What is Historic General (with list of generals)

8/16/2023 – Added a few explanations.
11/25/2022 – Replaced the image of the low-ranked generals due to the large number of renewals of their illustrations. and added generals only obtainable from NPC subordinate cities.

In Evony’s game, the term “historic general” is often used, but I’m sure some of you may not know which general we are talking about.

In this article, I will explain the definition of a historic general and what exactly a historic general is.

Definition of a Historic General

There are 2 main types of generals.

  • Historic General
  • Non-Historic General

Basically, they can be distinguished by the presence or absence of the helmet symbol, but the differences are explained in detail here.

Historic General

  • The General in a portrait of the tavern.
  • In the card image of the General, there is a helmet symbol in the upper left corner.
  • Has one of the original skills.
helmet symbol & original skill
  • It is only present in Gold, Purple, & Blue rarities. Not present in green or white. (Note: The golden history generals turn RED when they reach star level 10.)
    • Note – Not “ALL” Gold, Purple, & Blue are historic generals. There are also “non” historic generals in Gold, Purple, & Blue.

  • Mostly the names of real people. (Some are fictional characters and some are common nouns rather than personal names.)

Exception: Blue Historic General

The blue historic generals have a few things that do not apply to the above.

They are not in the tavern portraits and do not have the helmet symbol in the upper left corner of the general’s card image.

They have no original skills either.

However, if you appoint him/her as the mayor of a subordinate city, the historic general’s exclusive subordinate city buff (Subordinate City Training) becomes active.

Non-Historic General

  • No helmet symbols.
  • A general that exists in all colors (rarity) and appears in the same form in all colors.
  • A general with the same appearance, but with various variations in name.
  • Lower status and less growth than historic generals.
  • Does not have original skill. (Can be added using skill books)
  • Specialty is inferior (the only non-historic generals with a specialty are purple and gold).
    • Quality of specialty: orange max. (Max color for historic generals is gold)
    • Number of specialty: only 3. (Golden historic general have 4)

What are Epic Historic General & Legendary Historic General?

Please refer to this article for an explanation.

Color of General and difference (Rarity, Quality)

Specific Generals List

Golden Historic General

= “Epic Historic General” (Detail)
(What is listed as “Epic (Orange) General” at the bottom of the tavern screen)

See the list in the following article.

List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

A comprehensive list of all golden historic generals, over 100 in total, by role.

Purple Historic General

= “Legendary Historic General” (Detail)

  • Joan of Arc
  • Frederick the Great
  • Gaius Marius
  • Hernando Cortes
  • Constance I
  • Jefferson
  • Philip Sheridan (old name: Thomas Jackson) *name changed 5/17/2022
  • John Buford
  • Tachibana Muneshige (*He is not in the tavern portraits.)
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Shimazu Yoshihiro
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Kim Si-min
  • Yi Song-gye
  • Zhuge Liang (changed to golden historic general by 3.87.7 update on 4/9/2021)
  • Lu Ban
  • Xiang Yu
  • Hua Mulan
  • Ivan IV
  • Alexander Suvorov
  • Harun al-Rashid
  • Antara
  • Belisarius (*He is not in the tavern portraits.)
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad (*He is not in the tavern portraits.)
  • John Paul Jones (*He is not in the tavern portraits.)
  • Cleopatra
  • Hamilcar Barca
  • Attila
  • Spartacus
  • Princess Lucy
  • Undead General

Blue Historic General

  • You can get them at the tavern.
  • Note: Not all blue are historical generals. Only the following generals.
  • Hattori Ninja
  • Asai Chacha
  • Samurai
  • Ranger
  • Hong Fu Nu
  • Han Lin
  • Hong Gildong
  • Kim Nam Joo
  • Lee Jae-yeong
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Robin Hood

Non-Historic General

They appear under a variety of names and therefore only list in the image.

Available from Tavern

Only available from NPC subordinate cities

  • Can be found in new NPC subordinate cities and can be obtained by defeating them.
  • They are not available at a tavern.
  • The general’s name is not unique. (There are many variations of the same illustration with different names.)
  • Rarity of generals is green for all of them.

Extra: Old illustration

Illustrations were renewed on 11/22/2022 (with some exceptions).

List of non-historical generals.
List of non-historical generals (old illustration)

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I finally made it to tavern level 27. However, even after updating the gems, the golden generals are not appearing at all. The screen says “unlocked generals” and “6/6.” What does this mean?


Try to apply a gem update less than 30 minutes before the automatic update.
6/6 means that the number of generals displayed in one update has reached 6 (the maximum).

When the tavern level is low, only 4 generals appear at the same time (4/6), but when the tavern level is raised, the maximum number of generals is 6 (6/6).


I am always happy to refer to your information. Thank you very much.
I was wondering if you know if the “general’s invitation” that you get for limited time events disappear after that event period, or if they are carried over until the next time?


The “General’s Invitation” can be carried over. It will not disappear after the event.

Thanks for this information! I have two questions. 1) My “Buffalo Bill” doesn’t have the Historic General symbol next to his name. He is also Blue, not Purple. One website said that Blue=Rare…but didn’t explain what this meant. Can someone clarify BB’s status? 2) My “John Paul Jones” is a Purple General with the Historic symbol, but he isn’t on your list (on this page). Is JPJ considered a Historic General or is he something else? Any help or additional info would be appreciated.

There are other Purple Historic Generals, Belisarius (was once in the others section of the portraits) and Tariq ibn Ziyad.

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