World Boss

There are some points in the world boss strategy where the usual theories of boss hunting do not apply.

I will explain them here.

How to increase damage

1) Attack with high level mounted troops

This is the same as the usual theory of monster hunting.
Since cavalry has the highest attack strength, other types of troops are unnecessary.

If the highest level mounted troops are scarce, include the lower levels as well

However, there is a slight difference.
In normal monster hunting, it is better to have only one level of mounted troops to avoid unnecessary wounding, but for world bosses, damage is more important than the number of wounded, so if there is room in the march, it is better to have other levels of mounted troops join.

In some cases, include more lower levels than the highest level

As shown in the test results below, more lower level troops may cause more damage than more highest level troops.

Test 1Test 2
Total number
of troops

If you have only a few troops at the highest level, you may want to try several times with different numbers of troops in the lower levels.

2) Increase the number of troops (increase march size)

This is also the same as the usual theory of monster hunting. The more troops there are, the more damage will be inflicted. Use items, monarch gear, etc. to increase march size.
Reference: 12 ways to increase March Size

3) Increase attack, defense, HP of mounted troops

Attack strength is obviously necessary,

but unlike normal boss battles, raising defense and HP will increase damage in the case of world bosses.

The reason for this is that battles with world bosses are turn-based, and the battle continues until our wounding rate reaches a certain %.
(0.8% without Monarch Talent Lv6 Mortality)
(0.4% with Monarch Talent Lv6 Mortality)

Test results: attacked with completely different troops, generals, and research

* Monarch Talent Lv 6 Mortality – None

Test 1Test 2Test 3
Number of troops19,264403,568204,682
Number of wounded1553,2301,639
Rate of wounds0.80%0.80%0.80%

This increases the number of attacks the more durable you are.
As a result, the damage per turn remains the same, but the total damage increases.

See the following article for more information on how to increase attack strength, defense, and HP, i.e., means of increasing buffs.

Supplement: Does the damage change with or without mortality?
Test results: Attacks with and without mortality only
No MortalityMortality
Lv1 (8%)
Lv2 (7%)
Lv3 (6%)
Lv4 (5%)
Number of troops1,000,0001,000,0001,000,0001,000,0001,000,000
Number of wounded8,0006,400560048004000
Rate of wounds0.80%0.64%0.56%0.48%0.40%

-> Damage remained the same.

4) Boost Against-Monster Buffs & Normal Buffs

There are two types of buffs: normal buffs and against-monster buffs, both of which are effective against world bosses.

Test result: attack by changing only the skill book.

Test 1Test 2Test 3
Skill bookNoneGround Troop Attack
Against-Monster Lv1
Ground Troop Attack
Against-Monster Lv1
+ Ground Troop Attack lv1
Number of troops
(all t13 ground)

Therefore, it is best to give the general a “mounted troops attack” and a “mounted troops attack against monster” skill book. If both are Lv4, the increase is 25% + 45% = 70%.

5) Attack with a boss-hunting general with a high mounted troops buff

The following is a ranking in order of recommendation.

Basically, generals with high attack of mounted troops are ranked higher, but if the mounted troops’ defense and HP are also high, the ranking is moved up.

The buff value is evaluated based on the sum of basic skills and skill books.
In addition to that, two types of ranking were created according to the presence or absence of specialty.

The skill book assumes the use of the following

  • Mounted troops attack Lv4
  • Mounted troops attack against monsters Lv4
  • Luck Lv4

* For generals who cannot use mounted troops attack, it is assumed to be mounted troops HP.

* For the third skill book, ” Mounted troops HP against-monster” or “Mounted troops Defense against-monster” would be best if only considering world bosses, but considering its use in everyday monster hunting, it would be better to use “luck”. (Reference: Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add?)

When considering without specialty

* Specialty is difficult to maximize unless you pay a lot of money, so recommendations vary accordingly.
(Reference: Specialty Guide)

Buff Value Formats – Mounted Troops Attack / Defense / HP

  1. Roland 100% / 15% / 15%
  2. Bertrand du Guesclin 105% / 20% / 0%
  3. Maximilian I 100% / 30% / 0%
  4. Gaius Octavius 110% / 0% / 0%
  5. Hannibal 105% / 0% / 0%
  6. Aethelflaed 80% / 55% / 0% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack Against-Monster)
  7. Martinus 85% / 25% / 10% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack)
  8. Caesar 85% / 0% / 0% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack Against-Monster)

Therefore, if you don’t want to pay, I recommend Roland and Hannibal, which are relatively easy to obtain.
(Available at taverns and relics)

