Best Generals (& Combinations)

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First of all, the basics are:

  • Only the golden historic general should be hired.
  • Most historic general who come to tavern are useless.
  • If tavern level is over 21 (24 or higher recommended), it is relatively easy for a gold historic general to appear.
  • “Great General Chest” must be opened every day. (It’ s in the upper left corner of the store and in the tavern.)

Who you hire depends a lot on how much you charge. (There are generals who can’t be obtained without charging.)

A) If you pay no money

A-1) Assumptions

Only generals available in Tavern / Great General Chest / Relics.

A-2) Ranged PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Main: Elektra
    • Assistant: Tomyris
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
    • Dmitry

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Ranged)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Ranged)
– Combination Compatibility List

A-3) Mounted PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Roland, George A. Custer
      • Assistant: Ii Naomasa, Yue Fei
    • Combo B
      • Main: Hannibal
      • Assistant: Ii Naomasa
    • Combo C
      • Main: Ii Naomasa, Martinus
      • Assistant: Roland, George A. Custer
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Ii Naomasa
    • Martinus

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Mounted)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Mounted)
– Combination Compatibility List

A-4) Ground PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Maeda Toshiie
      • Assistant: Trajan, Soult
    • Combo B
      • Main: Soult
      • Assistant: Maeda Toshiie, Trajan
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Soult
    • Trajan

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Ground)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Ground)
– Combination Compatibility List

A-5) Siege PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Main: Matthias I
    • Assistant: William Wallace
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Ulysses S. Grant

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Siege)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Siege)
– Combination Compatibility List

A-6) Defense General

  • Defense General (PvP) (Detailed Comparison)
    • George Dewey (old name: Joseph E. Johnston)
  • Defense General (Production)
    • Shajar al-Durr

A-7) Boss / Monster Hunter

If attack is your top priority, add the “Against-Monster Mounted Troop Attack” & “Mounted Troop Attack” skill to the Mounted PvP General above.

  • Baibars (Double-item-drop)
    • If not available, use Cleopatra, the Purple General, as a temporary alternative.
  • Nathanael Greene (Reduce Stamina’s cost)
  • Sanada Yukimura (Debuff)
    • Purple General, but can be used as a temporary attacker in the early game and for participating in monster rallies (assisting with debuffs) in the late game.

(Detailed Comparison)

A-8) Subordinate City

  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Attack)
    • Andrew Jackson – Ranged -20%
    • Arminius – Ranged & Siege -15%
    • Harald – All HP -10%
    • Mansa Musa – All -10%
    • Margaret I – Mounted -20% / All -10%
    • Wei Qing – Ground & Mounted -15%
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Defense, HP)
    • Empress Dowager Cixi – All Defense -15%, Ground Defense -15%
    • Andrew Jackson – Mounted HP -20%
    • Arminius – Ground, Mounted HP -10%
    • Nero – All HP -15%
    • Harald – All HP -10%

A-9) Resource Gathering / Looting

  • Resource Gathering
    • Basic: Queen Jindeok
      • If not available, use Constance I the Purple General, as a temporary alternative.
    • Detail
      • Food gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Shimazu Yoshihiro
      • Wood Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Lucy or Gaius Marius
      • Stone Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Lucy or Gaius Marius
      • Ore Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Gaius Marius
        • NOTE: Skillbook of ore gathering speed must be attached to Gaius. Not to Jindeok. Also, Gaius can be attached Lv3 or 4 ore gathering speed. For more information, click here.
  • Resource Looting
    • Main: Amir Timur
    • Assistant: Attila

A-10) Duty Officer

  • Keep – Menshikov
  • Stables – Oleg of Novgorod
  • Archer Camp – John I of Portugal
  • Barracks – Abd al-Rahman I
  • Workshop – Gwon Ryul
  • Archer Tower – Ban Chao
  • Trap Factory – Askia Muhammad I
  • Hospital – Skanderbeg
  • Rally Spot – Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Academy – Eulji Mundeok

A-11) Methods and Priorities of Acquisition

In the early stages of the game, I recommend that you first give top priority to the following

  • Get Cleopatra (for double drop) and Yukimura Sanada (for boss hunting) at the beginning of the puzzle.
  • Go to the relics to collect slate fragments and get Roland or Hannibal (for boss hunting and mounted troops PvP), Elektra (for ranged troops PvP), and Constance I (for resource gathering).

The above is the fastest and most reliable way to obtain these generals, and if you have these generals first, you will not be in trouble for the time being.

In parallel, open the “great general chest” in the store and tavern every day to get Shajal Ah-Dur, George Dewey (old name: Joseph E. Johnston), and various duty officers.

Refresh the tavern at least 10 times daily when the level of the tavern level reaches about 24, and target Baibars, the Queen jindeok, Arminius, Andrew Jackson, the Empress Dowager Cixi, and various duty officers.

B) If you pay a lot of money

B-1) Assumptions

B-2) Ranged PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Merlin
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Marcus Agrippa, Godfrey of Bouillon
        • Specialty None: Marcus Agrippa, James Conrad, Godfrey of Bouillon
    • Combo B
      • Main: Marcus Agrippa, Douglas, Charles XII, James Conrad, Wallenstein, Simeon the Great, Tomyris, Princess Kaguya
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Merlin, Godfrey of Bouillon
        • Specialty None: Merlin, Godfrey of Bouillon, Eleanor
    • Combo C
      • Main: Mihai
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Godfrey of Bouillon
        • Specialty None: Godfrey of Bouillon, Eleanor
    • Combo D
      • Main: Louis IX, Subutai, Eleanor, Elektra, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Edward III
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Merlin, Marcus Agrippa, Mihai, Godfrey of Bouillon
        • Specialty None: Merlin, Marcus Agrippa, James Conrad, Godfrey of Bouillon, Mihai
    • Combo E
      • Main: Godfrey of Bouillon
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Merlin, Marcus Agrippa, Mihai
        • Specialty None: Merlin, Marcus Agrippa, James Conrad, Mihai
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Idunn (Note: Weak when wall defender)
    • Godfrey of Bouillon
    • Louis IX
    • Subutai
    • Edward III

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Ranged)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Ranged)
– Combination Compatibility List

B-3) Mounted PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Washington (Prime), Andre Massena
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Napoleon (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Napoleon (Prime), Beowulf, Jayavarman II
    • Combo B
      • Main: Hestia
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Washington (Prime), Napoleon (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Napoleon (Prime), Washington (Prime), Jayavarman II
    • Combo C
      • Main: Napoleon (Prime), Roland, Hannibal
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Washington (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Beowulf, Washington (Prime)
    • Combo D
      • Main: Jayavarman II, Mordred
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Washington (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Beowulf, Washington (Prime)
    • Combo E
      • Main: Poligenus
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Washington (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Beowulf, Washington (Prime), Jayavarman II
    • Combo F
      • Main: Zhao Yun
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Washington (Prime), Napoleon (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Napoleon (Prime), Beowulf, Washington (Prime), Jayavarman II
    • Combo G
      • Main: Laudon, Ii Naomasa, Sun Ce, Martinus
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia, Washington (Prime), Napoleon (Prime)
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Napoleon (Prime), Beowulf, Washington (Prime), Jayavarman II
    • Combo H
      • Main: George A. Custer
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Hestia
        • Specialty None: Hestia, Beowulf, Poligenus
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Washington (Prime)
    • Andre Massena
    • Laudon
    • Ii Naomasa

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Mounted)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Mounted)
– Combination Compatibility List

B-4) Ground PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Totila, Aurelian, Elise
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Suchet, Frigg
        • Specialty None: Suchet, Frigg, Sweyn Forkbeard, Pyrrhus
    • Combo B
      • Main: Suchet
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Totila, Frigg
        • Specialty None: Totila, Lu Xun, Frigg, Sweyn Forkbeard
    • Combo C
      • Main: Frigg
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Totila, Suchet
        • Specialty None: Totila, Suchet, Lu Xun, Sweyn Forkbeard
    • Combo D
      • Main: Lu Xun, Ludwig, Scipio Africanus
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Totila, Suchet, Frigg
        • Specialty None: Totila, Suchet, Frigg, Sweyn Forkbeard
    • Combo E
      • Main: Sweyn Forkbeard
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Totila, Suchet, Frigg
        • Specialty None: Totila, Suchet, Lu Xun, Frigg
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Freyja (Note: Weak when wall defender)
    • Frigg
    • Sweyn Forkbeard
    • Pyrrhus
    • Turenne

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Ground)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Ground)
– Combination Compatibility List

