Ghosting Complete Guide (Essential PvP Techniques)

10/18/2021 – Added cautions for specification changes to “Basic Methods”.

What is a Ghosting?

A defensive technique that allows you to keep all of your troops out of the city so that you can take almost no damage if you are attacked.

(Note – traps and walls take damage.)

An example of an Effective Scene

  • Immediately after entering the battlefield in the Battle of Constantinople or the Battle of Gaugamela. (Because it’s not uncommon for you to be attacked right after you enter.)
  • In a server war, when you stay on an enemy server for a long time. (Because you can’t put bubbles on the enemy server.)


The Basic Method

  • Rally against surrounding cities, buildings, or boss monsters for 60 minutes to reduce the number of troops in the castle (troops in the rally spot) to ZERO.
  • Turn off the “All automatic fight for other Cities” setting for subordinate cities. (If you don’t, the troops of the subordinate city will die when attacked.)
  • Use your resources or leave them in the Alliance Warehouse. (If you have a lot of resources, they will be looted when you are attacked. Therefore, keep the amount of resources you have on hand below the amount protected in the city’s warehouses. Also, try to leave your resource chests unopened on a regular basis).
  • In SvS, if you do ghost, you need to resign your defense general. If the defense general is still attached while ghosting, the defense general will die when attacked by the enemy.
    • The defense general did not die during ghosting up to SvS of 9/19/2021, but since SvS of 10/3/2021, it has been dying.
    • In the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) and the Battle of Constantinople (BoC), the defense general will not die, so you can leave him/her on.

Do I have to Rally?

If you just wanted to zero out the troops in the city, you could just march the troops somewhere else, even if you didn’t rally, but this would be a problem.

  • You can’t teleport anywhere while you’re marching your troops.
  • If the troops are attacked just in time to get back to the city, they can’t escape.
  • If you set up a camp – Camps are not suitable for defense because they are attackable.
  • If you send in a Resource Tile – Same as above.
  • Alliance Resource Tiles cannot be attacked, so you are safe while you are there. However, they could be targeted for timing back to the city.

The biggest advantage of ghosting in a Rally

Easy to move around.

If you cancel a rally, your troops will return to the city at that moment and you can do the following

  • If the enemy has an opening, you can attack immediately by bringing your troops back instantly.
  • If you want to help an ally in battle in the distance, you can instantly bring your troops back and teleport them to help.

Can I Teleport during a Rally?

Can’t do it. Be aware that you will have to cancel all rallies.

How to Rally

Rally to Cities and Buildings

Press a city on the map, then press “Declare War” in the menu. > “60 Minute(s)” > Select your troops and press “March”.

Rally to the Boss Monster

Press the boss on the map, then press “Attack” in the menu. > “Alliance War” in the bottom right corner of the screen > “60 Minute(s)” > Select your troops and press “March”.

How to Cancel a Rally

In the upper left corner of the map screen, there is a march bar. (“Rallying Troops hh:mm:ss”) Press the blue “<<” to the right of that bar.

If you need to send out more than one unit to ghost all your troops, the march bar in the top left corner of the map screen will be lined up for as many bars as you’ve rallied.

The problem with this is that you won’t know which bar is the main unit. So if you ghost only the main unit in 30 minutes, you won’t get lost when it’s time to cancel the rally.

(With the 3.87.7 update on 4/9/2021, the General icon is now displayed in the march bar, so this hassle is no longer necessary.)

It’s Best to Rally to the Boss Monster

Rallying to a boss monster consumes stamina, but rallying to a city does not consume stamina. With all this in mind, rallying to the city is better, but there is a problem.

The enemy will know how much strength you have

When you rally to an enemy city, at that moment, that enemy will be alerted. The enemy would then be able to see what troops you sent to rally (number of troops, troop type). (From the bottom right corner of the screen, Alliance > Alliance War) If you’re rallying against a boss monster, this won’t happen.

Shields are deactivated

Rallying to a building such as a city, temple, or throne will deactivate the shield, but if you’re rallying to a boss monster, you can ghost with the shield up.

If you’re rallying to a City, make it a Non-Allied City

If you rally to an enemy city, all members of the alliance the enemy is in will be able to see your troop formation.

In the Battle of Constantinople, you have no choice but to rally to an enemy city or building because there are no boss monsters, but otherwise, rally to a boss monster or non-allied city.