When considering the maximum of 4 specialties

  1. Hannibal 171% / 10% / 56%
  2. Martinus 171% / 10% / 45% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack)
  3. Gaius Octavius 166% / 0% / 30%
  4. Roland 155% / 35% / 25%
  5. Bertrand du Guesclin 150% / 30% / 40%
  6. Li Jing 150% / 20% / 35%
  7. Maximilian I 146% / 30% / 10%
  8. Aethelflaed 120% / 95% / 35% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack Against-Monster)
  9. Caesar 131% / 0% / 35% (Can’t use Mounted Troops Attack Against-Monster)

Therefore, if you pay a lot of money, I recommend Hannibal, Martinus

6) Troops of subordinate cities

When a subordinate city is brought into the battle, attacks by troops of the subordinate city will increase the damage. (Although it is quite small.)

7) Monarch Talent

When the following of the Monarch Talent is enabled, the more subordinate cities enter the battle, the more the attack, HP, and defense of the main city troops increase, and the more damage they do. (Not troops of subordinate cities)

  • Lv22 subordinate city attack
  • Lv35 subordinate city HP
  • Lv40 subordinate city defense

7-1) Test Result: Damage Change by Monarch Talent

Attacked Thunder Scorpion. (Effective debuff: attack and defense of mounted troops)

  • Number of troops in subordinate city is 0 (dismissed just before attack).
    • Damage caused by troops of subordinate cities is eliminated.
  • Mayor: Sanada Yukimura (Skill: Against Monsters Debuff: Defense -5%)
  • Mayor Equipment
    • Sanada Yukimura A (for Against-monster debuff)
      • Dragon Equipment Set 4 (Monster Attack & Defense -10%)
      • General Equipment Set 2 (Monster Attack -5%)
    • Sanada Yukimura B (for normal debuff)
      • Full Akemenidae Set (mounted troops attack -35%, mounted troops defense -35%, all troops attack -15%)
Result 1
  • Monarch Talent
    • Lv22 subordinate city attack – None
    • Lv35 subordinate city HP – None
Test 1Test 2Test 3
MayornoneSanada ASanada A+B
Total of Number of troops1,500,0001,500,0001,500,000
t13 cavarly1,000,0001,000,0001,000,000
t12 cavarly500,000500,000500,000

-> Damage remains the same.

Result 2
  • Monarch Talent
    • Lv22 subordinate city attack – Use
    • Lv35 subordinate city HP – Use
Test 1Test 2Test 3
MayornoneSanada ASanada A+B
Total of Number of troops1,500,0001,500,0001,500,000
t13 cavarly1,000,0001,000,0001,000,000
t12 cavarly500,000500,000500,000

-> Damage changed.

8) Enhance debuffs

8-1) There are debuffs that work against each world boss

  • Hurricane Bird : Attack & Defense of Ranged Troops
  • Thunder Scorpion : Attack & Defense of Mounted Troops
  • Behemoth King : Attack & Defense of Ground Troops
  • Lord of Lava: Attack & Defense of Siege Machines
  • Maximum debuff reduction: 250% for all world bosses

The above information can be found on the description screen of each world boss.

Therefore, it is advisable to raise the debuff of the relevant troop type as much as possible by general’s equipment and research, etc.

For more information on the basics of debuffs, including how to increase debuffs, see the following article.
Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

Attack debuffs also increase damage

At first glance, only defensive debuffs seem to be effective in increasing damage. However, as mentioned in section 3, attack debuffs also contribute to increased damage, since you can attack until your rate of wounds reaches 0.8% (or 0.4%).

8-2) Against-monsters debuffs

There are two types of debuffs: normal debuffs and against-monster debuffs.

(against-monster debuffs = Sanada Yukimura’s skills, etc.)

Against-monster debuffs do not work on world boss. (Tested 7/9/2023)

(This has been a silent specification change many times, and should continue to be noted. Originally it did not work initially, but then became effective, and with all mayors being Sanada Yukimura (with debuff of sets of 4 dragon equipment), the score was more than doubled. And now it doesn’t work again.)

8-3) Debuff by subordinate cities

In case of solo, subordinate cities can be entered into the battle.

The debuff of the participating mayor will work on the world boss.

However, it does not work if the subordinate city has 0 troops.

Also, please note that there are cases where the debuff does not work due to a glitch.

If troops are created after the subordinate city has 0 troops and the application is not rebooted afterwards, the debuff will not work.