B-5) Siege PvP General

  • March / Rally
    • Combo A
      • Main: Gunther
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Melisande, Kleos, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Melisande, Kleos
    • Combo B
      • Main: Pallas
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Melisande, Kleos, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Melisande, Kleos
    • Combo C
      • Main: Melisande, Kleos
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Gunther, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Gunther, Pallas
    • Combo D
      • Main: Theodosius I
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: John Hunyadi, Zucca, Edward Teach
    • Combo E
      • Main: John Hunyadi
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Gunther, Melisande, Theodosius I, Kleos
        • Specialty None: Gunther, Melisande, Kleos, Pallas, Theodosius I
    • Combo F
      • Main: Mu Guiying, Raimondo, Edward Teach
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Gunther, Melisande, Theodosius I, Kleos, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Gunther, Melisande, Kleos, Pallas, Theodosius I
    • Combo G
      • Main: Zucca
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Melisande, Theodosius I, Kleos, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Melisande, Kleos, Pallas, Theodosius I
    • Combo H
      • Main: John Churchill, Petronas
      • Assistant:
        • Specialty MAX: Gunther, Melisande, Theodosius I, Kleos, John Hunyadi
        • Specialty None: Gunther, Melisande, Kleos, Pallas, Theodosius I
  • Reinforce (to alliance member’s city) / Wall (concurrent post)
    • Melisande
    • Edward Teach
    • Mu Guiying
    • Raimondo

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Siege)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Siege)
– Combination Compatibility List

B-6) Defense General

Defense General (PvP)

  • Quick Guide
    • In defense, the attack of ranged troops and siege machines and the defense and HP of ground and mounted troops are important.
      • Until about keep level 33, ranged troops and siege machines are important. (Mounted troops are ghosted)
      • Around keep level 35, in addition to the above, ground troops is important. (Mounted troops are ghosted)
      • Eventually, mounted troops also become important. (Too many mounted troops will not be able to ghost)
    • The main generals listed below all have high durability of ground and mounted troops (when trained to the maximum). (Exception: only George has weak ground troops) (details on buff values)
    • The weak points of each general can be compensated for by their assistants (details of buff values). Therefore, no matter which one you use, you will not be at an extreme disadvantage (when trained to maximum).
  • Combo A
    • Main: Takenaka Shigeharu, Leo III (Siege)
    • Assistant:
      • Weakness enhancement: Godfrey of Bouillon, Mason Weaver, Yodo-dono (Ranged)
      • Strength enhancement: Melisande, Mason Weaver, Edward Teach (Siege)
      • Overall enhancement: William Marshal
  • Combo B
    • Main: George Dewey (old name: Joseph E. Johnston) (Ranged + Siege + Mounted)
    • Assistant:
      • Weakness enhancement: Isaac Brock (Ground)
      • Strength enhancement: Takenaka Shigeharu (Siege), Melisande (Siege), Mason Weaver (Ranged + Siege), Godfrey of Bouillon (Ranged), Yodo-dono (Ranged), Leo III (Siege)
  • Combo C
    • Main: William Marshal (All)
    • Assistant:
      • Rearguard enhancement: Takenaka Shigeharu (Siege), Melisande (Siege), Mason Weaver (Ranged + Siege), Godfrey of Bouillon (Ranged), Yodo-dono (Ranged), Leo III (Siege)
      • Vanguard enhancement: Isaac Brock (Ground), Laudon (Mounted), Lautaro (Ground + Mounted)
  • Combo D
    • Main: Zachary Taylor, Yodo-dono (Ranged)
    • Assistant:
      • Weakness enhancement: Takenaka Shigeharu, Melisande, Leo III (Siege)
      • Overall enhancement: William Marshal
  • Combo E
    • Main: Isaac Brock (Ground)
    • Assistant:
      • Weakness enhancement: Takenaka Shigeharu (Siege), Melisande (Siege), Mason Weaver (Ranged + Siege), William Marshal (Ranged + Siege), Godfrey of Bouillon (Ranged), Yodo-dono (Ranged), Leo III (Siege)
      • Strength enhancement: Sweyn Forkbeard, Pyrrhus, Turenne (Ground)
  • Combo F
    • Main: Queen Boudica (Mounted)
    • Assistant:
      • Weakness enhancement: Isaac Brock (Ground), Takenaka Shigeharu (Siege), Melisande (Siege), Mason Weaver (Ranged + Siege), Godfrey of Bouillon (Ranged), Yodo-dono (Ranged), Leo III (Siege)
      • Strength enhancement: Laudon, Andre Massena, Ii Naomasa (Mounted)

Detailed Comparison
– Main Generals Ranking (Defender)
– Assistant Generals Ranking (Defender)
– Combination Compatibility List

Defense General (Production)

  • Shajar al-Durr

B-7) Boss / Monster Hunter

Main Pair

Something that can kill the strongest boss possible and also have a good double drop.
The main unit used by boss-hunt.

  • Combo A: Balanced Double Drop & Attack 1
    • Main: Maria Theresa
    • Assistant: Baibars
    • Key Buffs:
      • Double Drop 45-61% (depending on specialty of Baibars).
      • Mounted attack 200% (using Mounted attack and against-monster Mounted attack skill book Lv4)
      • Monster Defense Debuff 0%.
    • Remarks:
      • If you want to prioritize stamina over double drop, make the assistant Nathaniel Green (Stamina cost -25%) and attach the Luck Lv4 Skill Book. However, Double Drop will be reduced by 7%.
  • Combo B: Balanced Double Drop & Attack 2
    • Main: Theodora
    • Assistant: Mounted PvP General with high attack
    • Key Buffs:
      • Double Drop 43% (using Luck skill book Lv4).
      • Mounted attack 170% or more. (depending on assistant) (using Mounted attack and against-monster Mounted attack skill book Lv4)
      • Monster Defense Debuff -10%.
    • Remarks:
      • Cannot be paired with Baibars.
      • The maximum double drop is 43%, but there is room to increase the attack by an assistant.
      • If you want to prioritize stamina over attack, make the assistant Nathaniel Green (Stamina cost -25%).

  • Combo C: Balanced Double Drop & Attack 3
    • Main: Caesar
    • Assistant: Baibars
    • Key Buffs:
      • Double Drop 40-56% (depending on specialty of Baibars)
      • Mounted Attack 161% (using Mounted Attack Skill Book Lv4)
      • Monster Defense Debuff -30%
    • Remarks:
      • Looking at Attack alone, it is inferior to others, but at maximum development, it can defeat surprisingly strong bosses due to its top-class monster debuff.
      • If you want to prioritize stamina over double-drops, you can choose Nathaniel Green (Stamina cost -25%) as your assistant and add a Luck Lv4 skill book. However, the double drop will be reduced by 7%.
  • Combo D: Attack Oriented
    • Main:
      • Mounted PvP General with high attack
      • (Napoleon Prime, Hestier, Jayabalman II, Beowulf, etc)
    • Assistant:
      • Mounted PvP general with high attack, with a Luck Skill Book Lv4.
      • Or Baibars.
    • Key Buffs:
      • Double Drop 18%. (If Luck skill book is attached )
      • Double Drop 25-41%. (If the assistant is a Baibars. Depending on specialty of Baibars)
      • Mounted attack 250-300% approx. (use skill book Lv4 for Mounted attack and against monster Mounted attack)
    • Remarks:
      • It will allow you to defeat stronger bosses, but the double drop rate is not high, so the efficiency of gaining rewards is not good. Not strongly recommended.

Sub-Pairs (for rally participation and sub boss killers)

Make 5 sets of the following sub-pairs to participate in boss-hunts and rally with all 6 marches.

Considering the cost of development, the following would be realistic for most people.

  • For the main general in the sub-pair, make the purple general 10 stars instead of making the gold generals red stars
  • Not raising the specialty.

The recommendation also depends on whether priority is given to double drop or stamina.

  • Combo A: Focus on Double Drop and Attack (= both rally participation and boss killer)
    • Main: Sanada Yukimura (10 stars)
    • Assistant: Baibars
    • Key Buffs:
      • Double Drop 35%
      • Mounted attack 150% (using Mounted attack and against monster Mounted attack skill book Lv4)
      • Monster defense Debuff -5%
      • Stamina cost -10%
  • Combo B: Focus on Stamina ( = specializing in rally participation)
    • Main: Sanada Yukimura (8 stars), Spartacus (8 stars), Theodora (5 stars)
    • Assistant: Nathaniel Green
    • Key Buffs:
      • Stamina cost -35%.
      • Double Drop-28% (using Skill Book of Luck Lv4)
    • Remarks:
      • For the main general, I recommend Sanada (10 stars) if possible. He has the highest attack among the 3 above, so that way he can be used as a boss killer. (Mounted attack 150%, Monster defense -5%) (Use the skill book Lv4 for Mounted attack and against monster Mounted attack) Also, since it provides monster defense -5%, it may reduce injuries to the rally setters when participating in rally.

