Keep: Upgrade Requirements, etc

3/14/2023 – Basic specifications, etc. added.
6/16/2022 – Construction Time & Construction Speed buffs added.
11/6/2011 – Added Lv 36-40 with ver4 major update. / Added Bunker and Dragon Cliff to the list of unlockable items. / supported some other requirement changes.

Basic specifications

Keep is the starting point for construction, the first facility that must be upgraded when upgrading each facility in your city.

The number displayed in the city on the map is the level of the keep.

Because of the name “Keep,” it is represented as k25, k40, etc.

In a keep, you can

  • Exchange gems for gold (Levy)
  • Interact with heroines to obtain rewards and buffs/debuffs (Champion)
  • Use buff items (City Buff)
  • Assigning Duty Officer
  • Change Culture
  • Change Decoration of your city

Increasing the level of your keep has the following benefits

  • Increase in the maximum number of generals you can hold
  • Increase in the number of free levies.
  • Increase in the amount of gold per levy
  • Increased speed of resource gathering
  • Increased production speed of resources in your city

In addition, various things in addition to the keep will be unlocked.

In order to increase the level of the keep, it is necessary to increase the level of Walls and other facilities.

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.) & what will be Unlocked

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

RequirementsUnlock (Building)Unlock (etc)
34,5104,5000:15:000%Walls Lv2Tavern
45,9506,0000:36:000%Walls Lv3, Farm Lv3
510,80011,0001:12:000%Walls Lv4, Farm Lv4Tavern > Recruit
621,40022,0002:24:000%Walls Lv5, Warehouse Lv5Archer Tower
Army Camp
Activity > Troop Killing
742,30043,0009,2504:48:000%Walls Lv6
Research : Military > Conscription Lv1
ForgeReceive items by Royal Waybill
883,80085,00075,0009:36:000%Walls Lv7, Academy Lv7Trap FactoryWalls > Patrol
Activity > Patrol
9166,000170,000150,00019:12:000%Walls Lv8, Army Camp Lv8Embassy
War Hall
10246,000250,000230,0001d 14:240%Walls Lv9, Bunker Lv9
11353,000360,000340,0002d 03:120%Walls Lv10, Hospital Lv10Prison
Art Hall
Holy Palace
Subordinate City
Keep > Levy > Free Levy All feature
Keep > Champion > Helen
Rally Spot > March Preset
Server War > A Visit to the Fire Spirit
12506,000510,000500,00060,0002d 13:260%Walls Lv11, Workshop Lv11
13726,000730,000730,000710,0003d 01:430%Walls Lv12Activity > Relic Exploration
141,040,0001,100,0001,100,0001,000,0003d 16:270%Walls Lv13, Archer Camp Lv13
Research : Military > Adv Dispatch Lv1
151,490,0001,500,0001,600,0001,500,0004d 10:080%Walls Lv14, Trap Factory Lv14Battlefield Shop
Battle of Constantinople
Battle of Gaugamela
162,140,0002,200,0002,300,0002,200,0005d 07:210%Walls Lv15, Quarry Lv15Keep > Duty
173,070,0003,200,0003,400,0003,300,0007d 10:170%Walls Lv16, Mine Lv16Activity > Boss Monster Kill
184,400,0004,800,0004,900,0004,800,0008d 07:4025%Walls Lv17
196,300,0007,000,0007,200,0007,000,00011d 02:4331%Walls Lv18, Embassy Lv18
Research : Military > Adv Conscription Lv1
208,090,0009,200,0009,500,0009,300,00013d 07:4353%Walls Lv19
2110,400,00012,000,00012,000,00012,000,00018d 15:3653%Walls Lv20, Sawmill Lv20Pasture
Research Factory
Activity > PvP Battle
2213,300,00016,000,00016,000,00016,000,00026d 02:3953%Walls Lv21
2317,100,00021,000,00021,000,00021,000,00031d 01:4280%Walls Lv22, Barracks Lv22
2422,000,00027,000,00028,000,00028,000,00042d 07:4685%Walls Lv23, Stable Lv23Use of Royal Waybill
2528,200,00036,000,00037,000,00036,000,00059d 22:0896%Walls Lv24, Academy Lv24
2669,660,00088,200,00091,800,00090,000,00069d 01:16134%Walls Lv25, Watchtower Lv25
27116,200,000148,000,000152,000,000148,000,00099d 18:07134%Walls Lv26, Rally Spot Lv26Arsenal
28172,800,000220,000,000220,000,000220,000,000127d 14:30170%Walls Lv27, Art Hall Lv27
29252,000,000320,000,000340,000,000320,000,000151d 07:06208%Walls Lv28, Research Factory Lv28
30403,200,000504,000,000525,000,000525,000,000192d 08:20231%Walls Lv29, Academy Lv29Dragon Cliff
31539,280,000669,600,000691,500,000709,500,000221d 10:59253%Walls Lv30
32725,029,000895,644,000918,773,000961,343,000279d 04:49253%Walls Lv31, Rally Spot Lv31
331,024,642,0001,260,253,0001,285,364,0001,367,566,000377d 10:06253%Walls Lv32, Art Hall Lv32
341,591,510,0001,950,093,0001,978,954,0002,136,140,000562d 20:25262%Walls Lv33, Research Factory Lv33
353,103,347,0003,789,896,0003,828,759,0004,185,927,0001,139d 07:17262%Walls Lv34, Academy Lv34Victory Column
364,615,184,0005,629,699,0005,678,564,0006,235,714,0001,665d 03:47273%Walls Lv35, Victory Column Lv1 (=Own
2 5.8M and above power generals
at the same time)
Military Academy
376,693,959,8758,159,428,1258,222,045,8759,054,171,1252,476d 08:45273%Walls Lv36
Military Academy Lv1
3810,487,725,84712,776,183,77812,863,900,29714,197,855,3783,973d 11:38284%Walls Lv37
Holy Palace Lv37
Triumphal Arch
3919,403,075,88123,625,559,56323,772,258,18826,285,513,3738,081d 19:21284%Walls Lv38
Triumphal Arch Lv1
4045,703,358,48155,631,218,12855,951,913,96861,944,104,45821,467d 23:36290%Walls Lv39
Military Academy Lv4

