As you increase the level of Wonder, various dragons will be unlocked. (Unlocked dragons are not in Wonder but in the Dragon Cliff.)

In addition, Civilization Equipment can be crafted, and Civilization Treasure can be unlocked, upgraded, and put on/take off.

Wonder is already constructed from the beginning and all menus are available.

It is not necessary to raise the level of Wonder to craft civilization equipment. However, the Keep level 33 is required.

Wonder can be upgraded when Keep level reaches 30.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

All menus are available during the upgrade. Nothing will be disabled.

There are no menus that need to be unlocked. All available from the beginning.

  • Glory
    • View a variety of achievements.
  • Civilization Equipment
    • Civilization Equipment can be crafted.
  • Civilization Treasure
    • You can unlock, upgrade, and put on/take off the Civilization Treasure.
  • Advanced Refining
    • Once all 4 refining attributes of a Civilization Equipment reach Gold, Advanced Refining for this Civilization Equipment will be unlocked.


Below are the main milestones.

  • Lv1: Dragon – Norway Ridge
  • Lv2: Dragon – The dragon of Thebes
  • Lv3: Dragon – Nidhogg

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

1525,000,000525,000,000525,000,000525,000,000168d 02:47249%Keep30
Glory: Server War Ares (=SvS Personal Ranking TOP5)
1,700 Badges
4,000 Research Stones
Norway Ridge
2856,800,0001,056,000,0001,080,000,0001,140,000,000224d 21:01275%Keep30
Glory: Monarch’s Glory (= be King twice)
2,800 Badges
6,600 Research Stones
The Dragon of Thebes
31,188,600,0001,587,000,0001,635,000,0001,755,000,000257d 06:36324%Keep30
Glory: Invincible Hero (= Battle of Constantinople Season Ranking TOP200)
4,600 Badges
10,800 Research Stones


Server War Ares

  • Unlocking Requirement
    • Server War Personal Ranking reaches the top 5.
  • Effect/Reward
    • Castle Decoration: Wings of Server War Ares (commonly known as Silver Wing)
    • Upgrade Wonder to Level 1

Monarch’s Glory

  • Unlocking Requirement
    • Be the King/Queen or enemy server Conqueror twice.
  • Effect/Reward
    • Castle Decoration: Wings of Monarch’s Glory (commonly known as yellow wings or gold wings)
    • Upgrade Wonder to Level 2
    • Special Avatar Frame

Invincible Hero

  • Unlocking Requirement
    • Battle of Constantinople Ranking reaches the top 200 in one season or Battle of Constantinople Ultimate War Season Ranking reaches Continent top 200 in one season.
  • Effect/Reward
    • Castle Decoration: Wings of the Invincible Hero (red wing)
    • Upgrade Wonder to Level 3
    • Special Avatar Frame

Dragon Master

  • Unlocking Requirement
    • Unlock 1 dragon and its power reaches 500,000.

This can be achieved by raising the dragon’s level to Lv 6.
(Example: Celtic Demon Lv6 = 500,000 power)

  • Effect/Reward
    • Enables upgrading of the Dragon Boots to the Ares Boots (Fearless, Courageous)

Strategy Expert

  • Unlocking Requirement
    • Battle of Gaugamela Ranking reaches the top 100 in one season.
  • Effect/Reward
    • Castle Decoration: Wings of Strategy Expert (purple)
    • Special Avatar Frame
    • Ring of Fafnir (unlocks the Art Treasure Buff “Ring of Fafnir” in the Art Hall)

King of Generals

  • Unlocking Requirement
  • Effect/Reward
    • Enables upgrading of the Dragon Ring to the Ares Ring (Fearless, Courageous)
    • Special Avatar Frame

How to increase the General’s power to 3.5M.

For details, see the following article.


For details, see the following articles.

Dragon Complete Guide – Type, Buff, Enhance

Dragons that can be assigned to generals to gain buffs. The following is a description of the various dragons, tips on how to train them, and a database of each buff.

Civilization Equipment

How to increase crafting speed buff

By increasing the equipment crafting speed buff, the crafting time displayed before crafting can be reduced in advance.

You can check how many buffs you have in your “Crafting Speed” in the “Administration” category of the Monarch Detail screen.

Research – The “Blacksmith” in the “Defense” category of the Academy should be advanced. (Requires Academy Lv14.) Also, to speed up that research, you should also prioritize “Typography” and “Super Typography” in the “Advancement” category.

Monarch Gear – When upgrading buildings, equip the “Agile Crown” before starting construction (see this article for details). For more information on how to quickly raise the level of monarch gear, please click here.

Duty Officer – When upgrading a crafting, set duty officer in the forge before starting craft (see this article for more details). Anybody can be a duty officer. See this article for more information on how much a general needs to be trained.

How to get speed-up items

Speed-up items allow you to complete the equipment you are crafting faster.

The main way to get a lot of speed-up items quickly is to kill a lot of bosses. For other details, see the following article.

How to get materials

A good way to get a lot of materials quickly is to defeat a lot of Vikings. However, you cannot earn much by just defeating them solo. It is better to kill as many alliance members’ Vikings in a rally as possible.
Details: Boss Chest & Drop Item List

Other ways are: Relic chamber, Consuming return event, production in Research factory, production in Subordinate cities, and Limited time promotion in billing, etc.

How to get Scroll

Civilization Equipment – Recommended Combinations

For details, see the following article.

Civilization Treasure

For details, see the following article.

Other Building Guides


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