving you with several hours of free time.

With alliance resource tile, this is not the case, as you can extend the gathering time to a day or more by sending a large number of troops.

B-2-10) Research – advancing the “Alliance” category

By advancing the “Alliance” category of research, you can increase the speed of gathering alliance resource tiles.

  • Alliance Agriculture (Food)
  • Alliance Lumbering (Lumber)
  • Alliance Masonry (Stone)
  • Alliance Mining (Ore)
  • Super Alliance Agriculture (Food)
  • Super Alliance Lumbering (Lumber)
  • Super Alliance Masonry (Stone)
  • Super Alliance Mining (Ore)

B-2-11) Art Hall – Art Treasure Buff (+10%)

Activating “Mona Lisa” will give you a gathering speed buff of +10%.

Activation Requirement

  • Oil Painting Hall
  • Jewelry Hall
  • Ancient Coin Hall

Reference: Exhibition Hall Reward List (Art Hall)

C) Production

Model case – Keep level 30: each resource 1.5M/h (36M/day x4 types)

C-1) The resource tile in front of the wall is always at the maximum level

Since production growth is good up to Lv30, and poor after Lv31, it is best to aim to get all resource tiles to Lv30 first.

  • Lv25 – 18,000
  • Lv26 – 19,800
  • Lv27 – 21,600
  • Lv28 – 23,400
  • Lv29 – 25,200
  • Lv30 – 27,000
  • Lv31 – 28,300
  • Lv32 – 29,400
  • Lv33 – 30,400
  • Lv34 – 31,500
  • Lv35 – 32,900

C-2) Set up 1 or 2 Army Camps & use everything else as Resources

Personally, I have never had a problem with having a small number of army camps, so I recommend this approach.

(In addition, the advantage of increasing the number of army camps is “the speed at which you can create troops” & “the number of troops you can create at one time”.)

For reference, in my case, I set up 7 resource tiles for each resource and 2 army camps.

If considering only attack, it’s better to use more resources for one of the troops, but if considering defense, all troops are needed, so I evenly distribute them.

C-3) Research – Advancing the “Advancement” category (+170%)

  • Graziery (Food +1000)
  • Felling Axe (Lumber +1000)
  • Masonry (Stone +1000)
  • Mining (ore +1000)
  • Advanced Agriculture (Food +70%)
  • Advanced Lumbering (Lumber +70%)
  • Advanced Masonry (Stone +70%)
  • Advanced Mining (Ore +70%)
  • Super Agriculture (Food +100%)
  • Super Lumbering (Lumber +100%)
  • Super Masonry (Stone +100%)
  • Super Mining (Ore +100%)

C-4) Assign Shajar al-Durr as Defense General (+100%)

You can assign Shajar for normal non-warfare, and assign a defense general for combat only during KE (kill events) and other times of battle.

Shajar does not appear in the tavern, but can be obtained for free from the Great General Chest.

C-5) Always use items that speed up Production (+200%)

Use one of the following

  • 24 Hour Resource Speedup (+100%)
  • Adv 8 Hour Resource Speedup (+200%)
How to get

The main way to obtain these items is the black market.
Reference: Black Market Item List

IMPORTANT – Three 24-hour speedups can be used to synthesize one adv 8-hour speedup.

C-6) Shrine – Rewards of Offering (+100%)

For each offering, you get a +100% production speed buff for 2 hours.

C-7) Always equip monarch gear that increases production speed (+50% for Lv8)

Except when the troops you send to gather resources arrive at the resource tile, you should equip a crystal that increases production speed.

See below for details.

How to use Monarch Gear, which Beginners Tend to Make Mistakes

C-8) Alliance Science (+15% for Lv5)

You can raise the level by donating resources.


  • Production Speed IV +11%
  • Production Speed V +15%

C-9) Buffs gained by being in an Alliance Hive (+35%)

Effect of alliance city buffs.

(Can be found by looking at the Alliance City details in the center of the hive.)

C-10) Monarch Talent Lv6 “Resources Production” (+50%)

Increases four levels from Lv6-9 to +50%.

Note, however, that the gathering speed will be -20%.

C-11) Art Hall – Art Treasure Buff (+20%)

Activating “Mona Lisa” will give you an extra resource buff of +20%.

Activation Requirement

  • Oil Painting Hall
  • Jewelry Hall
  • Ancient Coin Hall

Reference: Exhibition Hall Reward List (Art Hall)

C-12) Production speed buff by Culture (+10%)

Different cultures increase the production speed of resources, but as mentioned, I think it should be Korea for the extra gathering boost, so I don’t recommend any other culture.

  • Europe – Stone +10%
  • Japan – Food +10%
  • Korea – Lumber +10%
  • Russia – Ore +10%

D) Procure from Sub-Account

Storing resources in sub-accounts and plundering them

Also commonly known as a farm account.

Normally, you can have it belong to an alliance, and then expel it when it’s time to plunder, and then attack.

Tips for focusing on food

If you don’t make too many troops and boost your production a lot, your production will exceed your upkeep and you will be able to store more and more food.

Tips for Plundering

Use generals and troops with high “Troop Load”, i.e. Amir Timur, Attila, and siege machines.

For more information, please refer to the following article “J) Resource Plundering Generals”.

Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add?





I saw Shajar al-Durr 3 times in the tavern while I had the Arabian culture. I didn’t buy her since I could get her for free eventually. I got two and sold the 2nd one. Can’t figure out what culture has Nathanael Greene. Tried American and European for months. No luck.


Are there any skills or suitable generals that affect the speed and amount of exploration of relics?
With the introduction of the “fragments” feature, the exploration of ruins has suddenly become more popular, but everyone is still trying to figure it out through trial and error without a clear indicator like resource gathering.

Is there any way to increase the speed of exploring the relics?
Also, how many friends do I need to complete the exploration in time to get the fragments?

The higher the level of the relics, the faster the exploration speed.
It may vary from person to person, but in my case, if there are four people in the mysterious relics, we can complete the exploration in time.
If you just want to collect 25 fragments, it will take you less than half a day. (You don’t have to complete the exploration.)


Hi! How does one synthesize the speed ups for gathering? I do not see an option to compose three 24hr ones into 8?

“Gathering” speed-up items cannot be synthesized.
You can only synthesize “Production” speed-up items. (from the item inventory screen.)

Thank you for all the useful information.
I agree with you that buying resources on the black market should be avoided as much as possible. 360 gems per 1M seems rather expensive.
How many gems per 1M do you think are worth exchanging?
I’m sure it depends on how much the player pays, how far along they are in the game, etc., but I’d appreciate it if you could share your thoughts with us, admins.
I’d like to use this as a reference for opportunities other than the black market where gems can be converted into resources (Tax, Patrol, etc.).

In my case, originally, I don’t want to buy it unless I can save more than 66 gems per 1M.
If I had 6 hours to gather, I could gather 300 gems, or 15M resources.
Also, 700 gems is reasonable considering the 6 hours of reduced fees.
So in my case, 15M = 1000 gems seems reasonable.
(I think it’s reasonable to think in terms of the amount gathered per hour, so this baseline will vary from person to person.)

Thank you very much. That’s very helpful!

It would be great if you could create an article on how to use gems effectively when you have time. I think it would be difficult to do so, since it depends on how each person enjoys the game and how much they pay.

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