Keep Upgrade Requirements (~Lv35) & Unlocks

The following is a summary of the amount of resources needed to upgrade a keep, the non-keep construction and research requirements, and what is unlocked at what level.

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LvFoodLumberStoneOreRequirementsUnlock (Building)Unlock (etc)
34,5104,500Walls Lv2Tavern
45,9506,000Walls Lv3, Farm Lv3
510,80011,000Walls Lv4, Farm Lv4Tavern > Recruit
621,40022,000Walls Lv5, Warehouse Lv5Archer Tower
Army Camp
Activity > Troop Killing
742,30043,0009,250Walls Lv6
Research : Military > Conscription Lv1
ForgeReceive items by Royal Waybill
883,80085,00075,000Walls Lv7, Academy Lv7Trap FactoryWalls > Patrol Activity > Patrol
9166,000170,000150,000Walls Lv8, Army Camp Lv8Embassy
War Hall
10246,000250,000230,000Walls Lv9, Warehouse Lv9
11353,000360,000340,000Walls Lv10, Hospital Lv10Prison
Art Hall
Holy Palace
Subordinate City
Keep > Levy > Free Levy All feature
Rally Spot > March Preset
Server War > A Visit to the Fire Spirit
12506,000510,000500,00060,000Walls Lv11, Workshop Lv11
13726,000730,000730,000710,000Walls Lv12Activity > Relic Exploration
141,040,0001,100,0001,100,0001,000,000Walls Lv13, Archer Camp Lv13
Research : Military > Adv Dispatch Lv1
151,490,0001,500,0001,600,0001,500,000Walls Lv14, Trap Factory Lv14Battlefield Shop
Battle of Constantinople
Battle of Gaugamela
162,140,0002,200,0002,300,0002,200,000Walls Lv15, Quarry Lv15Keep > Duty
173,070,0003,200,0003,400,0003,300,000Walls Lv16, Mine Lv16Activity > Boss Monster Kill
184,400,0004,800,0004,900,0004,800,000Walls Lv17
196,300,0007,000,0007,200,0007,000,000Walls Lv18, Embassy Lv18
Research : Military > Adv Conscription Lv1
208,090,0009,200,0009,500,0009,300,000Walls Lv19
2110,600,00012,000,00012,000,00012,000,000Walls Lv20, Sawmill Lv20Pasture
Research Factory
Activity > PvP Battle
2213,300,00016,000,00016,000,00016,000,000Walls Lv21
2317,100,00021,000,00021,000,00021,000,000Walls Lv22, Barracks Lv22
2422,000,00027,000,00028,000,00028,000,000Walls Lv23, Stable Lv23Use of Royal Waybill
2528,200,00036,000,00037,000,00036,000,000Walls Lv24, Academy Lv24
2669,660,00088,200,00091,800,00090,000,000Walls Lv25, Watchtower Lv25
27116,200,000148,000,000152,000,000148,000,000Walls Lv26, Rally Spot Lv26Arsenal
28172,800,000220,000,000220,000,000220,000,000Walls Lv27, Art Hall Lv27
29252,000,000320,000,000340,000,000320,000,000Walls Lv28, Research Factory Lv28
30403,200,000504,000,000525,000,000525,000,000Walls Lv29, Academy Lv29
31539,280,000669,600,000691,500,000709,500,000Walls Lv30
32725,029,000895,644,000918,773,000961,343,000Walls Lv31, Rally Spot Lv31, Army Camp Lv31
331,024,642,0001,260,253,0001,285,364,0001,367,566,000Walls Lv32, Art Hall Lv32
341,591,510,0001,950,093,0001,978,954,0002,136,140,000Walls Lv33, Research Factory Lv33
353,705,347,0003,789,896,0003,828,759,0004,185,927,000Walls Lv34, Academy Lv34




مرحبا انا اتعلم منك كثيرا ممكن شرح لنوع القوات اللازمة لهزم كل نوع من وحش رئيس العالم


مرحبا كيف أحصل على ديكور القلعة الذهبية وكيف احصل على كنز عباسي

> Hello, how do I get the golden castle decoration and how do I get the treasure of Abbas

It seems that it was available at a past event. It is unknown if it will be available in the future.

I’m always learning from you.
I am currently K33.
So I have a question about the role of walls.
Is there any effective role for the wall other than to increase the wall HP for defense and to raise the level of the keep?
I’m currently at wall lvl 32 and I’m wondering if I should prioritize upgrading to wall lvl 33 or if I should spend my resources on other things.

This is important if you are focusing on ranged troops.
Before you can level up the archer camp, you need to level the archer tower, and for that, you need to level up the wall.

What will happened to my keep if I’ll bring it to lv 35 and everything in it . It will change

You will no longer need to use RSS for construction.
However, Wonder will not reach Lv35 no matter how hard you try😢.
You can use the spare RSS to train troops and build traps.

dark knight

how much time do I need to build keep level 26 and level 27 …

Are you able to include the number of days/hours required for each building upgrade? I’m trying to calculate that based off Monarch Gear and Main Keep to European.


I always refer to this site. Thank you for your easy-to-understand articles. I think we can build a total of 30 facilities such as farms, quarries, army camps, etc. If you have a recommended ratio (number), I would love to know it. Thank you very much.

Eventually, I think it would be a good idea to have only one army camp, and the rest of the slots should be filled with more facilities needed for the type of troops you are focusing on. (e.g. lumber for ranged troops)

I would like to know about the requirements for Wonder Unlock for each level.


In order to unlock Wonder 1, you need to be in the top 5 in your server in SVS.

If the server is new, there is a “Poem of History” quest, but I didn’t check when the “Poem of History” ended… 😓
Is it 60 days after the birth of the server, or does it end when the last quest ” Hegemony” starts?
Or was there a grace period of a few days after the last quest started?
I’d like to complete the quest and would like to know the deadline for when I should raise my keep level to 25.

It didn’t end when “Hegemony” started. I don’t know the exact number of days, but the “Poem of History” was completed a couple of days later, and Fenrir was also finished, so probably 60 days after the server was born.
I was able to complete it without a hitch!


Thank you for the useful information. I was able to get to keep level 24 in a month without paying. I felt that 25 was possible if I got around perfectly. My army is still weak, though.

Gostaria de saber se você tem um guia de como ser promovido no posto de conde por exemplo.

Thank you! very useful information for upgrade planning. One suggestion, would it be possible to also list the requirements for the individual buildings. For example, to upgrade from 33 to 34. Both research and hospital need to be 33. What requirement is to upgrade hospital to 33 and how much is needed for 33 research facility. It’d be really helpful to see the true reequipment for each leveling with that information.

I’m trying to find requirements for academy 34… Its upgrading to 33 so I can’t see what I need next on my build to k35


I am always grateful for your help.
I have used it to explain to my alliance mates.
Thank you very much.

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