What happens if you get sent flying while you’re ghosting? Any other notes?

Even if you’re ghosting, the HP of the walls decreases when you’re attacked. And when the HP reaches zero you are sent somewhere on the map.

Also, if you are attacked repeatedly, even if your HP does not drop to zero, you will be sent flying. (Usually 10 times / Once in the forests around the City of Throne / 3 times in the battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople)

In this case, all the troops you had sent to the rally are returned to the city. (Still, if you are sending troops to occupy a temple or throne, or if you are sending troops to gather resources, your troops will be returned to the city as well.)

Ghost cities are usually ignored (because attacking them doesn’t score enemies.) But some enemies will fly you to zero HP and instantly search for you by Arrest Warrant and follow you with a teleportation to hit you where your troops have returned to the city.

Therefore, make an immediate decision to instantly re-ghost or teleport to a different location.

What happens if a boss or city disappears while ghosting?

If you are rallying to a boss, the boss may be defeated by another player. Also, if you are rallying to a city, the city may teleport somewhere, or be attacked and sent somewhere else with zero HP.

In these cases, don’t worry, the ghosts will not be canceled and will remain intact.

What happens if an alliance member joins the rally for ghosts?

As with any normal rally, it’s as follows

  • A troop of alliance members will march towards your city.
  • Until an alliance member’s troops arrive in your city, a line of march will be displayed between your city and his city.

It’s important to note that because the line of march is displayed, it’s easy for the enemy to find out where your city is located. (Especially in the battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople.)

Therefore, you want to prevent alliance members from participating in ghost rallies, but unfortunately, the in-game features are not a perfect countermeasure. At the very least, it’s a good idea to take care of the following

  • Turn off chat notifications for the start of rallies in the options settings.
  • Create an unspoken rule within the alliance that normal monster hunting rallies should only be 5 minutes long, and that long rallies = ghosts.

Advance Preparation is important

If you don’t know where your ghost destination is, you won’t be able to ghost and you will be beaten immediately. You should bookmark the bosses and non-aligned cities you want to ghost in advance.

Note that when you go to an enemy server in a server war, you will not be able to ghost a boss or city on your own server.

What happens if you get Scouted while you’re ghosting?

The enemy can only know how many troops you have in the city by scouting. Therefore, if you are rallying all your troops, your troops will be reported to the enemy as 0. If there are any troops left in the city, that number will be reported.

Basic Technique “Counterattack”

If an enemy attacks while you are ghosting, if you think you can win, cancel the ghost at that moment and win in defense.

(Advanced players will then turn on the setting “All automatic fight for other Cities” for the subordinate cities to enter the battle at that time. (The reason for this is to activate the debuff effect. (Assign a general with the debuff as a mayor in advance.))

However, in many cases, if you ghost all your troops, the enemy won’t attack much. Therefore, the following application techniques are important.

Applied technique “Dare to leave some”

It’s a technique of setting a trap and catching them.

You dare to leave a few troops behind to make them look weak and make them want to attack you. Then, at the right moment to attack, you instantly bring your troops back and return them in defense.

You can simply leave a small amount of troops behind, or you can leave only certain troop types behind, which works well. (For example, ghosting only ranged troops to make it look like there are more ground troops in the city. By doing so, you can make the enemy want to attack with cavalry and bring back the ranged troops the moment they attack).


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Bonjour, j’apprécie beaucoup vos articles et je m’en sers énormément.
Si non, j’ai une question: Quand faut-il être prêt pour la guerre svs ?
quelle puissance de troupe il faut pour la guerre et le niveau du jeu moyen??

> Hello, I really appreciate your articles and I use them a lot.
If not, I have a question: When should we be ready for svs war?
what troop power it takes for war and average game level??
It depends on how many heavy payers are on the server, but in most cases, it is better to start practicing PvP at about king castle level k20, and then start to increase t10 soldiers from k25 for serious PvP. In the beginning, it is best to avoid making a large number of t9 and below. It will interfere with ghosting.