Reference: Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

B-8) Subordinate City

  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Attack)
    • Simple Guide
      • The basic recommendation is to use a ranged attack debuff general.
      • The siege attack debuff can be maximized only with Achaemenidae equipment, so the mayor skill is less of a priority.
      • If you can shoot and kill the enemy ground & mounted troops before they get close, you don’t need the ground & mounted attack debuff. (Reference: Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics)
    • Ranged
      • Zizka – Ranged -40%
      • Hojo Ujiyasu – Ranged -35%
      • Mark Antony – Ranged -35%
      • Nordic Barbarian King – Ranged -30%
      • Cnut the Great – Ranged -25%
      • Andrew Jackson – Ranged -20%
    • Ranged, Siege
      • Baldwin IV – Ranged -30% / Siege -20%
      • Arminius – Ranged & Siege -15%
      • David Farragut – Ranged & Siege -10%
      • Flavius Aetius – Siege -20%
    • Ground, Mounted
      • Narses – Ground -50%
      • Yeon Gaesomun – Ground -30% / All -10%
      • Darius I – Ground -35%
      • Amr ibn al-As – Ground -25% / Ranged & Siege -15%
      • Gilgamesh – Ground -25%
      • Constantine the Great – Ground & Mounted -20%
      • Margaret I – Mounted -20% / All -10%
      • Jan Karol Chodkiewicz – Mounted -25%
    • All type
      • Pachacuti – All -15%
      • Jester – All -15%
      • Harald – All -10%
      • Mansa Musa – All -10%
  • Subordinate City (Debuff : Defense, HP)
    • Simple Guide
      • Priority is given to ground defense, mounted HP, and mounted defense debuffs.
      • The ground HP debuff can be maximized only with Achaemenidae equipment, so the mayor skill is less of a priority.
      • Toward the end of the game (around K38), when siege machines’ rally and reinforcements become commonplace, siege machine HP and defense debuffs also become important.
    • Ground, Mounted
      • Empress Dowager Cixi – Ground Defense -15% / All Types Defense -15%
      • Hojo Ujiyasu – Mounted HP -35%
      • Andrew Jackson – Mounted HP -20%
      • Darius I – Ground & Mounted HP -20%
      • Cnut the Great – Ground & Mounted HP -15%
      • Mark Antony- Ground & Mounted HP -10%
      • Arminius – Ground & Mounted HP -10%
      • Narses – Ground & Mounted Defense -40%
      • Pachacuti – Ground & Mounted Defense -20%
      • David Farragut – Ground & Mounted Defense -20%
      • Flavius Aetius – Ground HP -20%
    • Ranged, Siege
      • Gilgamesh – Ranged & Siege Defense -40%
      • Jan Karol Chodkiewicz – Siege Defense & HP -30%
      • Zizka – Ranged & Siege Defense & HP -15%
    • All type
      • Nordic Barbarian King – All Defense -10%
      • Nero – All HP -15%
      • Harald – All HP -10%

B-9) Resource Gathering / Looting

  • Resource Gathering
    • Basic
      • Queen Jindeok
    • Detail
      • Food gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Shimazu Yoshihiro
      • Wood Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Lucy or Gaius Marius
      • Stone Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Lucy or Gaius Marius
      • Ore Gathering
        • Main General: Queen Jindeok
        • Assistant General: Gaius Marius
        • NOTE: Skillbook of ore gathering speed must be attached to Gaius. Not to Jindeok. Also, Gaius can be attached Lv3 or 4 ore gathering speed. For more information, click here.
  • Resource Looting
    • Main: Amir Timur
    • Assistant: Attila

B-10) Duty Officer

  • Keep
    • Battle: Ashoka
    • Construction: Menshikov, Zhuge Liang
  • Stables
    • Battle: Stilicho
    • Troop Training: Oleg of Novgorod
  • Archer Camp
    • Battle: Sulla
    • Troop Training: John I of Portugal
  • Barracks
    • Battle: Jiang Ziya
    • Troop Training: Abd al-Rahman I
  • Workshop
    • Battle: Mikhail Kutuzov
    • Troop Training: Gwon Ryul
  • Archer Tower
    • Maurice of Nassau, Ban Chao
  • Trap Factory
    • Battle: Otto the Great
    • Repair: Askia Muhammad I
  • Hospital
    • Pericles, Skanderbeg
  • Holy Palace
    • Trivia Hecate
  • Rally Spot
    • Zhang Liang, Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Academy
    • Battle: Hammurabi
    • Research: Eulji Mundeok
  • Embassy
    • Heraclius
  • Military Academy
    • Justinian
  • Bunker
    • Clovis I
  • Market
    • Michael VIII
  • Warehouse
    • Guinevere

If you get a general not on this list

If you get any other golden historic generals other than these early in the game, you may want to raise them as your “temporary” main generals.

Once you have the general you want, you can use him/her in the following ways, so it won’t go to waste.

  • Use as a general for resource gathering.
    • A developed golden historical general has high politics. In other words, they gather resources faster, making them superior to undeveloped Lucy (develope = Leveling up, Enhance, Cultivate). You can check the percentage of gathering speed on the cultivate screen.
    • Ultimately, you should gather resources with the 6 Queen Jindeok, so you can use them as a temporary solution until then.
    • Related: How to get Resources Efficiently (Gathering, Production, Items)

List of All Golden Historic Generals

Please see the following article.

List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

A comprehensive list of all golden historic generals, over 100 in total, by role.


If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.



I would love to see recommended combinations where main is ftp general, and assistant is a premium/coiner general. I have obtained 1 copy of many of the premium generals and would like to know who they’d best pair with as assistants.

Perhaps a Light Coiner category? I haven’t found a site, YouTube channel, etc that offers insight into this kind of setup.

On that note, thanks for all the great insights you do provide. Always in depth and very helpful.

hola … Traje a Massena para asistente de Poligenus como lo indican y la habilidad principal se anula

Tornado Run

Hello – Laudon skill is not compatible with Napoleon Prime. I upgraded Laudon specialty to the max and after a couple weeks was still having better luck with my monster hunter as assistant so I checked and the skill is greyed out for Laudon. It was also grey for the other top Mounted PVP generals. He is compatible with Maximillian. Please review you compatibility list. I appreciate all the hard work you put in to this website and just want to help with the little information that I have.

Hello, and thank you for putting out the absolute BEST reference lists on the game.

I’ve come back to Evony after a ~15 month hiatus, so I’m playing catch up with everyone else. I’ve spent somewhere in between no money and “a lot”, and have a few questions:

Do you think you’ll ever include a list of recommendations for people like me, who are neither 100% F2P nor whales who spend tens of thousands of dollars a month? A LOT of us are somewhere in between the two.

Related to that, am I overlooking Beowulf in your lists/suggestions? I currently have him as my assistant to fully awakened Roland, mostly because of the covenant buff. However, he’s not mentioned at all in the assistant suggestions list. Would he be better off left as the assistant, or should I go back to Maximilian? I actually got two Beowulfs from packs, so I’m currently able to bring him to one red star, if that matters.

When a certain assistant says “Specialties – none”, is this to mean we shouldn’t even bother with their specialties at all, or we shouldn’t worry about maxxing them out?

Thank you in advance, for your response.

Thank you for your donation!

Sorry, I do not plan to have an in-between section for no money and lots of money.

For players in between, I hope you will consider using the A: No Money section as a base, and if you obtein a general listed in the B: A Lot of Money section, then you can consider the B combination.

Even in F2P, premium generals are easier to get than in the past, so going for the B combination is, not easy, but not unrealistic.

*** About ” Assistant Beowulf” ***

Generally speaking, many players who are not heavy spenders or have not been playing for a long time cannot afford to max out the specialties of their assistant generals. (They do their best to develop the specialties of their main generals)

Assuming that the specialties of the assistants are not (or cannot be) developed at all, Beowulf has a slight advantage over Maximilian in terms of assistants. However, there is not much difference.

If you are assuming that the assistant’s specialties are maxed out, I would recommend Beowulf over Maximilian by far. Compared to other generals, I recommend Beowulf because he is one of the best.
This is not only when hunting monsters, but also during PvP.
(In the case of an assistant who can work with Roland.)

