Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

There are four types of troops in Evony TKR: Mounted troops, Ground troops, Ranged troops, and Siege machine.

This article explains the characteristics of each, the differences, and how to use them differently.

I think this will be somewhat useful not only for beginners but also for intermediate players, as it will largely lead to an explanation of PvP battle mechanics.

Note: Some of this information has not been officially announced by TOP Games, so some of it is based on my own experience.

Basic Usage 1

If you are new to the game, you can think of them as follows

  • Mounted = for PvE (Hunting Monsters)
  • Other = for PvP (Player vs Player)

Therefore, there is no need to increase the number of troops other than mounted troops until you start doing PvP in earnest.

Ranged and Ground troops can be used to hunt monsters, but they require more than twice as many troops as Mounted troops, so they are not recommended in the early stages of the game.

The same is true for Siege machines, but they are very fragile and should not be used to hunt monsters unless you have enough troops ready to “ensure ZERO wounds”. However, it is not a bad idea to increase the number of siege machines for resource gathering, as they can carry more than other types of troops.

Basic usage 2

To elaborate a bit more, here’s what I mean

  • Mounted = PvE (Hunting Monsters), PvP (vs Ground)
  • Ground = PvP (vs Ranged), Resource gathering
  • Ranged = PvP (vs Mounted)
  • Seige = PvP (vs Ranged), Resource gathering

As you can see, in PvP, there is a rock-paper-scissors relationship between each type of troops.

Relationship between Strong & Weak 1

The basics are as follows. (Note: In case of equal tier, buffs and debuffs.)

  • Mounted is strong against Ground.
  • Ground is strong against Ranged.
  • Ranged is strong against Mounted.

Siege machines are a little bit special in that they tend to be strong against ranged and weak against mounted and ground. (However, what I find even more unique is that they are “extremely” strong against troops of lower tier than themselves. I’ll explain more later.)

IMPORTANT – these are only for cases where the tiers, buffs, and debuffs of the troops, yours and the enemy’s, are equal. If there is a big difference, this is not the case.
For example, if the enemy player has a troop formation that specializes in ranged troops and has a very high attack buff for ranged troops, and you have a troop formation that specializes in ground troops, you will not be able to win unless you have enough ranged troop debuffs and ground troop buffs.

In addition, some of the monsters have a pre-battle screen that lists the type of troops, such as mounted, ground, ranged. However, as a matter of fact, there is no need to worry about it. (It’s fine to form troops with only mounted. Changing the type of troops doesn’t dramatically improve anything.)

Relationship between Strong & Weak 2

The premise is that PvP battles start at a distance from each other and proceed by turns. and

Mounted & Ground are strong against Ranged & Siege “IF THEY CAN GET CLOSE ENOUGH”.

*Mounted & Ground are Close combat types.
*Ranged & Siege are Long-distance combat types.

Pros and Cons of each


  • Mounted = Attack, Speed
  • Ground = HP, Defense
  • Ranged = Range
  • Siege = Range, Load


  • Mounted = Defense, Range
  • Ground = Attack, Range
  • Ranged = Speed, Defense, HP
  • Siege = Attack, Defense, HP


Troop's Stats
Figures in green indicate that some buffs from research and other sources have been applied. It does not include buffs by generals, etc.

The following stats are defined for each troop type.

  • Attack – Increases damage to enemies.
  • Defense – Reduce damage from enemies.
  • HP – Enables to withstand more damage.
  • Speed – The speed (non-march speed) at which a troop can reach an enemy after combat has begun.
  • Range – The range of troop’s attacks
  • Load – How much troop can carry when gathering resources.
  • Upkeep – the amount of food consumed per certain amount of time.
  • Power – a rough estimate of strength

Reference: Stats of Tier 12 troops


Supplement 1: Speed & Range

The longer the range, the more one-sidedly you can attack the enemy until they reach your troops.