Levy: Tips & Cautions

For details, see the following article.

Duty Officer

Unlocked at Keep Lv16.

Assigning a duty officer to a Keep increases Construction speed & Training Capacity.

You can put any general to duty officer if you just want to get this duty officer buff.

Ideally, Menshikov, Zhuge Liang, or Ashoka. They have skills and specialties related to the keep, and also increasing construction speed, etc.  (How to get)

If he is not available, you can use any general as your duty officer. (However, I do not recommend any generals other than the golden historic generals.)

For other details, see the following articles.

Other Building Guides


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I can’t raise the level of the level because it says, “Please remove the fog in this area.
I don’t know how to remove the fog.


How can I get Helen’s skin “Goddess of Spring and Flowers”?
I have been wondering for a long time.

You need to get your hands on the “Wondrous Journey Token.”
It seems to be available only at exclusive events. You have to wait for the event to be held.
Also, last time, you had to pay for it to get it. (Collect 100 fragments and compose)

If there is any information about Blazons, can you post it. Please 🙏🏻🥺

41 49,590,941,853.00 60,322,644,549.00 60,614,753,590.00 67,279,182,767.00
42 53,569,880,904.00 65,127,626,943.00 65,395,028,991.00 72,734,251,640.00
43 57,542,527,737.00 69,919,702,911.00 70,155,139,240.00 78,189,320,513.00
44 61,508,882,351.00 74,698,872,454.00 74,895,084,336.00 83,644,389,386.00
45 65,468,944,746.00 79,465,135,570.00 79,614,864,281.00 89,099,458,259.00
I collect it from the Internet. I only have a screenshort of K41. And my friend told me K41 need victory column 5.


I am a non-paying player.
I expect to bottom out on my large inventory of RSS with the upgrade to K27.
The speedup will last until K30 if I plan to use it all up.
I have about 150,000 troops in T10.
I have about 300,000 gems.
My immediate focus will be on RSS. What would be the most efficient way to proceed, for example, PvP, monster hunting, resource mining, etc.?


joining rallies is the most efficient way…(double drop general one ring, and a stamina…that’s it….

then there comes gathering,, U need to cultivate generals and geared them up for better efficiency….


Feeling mentally handicapped!!!!😕 Have been playing game for about a month but stuck on main quest and cannot find answer. Upgrade mine to 6. Where? All resources minimum of 10 and higher and does not take me to location

If your Keep is on 5th level you cannot upgrade anything higher than that, maybe that helps.