(In the case of monster hunting, Jayavarman is slightly better, but cannot be paired with Roland)

(In the case of PvP, he is equal to Laudon and Andre Massena, despite the loss of the against-monster buff)

Note that it does not make sense to make the assistant a red star. The red star buff does not work.
Reference: Assistant Generals Guide

*** Regarding “Specialty None” ***

The term “Specialty None” in this article means ” the case of not developing specialties at all (not counting specialties buffs, but only basic skill buffs)”.

This is exactly the kind of information that is intended primarily for in-between players who are neither F2P nor heavy spenders. (For those who cannot afford to max out the specialties of their assistants (for those who are busy developing the specialties of their main generals))

Chicos para que se utiliza el general Idunn, si alguien me pudiera ayudar, muchas gracias de antemano

> Guys, what is General Idunn used for, if someone could help me, thank you very much in advance

Idunn’s use is for reinforcements to allied member’s castles and defensive battles in buildings. It is not suitable for defending your own castle or attacking.
see also: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide
(Outcity Defense Buff)

Great work. Please add Freyja and Idunn as reinforcement generals. And please add the new generals Beowulf and Godfrey.


Section B-3) Mounted PvP General list Roland and Laudon as a combination but these are not compatible. Is there something I am missing?


Great great site, my reference for everything.
Question about Jayavarman II: +45% mounted attack and +25% ground and mounted defense, is it one of the newly added generals or did you leave him out for a reason? What reason?


Hi, i got hands on Idunn lately. Here are some compatibility hints. Unfortunately she is not compatible with Elektra, neither as main nor as assistant

any possible way to allow Idunn be assistant to Elektra?

I have used Boudica with assistant William marshal. now it’s not pairing. did I change something wrong?


Hello good evening, your website is incredible, I am adopting a style of play focused on all troops using raged king and prince Rhaegar, in subordinate cities it is only herald, monarch equipment all troops, please help me, will this work?


Please advise how to get hannibal naomasa combo to work. Even i try, naomasa base skill nulled by Hannibal skills


cannot use mounted attack book on Hannibal with Naomasa.


You have done a great job and provided the players with an excellent source of information and knowledge.

I think you may have missed Jadwiga as a wall general and Raimondo on seige.

Hi, I’m sure you are very busy (!) but can you update the Best Generals (& Combinations) please. There seems (to me) to be some contradictions between this page and the separate recommended generals page. For example in Best Generals (& Combinations) Zhao Yung is highly recommended under mounted (on a par with Poliginus) but in recommended generals he is much further down the list . Just bought you a coffee but forgot to add my name! Thanks, 🙏

Thank you for your donation!
This article does not necessarily mean that the generals listed at the top of the list are superior. (Not that Combo A is the best)
To determine which pair is superior, please refer to the main general’s ranking and the assistant’s ranking. The pair by the top general on those rankings is the superior pair.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ve obviously misinterpreted the data and assumed you had dine all the hard work for me and listed the best in order! Presumably Napoleon will also be added to B-7 Attack Maximization in this list too? Thanks again for your efforts with this site, it is very good 👍

they didn’t have generals that were specifically for those building. they have since added Michael VIII for the market and Justinian for the military academy(who has been added to this page).


Hi. Really helpful work. huge respect to that accurate dedication.
That said, I did not see comment to an other persons question: What is Freya good for? To some odmf us she seemed to ultimate Tank to hold buildings. But why she is nowhere mentionned?
thanks a lot to answer.


Hi, first my thanks for your efforts to create this very helpful insights in the game!
Today i found two new generals in the portraits: Freya and Idunn
They seem to be pretty good for pvp
Do you have any information where to get them?


You could get Idunn during a certain event. Change item for her.

Why are there no duty general recommendations for these places? They can hold duty officers just wondering if this will be updated soon?
Military Academy


Fantastic site, thank you!

With +165% total buffs, and all pretty high quality, wouldn’t Lu Xun be an excellent assistant defense (wall) general? If so, who would he be compatible with?



Всем добра и здоровья.
Одно время в доске объявлений, на стене главного города, в разделе подсказки по игре, были приведены рекомендуемые пары генералов. Например пара для конных войск это Джао Юнь и Джордж А. Кастер. В описание к этой паре говорилось, что при соблюдении условий эта пара дополнительно получает бонусы к атаке, защите и нападении. Условия: Джао Юнь главный генерал, Кастер помощник, наличие любого дракона.
Вопрос: так ли это, работают бонусы, где можно почитать об этой рекомендации в официальных источниках игры.

Спасибо большое за вашу работу.

> All the best and health.
> At one time, on the notice board on the wall of the main city, in the game tips section, recommended pairs of generals were listed. For example, a pair for mounted troops is Zhao Yun and George A. Custer. The description for this pair stated that if the conditions are met, this pair additionally receives bonuses to attack, defense and offense. Conditions: Zhao Yun chief general, assistant Caster, presence of any dragon.
> Question: is this true, do bonuses work, where you can read about this recommendation in the official sources of the game.
> Thank you very much for your work.

It simply meant that the assistant’s buff was added to the main general’s buff. No need to worry.

I do not see, Lu Xun, in the list. Could you review him next please? He appears to be a good ground general.


In the section on A-3) mounted troops PvP generals, there is a description of a duo with the master and servant reversed as shown below, what difference does it make if the master and servant are reversed?

Combi A
Main: Roland, Custer
Assist: Ii Naomasa

Combi C
Main: Ii Naomasa
Assist: Roland, Custer


Thank you for your prompt response.
Combi A has good attack strength, but is weakened when supporting allies or when defending by occupying buildings with SVS, etc.
Combi C has less attack strength, but is not weakened by the above.
Is this correct?

If I want to emphasize the attack strength of Combi C, is it better to use Custer than Roland?

Ii Naomasa
attack 25% / defense 0% / HP 40% / March size 0% / rally capacity 0%

Attack 30% / Defense 15% / HP 15% / March size 0% / rally Capacity 0%

Attack 40% / Defense 0% / HP 0% / March size 0% / rally Capacity 10%


> they are weakened when they reinforce an ally’s castle and when they defend your castle.

Thanks for the answer.
So, if I don’t provide reinforcements and don’t set up as a wall defender, the duo with the higher attack strength will have the advantage in defense when continuing to occupy the buildings in PVP. So that is what you are saying.

I use Hannibal as main cavs general, and asisstant i have Maximillian and Sun Ce. both are compatible. who the best should i choose for asisstant for PvP ?


I am always very grateful for your help and reference.
Thank you so much.

I have Douglas (with skin) as my main, so I raised Subutai as my assistant, referring to the ranged combination C, but Subutai’s basic skills were disabled.
Is this because of the Douglas+skin?
Or is this combination recommended even if the basic skills are disabled 🤔?

The same goes for the siege combo A, Pallas and Kleos. Is this because Kleos’s basic skills are disabled because he is skinned or is this combo recommended even if his basic skills are disabled🤔.

The mounted troops combo A, Polyginus and Laudon, seem to have Laudon’s basic skills disabled regardless of the skin.

I regret using the immortal runestone, which is hard to find and I should have checked first myself 😭.


My apologies 😱.
I did not read it properly.
I will try to change the skills and give it a try.
Thank you very much m(*_ _)m

Nice to meet you.
If I have Elektra (+dragon) as the main general and Kaguya as my assistant, will I get the buffs of +105% attack, +40% defense, and +35% HP for ranged troops?

I used to use this buff because it was explained in the guide of the walls that some combination of generals would give this kind of buff, but now I can’t find such a description anywhere. I think there were about 5 other combinations such as Zhao Yun (+dragon) and Custer. Is it gone?

It seems to be gone.

>will I get the buffs of +105% attack, +40% defense, and +35% HP for ranged troops?
That information is the sum of buffs from skills when the main general is a red star 5. Specialties are not included.
And the Elektra + Kaguya screen is calculated incorrectly. I confirmed it at the time.
The buff you will get is 105 attack, 40 defense and 30 HP.

Hello, really enjoy this site, thank you for sharing so much info to the community! I know it’s only just been released but any initial thoughts about the new Pyrrhus general? Thanks again 👍


Should the pay no money section be updated with the new generals from Relics? I think there are some better free options now, right?

I am Lionheart

I am using A. Custer with Maximillian, they possess a good combo together, A Custer with Roland is equally good but we have to make sure not to use mounted attack skillbook on A Custer if he is your main general …..

Have you seen the New General Poligenus? If so, where does he rank and is he a Main or Asst General?

Please advise.