The faster the speed, the closer your troops can get to the enemy in one turn, reducing the number of times your troops can be one-sidedly attacked by the enemy.

In monster battles, the battle begins at zero distance, and speed and range seem to be irrelevant. (See the article for the rationale. Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss) )

Supplement 2: Power

Power is a number that indicates strength, but it is only a reference number.

The power of a troop is the same for all troop types, as long as they are in the same tier. There are differences in attack and HP between troop types, but they do not show up as differences in power.

*As an aside, this is an important point to note in this game in general. Sometimes, the number of wounds can differ greatly between two boss monsters of equal power, even though they were killed under the same conditions. This is probably due to this specification. (The situation did not improve when I tried fighting with different types of troops.)

Characteristics of each troop type in detail

Mounted Troop

Mounted troop
  • Primary Usage – Monster Hunting
  • Good Against – Ground, Siege
  • Bad Against – Ranged
  • Pros – Attack, Speed
  • Cons – Defense, Range

With the highest attack, it is suitable for hunting monsters.

In PvP, their speed makes up for their inability to attack without getting close.

Low defense makes them prone to wounds.

They are especially strong against ground, and in my experience, their kill rate is often over 1.5. ground have low attack, so they can withstand their attacks and be killed by the high attack of mounted.

Against ranged, mounted’s low defense makes them easy to be killed by repeated attacks before they can get close to the ranged. Even though the mounted has high speed, the ranged’s attack is not low, so they will be killed in a small number of attacks.

Against siege, the mounted will be attacked many times before they get close to the siege, but the siege’s attack is low, so thanks to their high speed, they can get there before the mounted die. Once they reach the siege, the siege’s defense and HP are quite low, so they can be defeated in a small number of turns.

*Whether the speed of the mounted is an advantage or a disadvantage is a matter of opinion. Some say it just makes them more likely to die, but at this point I’ m not sure if that’s true. (I haven’t been able to get any evidence to prove this.)

Ground Troop

Ground troop
  • Primary Usage – PvP, Resource gathering
  • Good Against – Ranged, Siege
  • Bad Against – Mounted
  • Pros – Defense, HP, Load
  • Cons – Attack, Range

It is not impossible to hunt monsters, but because of its low attack, it requires more than twice as many troops as mounted.

It has the second highest carrying capacity after siege. It is not bad to use them for resource gathering.

In PvP, their high defense and HP compensate for their disadvantage of not being able to attack until they are close to the enemy. They can withstand one-sided attacks over and over again to reach the enemy.

They are strong against ranged, but that’s only if they can reach the ranged. If the ranged troop’s attack buff is extremely high and you don’t have the ranged debuff, ground won’t be able to reach the ranged and ground will be killed.

Against siege, the ground will be attacked many times before they can get close, but since the siege’s attack power is low, the ground troops’ high defense and HP will allow them to get there before the ground die. Once they reach the siege, they can defeat the siege because the siege’s defense and HP are quite low.

They are especially weak against mounted. Because the range of the ground and the mouted are the same, the ground cannot damage the mounted before they get close to mounted. Therefore, it cannot cover the low attack of the ground.

Ranged Troop

Ranged troop
  • Primary Usage – PvP
  • Good Against – Mounted
  • Bad Against – Ground, Siege
  • Pros – Range
  • Cons – Speed, Defense, HP

It is not impossible to hunt monsters, but they do not have high attack and require twice as many troops as mounted.

In PvP, their weakness is that they are weak when the enemies get close to them, but they make up for it by attacking unilaterally at range. They have a higher attack than siege, but their range is inferior.

It is especially strong against mounted. In my experience, it often has a kill rate (ratio of troops killed per man) of 1.5 or higher. It is not uncommon for them to single-handedly defeat higher tier mounted.

They are vulnerable to ground, but only if the ground gets close to them. Therefore, if you can buff your ranged troops enough to take out the ground before that happens, you can counter them.

