Troop Upgrade Guide (Arsenal)

Updated 2021/9/24 – added the second half of the article

A basic guide aimed primarily at players below keep level 25.

t10 = Tier 10 (Troop level)
k25 = Keep level 25

Basic Specifications

  • At k27, an arsenal can be built, and once built, troops can be upgraded.
  • Only troops above t10 can be upgraded. (10->11, 11->12, 12->13, 13->14)
  • Troops under t9 cannot be upgraded.
  • Upgrading requires resources.
  • Upgrading is not instantaneous, it takes time. (Can be completed instantly by paying gems.)
  • Barracks, Archer camps, Stables, and Workshops must be leveled up to the level you want to upgrade to beforehand. (For example, if you want to upgrade to t11 ranged troops, you need to raise the level of your archer camp to 27 beforehand.)
  • The troops you want to upgrade need to be inside the castle. If they are outside the castle, they cannot be upgraded. (gathering resources, hunting monsters, rallying, ghosting, etc.)
  • Wounded troops in the hospital cannot be upgraded. They need to be healed beforehand.
  • When you start an upgrade, the monarch’s power is lowered by the amount of the target troops.
  • When the upgrade is finished, the monarch’s power will increase by the amount of the target troops.

Which is more profitable, upgrading troops or creating new ones?

Creating new ones requires less total cost (resource).

For example
The cost of creating a new t11
is less than
the cost of creating a new t10 + the cost of upgrading from t10 to t11.

( In addition, the cost of the upgrade itself is less than the cost of creating a new one.)

Tips for upgrading

How to reduce upgrade time

  • Equip the “Martial Crown” of the monarch gear.
  • Assign a Duty Officer to the appropriate type of facility (barracks, archer camps, stables, workshops)

How to increase the number of troops that can be upgraded at once

  • Assign a Duty Officer to a Keep

Note: Assigning a Duty Officer to a Barracks, Archer Camp, Stable, or Workshop will not increase the number of troops.

Effect on Score

Basically, since it is not treated as “training a troop”, there is no score associated with it.

Activity Scores

Does not count toward the score for “Troop Training”.

Monarch Competition Event Scores

If you finish an upgrade on a “Troop Training” day, it will not count towards your score.

If you finish an upgrade on a “Power Increase” day, it will count towards your score.
If you start an upgrade on a “Power Increase” day, you must finish it by the end of that day or you will lose the score.

IMPORTANT THOUGHT – Don’t create many below t9 (at first)

It is better to create a lot of troops at least from t10 (i.e. k25). If you can be patient, I recommend starting at t12 (i.e. k30).

The reason is that it is a waste of resources and speedups.

It is better to build only the minimum number of troops below t9, and use resources and speedups to get to k25 or higher as soon as possible anyway.

If you are up to K32 or so, having a large number of t9 and below troops will only get in the way when you are ghosting in PvP. (It’s more work to ghost them. Or you won’t be able to ghost them fully.)

Reference: Ghosting Complete Guide (Essential PvP Techniques)

In the end, when you get to the k33-35 class, it is normal to have so many troops for defense that you can’t ghost them all. When you reach this class, it is a good idea to increase the number of t9s and below.

Should I not upgrade?

If you are a heavily paying user, it is better not to upgrade.

However, if not, I recommend that you keep the minimum number of layers you need and keep upgrading up to t12.

(Leave t12 as it is, and create new t13 and t14.)

However, if you have just reached k32, you can upgrade only your mounted troops to t13. (Mainly for monster hunting)

It will cost you more in the end, but you will be able to kill stronger bosses faster. This means that you can get a lot of better items and rewards earlier. As a result, your growth speed will be faster.

Specifically, Witch 3, 4 & Warlord 3, 4 have a lot of resources and speed-ups (reference: bosses with a lot of speed-ups / bosses with a lot of resources).

If you are able to hunt a large number of these, your growth speed will accelerate.

It is difficult to defeat Witch 3 or Warlord 3 without t12 mounted troops, and difficult to defeat Witch 4 or Warlord 4 without a large amount of t13 mounted troops. (Reference: How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?)

