How to Find Enemies Easily in Server War

The server wars are one of the many events where the rewards are quite gorgeous. If you earn an individual score, you can get tens of thousands of gems and other rewards, so you’ll want to kill as many enemies as possible to earn your score.

However, in server wars, it’s quite difficult to find attackable enemies. Naturally, this is because most of the players are shielded. And even if there are unshielded enemies, they are often burned beforehand by the enemy’s purge, or attacked by other players on your side of the field before you can attack them.

The usual way to find an enemy is to

  • Bookmark the alliance cities on the enemy server and patrol them regularly.
  • Steadily explore the entire map of enemy servers.

but it is not efficient.

There is also a way to intercept the enemies that attack the temple, but most of the time they are attacking with a keep level of 30 or higher, so this is difficult to do unless you are a high level player.

You can also team up with your friends to set traps, but I’ll show you how to find them easily by yourself.

Tracking from Ranking of Enemy Server

This is the easiest and most reliable method. Here are the steps.

1. Open the “Event Center” in the upper right corner of the screen and then “Server War”.

2. Open “Ranking of Enemy Server” and then “Alliance Power Ranking”.

3. Press one of the alliances and then press “View Members” in the bottom left corner.

4. A list of alliance members will be displayed.

5. Look for the player with the “Golden Sword” symbol on the illustration of each member’s monarch. (The player with this symbol is currently on your side of the server.

6. Press the player marked with the “Golden Sword” symbol, then press “Detail” in the bottom right corner.

7. Press “Locate Coordinates” in the bottom right corner to find the location of this player. (If you don’t have an “Arrest Warrant”, the button label will be different (the cost of gems will be displayed).

8. Teleport to the enemy’s location and attack them.

This way, you can attack the enemy within your own server, which gives you a relative advantage. You can also put up shields and add less help to the enemy than within the enemy server.

Tips for finding coordinates

To avoid wasting an “Arrest Warrant” as much as possible, keep the following in mind.

  • With the exception of a few high-level players and decoy enemies, most enemies will only stay on your server for a short time. Therefore, if you see a player with the “Golden Sword” symbol, search for them immediately. Otherwise, there’s a good chance the enemy will run away from you. Also, there is a high chance of being intercepted by other players on your server.
  • As mentioned before, enemies can be decoys, so if a player is on your server for a very long time, remember it as soon as you find him and ignore him when you search for him.
  • Before searching for coordinates, it is recommended to check the area around the temple on your server. Sometimes you will find enemies without searching for coordinates. Also, you may find enemies that are lower level than you, but are working with higher level players. Attacking these enemies is dangerous and should be ignored, but the problem is that if you don’t check the temple beforehand, you’ll end up searching for these enemies using an “Arrest Warrant”. In order to avoid wasting your “Arrest Warrant”, you should check the area around the temple beforehand.
  • Before you search for coordinates, you should also look at the world chat. It may contain information about “decoys” and so on.

Tips after the coordinate search

Even if you try to find the enemy, if you teleport at the wrong time, they will only be alerted and run away. Be careful of the following.

  • If the enemy has an orange shield, do not teleport until the shield is gone. (If you or the enemy teleports to the other side’s server, the shield is automatically put up for the first five minutes.)
  • If the dotted line does not extend from the enemy city, do not teleport and watch the situation. Teleport when the enemy is attacking a monster or city. This way, the enemy cannot escape. However, you must teleport just before the enemy troops return to the city. If you teleport back to the city when the enemy’s troops are long gone, there is a danger that the enemy will call their friends.
  • If there are no cities in the vicinity of the enemy, then the enemy will likely teleport to another location afterwards, so watch what happens. (If the enemy teleports to their own server, they will first be transported to a random coordinate. The enemy will then likely teleport to a city the enemy has bookmarked beforehand to attack.)

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I’d enter to server war how they ll come to know that we are entered the immediate thyr attach is how to understand this??? How come we know that opp server team immediately enters ????


I didn’t know which page to write this on, so excuse me here.
If I attack a player of my server during SVS, does it become a point on the enemy server?

we need some info about red wings, It is hard to find info on how to get red wings


Check out “Invincible Hero” in Wonder’s Glory.

once it starts u will get free 4 server teleporters


After opening the wonders, there are in the Arc de Triomphe the names of the people who opened the wonders and gave them flowers. What does the player benefit from the flowers?

There is nothing special about receiving flowers. It just makes you higher in the ranking of the number of flowers you received.


I apologize for the content unrelated to the page title.
This was the closest page I could find…

During SvS, I often see players from the enemy server attacking alliance city in my server.
Does this action lead to SvS points?

معلومات قيمه لها فؤاد كثير شكراً لكم … سيف

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