In your keep. The rss you build. Level them up


destroy one of them and build another as requirements


i use this guide like a bible. My keep is at 27. My construction speed up is at 145%. How did you jump from 134% construction speed to 170 and on to 208% and 231%? I have both construction research at max and adv construction research at max. I have two blue European subordinate city. what am i missing for that big jump you got in construction speed.


and also titles given by king and proper gold subs


Use I think is European subs when doing construction if your server has nap

You can’t max construction research until k30, so each keep upgrade, upgrade academy and you can research more construction boosts.

I have always been a fan of this site.
I am very close to keep 35 and I am wondering if there is a “please keep this facility up to this level” when you make a military related facility to 35.
I would be happy to know and I am sure it would be helpful to many of us if it is posted here on this site.
If it is already there, my lack of checking…
Best regards.

The following are required. (all at Lv35)
Archer Camp: Archer tower (+ Walls), Sawmill, Keep
Barracks: Shrine, Farm, Keep
Stables: Tavern, Mine, Keep
Workshop: Trap factory, Quarry, Keep
Rally spot: Army camp, Keep

Wonder unlocks in the top 5 at SVS…. Wasn’t there a temporary relaxation to top 10? Was that like a temporary event? (There are two people in our alliance who got Wonder in 9th place…)


It comes back every few months. I’ve seen it either 2 or 3 times in the last year.

Hello. I have always found you very helpful.
Could you please tell me what resources and building level requirements are needed to bring the stable from 31 to 32?

Fahim Nazari

Hi, I want to know essential research for troops revival in svs with source of life thanks


Hi, I’m just wondering if there is an article that states the base times for the upgrades, so I can estimate how many speedups I’ll need for the different buildings as I rush as much as a F2P can from K16 to K25 XD I know I’ll have to do Maths and minus my construction boost, but then I’ll know if I can say use all my speed ups and get there, versus tentatively using them and prolonging this process. I would like K25 and T10 before the Server’s first SvS starts.

I added the construction time of the keep.
This reflects the construction speed buff, so even though it is an example, it is highly practical.
(Construction times that do not reflect the buff are so far off from what is required during actual play that they are not practical.)


I can’t seem to reply to you, but the whole reason I want the Base Time from the Game, is because my Construction Boost is different to what you’ve put for my current Keep Level, it is actually higher, so if I have the Base Upgrade Time, I can just minus my Construction Boost and then I’ll know how long it will take for me. Now I have to do extra Maths, and I’m not that great at Maths, just to figure out how much it would be for me.

I get you were trying to be helpful, but what most people looking for Upgrade Times want is the Base Time so they can minus their own Boost %, as that is so much easier than having to bring it back to 0% boost state then misusing my Boost %.

Not everyone does the Research, has a high Level Crown, and then there is also the Alliance’s Construction Boost. Base Upgrade Time makes our lives easier.

With all construction boost max for K29 and lv1 Mask of Agamemnon and european purple sub, construction time for K30 is 184d 07:35

Do the math if you want to adjust for your boosts.
Using k30 as an example Take a boost and use this formula to get the percentage. 100/(100+boost). That will show that a 231% construction boost is roughly 30% of the original time. Converting time to minutes 192d 8h 20m = 916804m. Divided by 30% = 916804m or 636d 16h 4m. Convert your own boost as shown above and multiply by 916804 and you get your upgrade time for k30.


Hello. I am always looking for your reference.
My question is, is there any way to find out the upgrade requirements for the stable?
I am just now able to make T12. I would like to know how much resources and which other buildings I will need to construct and to what level before I will be able to build T13.
Because I want to finish it all at once during the SVS city development monarch competition.
Thank you in advance 🙏🙏.

Happy Dip

I will be a K38 soon. Do you have upgrade requirements of the five levels of the Triumphal Arch?

Need a section on the Wonder upgrades. Some of us have a hard time achieving these as the overwhelming majority of these are bogarted by all of the big players of the city. How to upgrade Wonder? How/What is a Conqueror for Lvl 2? Are there work arounds for any of these requirements?