How many lower level troops should be left when upgrading?

If you are up to k32, it is enough to leave 50,000-100,000 troops of each type for t10 and t11 first.

In order to think about this, you need to think about what you will do with the number of troops in the castle in the future.

Number of troops in the city you should aim for first

Once you reach K33, it is recommended that you give up on ghosting all of your troops and start defending against k35 with a large number of troops.

First of all, you should aim for the following numbers of troops for each type of troop

t13 500,000
t12 1,000,000
t11-t1 100,000

After that, you should aim for the following

t13 1,000,000
t12 1,500,000
t11 500,000
t10-t1 200,000

However, since mounted troop is hard to use in defense, there is no big problem even if you have less at the beginning. First of all, it is enough if you can prepare the amount needed for attacks plus a buffer. (About 2 million total)

Depending on the strength of your buffs and debuffs, you can start to withstand attacks from k35 with this amount of troops.


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J’ai 190mille T10 monte, 100mille T10 fantassins, place centrale niveau 25,QG de guerre niveau23,coordination niveau10,coordination av niveau 13 et pourtant pour l’attaque de montres je n’arrive qu’à mobiliser 190milles troupes ,où est le problème ?

hey i have just started the game and planned to spend 50-100 bucks per month. I just reached keep 25 (1 week) and i trained 50k mounted t10. Im in a good alliances and i constantly join rallies. Atm i dont have generals (have been unlucky).

I plan to be active and i like to play infrantry (ground) tanky gameplay. Can yo give me any tips on how much troops should i build, what tier and when. I wont go to keep 27 before taking care of research which will need 1 month in my calculations.

Im patient and experienced in this kind of games. Thanks you

607 server

I want One billion of resources each can Anyone supply for upgrading


I’m still at keep 27, but i have a 345k march size; i have a total of 450k t11.
Should i upgrade them to t12 through the arsenal? Or would they be locked until my keep reaches 30?
I’m not using almost 100k each march, so I thought I would put them to a better use.


How many days does it take to reach k25 after starting the game?

It depends on how much you pay, how many hours you play, and your alliance members.
If you are in a new server and don’t pay, if you hunt a lot of bosses in an alliance with active rallies, you will probably reach it in about 2-3 months.


Thanks for the reply😭.
It’s really patient…

Is it better to upgrade all my available troops to higher levels, or layer my troops?

I am getting into pvp more and I am close to upgrading to t13 troops. I have too many troops to Ghost so I’m curious on what is the best path to take.

Once you reach k33 or above, I think you should give up on ghosting all your troops and aim to have a large number of troops and be able to win in defense.
I don’t recommend upgrading all your troops because you need layers even in defense.
Also, t12 requires 1 million of each type of troops, so it is better not to upgrade t12. it is recommended to make new t13.
However, since cavalry is often useless for defense, you can upgrade only cavalry to t13 to some extent in the beginning. (Mainly for monster hunting)

In T1 and T13, the power ratio is about 1:40, but the attack value is about 1:20. For the same power, a lower level troop will have a higher attack value. This may have an effect on the results.

I met a ridiculous enemy in Battlefield the other day; he had 40 million T1 archers and very few other troops, so his power was about 1 million. I thought he is weak, so I attacked him, and lost. I had 1 million archers, including T13, but I lost by a comfortable margin. Is this really possible?

I’ve heard of a k35 guy losing to an opponent who had less than 40 million t1 siege units for defense.
So basically, I think the specification is that it is possible for a large number of low level troops to beat a small number of high level troops.
The attribute of t13 archers is about 20 times that of t1 archers, so theoretically, 1 million t13 archers and 20 million t1 archers seem to be close in combat ability.
Other differences in buffs and range should also have an effect, but I think it is quite possible that 1 million t13 archers lost to 40 million t1 archers, not a bug.


Thank you for your answer. I understood that it’s possible. I had thought it was a cheat. It’s a good idea to set up a trap like that, although it’s quite hard to make 40M even for T1 lol
It was an Indonesian team. I will try not to be overconfident in scouting in the future.

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