What do you think about combination for wall defense main leonida assistant boudika? or better leonida assistant leo III?

Boudica if the emphasis is on percent buffs for mounted troops, i.e., defense with high tier mounted troops.
Leo III if you value protection against ranged troops and siege.

The former is not recommended for most people.
The mounted troops’ emphasis on percentage buffing type is difficult to achieve good results unless you are the kind of player who has millions to tens of millions of all layers.
Also, since it is a percentage buff, it does not do much to enhance t1 mounted troops defense.

I know it’s kinda late but I use this combo and together they make a nice rounded defense…. You really can’t go wrong!


With the introduction of new generals such as Edward Teach and Odyssey Douglas, I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of this game with the blatant attempt by the evony team to increase the percentage of charging per user.
It is clear from the past games that if the rate of payment is raised, it will lead to the departure of users who pay little or no money, and only the heavily-paid users will remain in the future.
I feel that the balance of the game has begun to collapse. How do the administrators here feel about this?

Looking at the new additions over the past year since the implementation of K40, I wonder if the revenue is not increasing as much as expected.
I can’t help but speculate that the acquisition of new users has reached a plateau and that the service cannot continue to exist unless the current heavy paying users continue to drop money.
I feel uneasy in that aspect.
As for the game balance, I feel that it has been broken since the beginning when I started this game 3 years ago, so I don’t think it is something that has just started.
The fact that nothing has been done to improve that balance in the last three years is a big problem, though.


Thanks for the reply, I can only foresee more users retiring as K45 will be unlocked on 2023/06/20. I will keep an eye on the heavily charged users’ trend.

Trap Factory Duty General should be updated to include Otto the Great as best, or at least include him on list. He offers a greater siege machine buff than Askia [35% vs 25%], plus a debuff against range. Askia’s other skill of reducing gem cost of repair is useful, but he’s probably not “best.”

Could you look at the Sub City generals you have and consider adding some of the newer generals, such as Darius I? Think your list is outdated, based on what I can see.

Whefe Barbarossa here? I have him maxxed out already (crying)


He’s a garbage general compared to the others available, sorry for your wasting of items on him

(˘꒳˘ )…

Does that mean that the General Skins’ “Use to Activate” has to be set to Douglas for Douglas and Elise for Elise to have any effect?
Don’t I need skins if I don’t have Douglas or Elise?
Isn’t it effective to use it for avatar?
Please tell me because I do not understand well.

So even though septimus main skil does nit work with zucca it’s still the best combo for siege ?


I should’ve known better. Had to remove siege attack skill


I’ve read many articles about PvP, and they all agreed on that range general is essential but I don’t know what is the second most important role after range. Is it mounted or ground, i use Charles as main general but confused who to choose as assistant.

Thank you

Ground troops.
Up to around K33, if you have strong ranged troops, you can blow up the enemy,
but around K35, you can blow up the enemy if you have strong ground troops, whether you are attacking or defending. (Experience).
(Around K37, this is no longer the case, and mounted troops and siege machines also become important).

However, the assistant to Charles XII should be a ranged general.
Even if you half-heartedly extend the buffs of other types of troops, it will not help you.
The basic rule is that the main general and his assistant should be of the same type.

Bună ziua.
Buff-urile generalului de serviciu pentru ambasada sunt active doar în cazul în care ai întăriri sau sunt active mereu pentru toate trupele?

I’ve checked shajar as assistant defence general, the rss buffs are not activated.
It actually looks like that for all the assistant generals as well since the basic skill is not (glowing) ..
Is that a glitch, perhaps? cuz i can’t help but notice the statement of “when this general is the MAIN defence general”

I have not been able to test all generals, but at least Shajal’s skills work even if she is an assistant. You can see this by looking at the buff values in the warehouse and on the monarch details screen.
The Evony team does not have the ability to be consistent with UI, wording, etc., so don’t believe it even if it doesn’t glow.

Also, it does not say “when this general is the MAIN defence general”. It is “when this general is the MAIN CITY defense general.”
(The term “main city” seems to be used in contrast to “subordinate city.”)

See also: Assistant Generals Guide


I only have two complaints. One, some of the generals you have that are listed as other should actually be in a different category. For example, you have Theodora, who lived in the Byzantine empire, in the other category. Meanwhile Constantine, who also lived in the Byzantine Empire, is in the Europe category. There are some other generals that are in the wrong category but I just wanted to give an example. Two, a lot of the generals don’t have a history on there and all it says is coming soon. I like reading about the history behind some of these generals and I get disappointed when it is not there. You have a great game here and I love it a lot. Just wanted to try to fix a few issues that I felt needed to be addressed. Thank you if you read this and have a wonderful day.

Rüdiger Eckhard

in section A-2 the recommended ranged assistant is Himiko, while in the detailed page about ranged assistant, the best ones mentioned are James Conrad, Mason Weaver and Princess Kaguya. Is the recommendation for Himiko just outdated, or is it that the generals mentioned in the detailed page are just not compatible with Elektra?

What do you think of new general Mason Wever? Her 140% basic buff with spiritual beast seams nice.
Thinking as wall asisstant or maybe as archer assistant also as i got her for free.

As you say, she is very good as a defense assistant or ranged assistant. (both with no specialty and with max).
She is also excellent as a siege assistant only when she has no specialty.
I have the impression that it is not enough to be used as a main attacker general (when trained to maximum). (However, it is excellent when compared without any specialties or red stars)

Buff Value Details
Best of Assistant Generals: Defense (Wall)
Best of Assistant Generals: Ranged PvP
Best of Ranged PvP General
Best of Assistant Generals: Siege PvP
Best of Siege PvP General

If using Ludwig, and Allesandra isn’t available would trajan fit well in her place?

A Sully

Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful. I ended up receiving Turrenne so it all changed so I feel I’m in a better place now.

In a choice between Dmitry or your normal PvP general and assuming both specialities are done high then which is better for reinforcing people?

Dmitry. A regular PvP general’s basic skill is almost always “when attacking” and will therefore not be active when reinforcing. That’s why someone like Trajan is more versatile than Scipio or Elise, for example, and could be used in all sorts of ways.

Jindeok and Gaius Marius do not appear to work together for all resource tiles anymore. It shows Gaius main skill greyed out as assistant general. Anyone else experiencing?

Not sure if it’s a glitch or what

Zhao Yun + George A Custer (assistant general)
Undefeatable General is enable, but Son of of the Morning Star is disable

is not the same as

George A Custer + Zhao Yun (assistant general)
Both Son of of the Morning Star & Undefeatable General are enable

B-2 Combo B
assistant general Toyotomi Hideyori…… Why? i really don’t get this one at all. isn’t he just a duty general. or this just a mistake and you were thinking someone else?

Is there currently no way to get a fragment of theodora?
If so, would it be difficult to go above star level 6?


It’s been implemented, so I think it will be possible soon.

A Sad Evonier

Hello. I want to post my experience with resource gathering.

Right now, my server is in the chaos. The leading alliance has frequently tile attacked anyone. But sometimes we need to gather resources. Hence, Amir Timur is an important general for such nasty environment, especially for who targets resource spot 13+ to get Ares blood. So, the combination of Amir + Jindeok is essential.

Furthermore, since Ore gatherer must be attached to Gaius, not Jindeok. Jindeok should equip Food, Wood & Stone gathering speed. Hence, Amir should equip Ore Gatherer, (One type) Troop Load and Renascence.

In summary, I suggest a Resource Reviving combination:
Main: Jindeok with skills Food, Wood, Stone gatherer
Assisstant: Amir with skills Ore Gatherer, Troop Load, Renascence.


I have heard that the best solution for gathering lumber resources is to have the main general as the Queen Jindeok, with a Constance with a specialty as her assistant. What do you think?


I have been referring to your site for a long time.

I have seen on other pages that the assistant’s equipment is invalid.

So, I think that instead of having “Queen Jindeok” as the main resource gathering general, it would be better to have “Lucy” or “Shimazu Yoshihiro” with gathering speed skill equipped with champion equipment as the main general and “Queen Jindeok” as an assistant to get more gathering bonuses. What do you think?

Since Lucy and Shimazu do not conflict with the main skills of Jindeok, the amount of gathering as a unit will be the same whether Jindeok is the main or assistant. However, considering the main generals’ politics and LV20 above 3 stars, I believe that more people train Jindeok, so Lucy and Shimazu are fine as assistants. Also, Gaius’ skill is disabled by the conflict decision with the additional skill, ore gathering speed. I think Shimazu should be the assistant for food gathering, and Lucy (gathering speed +15%) or Shimazu (gathering speed +10%) for the rest.
*Since the speed of gathering seems to have been greatly improved by the modification of the specification, I no longer care about anything except for food Shimazu.

