How to use Monarch Gear, which Beginners Tend to Make Mistakes

Monarch gear can enhance speed and other effects in a variety of situations, including battle and city development.

But are you using them in the following ways? Unfortunately, all of this is moot.

Wrong way to use it

  • Only equip gear that you like all the time.
  • To speed up construction, equip a Strength Crown from the time you start to finish building something.
  • To increase the speed of resource gathering, equip crystals the entire time your troop is in the resource area.
  • To increase the amount of resources you carry, equip the Loyalty Horn for the entire time your troop is in the resource area.
  • To speed up the march, equip the Courage Horn from the time they leave until they arrive.

Correct usage A: “Change it often and frequently”

This is the first thing that matters.

  1. Situations to replace crowns – when constructing, researching, creating equipment, training troops, healing troops, building traps.
  2. Situations to replace crystals – when gathering resources or producing.
  3. Situations to replace staffs, grails and decorations – when hunting monsters or PvP (Player vs Player).

However, as for the third one, it’s a hassle because there are many things to replace it with as follows.

  • When hunting monsters, equip cavalry-type gear (Thunder Staff, Thunder Grail, Thunder Decoration).
  • When PvP (Player vs Player), equip the gear that corresponds to the main unit’s specialty. (If you are a ranged squad, equip the Wind Staff, Wind Grail and Wind Decoration.)

For this, you can create and save presets for your gear combinations, so make the most of them. (You can save and recall your presets by opening the gear equipment screen and pressing the armor symbol in the upper left corner.)

Correct Use B: “Put it on for a moment, when you need it”

That’s another important point. You don’t have to leave it on for a long time.

Gears to put on for a moment, when you need it

  • Crown
  • Horn
  • Resource Recovery Crystals (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire)

Note – The exceptions to this are Crystals for Speeding Up Production, which are used by leaving them on.

Basic Pattern

For example, if you want to increase your construction speed, you would equip a Strength Crown, but

  • You must equip it only when you start construction.
  • If you equip it after you start construction, it will not have any effect.
  • You can take it off as soon as you start construction.

The same applies to the following cases

  • When Researching (Intellect Crown)
  • When Crafting equipment (Agile Crown)
  • When Training troops (Martial Crown)
  • When Healing troops (Medicine Crown)
  • When Building trap (Durable Crown)
  • When Marching (War Horn (March Size Capacity), Courage Horn(March Speed))

Other Patterns

The following will need a few additions.

  • Increased marching speed to monsters (Justice Horn)
  • Increasing the amount of resources carried (Loyalty Horn)
  • Increased speed of resource gathering (Light, Wood, Thunder, and Golden Crystals)

Increasing March Speed to Monsters

  • To increase the “going” march speed, you must equip it before the troops leave.
  • To increase the “return” march speed, you must equip it when your troop reaches the monster.

Increasing the Amount of Resources Carried and the Speed of Gathering.

To achieve these effects, you must be equipped when you “arrive” at the resource tile.

You can take them off in the following cases

  • After arriving at a resource tile.
  • While on your way to a resource tile. (But be aware that if you arrive with it off, you won’t get the effect.)
  • Before the troops leave the city for the resource tile. (However, if you don’t equip them before they leave, you won’t know how many troops you need or how long it will take to gather resources, so in that aspect, it’s better to equip them.)


  • As soon as all the troops arrive at the resource tile, you can equip them with production-type crystals.
  • It’s more efficient to send multiple units out for resource gathering at about the same time, and then replace them with the appropriate crystals for each resource tile before each unit arrives at the resource tile.
Supplement – Display Bug 1, which occurs when gear is removed while gathering resources

During resource gathering, if you tap a resource tile on the map and press Details, the gathering speed and the gathering amount will be displayed.

However, the information on this screen is not correct.

If you equip a horn of increased carrying capacity (Loyalty Horn) or a crystal of increased gathering speed when you arrive at the resource tile, and then remove those gears while gathering, the speed displayed on the detail screen above will slow down and the amount of gathering shown will decrease.

However, in reality, this does not change.

It is only when you arrive at the resource tile that the gathering time and amount are determined.

