What is “Adv Dispatch” ?

One of the Research Item

‘Adv Dispatch’ is one of the research item in the Academy, and as you increase this level, you gain one more march slot. (It’s in the “Military” category of research.)

Required for Keep Upgrade

If you can’t upgrade to Keep level 14 because “Adv Dispatch Level 1” is displayed in red on the upgrade screen, you must complete this research first.

Conditions for starting “Adv Dispatch”.

  • Academy Level 13
  • 900,000 gold
  • Each of the items preceding “Adv Dispatch” must be at the following levels
    – Conscription – Lv2
    – Swordplay – Lv2
    – Infantry Armor – Lv2
    – Feathered Arrow – Lv2
    – Archer Armor – Lv2
    – Formation – Lv1
    – Horseback Riding – Lv3
    – Cavalry Armor – Lv3
    – Battering Ram – Lv3
    – Siege Machine Armor – Lv3
    – Tracing – Lv3
    – Ground Troop HP – Lv4
    – Mounted Troop HP – Lv4
    – Ranged Troop HP – Lv4
    – Siege Machine HP – Lv4
    – Coordination – Lv4




Thank you for all your help.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me about the number of wounded during defense.
For example, if the maximum capacity of a hospital is 450,000 and the number of wounded in a battle report is 530,000, is it correct to assume that the 80,000 beyond the maximum capacity of 450,000 is the research and politics of the general?

Thank you for all your help.
It has nothing to do with “Adv Dispatch”, but I have a question about research, so please excuse me here.

If I make both “Cooking” and “Super Cooking” to level 20, what is the total percentage reduce troop upkeep?

Thank you for all your help!
I was wondering if you could tell me how the wounded, deserted, souls, and dead are sorted when losing in PvP.
Basically, once I lose, will all the troops be wounded, and will the troops who cannot be covered by the hospital or the holy palace be killed in action?

Sorry for the series of posts.
The question I asked earlier was about when I was on defense, and if increasing the size of the hospital would reduce the number of dead in battle, I would prioritize increasing the size of the hospital. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

As you may have guessed, troops who exceed the capacity of the hospital and the holy palace will die, so if you want to reduce the number of dead troops, you need to raise these levels.
(However, during server wars, the holy palace will not function.)
You can also use research to increase the survival rate from death in battle.

Thank you very much for your answer. I feel much better now!

It would be helpful if there was a list of requirements for upgrading the keep.
I’m interested in 29-32.

Do you know if there is a building that needs to be leveled up when upgrading the stable to 29?

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