List of Best Generals (9/23 update)

9/23/2021 – Added Ashoka
9/18/2021 – Added generals that are now available in relics in “pay no money” section.
8/11/2021 – Added debuff content to all mayor generals.
8/8/2021 – Changed the assumptions of “1. If you pay no money”

First of all, the basics are:

  • Only the golden historic general should be hired.
  • Most historic general who come to tavern are useless.
  • If tavern level is over 21 (24 or higher recommended), it is relatively easy for a gold historic general to appear.
  • “Great General Chest” must be opened every day. (Daily activity needs to reach 145 points)

Who you hire depends a lot on how much you charge. (There are generals who can’t be obtained without charging.)

1. If you pay no money

– General – Only generals available in the Tavern / Great General Chest / Relics.
– Specialty – Only the 3 left are considered. (Reference: Specialty Guide)

  • Ranged General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Elektra
    • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
    • Gwanggaeto the Great
  • Mounted General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Roland
    • Martinus
    • Li Jing
    • Hannibal
  • Ground General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Trajan
  • Siege General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Defense General (PvP) (Detailed Comparison)
    • Joseph E. Johnston (Ranged+Siege)
    • Ly Thuong Kiet (Ranged)
    • Trần Hưng Đạo (Siege)
    • Trajan (Ground)
  • Defense General (Production)
    • Shajar al-Durr
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Attack)
    • Mansa Musa – All -10%
    • Andrew Jackson – Ranged -20%
    • Arminius – Ranged & Siege -15%
    • Wei Qing – Ground & Mounted -15%
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Defense, HP)
    • Empress Dowager Cixi – All Defense -15%, Ground Defense -15%
    • Nero – All HP -15%
    • (Andrew Jackson – Mounted HP -20%)
    • (Arminius – Ground, Mounted HP -10%)
  • Boss / Monster Hunter (Detailed Comparison)
    • If your primary concern is attack strength, the mounted generals listed above.
    • Baibars (Double-item-drop)
    • Cleopatra (Double-item-drop)
    • Nathanael Greene (Reduce Stamina’s cost)
  • Resource Gathering
    • Queen Jindeok
  • Duty Officer
    • Stables – Oleg of Novgorod
    • Archer Camp – John I of Portugal
    • Barracks – Abd al-Rahman I
    • Archer Tower – Ban Chao
    • Trap Factory – Askia Muhammad I

2. If you pay a lot of money

– General – All
– Specialty – Maximize all 4. (Reference: Specialty Guide)

  • Ranged General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Simeon the Great
    • Alfred the Great
    • Tomyris
    • Elektra
    • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Mounted General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Hannibal
    • Martinus
    • Roland
  • Ground General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Scipio Africanus
    • Carus
  • Siege General (Detailed Comparison)
    • Ramesses II
  • Defense General (PvP) (Detailed Comparison)
    • Joseph E. Johnston (Ranged+Siege)
    • Zachary Taylor (Ranged)
    • Trần Hưng Đạo (Siege)
    • Leonidas I (Ground)
  • Defense General (Production)
    • Shajar al-Durr
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Attack)
    • Jester – All -15%
    • Harald – All -10%
    • Mansa Musa – All -10%
    • Margaret I – All -10% / Mounted -20%
    • Constantine the Great – Ground & Mounted -20%
    • Baldwin IV – Ranged -30% / Siege -20%
    • Cnut the Great – Ranged -25%
    • Andrew Jackson – Ranged -20%
    • Amr ibn al-As – Ranged & Siege -15% / Ground -25%
    • Arminius – Ranged & Siege -15%
    • Flavius Aetius – Siege -20%
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Defense, HP)
    • Empress Dowager Cixi – All Defense -15% / Ground Defense -15%
    • Nero – All HP -15%
    • (Harald – All HP -10%)
    • (Cnut the Great – Ground & Mounted HP -15%)
    • (Arminius – Ground & Mounted HP -10%)
    • (Andrew Jackson – Mounted HP -20%)
    • (Flavius Aetius – Ground HP -20%)
  • Boss / Monster Hunter (Detailed Comparison)
    • If your primary concern is attack strength, the mounted generals listed above.
    • Theodora (Double-item-drop)
    • Baibars (Double-item-drop)
  • Resource Gathering
    • Queen Jindeok
  • Duty Officer
    • Keep – Ashoka, Menshikov, Zhuhe Liang
    • Stables – Oleg of Novgorod
    • Archer Camp – John I of Portugal
    • Barracks – Abd al-Rahman I
    • Workshop – Gwon Ryul
    • Archer Tower – Ban Chao
    • Trap Factory – Askia Muhammad I
    • Hospital – Skanderbeg
    • Rally Spot – Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    • Academy – Eulji Mundeok