Assistant Gaius’s skills can be enabled.
The skill book for ore gathering speed must be attached to the assistant Gaius, not to the main jindeok.
Attaching it to Jindeok will disable Gaius’ basic skill, but attaching it to Gaius will enable both Gaius’ basic skill and the skill book.
( Related: See the Skill Competitive Table in Assistant Generals Guide. )

Gaius cannot take ore skill book. So I think Lucy is strictly better.


Тоетоми (ассист) и Электра работают вместе


Gaius can take ore gathering speed LVL 3 or LVL 4 there is no conflict and it makes up total of 75% gathering speed increment.

Eloy Omar

With the advent of the Assistant General, there is now an opportunity to plug a weakness in wall defense by matching a strong wall general with Shajar al-Durr’s as an assistant for her production abilities.

Eloy Omar

I’ve gotten Undead General, his stats seem to have possibilities, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how it may help me. It’s a purple general, so I’m not too worried. It’s just that that killing of enemy troops, implies some benefits, but killing of my own does not.

I am surprised not to see Aetheflaed on this list as a boss hunter.


It can’t be helped because the general’s unique skill of increased mounted troops attack and additional skill of increased against-monster attack (which cannot be attached to Aethelflaed) allows other generals to do more monster damage than Aethelflaed… 😑.

Jake Forrest

I am level 14. Guides say don’t waste time resources on making non gold Generals better. I don’t have any gold Generals so should I boost my purple at all? like level them up with exp? Or is it really don’t waste your stuff on them at all?


Between K25 and K30 you should be able to collect fragments for every relics general. By K30, depending on your luck, you should have pulled several whole generals from the chest if you open it every day. Between K30 and K33, you probably get 30 fragments for every general available from the chest.

Before then, it is entirely fine to use and enhance purple generals. My advice would be to level up and perhaps cultivate up to 300 with gold, but don’t waste gems on cultivation above 300. Go ahead and give them skills if you have correct lv1 and lv4 skill books, read general skill guide, eventually finding correct lv4 skills will be fast and easy. But don’t waste skill books by attaching a random skill to a general. You can craft equipment. I like the Champion set which becomes available at K14. It is great for gathering. Don’t give these generals more than 3 or 4 stars.

Among the purple generals, the ones are worth using are Constance (troop load, gathering bonus), Cleopatra (double-item drop rate from monsters), Attila (troop load) and maybe John Bufford for killing monsters yourself. You should join an alliance that hunts higher level monsters to start collecting scrolls for General, King, and Dragon level equipment.


Yes it is a waste.. invest rss into always on truse agreements.

thank you so much for this great topic,it is very useful 🤩🤩🤩 I have a question Could Gustavus Adolphus be positioned as attack mayor of the sub-city? when looking at his specialization, I see that he reduces the percentage of enemy’ defense of archers and siege machines by 15% that is not bad when most of players attack with archers and siege .. what do you think about him?

I think that idea is not a bad one, since generals are hard to come by in the early stages of the game. However, as the game progresses, it should be replaced by other good generals. In the mid-game, it should be Arminius, for example, and finally, the mayor’s siege attack debuff skill is unnecessary and should be replaced by Andrew Jackson, for example.

What subordinate city mayors to recruit and grow is one of the more confusing subjects, specially for players who haven’t started practicing pvp on regular basis. A more detailed discussion of the subject would be appreciated. I am aiming at recruiting Arminius, Andrew Jackson, and Harald, most of which are relatively accessible.


If debuffing ranged attack should be given a priority, and debuffing siege attack can be achieved with equipment, then it seems like, for us non coiners, Andrew Jackson should be a better choice than Arminius, even though the Arminius’s list price of 60M suggests that game developers thought that this general is better?

Arminius is excellent from the beginning to the middle of the game (before the debuff is maximized).
After the siege machine attack and the ground HP debuff are maximized, Arminius with those two things becomes unnecessary.

Also, I think Arminius had a huge advantage before the debuff and Achaemenidae equipment were implemented.
Hence it was a paid general before the fragment was implemented.

If an update comes in the future that will allow the siege machine attack buff and ground HP buff to be raised above the debuff, Arminius may be reinstated.

About Queen Shintoku

If you go to gather resources with her as your main general, you will get 40% extra no matter what time you come back, but if you go with her as your assistant, you will not get the extra resources unless you finish gathering resources to the end.

Resource tile that no one has touched (hereafter referred to as “new”)
Resource tile that someone has touched halfway through (hereafter referred to as “in progress”)

If the main general is Jindeok
Gathering from “new” to the halfway point -> extra resources are given.
Gathering all from “new” -> extra resources are given.

Gathering from “in progress” to the halfway point -> extra resources are given.
Gathering all from “in progress” -> extra resources are given.

If the main general is Cleopatra without any skills and Jindeok is her assistant

Gathering from “new” to the halfway point -> No extra available
Gathering all from “new” -> extra resources are given.

Gathering from “in progress” to the halfway point -> No extra available
Gathering all from “in progress” -> extra resources are given.


I’ve taken the concept of durability in the vanguard and attack in the rearguard and made all mayors Arminius. If I want all the mayors to be the same person, would Harald be a better choice? 🤔


If you are attacking, should I look at your list of defense debuff generals or should I use the attack debuff generals? And use defense debuff generals if I am expecting an attack or vise versa?

Recently on the battlefield, an opponent with a buffed infantry attack 1300, defense 1100, and HP 1000 was able to wipe out my full army in one hit.
How much stats do I need to prevent this?
I feel that if the enemy is this much of an outlier, it’s impossible to keep them at bay and repel them.🥲
My opponent is k37 and I only have k35 900M and troops up to t13.

Defense buffs are infantry attack 700 defense 910 HP 540, archer attack 930 defense 618 HP 525, cavalry attack 700 defense 610 HP 820, siege attack 1015 defense 560 HP 505.
Debuffs are 3 mayors plus a few, so not strong😓


I’m a K33 with about the same amount of buffs and debuffs as you, and if an enemy has about 1300%+ buffs, they won’t knock me out in one shot.
The other day I was attacked by an enemy with 1414% buffs, my damage was 187M and opponent’s was 203M.
If you’re up against an opponent who only has about the same amount of debuffs, you’ll be fine, even if the enemy has over 1300%.
Perhaps having a layer is a good idea.
By the way, I’m 1.3B.

The other day, I read in a word-of-mouth article that something changes when you have both the forest castle and the volcano castle, which are the rewards for the current event.
I actually tried lining up the two castles, but I don’t think anything has changed.
Is this just a false rumor, or does nothing actually change?

If I wanted to debuff my opponent’s ranged troop attack as much as possible, should I assign Andrew Jacksons to all my sub cities? Do their debuggs add up?

If you are not paying, that would be best.
If you are paying, any Andrew, Cnut, or Barbarian King is fine. Baldwin looks good, but I don’t recommend him because I don’t see the value in the siege attack debuff he has. The mounted troops HP debuff that Andrew and Cnut have is valuable and worthwhile. The barbarian king’s all-troop defense debuff is also good.

Debuffs stack.
Reference: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

I have to say that classifying generals that you can get from tavern as generals for those who don’t pay money is somewhat misleading. Over the holidays I got plenty of gems with double down coupons and headed over to the tavern to see if I could cycle all the way to Trajan or Baibars. This was lv24 tavern. Well, I can tell you that it took something like 120,000 gems to get to Trajan and Baibars. They both came out at the very end. In fact, I still haven’t seen a Queen Jindeok! I think this game on purpose reduces the probabilities of seeing them because these three are the best generals available from tavern. In fact, I saw EVERY gold historic general at least TWICE except these three. This wasn’t a complete waste because I picked up a few interesting generals along way (several copies of Andrew Jackson, etc).

But now, it normally does not occur to players who don’t pay money to spend 150,000 precious gems to find one good general. They will just stick with Oda Nobunaga (I won one from the chest for free) and Cleo, with all their flaws.

On the other hand, it is also misleading to say that Theodora is for players who pay a lot of money. I think players who don’t coin will still prefer to swipe a credit card once for 4.99 dollar package to get Theodora, than spend 100,000 gems to find inferior Baibars in the tavern. Theodora is an incredible value because this game doesn’t give away any top tier generals so easily, even to heavily paying players. On my server, half of the players with a clue all hunt monsters with Theodora, and Theodora takes 20 percent or so of top 100 general rankings.