8-3-1) Test result: whether the mayor’s debuff works or not

attacked the Behemoth King. (Effective debuff: Ground Attack & Defense)

  • Monarch Talent
    • Lv22 subordinate city attack – None
    • Lv35 subordinate city HP – None
    • Lv40 subordinate city defense – None
    • When these are enabled, the attack, HP, and defense of the main city’s troops will increase when subordinate cities enter the battle, and the damage caused by the main city’s troops will increase.
  • Mayor: Empress Dowager Cixi (Skill: Normal Debuff: Ground Defense -30%)
  • Mayor Equipment: None
Test 1Test 2Test 3Test 4Test 5
Subordinate CityNonex1x1x1x1
MayorCixi x1Cixi x1Cixi x1Cixi x1
Number of Troops
of Sub-city
0t5 ground 1
t5 ranged 1
t5 mounted 1
t5 ground 1
t5 ranged 1
t5 mounted 1
t5 ground 785
t5 ranged 649
t5 mounted 508
Number of Troops
of Main-city
(All t13 cavalry)
Did not restart
after the troops were created
after the troops were dismissed to 0.
after the troops were created
after the troops were dismissed to 0.
Tests conducted before
dismissing the number of
troops to zero.

Tests 1 and 2 differ only with and without mayors. I wanted to see the damage change with only the mayor debuff turned on and off, so I set the number of troops to 0 to eliminate damage caused by subordinate city troops. As a result, it seems as if the mayoral debuff is not working because the damage is unchanged. However, the question remains whether the mayor debuff does not work because the number of troops is 0.

Therefore, after Test 2, I waited until a sufficient number of troops (3) had been created to prevent the damage from occurring, and then conducted Test 3. However, the damage is the same as in test 2, so it appears as if the mayor debuff is not working. (Note that I did not restart after the troops were created.)

Also, regarding the damage caused by the attacks of the three soldiers. Tests 4 and 5 differ only in the number of troops in subordinate cities. This shows that even if there are more than 1,500 soldiers in a subordinate city, the damage difference is only 1. This indicates that the damage caused by three soldiers in a subordinate city is close to zero.

Second, tests 3 and 4 differ only in whether the application was restarted after the troops were created after the troops of the subordinate city were reduced to zero. This is because I suspected that if the app was not restarted, the troops would be internally processed as zero and the mayor debuff would be disabled.

The result was a difference in damage (8,244 damage). We know from comparing Tests 4 and 5 that such a damage difference cannot be caused by the attack of three soldiers alone. And there is no other damage factor other than the mayor debuff. Restarting the application shows that the three soldiers became active and the mayor debuff became effective.

These results indicate that the mayor debuff works and that the mayor debuff does not work unless the application is restarted after the number of soldiers reaches zero.

* In addition, I have confirmed that this problem of the mayor debuff not taking effect unless the app is restarted also occurs in battlefields such as Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) and Constantinople (BoC).

9) Attacking in a rally (conditions exist)

A minimum keep level 36 is required, but if you have already researched “buffs for rallying” at the Military Academy, you may (*) be able to do more damage by rallying than by attacking solo.

(* In the case of a rally, subordinate cities cannot participate in the rally, so the buff by the monarch talent will not be effective. This is a negative effect.)

How to kill a World Boss

Pay attention to the time limit

The World Boss moves to a new location every certain amount of time.
When it does, it recovers its HP, so you need to deal 100% of the damage by then.

Number of troops required to kill, etc

Information wanted!

I am looking for information about the conditions to inflict more than 1% damage.
I would appreciate it if you could send it to me in the comments section or via DM on Twitter.


– Percentage reduced
– Damage
– Level of troops, Number of troops
– Buff of Mounted troops Attack (%)

Reference historical data: number of troops, damage, % reduced

The following data is as of 2021. The specifications have changed since then and it seems to have become stronger, and now it is not as follows.

  • t13 cavalry / number of troops 2M -> 1B damage
  • t14 cavalry / number of troops 2.1M / mounted troops attack buff 1,100% -> 1.5B damage
  • 1.8B Damage -> 1%

Other basic information

  • World Bosses appear every week for 48 hours.
  • The type of World Boss that appears changes every week.
  • World Bosses appear randomly at some location on the world map.
  • There are rankings based on the damage inflicted by individuals and by alliances, and the top players will receive rewards.
  • You can never lose to a World Boss. You will only be wounded.
  • Rewards will appear on the world map when the HP of a world boss is reduced to 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, or 0%.

Number of times you can attack

The number of times you can attack is fixed, and you can attack up to 5 times for free.
After that, you can attack by paying Gems to purchase chances.

Chance Purchase

Can be purchased up to 5 times.
The cost increases each time.