If you get a general not on this list

If you get any other golden historic generals other than these early in the game, you may want to raise them as your “temporary” main generals.

Once you have the general you want, you can use him/her in the following ways, so it won’t go to waste.

  • Use as a general for resource gathering.
    • A developed golden historical general has high politics. In other words, they gather resources faster, making them superior to undeveloped Lucy (develope = Leveling up, Enhance, Cultivate). You can check the percentage of gathering speed on the cultivate screen.
    • Ultimately, you should gather resources with the 6 Queen Jindeok, so you can use them as a temporary solution until then.
    • Related: How to get Resources Efficiently (Gathering, Production, Items)

List of All Golden Historic Generals

Please see the following article.





You’re always so helpful!
Thank you.

I put Ban Cho in Archer Tower.
Should I enhance or equip him?
Do the effects of skills and such also apply?


I am always grateful for your help!


This is a great site and I always refer to it. Thank you very much. My question is, I’ve heard that some people spend $10,000 a month, but when you say “pay a lot of money” here, how much do you expect to pay per month?

Is there no topic about best general for monster/boss? Who is the best? Caesar or Aethelflaed?


Theodora is a Gold Historic now being given in Early Game on new servers 600+. She actually looks pretty good. Increase ground and mounted attack by 30%, increase 10% Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters when General is leading the army to attack Monster. Can you please review for inclusion into this list? Thanks!

At the moment, it’s hard to recommend her because I don’t know if she can be given the luck skill.
(I believe the most important thing for a monster-hunting general is double item drops.)
If the luck skill cannot be granted, it is still better to use Cleopatra (20%), which is purple.

I also feel that Theodora’s Specialty is half-baked, so I don’t recommend seriously training her. 🤔
(The first specialty is Ranged Troops Attack increase (NOT MOUNTED TROOPS))

As soon as a member in my alliance told me about Theodora, I asked him to test the possibility of adding skills.
So the result is that basically there is no limit on her. You can add all Luck, Mounted troop attack, Mounted troop attack against monster on her. With Luck and her base skills, her Double drop rate is 3% higher than Baibars. However, the base attributes and increasing attributes per level are both low, when I compare to my Aethelflaed, not to mentioned good general such as Hannibal or Roland. Her Specialties also are not quite focusing (S1 Range atk against monster, S2 Luck, S3 enemy wound to death).
Hence, I think she is appropriate to be a Monster hunter, up to Griffin (B10), and other event monsters such as Goblin 7. For stronger, you should keep using a general with better Mounted specialized.

I want to make my opinion more particular. I think Theodora is good for beginners, when they have almost no good general. Some skills on her would be good. But attribute enhance should stop at +300, and absolutely say NO to her specialties.

Zeias11, thanks for the information.😃

I made a detailed comparison about Boss / Monster Hunter General.
Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

As a result, I’d like to make a few corrections to my opinion.
If you can afford to pay more than $100 a month, then
I can recommend Theodora as a double item drop general.

If you put on the Luck skillbook Lv4, it will surpass the drop rate of Baibars (whose specialty is not yet complete) by itself.
If you can develop a second specialty (luck), the drop rate will increase even more.
(I think Theodora’s specialty is worth developing only the 2nd specialty (luck).)