I got Queen Jindeok from the tavern, took me a bit to do it but I got her from there.


I have 5 jindeoks…..all from tavern…..cost me maybe 500k gems. Super worth it.

I know that Bibars and Queen Jindeok are set to be very hard to find in the bar.
(I don’t think Trajan is that hard to find…).
Even so, within the range of gems available to the unpaid player, I think it is possible to recruit about 4-5 of both within 6 months to a year.
In the beginning of the game, there are not many ways to earn gems, so you may feel frustrated, but if you actively participate in undead, BOG, BOC, and various events, you will be able to accumulate enough gems, so I don’t think you need to worry that much.

You may also want to refer to the “How to get 21,000 Gems in a Week” section of this site.

I envy you that you can get Theodora. It’s a privilege on the new server.
I don’t have a way to get one, so I’ll just have to put up with 5-6 Bibars, lol.
As for the classification of Theodora, I think it is unavoidable because it is divided into two groups: unpaid and heavily paid.
I don’t know much about how to get Theodora or if it’s possible to get more than one, but as you said, if Theodora is a famous general in the rankings, there’s probably information about it in the your new server, and I personally don’t think it’s necessary to create a classification for Theodora on this page because to reduce readability.

As the site administrator said, the double drop rate is very important in this game.
If Theodora is a general who can’t get more than one, you’ll probably need to use a lot of Bibars anyway, so until you’ve gathered enough Bibars and Queen Jindeok, I’d recommend prioritizing using gems in the tavern.

It’s an effect that can be easily overlooked, but after six months, it will give you a huge advantage in terms of urban development over players who don’t have it.

I wish you a good Evony life.

IMO the generals get better chances as your tavern levels. I have pulled 6 Jindeoks from the tavern though i only have 5 march slots. I did not start spending gems until tavern was at least lv27.

I agree with Jocko that it would be better to raise the level of the bar and then turn it around.

However, I am wondering how far to raise the level.
Like the site manager, I also started turning in earnest after I reached 24-25.

I can’t say for sure because I don’t know how long it will take to raise the level to K27, but if it will take a long time, I think it will be fine to start before that time.

This is because, with respect to Jindeok and Bibars, by acquiring them early, you will be able to benefit greatly from them from an early stage.
For example, if you get two Shintoku, it is the same as having one more unit to collect compared to those who did not get them.

In extreme cases, if you have a lot of Gems, you can get a good return even if you start with 25 or less.

This game is designed so that you can get better benefits by being ahead of the game, so we recommend you to get it as soon as possible.

If you can afford it, you may employ up to 7 jindeok for 5 units, and up to 8 for 6 units.
It is spectacular to be able to handle the gathering skills of all resource types.

As a side note, although skill books are valuable in the early stages, it is recommended that you do not put them on until you have level 4 skill books for gathering, but rather put them on as soon as you have level 3 skill books.
The earlier you get the benefit, the faster you will grow.
(Of course, you should put it on after you have filled up 3 level 1s.)

I wish you a good evony life.

Merhaba, ben k28 bir oyuncuyum ve genel olarak süvari üretimine odaklandım. Sunucumda okçu birlikleri ile savaşan bir oyuncu var. Buna karşı koymak için hangi tür general (general isimlerinide istiyorum) ve hangi tip asker kullanmam gerekiyor. Cevap için şimdiden teşekkür ederim. Yardımlarınızı bekliyorum.

> Hi, I’m a k28 player and focused on cavalry production in general. There is a player on my server fighting with archer troops. What type of general (I want the names of generals) and what type of soldiers should I use to counter this. Thank you in advance for the answer. I’m waiting for your help.
Originally, infantry and siege are effective against archer, but it is not realistic to grow buffs of all types at the same time.
You should focus on the archer first. See also below.
Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

For generals, see the guide below.
Best of Ranged PvP General

Hi! What do you think about William Marshall as defense general? I was surprised he is not on your list, I wanna know why you think he doesn’t make it to the rank?

thanks ☺️

I.vladimir i neden bufff ve debufff listesinde göremiyorum onu bağlı şehir de kullanabilirmiyim

I had two Vladimir I’s in subordinate cities (both trained to lvl 31).
I don’t need both of them, but I decided to keep one and dismiss him.

Because the debuff is too weak.
It is strong that all troops attack -10% even without any enhancement, but his debuff is not raised after 1 star.

Himiko also appears in the general ” subordinate city”, but she is even worse.
I think Vladimir and Himiko are just a stopgap when there are not enough other mayors to place.

Does the fact that the duty officer, Menshikov and Zhuhe Liang, have been erased mean that they are no longer available?

No, it means that the newly added Ashoka is more recommended. (Because unlike Meansikov and Zhuge Liang, it’s a buff/debuff for combat.)

I am playing without paying for it so far. I am considering George or Zachary as my main defender, but if I were to make Mason Weaver assistant, would George more compatible as above? I was thinking of going with Zachary, who is more of an infantry….

It is impossible to say which one is more compatible with the other, since the advantages and disadvantages just change.
It depends on what kind of enemy attack you want to be strong against. This depends on the situation each player is in and other factors.
In defense, if you make something stronger, something becomes weaker. You have to make a choice.

In terms of withstanding archer attacks, which is the basis of PvP, either one is not bad.
In the case of Zachary + Mason, the siege machines, which are effective in countering archers, are relatively weak, but the ground troop is not bad, so there is no major problem.
In the case of George + Mason, while the ground troop effective in countering the archer is relatively weak, the siege machines are strong, so there is no major problem.

In the case of Zachary, he is relatively weak against the enemy’s siege machines.
In the case of George, he will be relatively weak against enemy ground troop attacks.
It depends on which one you want to take.


This may be a question that has already been asked, but is there any advantage to having more than one of the same general?

It depends on the general.
Bibars, Queen Jindeok, and Debuff General (Mayor) require several of the same. For bow weakness, you can use Cnut or Andrew, and for infantry defense, Cixi.
For the others, basically, one is enough, but it depends on your idea.


You’re always so helpful!
Thank you.

I put Ban Cho in Archer Tower.
Should I enhance or equip him?
Do the effects of skills and such also apply?


I am always grateful for your help!

Is the order of the generals in order of strength?


This is a great site and I always refer to it. Thank you very much. My question is, I’ve heard that some people spend $10,000 a month, but when you say “pay a lot of money” here, how much do you expect to pay per month?

Is there no topic about best general for monster/boss? Who is the best? Caesar or Aethelflaed?


Theodora is a Gold Historic now being given in Early Game on new servers 600+. She actually looks pretty good. Increase ground and mounted attack by 30%, increase 10% Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters when General is leading the army to attack Monster. Can you please review for inclusion into this list? Thanks!

At the moment, it’s hard to recommend her because I don’t know if she can be given the luck skill.
(I believe the most important thing for a monster-hunting general is double item drops.)
If the luck skill cannot be granted, it is still better to use Cleopatra (20%), which is purple.

I also feel that Theodora’s Specialty is half-baked, so I don’t recommend seriously training her. 🤔
(The first specialty is Ranged Troops Attack increase (NOT MOUNTED TROOPS))

As soon as a member in my alliance told me about Theodora, I asked him to test the possibility of adding skills.
So the result is that basically there is no limit on her. You can add all Luck, Mounted troop attack, Mounted troop attack against monster on her. With Luck and her base skills, her Double drop rate is 3% higher than Baibars. However, the base attributes and increasing attributes per level are both low, when I compare to my Aethelflaed, not to mentioned good general such as Hannibal or Roland. Her Specialties also are not quite focusing (S1 Range atk against monster, S2 Luck, S3 enemy wound to death).
Hence, I think she is appropriate to be a Monster hunter, up to Griffin (B10), and other event monsters such as Goblin 7. For stronger, you should keep using a general with better Mounted specialized.

I want to make my opinion more particular. I think Theodora is good for beginners, when they have almost no good general. Some skills on her would be good. But attribute enhance should stop at +300, and absolutely say NO to her specialties.

Zeias11, thanks for the information.😃

I made a detailed comparison about Boss / Monster Hunter General.
Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

As a result, I’d like to make a few corrections to my opinion.
If you can afford to pay more than $100 a month, then
I can recommend Theodora as a double item drop general.

If you put on the Luck skillbook Lv4, it will surpass the drop rate of Baibars (whose specialty is not yet complete) by itself.
If you can develop a second specialty (luck), the drop rate will increase even more.
(I think Theodora’s specialty is worth developing only the 2nd specialty (luck).)

