How to take advantage of Arrest Warrant & how to use

The Arrest Warrant is a very useful item that allows you to find out what coordinates on the map a player is at if you know the names of other players beforehand. However, some of you may not be quite sure how to use it effectively.

In this game, most of the time the enemy is shielded. Chasing an enemy in that state is certainly useless since you can’t attack them. Therefore, the basic idea is to use it in a situation where the enemy can’t shield, or a situation where you know the enemy isn’t shielding.

Main Usage Scenes

  • Attack the ghosted enemy and reduce their HP to 0, which will send them flying somewhere on the map. At the same time, the enemy’s troops are deported to the city, so track and attack them immediately.
  • Searching for enemies during server wars.

Basic Usage A: From Item Inventory

  1. Press “Items” from the menu in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Open the “Special” category.
  3. Select “Arrest Warrant” and press “Use”.
  4. Enter the target player’s name and press “Locate Coordinates”.

However, there is the next problem.

  • If the player’s name has an “untypable emoji” in it, you can’t use the keyboard to enter a name.
  • In the first place, when you want to chase an enemy in a hurry, you won’t be able to type in characters every time.

Therefore, you need to copy the player’s name beforehand.

How to copy a name

  1. On the map, press the enemy city, and then press “Detail” in the menu.
  2. When the screen of the monarch’s body is displayed, press the “Detail” button on the bottom right.
  3. The Monarch Detail screen will be displayed.
  4. Press the button to the right of the monarch’s name to copy his / her name.

If you encounter an enemy on the map, it’s advisable to copy their name first.

Basic Usage B: From Ranking

You can use the arrest warrant without going through the item inventory.

1. Press the monarch’s name on the various monarch lists in the ranking.

2. When the screen of the monarch’s body is displayed, press the “Detail” button on the bottom right.

3. The Monarch Detail screen will be displayed.

4. Press ” Locate Coordinates” in the bottom right corner. (If you don’t have an arrest warrant, the cost of the gems will be displayed.)

This method doesn’t work very well in normal kill events (because you don’t know if the enemy is shielded or not). However, it is very effective in server wars. See the following article for more information.


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I want to change my name to cursive of english or a name with special pictograms, but it doesn’t show up properly.
I would like to know if there is any good way to do this, or if there are any applications you can recommend.

Nice to meet you, I am a beginner.
I was attacked 3 times in a row by the same person, so I made a ceasefire agreement for a total of 32 hours in a row.
However, a few hours after the time was up, the same person attacked me again and captured my general.

Why are they attacking us so many times?
Am I being bookmarked?

I don’t want to be attacked by the same person any more.
Is there anything I can do?
And if I change my name and location, will they stop coming even if I have bookmarked them?

I would appreciate it if you could tell me.
Thank you in advance.

Replace the bubble before it expires. That’s all.

lol man it’s the game homie. All you can do is play well and put truce agreements up. Put on a timer to remind ya when it runs out. Build on your troops before keep.


I’m a newcomer to this site, and I’m always looking for reference for my games.
My question is, I see here and there players with Lv XX in their names.
I have confirmed that it can be done in romaji, but is there any way to do it in Japanese as well?

Can you use Arrest Warrants to locate sub cities for targets??
I ask because I have been hit before, when my bubble dropped (stupid or a glitch), and somehow they end up hitting / stealing my sub cities too, even though they are not near my city!!

Can’ t. I think they were bookmarked in advance and targeted.
Some players bookmark a lot of other players’ subordinate cities they find on the map and check them periodically, waiting for them to bubble down.

Are you asking for information on how to change your name?
You can change your name by tapping on it in your monarch details screen.

O Boyle Keep

This info on use of Arrest warrant appears very helpful. I can copy name, but how do I paste using my I-phone?


I immediately wanted to use it in the BOG, but I was told it could not be used in the battlefield. Did the specifications change?

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