Baibars and Theodora have the potential to exceed 40% double item drop rate, but Baibars requires the completion of the 4th specialty, and Theodora’s is less difficult than his.
(Still, Aethelfaed and Caesar can only be raised to 33%)

If you are looking for attack first and foremost, Theodora is not recommended, but neither are Aethelflaed and Caesar.
In that case, you should add “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster” and “Mounted Troop Attack” to mounted general like the following.
Best of Mounted PvP General

For more details, please refer to the following article.
Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

Hi, great work. 👍 Can you please answer my question regarding the buff of Gaius Marius? In the first sentence you can read the gathering speed of ore’s increased by 30 %. Afterwards they say the gathering speed of ore’s increased by 15 %. Obviously that doesn’t fit together. Could the 30 % perhaps only apply to the alliance mine? Thank you.

Thank you very much, in this case the translator must be wrong. In my language they say 30 % for ore and 15 % for ore. I controlled it again.

Fahim Nazari

I have Edward the black prince should i keep working on him or not and also for mountain troop i have Yue Fei tell about them please.

It upto what you want. Also Depends on player you are attacking. Max archers you need yue fei (added ground skills) and if mostly mounted work on edward. Its my opinion. Rest upto you.

Hi …
I havent seen on list Wei Qing for Sub City General, He have debuff too
“Reduce enemy ground troops and mounted troops attack by 15% …….”

Added to the “1. If you pay no money” section.
For “2. If you pay a lot of money”, Constantine I is better, so I did not include it. (Enemy ground troops and mounted troops’ attack -20%)


Today we receive the first piece of Yue Fei in our daily general piece section for free. Do you know which generals are available there? You write you have to pay for him.

The generals you can get from the General Chest are listed in the following article.
List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

You can also find them by going to the in-game Tavern > “Great General Chest” and pressing the “i” in the upper right corner.

As of today, Yue Fei is not included in the in-game description.
And for the past year, no piece of Yue Fei has been available.
Also, I don’t know if Yue Fei’s piece will be permanently included in the future or if it is only limited to this month.
Therefore, it is listed in the article as a general that requires a charge.

artimius, as I understand this is an excellent general for the sub city, what skills are the best for him to put?

With new generals introduced, the blog has to be revised. Will this happen soon. BTW, this has been very helpful and appreciate the effort put in. Thanks

When stacking the same debuff gen on subs what is the max 50%-75%-100%?before it is a waste

No list of best siege generals? What are the recommendations for this?


I’ve completed the King’s Path and got a Mehmed II, but I can’t think of any other use for it other than decorating the museum.
How should I use it?

Hi bro.. Did you get your answer? I would like to know aswell…. As i understood he is not good for a sub. Because if his main skill book doesn’t start with debuffs they will not apply…. It will work just if you use as an atack general leading the army… Any ideas?

This is a great site and I look at it all the time.
During boss rallies, do debuffs against monsters held by generals who participate instead of rally setters overlap? Would it be effective to have a number of generals with the 5% monster attack reduction debuff participate in a rally?

Probably way to late, but coincidentially i tested that some days ago. Debuffs of all Generals in the Rally will be active, but If it is the Same General they dont Stack. So having 5 Hernando Cortez will still give His debuff Just once Not X5.

Thanks for a great informative site.
If the general I am appointing as mayor has a debuff in his/her specialties, will the effect be reflected in PV?


Thank you for your help!
How do I get a general in a tavern?

Does the “War Inferno” of the General “Sherman” also works when he is mayor of a linked subordinate city? Like with debuffs? “War inferno: Turns 5% of the defending enemy’s wounded troops into dead troops during the battle …”


I have found this site very helpful and I am always grateful for the help.

It is about the mayors of the subordinate cities. I have a number of Arminius and Mansa Moor, and their number is more than the number of lower cities I own. (I also have the Empress Dowager, though not in duplicate.)

I know it depends on the opponent in PvP, but do you have any common recommendations?