Baibars and Theodora have the potential to exceed 40% double item drop rate, but Baibars requires the completion of the 4th specialty, and Theodora’s is less difficult than his.
(Still, Aethelfaed and Caesar can only be raised to 33%)

If you are looking for attack first and foremost, Theodora is not recommended, but neither are Aethelflaed and Caesar.
In that case, you should add “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster” and “Mounted Troop Attack” to mounted general like the following.
Best of Mounted PvP General

For more details, please refer to the following article.
Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

Hi, great work. 👍 Can you please answer my question regarding the buff of Gaius Marius? In the first sentence you can read the gathering speed of ore’s increased by 30 %. Afterwards they say the gathering speed of ore’s increased by 15 %. Obviously that doesn’t fit together. Could the 30 % perhaps only apply to the alliance mine? Thank you.

Thank you very much, in this case the translator must be wrong. In my language they say 30 % for ore and 15 % for ore. I controlled it again.

Fahim Nazari

I have Edward the black prince should i keep working on him or not and also for mountain troop i have Yue Fei tell about them please.

It upto what you want. Also Depends on player you are attacking. Max archers you need yue fei (added ground skills) and if mostly mounted work on edward. Its my opinion. Rest upto you.

Hi …
I havent seen on list Wei Qing for Sub City General, He have debuff too
“Reduce enemy ground troops and mounted troops attack by 15% …….”

Added to the “1. If you pay no money” section.
For “2. If you pay a lot of money”, Constantine I is better, so I did not include it. (Enemy ground troops and mounted troops’ attack -20%)


Today we receive the first piece of Yue Fei in our daily general piece section for free. Do you know which generals are available there? You write you have to pay for him.

The generals you can get from the General Chest are listed in the following article.
List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

You can also find them by going to the in-game Tavern > “Great General Chest” and pressing the “i” in the upper right corner.

As of today, Yue Fei is not included in the in-game description.
And for the past year, no piece of Yue Fei has been available.
Also, I don’t know if Yue Fei’s piece will be permanently included in the future or if it is only limited to this month.
Therefore, it is listed in the article as a general that requires a charge.

artimius, as I understand this is an excellent general for the sub city, what skills are the best for him to put?

With new generals introduced, the blog has to be revised. Will this happen soon. BTW, this has been very helpful and appreciate the effort put in. Thanks


When stacking the same debuff gen on subs what is the max 50%-75%-100%?before it is a waste

No list of best siege generals? What are the recommendations for this?


I’ve completed the King’s Path and got a Mehmed II, but I can’t think of any other use for it other than decorating the museum.
How should I use it?

Hi bro.. Did you get your answer? I would like to know aswell…. As i understood he is not good for a sub. Because if his main skill book doesn’t start with debuffs they will not apply…. It will work just if you use as an atack general leading the army… Any ideas?

This is a great site and I look at it all the time.
During boss rallies, do debuffs against monsters held by generals who participate instead of rally setters overlap? Would it be effective to have a number of generals with the 5% monster attack reduction debuff participate in a rally?

Probably way to late, but coincidentially i tested that some days ago. Debuffs of all Generals in the Rally will be active, but If it is the Same General they dont Stack. So having 5 Hernando Cortez will still give His debuff Just once Not X5.

Thanks for a great informative site.
If the general I am appointing as mayor has a debuff in his/her specialties, will the effect be reflected in PV?


Thank you for your help!
How do I get a general in a tavern?

Does the “War Inferno” of the General “Sherman” also works when he is mayor of a linked subordinate city? Like with debuffs? “War inferno: Turns 5% of the defending enemy’s wounded troops into dead troops during the battle …”

Did you ever find this out? I have the same question


I have found this site very helpful and I am always grateful for the help.

It is about the mayors of the subordinate cities. I have a number of Arminius and Mansa Moor, and their number is more than the number of lower cities I own. (I also have the Empress Dowager, though not in duplicate.)

I know it depends on the opponent in PvP, but do you have any common recommendations?

I’m only at keep level 29, and I’m hoping to be active in SVS, BOG, etc. rather than fighting in the server. (I’m always bubbling up)

In general, the most popular choices seem to be Cnut and Andrew for their excellent bow attack debuffs, Harald for his excellent Attack & HP debuffs for all troops, and Cixi for her excellent ground defense debuffs.

Basically, you should focus on the following to make your choice.

– Ground & Mounted Debuff -> HP or Defense
– Ranged & Siege Debuff -> Attack

The reason for the former is to kill as many as possible with ranged troops & siege before they get close to my side.
The reason for the latter is to reduce our wounds in the first few turns when we are attacked unilaterally by ranged troops and siege. (Even if I reduce their HP & defense, it will be useless if my troops are killed before reaching them)

The basis of this idea is explained in the following article.
Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

The one that just fits this idea is Arminius (Ground & Mounted HP, Ranged & Siege Attack), which is also a good option. However, as the mayor’s Achaemenidae equipment gets better and better, Cnut and others are preferable because even without Arminius, the equipment alone is enough to debuff siege attack and ground HP.

Hi, is there any good reason to not dimiss doubles? With the festival packages come one golden historic general each. With my luck (not) I got myself 3xRoland and 3x Gwanggaeto. Both nice, but one each is enough, because they have no debuff. Is there any reason I perhaps overlook that I should not dismiss them?


I got Aethelflaed from pack on a new server, should I be investing in her as primary monster hunter? If so should I also use runestones for her specialties or you think it’s better to save the runestones for Martinus somewhere far down the line?


Save the runestones for Martinus/Roland preferably.

I have Yue Fei, he is great because he doubles as a monster hunter/pvp general.

Question how do I know to active a general special skill the small gold box that say special skill how to active it???????


Your general has to be level 25 to activate this.

The ones with the golden square is active from the start. However, some of them are conditional (e.g. dragon required). Press the golden square and read the description.
When the general reaches level 25, four circles will appear (specialty). This requires you to use runestones and gems to level up.
Related: Specialty Guide


Tran hun Dao is very popular on my server with great results against range troops?
Any opinion?
But my question is why can not you put lvl4 range attack skill book on black prince but you can on Alfred?

If you don’t have a good golden historic general, you can train him as a temporary main general and make him a duty officer when you get a better one.

I recently started a game on a new server, and Maensikov was a bonus for purchasing 1 gem (the actual cheapest was a $0.99 package).

Hi – do you think Hannibal is better then Martinus or Roland. I’m currently using him and fully maxed he appears to have the same attack as Martinus but with higher HP / Lower march size?


Hi… It could be an stupid question but Wall general is helping on monster’s hunt to when on duty or just support defense and attack on pvp?

The Wall General only works when defending a city in PvP.
It does not work when attacking enemy cities in PvP or when hunting monsters.

When defending a city in PvP, do the skill buffs, equipment buffs and spiritual beast buffs of the duty generals and mayors apply as city defense buffs?

Hi, thanks for the info. I started playing the game just two weeks ago, however, and am wondering what you mean by low and heavy coining?

Thanks for reading!😃
Sorry for the poor English. Thanks for pointing that out. 😃
low coining mean, “Not paying any money” or “Pay only a little money”.
heavy coining mean, “Pay a lot of money”.

I will correct the text of the article!


Thats a very good info but do you mind if you can explain about the stats of these generals and how they benefit the player, especially PVP generals (attack gens, subordinate city gens)

Thank you.

I can not go into detail here, so I will give a rough description.
In terms of stats, the generals listed above are relatively high.
The height of their stats is roughly, but proportional to the height of their gold. You can find a list of them on a later page.

Ranged Generals
– Alfred the Great, Gustavus, Gwanggaeto – if the Siege machine also emphasizes
– Elektra – if the Mounted also values
– Minamoto Yoshitsune – If you want a Ranged specialization

Mounted General
– Martinus – if you want a Mounted specialization. Equipped with dragons and maxed out Specialty, it is the strongest. However, it is quite hard. (Attack 25 + 15 + 10 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 46 = 126%)
– Roland, Li Jing – if you want a Mounted specialization.
– Yue Fei, Takeda Shingen – if you also want to focus on Ground

Ground Generals
– Scipio, Trajan – if you want a Ground specialization. Also useful as a wall general against Ranged specialization enemies.

Wall Generals
– Joseph – good at Ranged and Siege
– Kusunoki, Ly Thuong Kiet – good at Ranged

Subordinate City General
All I expect them to do is debuff. And the performance of the debuff does not depend on the stats.
Depending on your play style, you can make your mayor a general with the debuffs you need.
To see who has what debuff, here is a list of who has what debuff. 😃

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