How to make Sub-Account

CAUTION – If you operate it incorrectly, you may lose data in your main account. Use caution at your own risk.

1. Back Up your Main-Account

Before creating a sub-account, you need to back up your main account data by linking it with external services.

Open “Account” from “Settings” to see a list of external services that can be linked.

For iPhone/iPad

There are three external services that can be linked: Game Center, Facebook, and Apple ID.

If all of them are “Unlinked”, the external services are not linked, so I press “Link Account” to link them.

If the connection is successful, “Linked” will be displayed on the account screen.

For Android

The two external services that can be linked are Google Play and Facebook.

Probably Google Play is “Linked”, so you can keep it that way. If all of them are “Unlinked”, they are not linked with external services, so press “Link Account” to link them.

If the connection is successful, “Linked” will be displayed on the account screen.

Note – If you want to link with your Facebook account

If the Facebook account you are going to connect to is already connected to evony, the game data will not be overwritten on the Facebook side, but will try to load the game data already stored on the Facebook side.

Therefore, if you really want to connect to that Facebook account, you will need to delete the evony data from your Facebook settings first.

2. Create a Sub-Account

Press the “Start New Game” button at the bottom left of the account screen to open the server selection screen and start the game with your new account.

Continue with the game, go to “Settings”, open “Account”, and select the external service you want to save the sub-account data to.

Note – Choose a different service than the one your main account is linked to. If the main account is linked to Game Center, the sub-account should be linked to Facebook. Or, if your main account is connected to Facebook, you can create multiple Facebook accounts and switch between them (but we don’t recommend this method because it’s too complicated).

If the integration is successful, “Linked” will be displayed on the “Account” screen.

3. Return to Main-Account

Press “Switch Account” in the bottom right corner of the “Account” screen and select the service you want to link your main account to.

"Switch Account" screen for iPhone/iPad
“Switch Account” screen for iPhone/iPad

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How do I unlink my alt account completely so it has nothing to do with my main account. I don’t want to “switch” between accounts.


Создать новую с другого телефона

Gianluca Ganga

If I want to change my main account can I still have the chance to move all my saving data, rank and progress to the new one?

You should know that, at least with iPhone/Apple, the links are not entirely/always stable. My main account was linked to Facebook for nearly a year. I created an alt account and linked it to Apple ID. One day when I left my alt account to return to my main account, the account that awaited me in FB was my alt account. I have no idea how it happened as I had just been in my alt account for about 2 hours and went through the same process as always to return to FB and there was nothing there but my alt account. It kept taking me back into my alt account. I could see my main castle but I couldn’t get into it. I had to go to the developers for help and they explained VERY CLEARLY to me that alt accounts are NOT ALLOWED. It took a week while I proved with evony receipts that my main account was really mine before they let me back into my main account and they then took my alt account and made it disappear. It was a horrible, stressful experience and I lost my consecutive days of logging into my main account. I watch my alliance mates harvest rss from their alt accounts and literally cry because I’ll never ever try it again. It was the worst week of my life and I will never ever ever do it again. I have no idea why they don’t want alts and I don’t care. I’m done.

When I am trying to log in to another account it asked “is it doesn’t matter to delete the current account ” Is that normal


ik heb een hoofdaccount gekoppeld aan gamecenter, is het mogelijk om een subaccount te maken zodat ik in het zelfde spel kan spelen op dezelfde server met dezelfde allianties


I have inherited a castle from a friend to play with. I have not yet downloaded evony itself, and my friend gave me his email address and password. When I downloaded the app and opened it, there is no place to log in, it is a screen to select a civilization. How can I log in to my friend’s castle? Does my friend need to disconnect from fb at that time?

Simple select the civilisation. First you have to follow some steps which can’t be skipped (they are to teach new players). After that go to settings and from there switch account account, now you have to write down your friend’s ID and password and you will log in.


After creating an alt account, how do I go back to my main account and go to my alt account again?

If I link my Alt account to game center only, can I make purchases with the money?

Wagner Mesquita

Esse guia é surpreendente, gratidão por compartilhar suas experiências. Gostaria de saber mais sobre a subconta, como por exemplo: quais tropas treinar, quantidade por nível, o que devo ou não gastar em relação à minha fazenda e até que nível devo atualizar minha fazenda

I am considering creating a sub-account.
I have two iPhones and use the same AppleID.
If I link my Facebook and GameCenter accounts, can I play games on both at the same time?


Yes. I use 3 devices this way. One linked to Facebook, one to Game Center and one to Appleid


Is there a way to retrieve an account that isn’t linked? I tried linking a second account and it ended up switching me to my previous account, and I am at a loss as to how I get back access to the other one.

Wolfcave 1

Hi. I try to links my account to Facebook now I lost my mian account. And I can’t open it again. Plz and help

Monolo - ID 94741046

Posting this here since I can’t find a better place, and the game’s forum has not helpe so far:

Is there any way for a mobile gamer (Android, Google-Play-linked account) to play on the game’s desktop-browser version with the same account?