I’m only at keep level 29, and I’m hoping to be active in SVS, BOG, etc. rather than fighting in the server. (I’m always bubbling up)

I don’t know if this is common, but I personally prefer the following

– Ground & Mounted Debuff -> HP or Defense
– Ranged & Siege Debuff -> Attack

The reason for the former is to kill as many as possible with ranged troops & siege before they get close to my side.
The reason for the latter is to reduce our wounds in the first few turns when we are attacked unilaterally by ranged troops and siege. (Even if I reduce their HP & defense, it will be useless if my troops are killed before reaching them)

The basis of this idea is explained in the following article.
Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

Therefore, in the case of mayors that we can get without paying, I want them all to be Arminius. (Ground & Mounted HP, Ranged & Siege Attack)

Hi, is there any good reason to not dimiss doubles? With the festival packages come one golden historic general each. With my luck (not) I got myself 3xRoland and 3x Gwanggaeto. Both nice, but one each is enough, because they have no debuff. Is there any reason I perhaps overlook that I should not dismiss them?

I got Aethelflaed from pack on a new server, should I be investing in her as primary monster hunter? If so should I also use runestones for her specialties or you think it’s better to save the runestones for Martinus somewhere far down the line?


Save the runestones for Martinus/Roland preferably.

I have Yue Fei, he is great because he doubles as a monster hunter/pvp general.

Question how do I know to active a general special skill the small gold box that say special skill how to active it???????


Your general has to be level 25 to activate this.

The ones with the golden square is active from the start. However, some of them are conditional (e.g. dragon required). Press the golden square and read the description.
When the general reaches level 25, four circles will appear (specialty). This requires you to use runestones and gems to level up.
Related: Specialty Guide

Tran hun Dao is very popular on my server with great results against range troops?
Any opinion?
But my question is why can not you put lvl4 range attack skill book on black prince but you can on Alfred?

If you don’t have a good golden historic general, you can train him as a temporary main general and make him a duty officer when you get a better one.

I recently started a game on a new server, and Maensikov was a bonus for purchasing 1 gem (the actual cheapest was a $0.99 package).

Hi – do you think Hannibal is better then Martinus or Roland. I’m currently using him and fully maxed he appears to have the same attack as Martinus but with higher HP / Lower march size?

Hi… It could be an stupid question but Wall general is helping on monster’s hunt to when on duty or just support defense and attack on pvp?

The Wall General only works when defending a city in PvP.
It does not work when attacking enemy cities in PvP or when hunting monsters.

When defending a city in PvP, do the skill buffs, equipment buffs and spiritual beast buffs of the duty generals and mayors apply as city defense buffs?

Hi, thanks for the info. I started playing the game just two weeks ago, however, and am wondering what you mean by low and heavy coining?

Thanks for reading!😃
Sorry for the poor English. Thanks for pointing that out. 😃
low coining mean, “Not paying any money” or “Pay only a little money”.
heavy coining mean, “Pay a lot of money”.

I will correct the text of the article!


Thats a very good info but do you mind if you can explain about the stats of these generals and how they benefit the player, especially PVP generals (attack gens, subordinate city gens)

Thank you.

I can not go into detail here, so I will give a rough description.
In terms of stats, the generals listed above are relatively high.
The height of their stats is roughly, but proportional to the height of their gold. You can find a list of them on a later page.

Ranged Generals
– Alfred the Great, Gustavus, Gwanggaeto – if the Siege machine also emphasizes
– Elektra – if the Mounted also values
– Minamoto Yoshitsune – If you want a Ranged specialization

Mounted General
– Martinus – if you want a Mounted specialization. Equipped with dragons and maxed out Specialty, it is the strongest. However, it is quite hard. (Attack 25 + 15 + 10 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 46 = 126%)
– Roland, Li Jing – if you want a Mounted specialization.
– Yue Fei, Takeda Shingen – if you also want to focus on Ground

Ground Generals
– Scipio, Trajan – if you want a Ground specialization. Also useful as a wall general against Ranged specialization enemies.

Wall Generals
– Joseph – good at Ranged and Siege
– Kusunoki, Ly Thuong Kiet – good at Ranged

Subordinate City General
All I expect them to do is debuff. And the performance of the debuff does not depend on the stats.
Depending on your play style, you can make your mayor a general with the debuffs you need.
To see who has what debuff, here is a list of who has what debuff. 😃

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