Nice to meet you ☺️
I often visit your site and learn a lot from you.
I have a question about SVS.
I was 8th in the personal ranking in my first SVS and 6th in the last one.
I am working hard to get the Wings of Ares next time, but I didn’t know that the “source of life” can be saved by research in the first battle and I wasted it 😭.
I am in the process of saving up now without paying bills, but currently I only have about 350.
My level is k32 and I use Elektra and Charles. I would like to disclose any other information you need.
Please could you please lend me your wisdom?
SVS is only 6 days away.
Thank you in advance 🙇🙇.

Are you asking for tips on how to get into the top 5 in SvS?

Unless you are the top player in your server, getting to the top of the SvS rankings is inevitably a matter of luck. (The strength of the enemy servers and how motivated the rivals within your server are.)

Basically, you have to keep an eye on the alliance ranking screen of the enemy server and chase after the enemies who come to your server.
You should also monitor each alliance territory on the enemy server and try to attack to bubble downed castle, but the former is more profitable when the server is young.

I took 5th place on k27 when the top players on my server were k32-35. Usually the top players dominated 5th place, but at that time the enemy was strong and they were not very motivated, so I thought this was my chance and just monitored the alliance rankings of the enemy servers. I think I beat most of the enemies of the same rank or lower that came to our server. I also hit the bubbled down castles on the enemy server, but the score I got from defeating the enemies that came to our server was by far the highest.

Also, you could work with your friends in the alliance and ask them to act as decoys. I would hit enemies who came to attack the decoys, or swap (the decoys would teleport out the moment an enemy march came toward the decoys, and you would teleport to the location and defend it).

Also, basically attacking, not defending.
With k32, there is no sub-city debuff, so if there are many enemies stronger than you (k33 and above), only the enemies will have a strong debuff. In this case, it is too risky to earn points on defense and not recommended.

Can you ghost your troops if you are not in any alliance? Do you have the alliance war 60 mins option to ghost if you are not in any alliance? how do you ghost the troops in this case, can you teach me?

I understand how ghosting works as a defensive strategy, and I’m getting better at using it. I’m not sure how you can attack someone who is ghosting and have it could for anything.

Black castle on our server he has and has all troops ghosted,
If I attack I lose troops to his traps,
Trying to time an attack so it hot just t an attack returns from a march is hard to time because can ghost very quickly, or immediately march somewhere else. So how do you attack someone who is ghosting and have it count for anything ie troop kills is all that counts in SvS.


Our server attacks us during SvS, even waiting for someone to unbubble. I don’t understand because we are supposed to be playing as a team against the other server. They say it is so the other server won’t get points, but we teleport to the other server to battle, yet still get attacked by our own server. Is this how it is supposed to be played or are we being bullied by some our servers bigger players. We are also told to get a 3 day bubble and don’t participate in SvS, let the big players participate. How can we learn to play if we’re being told not to? Is this how the SvS competition is supposed to be played?

Hello,to be fair we have the same rule in my server: purging before the SVS and let the big players do the job so we dont give them free points. I once tried to attack other people from the other server during SVS and immediatly got attacked from one of them so its really risky…

2 hours before svs there is what we call purge done by R5 and R4 they are allowed to hit other players that are not bubbled then when svs start it’s all man for himself ur server R5 or R4 is not supposed to attack you guys

Sir Bedevere

The so-called server purge is a standard tactic to deny points otherwise obtainable by the enemy. If you can be attacked by your own server, then it follows you can be attacked by the enemy server. The advice for small fry to 3-day bubble is sound. Let your big guys carry the fight and do not undermine their progress by getting zapped. You can still help by spotting for your server. Serve picket duty by porting next to your temples and deny the enemy from getting close. Make them burn speedups. Because of the stakes in SvS, practice in the Battleground. It is far more forgiving as you do not lose troops or RSS.


Hello, does the 10x force port counter reset? I’ve been Googling but haven’t found this addressed anywhere.

Background – I went unbubbled, ghosted my troops and set a trap. An enemy (“Bob”) came and attacked me 3x, then an ally saw it and responded to him. Nice win for us. But, Bob still hung around our city and kept scouting me. I finally bubbled when my teammate warned Bob was trying to force port me.

Did setting my bubble reset the force port counter to 0?
Can Bob come back and attack me 7x the next time I’m unbubbled to force port me?
Does my counter reset to 0 after x hours of not being attacked?
Is it only Bob who can attack me 10x to force port me? Or can he and his ally buddies get 10 attacks in for the force port? (I think it’s the latter.)