Of course, you just need a computer and an emulator downloaded on this computer (Ld-player, Memu, Bluestacks)


I’m always learning from you. I know this is a separate item since it’s not about sub-accounts alone, but I would greatly appreciate it if there was a topic about how to utilize sub-accounts for the purpose of resource grabbing.

Right now I’m actually raising a sub-account, and even if I were to raise the level to 11 to make ore, I can’t steal resources because upgrading the warehouse increases the amount of resources to protect. However, if the capacity of the warehouse is too small, the resources can’t be contained. Can I steal the resources outside the city walls? Is Amir a good general? etc. I’m running into questions in areas I don’t usually worry about.

Có cách nào để lấy lại tài khoản đã mất liên kết không ?

Mandeep Kumar

Switch account with facebook not working, I have two accounts on two devices, both are linked with different facebook, when I try to switch account with facebook then it will not switch account rather it will link to it.

Please tell me.
I’m retiring from the game and want to give my castle to my alliance mates. I’m on an iphone and I’m linked to facebook. I have deactivated the link, but I don’t know how to do it after that.

You will need to transfer your Facebook account.
(The person who will receive the account should go to Settings > Switch Account in Evony and connect to the Facebook account he/she received.)
So, if the Facebook account you were previously linked to is not transferable, you will need to create a new Facebook account.


Question. I created a new sub account. It wont let me link to facebook. Tells me to check settings on device. What setting exactly do I need to change to get the new account to link to Facebook? For android


This is not possible if the sender and receiver are both logged in. Try logging out of the sender’s Facebook before proceeding.


When I switch between games, it asks if I want to delete my current progress. Why can’t I just switch the game. This is on an Apple IPad

When switching accounts, that “confusing” message will appear.
I have been able to switch by just pressing “Confirm”, but do so at your own risk.

Please help!
I have an account on my iPad that was given to me by someone and I linked it to Facebook, but I must have made a mistake or it overwrote my existing account and I can’t log in to my new account.
How do I get my new account to play? Is this possible?

If you have a sub-account linked to your Apple ID, when you want to switch to your Apple ID, you have to unlink it from your account and then select it to switch.
I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not, but if you try it, please do so at your own risk, because you may not be able to go back.

I’m trying to switch my account to Facebook on my iPhone.
When I try to switch my account to Facebook on my iPhone, it says, “You’ve already logged in using Facebook.
Would you like to continue?
→Then, when I select “Next,” I am taken to the home screen of the Facebook app and cannot switch.
How can I switch accounts?

There seems to be a glitch in the game at the moment. 🤔
Today, I received the following email from the EVONY TEAM at TOP GAMES.

FB Linked Accounts Login Issue Announcement 2021-02-09 15:03:58

If you cannot log into your accounts through your linked Facebook , please try :
1. Open your Safari .
2. Login to your Facebook account in Safari . ( If you cannot login in Safari , please sign out your Facebook in Facebook APP on your device . )
3. Back to Evony and try to switch accounts again . Players who encounter this problem can use this as a temporary solution for now . We will fix the problem completely as soon as possible .
We are very sorry for the inconvenience . Thank you for your understanding and support .
Best Regards Evony Team

In the article, it says “Continue with the game, go to “Settings”, open “Account”, and select the external service you want to save the sub-account data to.”
How long do I have to proceed before I can save the data?


I’m sorry for repeating myself.
I’ll go into more detail.
Read the above instructions and unlink facebook in the main account settings screen. Linked to Game Center and iPhone ID. Then, start a new game, go forward, and on the account screen on the sub (newly started screen), link to Facebook. Then I press the “Switch Account” button at the bottom right of the account screen, and try both Game Center and iPhone ID, but it doesn’t switch to my main account.

I’m not doing it wrong, am I?

Why is that?

I can no longer get back to my main account.
My main account is already linked to Game Center and iPhone.
After linking my sub-account to Facebook, I can’t go back to my main account even if I select Game Center or iPhone when switching accounts on the screen.
What could be the reason?

Is it possible to accidentally link 2 Evony accounts to the one fb account?


The Apple ID works for me, sometimes I need to restart the app to get it to work.

Is there a way to have more than 3 accounts on iOS with only 1 phone?

Thanks for the info.😃
It is possible if you create more than one Facebook account, but I don’t think it’s practical because the switching process is very complicated. 🤔


Can you take forces, troops, or generals from one account to another?


If I creat a sub account I have to first unlink from main account

Can you unlink if you have your main account linked to both game centre and Facebook?

You can unlink.
If you want to unlink only Facebook, go to the Evony settings screen and unlink, then log in to Facebook and delete Evony from Facebook as well.


Thank you for your reply.
I tried to create a new one, since it was the only one available.
At first I couldn’t switch, but after reloading, I was able to do it.

I’m always very grateful for your detailed articles.
Thank you very much!

I don’t know if it’s a specification or a bug, but when I select “Apple ID” on the “Switch Account” screen, it doesn’t switch. 😓
(I added the same information to the article.)

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