LT (S190)

Hi There! Wonder is determined by your status in SVS. Wonder 1 = you need to rank in the Top 5 in SVS, Wonder 2 = you need to have been King of the Server 2 times, Wonder 3 = you need to place Top 100 in BOC for a season

LT (s190)

addendum. I meant to add PvP/SvS performance

Maikata Server 868 CTT Alliance

Builder Slot 2 and 3: What happens if the timer expires during the middle of construction. For example, the builder timer has 20 hours remaining, and you begin a construction that exceeds that time, 1 day for example. Will the builder quit? If he does, what happens to the construction?

susenpaiserver 602

no it continues till the construction ends then it will expire


I want to play the lure counter strategy in PVP, but no one will attack me because my castle level is slightly too high.
What is the level of the castle that makes it easy to be attacked but actually stronger than the number?

Hello! Is it possible for a total newbie to rush to k30 in 60days? Thanks

Yes , if you spent money. But If you don’t intent to spent money , it will take many many months or even a year plus.

My experience is if you do not spent money , it takes two months to reach keep 27 (only keep 27, other buildings might not be in lvl 27 yet) . BUT you must have play the game every day since day 1 and someone else kill many monsters (and you follow) and have someone supplied you items (minimum must give stamina , if give resources will be faster) .

I have tried this before twice so i know it works.

The fastest way is still to spend money. How much I don’t know .

If you’re in a very active alliance on a server with an map policy and some charitable folks and you REALLY know what you’re doing… probably not, but maybe.

But if you only REALLY know what you’re doing, you’re looking at 6 – 8 months


I can do K25 in 2 days. I build it near on Friday. I only buy 2 package. USD4.99 and 19.99 package and got many weekend bonuses. The other support is I’m on very active alliances who often do rally. So I think if you can buy double package and spent more money than I do, it will much more faster to K30. Especially there are Ymir once a week.
FYI, I neglect all rss building. Only focusing on Keep and the building/research necessary for level up. I saw other player in other alliance in my server from K1 to K35 only in 2 months.


The requirement to get to K39 was Triumphal Arch Lv. 1, and the requirement to make Triumphal Arch Lv. 1 was Art Hall Lv. 38!


I was able to upgrade to Military Academy Lv.2 at k37!
I would appreciate it if you could give me more details about the Triumphal Arch, which is unlocked in k38.


I hear Triumphal Arch Lv.1 gives me rally capacity +3%, reinforcements capacity +3%, and +10% each on the battlefield!

Joseph Campbell

Hi, I was told in game that for keep builds k35 to k40, you guys require BOC or battlefield item to go to k36,k37,k38,k39 and k40 on Evony: The kings return mobile game. That the item wasn’t buyable in game and you had to earn it. Is this true about those keep levels? I’m a spender and was told I couldn’t use gems and that the builds went beyond just resources. Let me know at my email asap plz. Thank you.

What is the “Dragon’s Cliff” that was added in this update, and can be released at k30? What can I do with it?

Little Bear

K 39? I heard a requirement, which has not yet been confirmed, that one of the requirments to get to k39 is to have 6 generals at 5.8m power and to have 4 consecutive wins at BOG. Looking at Sir Philip still sitting at k38, I tend to believe those rumours to be true. Can you put some light on this subject? thanks

Hello, is the archer tower necessary for either the army camp or rally spot? I’m sprinting to k32 but i’m reading conflicted reports on the matter, none of the info guides mention it your inclunded despite some people telling me it is.

I am a player on a new server. I don’t know where to ask this question, so please excuse me. Does “Server War Ares”, the requirement to unlock the Wonder, and the 5th place in personal ranking mean the top 5 in my server? Thank you for your time.

Yes. You need to be in the top 5 of your own server in the personal ranking of the server war. (Not the rankings in the Monarch Competition, or the rankings in the “…” menu.)

You have described a lot of information that I need to know, and it is really helpful.

My question is, I’m currently working hard to get to keep level 30.
If I were to aim for keep level 30 as my first priority, could you please tell me what I should do first?

Also, I’d like to ask…
I have the Black Prince Edward and Theodora, and the only other player I have is the Purple General. Would it be a problem if I focused my resources on these two?

I’m not sure how to prioritize the upgrade of my base.

Please help me.

What equipment should I upgrade and how much should I upgrade it?

What research should I upgrade and how much should I upgrade it?