  • 1st chance – 200 Gems
  • 2nd chance – 400 Gems
  • 3rd chance – 600 Gems
  • 4th chance – 800 Gems
  • 5th chance – 1,000 Gems


Rewards per battle

Proportional to damage.

  • Minimum – 200 Gems, 50,000 Gold
  • Maximum – 800 Gems, 300,000 Gold

Rewards for individual score ranking

Example for 1st place

  • 30,000 Gems
  • Lv5 Thunder Gear Chest x5
  • Senior March Size Increase x3
  • Level 4 Resources Chest x20
  • Refining Stone x300
  • 100K Gold x50
  • 10K Spiritual Beast EXP x10

Rewards for Alliance score ranking

Example at 1st place

  • Purple Material Chest x5
  • 2K Spiritual Beast EXP x5
  • 5K General EXP x5
  • 50K Food Box x30
  • 50K Lumber Box x30
  • 50K Stone Box x30
  • 50K Ore Box x30

If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.



Is the damage ranking for world bosses based on the amount of damage inflicted by a single attack? Or is it the total damage for the number of attacks?

Thank you.
I’ve always fought as hard as I could in every round, but the higher the level of my troops, the more I had to spend on recovery resources💦.
From now on, I think I’ll concentrate on “one time” and take on the world bosses with only one soldier for the rest 😊.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what, but I noticed that having Sanada and Cortez in the sub-city with Shogun set equipment x2 and Dragon set equipment x4 increases the score several times more than having a debuff general, which should be a pain for the world boss.
I confirmed this last time with Hurricane Bird and this time with Lord of Lava.

I put the debuff generals that should be bad for Lord of Lava this time in a sub-city and put the Dragon Set equipment x4 on one of them, and that alone increased the score by more than 20%.
I feel that the debuffs for monsters work much stronger than the normal debuffs.


I agree. Whenever I do a world boss, I always fortify subordinate cities with Sanada with generals equipment. I always have Aethelflaed as my main, Sanada as my assistant, and all subordinate cities with Sanada with generals equipment. I get more scores than with debuff generals with Achaemenidae equipment.

I didn’t comment until now because I’m not trying to be reasonable and I can’t explain it in detail here on the strategy site.

I am k35 on a server with many cities around k40, and I am always in the top 5 in the world boss rankings.


I have the exact same opinion. One thing to add is that the damage is much higher with Sanada alone than with Sanada/Cortez mixed. (verified)
Furthermore, if you equip everyone with Generals equipment x2 and Dragon equipment x4, they are doing 5 to 6 times more damage than when attacking with Generals and Achaemenidae equipment, which has a troop debuff that WB is not good at.
The ” more rally…” in the comment below this one also seems to be that the more generals participating with 4 or more dragon equipment on them, the more damage they each do.


When I attack rally from alliance hive, I feel like I do more damage than if I teleport and attack solo (same general, type of troops, number of troops + sub-city), is this my imagination?


By the way, the rally participants including me are under K35.
I was able to earn about 16M solo, but it increased to about 28M in the rally from the alliance hive.

I think you can earn more gold and gems in World Boss if you rally as much as you can with your alliance members.

I am experiencing the same event in my environment. (I’m sure I didn’t see such a big difference before.)
I am watching for a while as I think it might be a bug. (I suspect it will be a silent fix in time.)
At first I thought it might be due to in-rally buffs in the military academy and blazon, but the scores are increasing too much for that,
I also saw that alliance members who do not yet have military academy also had a significant increase in their scores, so I don’t think it is due to the in-rally buffs at least.


Do any of the debuffs that work on all type of troops work on world bosses?

I was able to defeat World Boss today.
Behemoth King
T14 4133250
Damage 1368193992
RALLY and attacked by only one person.
I was able to reduce the HP of the world boss by 1% after 3 attacks under these conditions.
Main General Martinus Assistant Zhao Yun

Cavalry Attack Buff is not clear.
During PVP it is about 1550%, but I do not know the attack Buff to monsters because I use some rurik gear.
Also, due to research effects, rally attacks do more damage than solo attacks.
The 1550% is when solo.

I always look at this wiki.
It is very helpful.
Thank you.


I received a “Valorous Medal” in my personal rewards from World Boss, but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know?


Event Center -> Historic City 
Collect Valorous Medals at this event.
If you collect enough Valorous Medals, you can get Purple Gold Subcity and Historic City, but you have to pay to get those rewards.

Is the order in which the World Boss appears? Or is it random? If yes, what is the order?


You stated about troops not dying against world boss, they only get wounded. Are siege destroyed if used?

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