  • The gathering time shown on the march bar in the upper left corner of the map is correct. Removing a crystal during the gathering process will not increase the time displayed on the march bar, and the troop will return immediately when the time display reaches zero.
  • If you remove the horn while gathering, the gathering result report will be the same as if you keep it on.
Supplement – Display Bug 2, which occurs when gear is removed while gathering resources

There is also a display bug as follows.

  1. Arriving at a resource tile with a horn of increased carrying capacity (Loyalty horn) equipped.
  2. Remove the horn during the gathering process.
  3. Then, the amount gathered (denominator) displayed on the detail screen of the resource tile will decrease.
  4. The amount gathered progresses and exceeds the denominator of 3. (The gathering continues)
  5. Tap the resource tile on the map, and then tap Details.
  6. The detail screen is not displayed.

In this case, equip the horn again, and it will be fixed.





I am confused on best way to install monarch gear. Use compose or compose all ,sometimes I feel like i’m wasting gear.

Which monarch gear works best when exploring ruins for the first time?


Подскажите пожалуйста, как снаряд ть монаха для сбора кристалов(гемов)

> Please tell me how to equip a monk to collect crystals (gems)

The only effective way to gather gems is with the Loyalty Horn. It reduces the number of troops needed to carry them.

شكرا لك أخي على المجهودات الجبارة التي تقوم بها
سؤال واحد فقط وارجو الرد منك ؟؟
انا العب هذه اللعبة منذ شهر و النمو بطيء حيث قوتي بلغت 16 متر فقط وانا لا اقوم بشراء الحزم …بمعنى لا انوي شراء في اللعبة
هل تنصحني بالاستمرار باللعب او التوقف مع العلم الذي لايشحن لايستطيع المواصلة صحيح ام لا وشكرا لك أخي واصل 👍

Hi there. Thanks for the really handy guide. Really appreciate all the work!

I have a question about march speed vs march speed to monsters, and the various equipment modifiers (courage vs justice horn; bow vs spear). The easiest way, I think, is to summarise my particular case.

I’m a lvl21 keep focused on steady growth. I avoid PVP and instead rely on monster hunting to gain RSS, EXP, gold and chest goodies (speed ups, material chests, etc.) I am really lucky to be part of an active alliance with a bunch of keep lvl30+ players who rally constanly and don’t mind lower level players sending a single troop with a general. Generally, rallies are against lvl12 and lower bosses, with a few fafnirs and behemoths from time to time To give an idea of scale, I average 30k prestige a day (that’s a lot of monsters!)

I am still learning the ropes but my focus has been on making my participation in alliance wars vs bosses as efficient as possible in terms of (i) resources gained from bosses and (ii) time taken (as I’m not leading the rallies, I have no control over the time taken to get to a monster (unless I use a troop march speedup anyway), only the return time).

In terms of maximising battle rewards from bosses, I am running two Cleopatras (until Baibars shows up in my tavern) with the max level and upgraded ring I can forge (currently Fearless King’s Ring) to maximise double-drop chances. My primary Cleopatra also has a bird of hurricane, upgraded to give a further 7% double-drop chance. So, in total, she currently has a 53% double items drop rate. Nice!

In terms of time taken per rally (on the basis that the quicker the turnaround between rallies, the more rallies I can take part in and the more battle rewards I can accumulate), my go to monarch equipment is a lvl6 justice horn (March speed to monsters: +66%), while I have my Cleopatras equipped with maxed our King’s Spears (March speed to monsters: +50%) as well as Courageous King’s Boots (March speed: +25%).

My question (finally!) is this: am I getting it wrong? Does the justice horn and spear only affect march speed TO monsters (and as I’m not leading the rallies, this effectively makes no difference)? Or does this equipment also affect the return march speed FROM rallies (when it’s every man for himself)? Or, if what I’m interested in is my return march speed, should I instead be using the courage horn (march speed) and bow (straight march speed modifier) rather than spear?

I am sorry for the super-long post/question. I hope I’ve at least been clear in what I’m asking, and I’d be really grateful for any thoughts. I’ve done a lot of Googling/Redditing around this, and it’s surprising how little solid information is out there!

