Watchtower provides detailed scouting report and warns you when there are incoming troops marching towards your City. All features are unlocked at watchtower level 30.

In addition, to get the forge to level 26 or higher, the level of the watchtower must also be increased.

Thus, the following are important milestones.

  • Lv27: Dragon equipment production in the forge
  • Lv30: Ares equipment production in the forge / Fully functional scouting report
  • Lv33: Achaemenidae equipment production in the forge

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

21,4001,4000:02:200%Keep6, Farm2
31,8001,8000:04:400%Keep6, Farm3
42,4002,4000:09:200%Keep6, Farm4Information on the amount of the City’s Food, Lumber, Stone, Ore
54,3004,4000:18:400%Keep6, Farm5
68,6008,6000:37:200%Keep6, Farm6
717,00017,0003,7501:14:400%Keep7, Farm7
834,00034,00030,0001:58:3226%Keep8, Farm8Information on the number of incoming troops
966,00067,00061,0003:57:0326%Keep9, Farm9
1098,000100,00092,0007:54:0526%Keep10, Farm10
11140,000140,000140,0009:28:1626%Keep11, Farm11Information on the number of target’s Subordinate Cities
12200,000200,000200,00023,80011:21:4526%Keep12, Farm12
13290,000290,000290,000280,00013:37:2826%Keep13, Farm13
14420,000420,000430,000420,00013:55:0948%Keep14, Farm14Information on the number of target’s defendeing troops
15600,000600,000620,000610,00016:09:1753%Keep15, Farm15
16860,000890,000920,000900,00019:22:4553%Keep16, Farm16
171,200,0001,300,0001,300,0001,300,0001d 03:0753%Keep17, Farm17Information on the target’s Walls HP,
amount of reinforcements,
Archer Tower’s level,
list of all types of Traps and their level
181,800,0001,900,0002,000,0001,900,0001d 13:5853%Keep18, Farm18
192,500,0002,800,0002,900,0002,800,0001d 10:54133%Keep19, Farm19Ability to use Truce Agreement Informant
203,200,0003,700,0003,800,0003,700,0002d 00:52133%Keep20, Farm20
214,200,0004,800,0005,000,0004,900,0002d 20:24133%Keep21, Farm21Information on the type of incoming troops
225,300,0006,300,0006,500,0006,400,0003d 23:46133%Keep22, Farm22
236,900,0008,300,0008,600,0008,400,0005d 14:04133%Keep23, Farm23
248,800,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,0007d 19:42133%Keep24, Farm24
2511,000,00014,000,00015,000,00014,000,00011d 17:33133%Keep25, Farm25Information on the type of target’s defendeing troops
2628,000,00037,600,00037,600,00037,600,00018d 04:27134%Keep26
2743,240,00054,520,00056,400,00056,400,00028d 05:48141%Keep27Information on the type of target’s reinforcements
2865,800,00082,720,00084,600,00082,720,00043d 15:05141%Keep28
2995,880,000120,320,000124,080,000122,200,00043d 22:50231%Keep29
30144,760,000182,360,000188,000,000184,240,00064d 19:30249%Keep30Information on the tatget’s troop buff
31188,752,000238,196,000245,528,000240,076,00081d 15:56261%Keep31
32248,801,000314,412,000324,054,000316,292,000108d 08:47261%Keep32
34528,917,000669,943,000690,361,000671,823,000244d 19:36263%Keep34

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