Fastest & Cheapest Way to Level Up Monarch Gear

Monarch gear can be leveled up by one by composing three gears of the same level. However, if you want to make one level 5 gear, for example, you will need 81 level 1 gears.

If you collect monarch gear this way, even new players who pay little or no money will be able to get all their monarch gear to level 5 in a month or two; some players have gotten all their gear to level 6 in 3-4 months, so give it a try.

The Basic Method

  1. Patrol incessantly.
  2. Buy as much monarch gear as possible when it appears on the black market.
  3. Turn Wheel of Fortune every day.

The above three points are the main ones, but patrols are by far the most important.

Don’t buy from the store

The cost of buying them in the store is below, but patrols are significantly cheaper.

  • Lv1 gear costs 200 gems per piece (300 gems for Ares gear only).
  • Trying to make one Lv3 gear requires 9 Lv1 gears, so you need 1,800 gems. (Ares gear costs 2,700 gems.)

1. Patrol incessantly

All you have to do is just keep on refreshing with gold until you get a gear, and when you get one, buy it for 30 gems. That’s all you have to do. (By the way, if you find purple or orange items other than gears, you should buy them because they’re a bargain.)

You will need to refresh about 30 to 100 times a day.

About 100 refreshes will get you 30-40 pieces of gear for around 1,000 gems.

In actuality, I got the following for 100 patrols.

  • 10 Lv3 Gears
  • 30 Lv1 Gears

These costs are as follows.

  • 600,000 gold (1 refresh 10,000 gold x 60 times)
  • 1,200 Gems (1 purchase & 1 refresh 30 Gems x 40 times)


If you have the same number of items in the store

24,000 gems (or more if you have Ares gear)

If you buy 10 lv3 gear on the black market (you can’t buy lv1 gear)

About 3,000-6,000 gems

2. Buy as much monarch gear as possible when it appears on the Black Market

Lv3 gear will appear randomly on the black market.

The price is about 200-600 gems per item. (Detailed list here – Black Market Products List )

It’s not as good as Patrol, but if you buy them in the store, they cost 1,800 gems each (2,700 gems for Ares Gear), so they’re a bargain.

Important – “Intellect Crown” and “Strength Crown” should not be bought on the black market. (For some reason, they cost the same amount as the store, 1,800 gems.)

3. Turn Wheel of Fortune every day

It’s not efficient, but you’ll get random Lv2 and Lv3 gear. Wheel of Fortune is also a quota for the tavern activity, so try to spin 10-20 every day. (10 spins, 900 chips, once or twice daily.)



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I have a question about monarch gear (weapons).
The equipment for level 8 ground is marked as 50% ground attack and +80 ground attack. A level 5 dagger is marked as 37% ground attack when attacking.
The dagger was obtained by paying for it. It looks weak because it is lower level and has inferior numbers compared to the unpaid one. But how is it really?

As you might guess, a level 5 dagger is weaker than a level 8 staff.
If the dagger and staff are at the same level, or if the dagger level is “staff -1”, then the dagger has a higher buff than the staff. However, since the dagger is a marching buff, it does not activate when defending a castle or when reinforcing an ally’s castle.
There is no advantage to using the dagger unless the dagger level is “staff -1” or higher.

make sure you try to hit the world boss during the event and easily get 80 lvl 1 gear chest

Kristhor (311)

After spending 2000 gems every day for patrolling gear, for past month… It seems to me that every day, there is a certain gear set that you can get from patrolling. Has anyone experienced this?

You also get chests fighting against the world boss. If you’re one of the top twenty you get a lvl 5 gear. Has somebody more information on that?


I guess it’s bad I didn’t read this before and now have level 9 gear lmfao

If you scroll up a little on the monarch gear synthesis screen, you will see an interface that spins around on the bottom. This shows that the maximum level is 15.

Just wanted to mention this – if you claim speedup chests, they will randomly contain level 1 gear chests. They can be found randomly in small or large speedup chests.


This is like maths for me before read this article now is looking very simple thanks to you


Is monarch limited to level 6? I haven’t seen any higher gear so confused as another player has stated he has level 9.
Cheers 🍻


I always look forward to the updates.
Ever since I saw this, I’ve been patrolling every day.
I’m going to be the fastest level 5!

Good luck with that 🙂
When I first started this game I thought “I can’t do level 5…”, but once I realized how to do it, it was surprisingly easy to do so 🙂

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