Hi, AxelCat. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. 😃
The Justice Horn and the Spear affect not only the “to” speed to the monster, but also the “return” marching speed.
And with the same level of Justice Horn and Courage Horn, Spear and Bow, the “March Speed to Monsters” is faster than the “March Speed”.
Therefore, you should equip the Justice Horn and the Spear. 😃
In addition, please take a look at the following article as it may be helpful.
How to increase March Speed

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Super interesting: since yesterday, I’ve switched to Courage Horn and Bow and managed to convince myself that my return march speed from rallies is faster. Lol.

I will try and do some proper testing over the next few days and report back!

Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

Wow, you are in the exact same boat as I am. Thanks you both for the great article & question & reply. This will help me tremendously. You are both gifted writers.

I think monster march speed will work when you toward to monster and back. So i recommend to use Justice Horn


I’m always grateful for the information you provide. I would like to ask one question.
When gathering resources, if I increase the number of troops, the number of time required stops at a certain point. What is the meaning of this? Does it mean that it is useless to increase the number of troops beyond the point where it stops? I want to make sure that I don’t fail to gather all the resources, is that okay?

If you have the number of troops at the point where time stops increasing, you will be able to gather all the resources.
There is no point in adding more troops.

I have a question about relics.
In Relics, the exploration time changes depending on the number of alliance members exploring, right?

I assume that the exploration time is recalculated based on the arrival and departure of alliance members, but does the time depend on the gear I am wearing when it is recalculated? Or does it continue to be based on the gear I’m wearing when my troops arrive at the relics?

I don’t know much about relics, because the exploration time for relics can be extended or reduced, and unlike resource tiles, the amount of resources I bring back is indefinite.
Please let me know if you know.


I’d also like to know if there’s any analysis of the effects of the staff, grail, and decorations!
Does it reflect what is set when the troops go out, or does it reflect what is set the moment the troops arrive at the monster or enemy city?

I’m sorry for repeating myself. I piggyback on him above and ask you, the admin.
I would like to ask a question about the note on this page, “War Horn (March Size Capacity), which are used by leaving them on.”
I’d like to ask a question about this.
In order to collect as much resources as possible at the relics, I often equip the “War Horn” before departure and change to the “Loyalty Horn” after departure.
Since the number of troops does not seem to have decreased after the change, I thought that I only had to wear the war horn when I left, but is this also a bug that does not show up correctly?

Thank you for pointing that out😃.
I’m sorry, I didn’t write it well. 😓
War Horn is effective if equipped when the troops depart.
You can take it off after the troops have departed, no problem.

Nice to meet you. I’m always grateful to see your work.

Have the specifications of the monarch gear been changed recently?
If I put on or take off the crystal or the Loyalty horn while gathering resources, the buff (the green number in “Gathering Speed”) and the amount carried (the denominator in “Gathered Resources”) will change.

I think you’re referring to the screen that appears when you tap a resource tile on the map and press “Details”.
It’s not that the specs have changed, it’s just an old display bug. 😅 (I checked again today just to be sure.)
I’ve added the details at the end of the article, so have a look.

I see. It was a bug, wasn’t it? Thank you for adding a clear explanation as soon as possible. 😊


I was impressed with what a clear and well explained guide you’ve created! I’ve been thinking “maybe this is how it’s going to be…” but now I’ve learned a lot of things from you. Thank you very much😊.


I’ve been looking forward to your updates!
I hadn’t thought of changing the gears, I hadn’t thought of that.
I will put this technique to good use.
Thank you!


Thank you for your reply!
I don’t really understand the concept of transportation.
I would be very happy if you could write down what transportation is and when to use it.

So the transportation here is to bring back resources from the resource tiles.
If you equip the Horn of Loyalty, you can increase the amount of transport without increasing the number of troops.
For example, if you have 200 infantrymen and the amount of resources you can gather is 1,800, equipping the Horn will increase it to 2,400, and so on.
So, in other words, the number of troops needed to gather resources will be less 🙂


Thanks for the reply! Thank you for the very clear explanation. So, Attila was a great character.

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