All you need for building are resources and speed up, so the basic idea is to hunt a lot of bosses and make good use of the consuming return events.
Save most of your resources until the resource consuming return event starts, start building at the resource consuming event, and complete it at the speed consuming event.
How to get Speedup items efficiently
How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

For now, you can train Edward and Theodora. If you get better generals later on, you can make them duty officers.
Best of Ranged PvP General
Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

I don’t know what your base is, but if it’s in a castle, your first priority is the academy. Always max out your construction and research speed.
Don’t craft equipment until you are able to craft dragon equipment (materials are valuable). In particular, it is not recommended to make a lot of king equipment. (The King’s Ring is an exception to this rule. (King’s rings need to be crafted as an exception, due to the double drop rate increase.)
Do not refine equipment until you are able to make Ares equipment. (Refining stones are valuable)
Reference: Red Equipment Comparison (Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae, Plantagenet)

Research should always be maxed out with speed increase as the top priority (construction and research). The next step is to always max out your cavalry attack.
(For monster hunting. If k30 is your first priority, you should focus on monster hunting rather than PvP.)

Don’t waste good and experience on them u can get way better generals than those will be trash later in the game. Good generals that u can get relatively easy are Trajan for ground Electra archer barbossa for ground and siege I’m not sure since not a big siege guy

Arthur C

Is the unlock for “The Victor Column” at k35?

I started checking here a bit late 😅
Are the listed resources just for the keep upgrade or do they include the required buildings as shown? I’m at k33 and a bit shy of food for k34. Looking to plan for k35


مرحبا انا اتعلم منك كثيرا ممكن شرح لنوع القوات اللازمة لهزم كل نوع من وحش رئيس العالم


مرحبا كيف أحصل على ديكور القلعة الذهبية وكيف احصل على كنز عباسي

> Hello, how do I get the golden castle decoration and how do I get the treasure of Abbas

It seems that it was available at a past event. It is unknown if it will be available in the future.

I’m always learning from you.
I am currently K33.
So I have a question about the role of walls.
Is there any effective role for the wall other than to increase the wall HP for defense and to raise the level of the keep?
I’m currently at wall lvl 32 and I’m wondering if I should prioritize upgrading to wall lvl 33 or if I should spend my resources on other things.

This is important if you are focusing on ranged troops.
Before you can level up the archer camp, you need to level the archer tower, and for that, you need to level up the wall.

What will happened to my keep if I’ll bring it to lv 35 and everything in it . It will change

You will no longer need to use RSS for construction.
However, Wonder will not reach Lv35 no matter how hard you try😢.
You can use the spare RSS to train troops and build traps.

dark knight

how much time do I need to build keep level 26 and level 27 …

Are you able to include the number of days/hours required for each building upgrade? I’m trying to calculate that based off Monarch Gear and Main Keep to European.


I always refer to this site. Thank you for your easy-to-understand articles. I think we can build a total of 30 facilities such as farms, quarries, army camps, etc. If you have a recommended ratio (number), I would love to know it. Thank you very much.

Eventually, I think it would be a good idea to have only one army camp, and the rest of the slots should be filled with more facilities needed for the type of troops you are focusing on. (e.g. lumber for ranged troops)

I would like to know about the requirements for Wonder Unlock for each level.


In order to unlock Wonder 1, you need to be in the top 5 in your server in SVS.

If the server is new, there is a “Poem of History” quest, but I didn’t check when the “Poem of History” ended… 😓
Is it 60 days after the birth of the server, or does it end when the last quest ” Hegemony” starts?
Or was there a grace period of a few days after the last quest started?
I’d like to complete the quest and would like to know the deadline for when I should raise my keep level to 25.

It didn’t end when “Hegemony” started. I don’t know the exact number of days, but the “Poem of History” was completed a couple of days later, and Fenrir was also finished, so probably 60 days after the server was born.
I was able to complete it without a hitch!


Thank you for the useful information. I was able to get to keep level 24 in a month without paying. I felt that 25 was possible if I got around perfectly. My army is still weak, though.

Gostaria de saber se você tem um guia de como ser promovido no posto de conde por exemplo.

Thank you! very useful information for upgrade planning. One suggestion, would it be possible to also list the requirements for the individual buildings. For example, to upgrade from 33 to 34. Both research and hospital need to be 33. What requirement is to upgrade hospital to 33 and how much is needed for 33 research facility. It’d be really helpful to see the true reequipment for each leveling with that information.

I’m trying to find requirements for academy 34… Its upgrading to 33 so I can’t see what I need next on my build to k35


I am always grateful for your help.
I have used it to explain to my alliance mates.
Thank you very much.

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