Great website, very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Question: I have reached a point where I now have over 17 million troops. Ghosting is no longer an option. Do you have or can make an article laying out tips, tricks and tactics for larger players in PVP, please?

At this time, we do not have any yet. Here is a little more information

### Attacks
Continuous attack is the basic principle. The process is omitted depending on the difference between you and the enemy.
Shortest: Archer -> Infantry or Cavalry
Longest: Small siege -> Big siege -> Archer -> Cavalry -> Infantry
Small Siege (t11 siege main): eliminate enemy siege
Big Siege (t13 siege main): eliminate enemy archers
Archers: Eliminate enemy cavalry & archers
Cavalry: Eliminate enemy infantry & cavalry
Infantry: Deliver the coup de grace

Depending on the size of your castle or your preference, decide if mounted troops ghosting should be your main tactic.
If you ghost cavalry, refine infantry defense & HP, and unghost if the enemy attacks with cavalry or infantry.
If you don’t want to ghost cavalry, refine infantry or cavalry defense, and cavalry HP, and change defender when cavalry is depleted. to Infantry Defender or Infantry Attacker.


I’m a k33 , what’s the best numbers of layers for my pvp ranged march !? , I can’t find an article about it here


I’m attacking the enemy and my soldiers are getting hit in return. Is there any way to avoid getting hit in return?

Hello. I’m learning a lot, thank you.
My question is, when a soldier is wiped out in the battlefield, they are sent to the hospital, but my hospital takes like 20 days to heal, and I can’t move at all. Is there any other way to heal them? Is there any way to use the Battlefield Hospital?

By occupying the crystal mine at the right time, you can use the battlefield buff. If you can choose to heal your troops with that buff, you will be able to heal a percentage of your troops.
While occupying a battlefield hospital, the healing speed will be increased.

Only heal a couple of t1s at a time to send to buildings during battlefield.

In the battle of Constantinople, there is always a continuous rally attack on me from the knight’s hall, and no matter where I run away, the pursuers come forever (my keep and monarch level are both 25). Is the only way to stop this is for me to enter the hall and stay there?

When one should be ready for svs war?
Means his keep level and troop power.

I just experienced the Battle of Constantinople for the first time. I was shocked and searched for some helpful explanations and came across this site.
I didn’t understand the meaning of ghosting, but the explanation on this site helped me understand it better.
Thank you very much.

I have a question.
If I am locked on by the Knights in Constantinople, how do I deal with it so that I lose the least amount of points?

Teleport and dodge.
Provoke the enemy to attack you on purpose and have you fly away.
Ghost all the troops before the Knights attack you.
Don’t make too many traps as they will be destroyed by boc knights.
I think that’s about it.


I turned off the cheering setting for the subordinate cities, but they just came in and died.🥺 Is this a glitch?

The newly obtained subordinate cities seem to default to having both checked. With the overall checkbox unchecked, uncheck the checkboxes for the newly acquired subordinate cities. You may want to confirm this by checking and unchecking the overall checkbox.
If you get a new subordinate city in a sub-account and loot the resources with the overall checkbox unchecked, the mayor of the newly acquired subordinate city is usually dead.
So you should always make sure to check the newly acquired subordinate cities.
Sorry if my answer is off the mark.

Since this week’s SVS, my defense generals have died many times during ghosting, did Evony change the specs? Also, there are reports in the community of other countries that generals with lvl 10 dragons die.
I am a weak account with low power, so I can’t fight in SVS properly with this situation.
I have sent a ticket to CS for confirmation.
This is a serious situation.

In this SVS of ours, a similar thing happened during ghosting.
It was an attack from K35, but I was also K33 and my defender had more than 4M power, but he died in one hit.
The defender was killed while 4 players were ghosting, as far as I know.
We were then intensively attacked by multiple enemy players, and after being deported, we were targeted and shot at in our own server.
Some players were lucky enough to get their bubbles in time, but in my case, the screen didn’t switch over and I was attacked while I was waiting.
Since there were no defenders, the entire army was wiped out in one blow.
The same pattern was seen in everyone else’s game, so I think this was a crime of confidence.
I’ ve been asking CS about this, but I haven’t gotten a clear answer yet.

I checked some of the battle reports, and I have seen the Defense General alive until 9/19, and dead on 10/3 and 10/16. I haven’t gotten an answer from the Ebony team, but for now, I think the only way is to remove the Defense General from the ghost during SvS.

Also, the battle report when attacked while ghosting has also changed. The report content is no longer known, so checking the defense buff value is now a bit of a hassle😓


It seems that only Chalons and Battlefield are not displayed in the defense report at the time of the ghost of the whole army. It was normal in SVS. I will be attending Chalons again tomorrow, so I would like to check the report at that time.

This weekend i will first time participate in SVS. Can i teleport on enemy server while my troops are ghosting or port myself back to my server while ghosting (to use truce if someone stronger than me chasing me)
Do my server and i get points if i attack untagged players on enemy server?
Thanks in advance.


This is a clear thorough article about ghosting your troops in battlefield and enemy’s server. I read it several times, first time was to know what is ghosting, then after practiced once in BoG, I came back read it again. Everytime I learned new things from it. I found out your site has so many tips and basic information about almost everything. I like your site, now I leave this site open all the time so I can easily get help.

Do you think you may add an article introducing traps? I got confused about the traps type and attack power. My traps almost wiped out during BoC by King Arthur, I need to rebuild them.

Hi, I’d like to learn more about the arsenal.
I would appreciate it if you could set up a new page or something.


Thank you very much for your help.
Are there any advantages or effective uses of camping?

I always refer to this site. Regarding ghosts, I heard the word “port swap” from alliance members, but I don’t understand. Can you tell me if you know?

A PvP technique that has nothing to do with ghosts.
1. Prepare player A as a decoy and player B as a powerful player who actually fights.
2. The moment an enemy attacks A, A will teleport somewhere else, and B will teleport to where A was.
3. Then, B, not A, is attacked and a defensive battle is fought.


I don’t understand how to ghost all your troops. Currently I can’t even ghost half of them with 5 marches.

I liked your articles and the way they explain things, really benefited. Thank you. I approved them as a reference

I tried one to cancel my ghost when somebody wanted to force port me because i was sure that I’m gonna win but there was a problem. I removed the wall general because obviously you don’t want your general to die or get captured when you’re ghosting so when i cancelled my ghost there was no general on the wall and my troops were very week. Putting general on the wall, cancelling the rally and activating the subs are time consuming so when the enemy rapid attacking your city there is chance the you couldn’t cancel the rally in time and your general or your subs generals get killed.


Your site is very easy to understand and very helpful. I have read every page carefully. I have never participated in the battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople, as our alliance is currently in 11th place, and I’m trying to get into the top 10. I hope to have a commentary page for these two battles.

Nice to meet you, I’m new to evony. I finally understand what a ghost is.
Maybe it’s a silly question, but is it possible for someone to attack a boss monster in a rally? In that case, will the troops in ghosting be automatically withdrawn?

It is possible to attack the boss during a rally, but even if the boss is defeated, the ghost will not be canceled. 🙂
In addition, if you ghost to an enemy city and the city teleports somewhere or is sent away with zero HP, the ghost remains intact.
(I have reflected your questions in the article 🤗)


Sorry. I don’t really understand how to use the Arrest Warrant. Please instruct me on when to use it.


Thanks for the clear explanation.
When I used ghosts in Constantinople and Gaugamela, it was common for alliance members to join a rally, get caught in a location and attacked, ghost forced out, get chased by an arrangement and get wiped out…

It happens. 😅
I used to tell every member at the start of every battle that “my rally is a ghost so don’t go in”, but it didn’t work so I stopped 😂.
(I’ve received some good inspiration and I’ve added it to the text ☺️)

This is my first time reading a game guide other than LOBI.
All the sections are very thorough and easy to understand.
I will use it as a reference.


This is always very helpful. Thank you! Let me ask you one question.

What happens if I am sending soldiers to the Temple or the throne and I am ghosting the rest of the troops and I get sent away? Will those soldiers be automatically withdrawn as well?

Thank you for reading this too. 🙂

Yes, sir. You will be deported to your own city.

So even if you have troops in a building and occupy it, if you are sent flying, you will get it back first.

Conversely, if you are occupied by the enemy, if you fly to their original city, it will be empty.


Thank you. I look forward to seeing more new articles in the future ☺️

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