Against siege machines, the siege has a longer range than the ranged troops, so the ranged troops are basically at a disadvantage. Since the speed of the ranged troops is slow, it takes time for the siege to enter the range of the ranged troops. If the enemy has few siege, you can win, but if they have a lot, be careful. This is especially important when attacking the enemy player’s city. Unlike the attacker, the defender has no limit on the number of troops. There have been cases where a player with a keep level 35 was defeated by an enemy with a large number of tier 1 siege machines.

Siege Machine

Siege machine
  • Primary Usage – PvP, Resource gathering
  • Good Against – Ranged
  • Bad Against – Mounted, Ground
  • Pros – Range, Load
  • Cons – Attack, Defense, HP

*The speed of the siege machine is quite slow, but its range is quite long, so it is practically not a problem. Rather, it is an advantage because it is vulnerable when the enemy gets close to them.

Since it has the highest carrying capacity, it should be used aggressively for resource gathering.

In PvP, they make up for their weakness of being “vulnerable when approached by enemies” with their one-sided attacks at extremely long ranges. (2.8 to 4 times longer than the range of a ranged troops.)

They are strong against ranged troops, and can be defeated by attacking them repeatedly before the slow ranged troops get close.

Siege are weak against mounted and ground. Before the siege can defeat the mounted/ground, the mounted/ground will approach and defeat the siege.

However, in my experience, they are “extremely” strong against troops of a lower tier than themselves. In my recent battle reports, the kill rate was 10 to 23 times higher. This may simply be due to the low HP and defense of the enemy.

Supplement: Siege Machine Enhancements through Updates

The range of the siege machine was changed in ver 3.86.0 update on November 14, 2020.

The range was previously 1,400 for all tiers, but changed to the following

  • Tier 1-4 – 1,400
  • Tier 5-8 – 1,556
  • Tier 9-10 – 1,711
  • Tier 11-12 – 1,867
  • Tier 13-14 – 2,178

The tier 5 and above siege machines have been strengthened, but especially the tier 13 and above have been strengthened tremendously. The range of the ranged troops is 500, but it has been increased by more than that.




This is my first post.
I have been browsing this site since an acquaintance taught me about it.
It’s very helpful.
Thank you very much.

I’m sorry to be so quick, but I have a question.
If you have not verified it, you do not have to answer.
If there is already an article on this, I will refer to it, but I couldn’t find it.

In PvP, I was advised that if I add several levels of troops to create a hierarchy of troops, it will reduce the number of wounds to the higher level troops.

My interpretation is that using a sufficient number of high-level troops will reduce casualties, but what is the actual situation?

Creating a hierarchy of troops is a troop formation technique called layering.

This is to create both a vertical layer of troops by level and a horizontal layer by the 4 troop types.

Without layering, fighting with a single level and a single type of troops is, in my experience, weak.

For example, ranged troops are strong against cavalry, but if you fight a unit of ranged troops without layers against cavalry of equal level and buff, you will sometimes lose.

Also, there have been times when I have lost a battle with a single troop type, but have been able to win with the addition of just one soldier of a different troop type.

I think it is more accurate to say that it is not to reduce the number of wounds, but to buy time by adding soldiers of all levels of the 4 types of troops, and to make it easier for the main troops to be active in the meantime.

If two layered players have a PvP fight, and a troop type zeroed the opponents counter troop type on its own tier, which slot does it attack next round? I could imagine several scenarios for an implemented mechanics:
(a) same tier other type, (b) same counter type as before at one lower tier, (c) same counter type as before at lowest tier, (d) same counter type as before at one higher tier, (e) same counter type as before at highest tier?

In case of (a) the remaining question is then after the whole layer at that tier is zeroed, is it after that b, c, d, e?

In case it spreads damage in a single round abroad types on its own tier according to range availability, does it wait until it zeroed all troops on that tier before continuing with another tier?

I have a question about PVP.
Recently in Battlefield, I’ve been getting killed cavalry by archers and then annihilated by infantry. I’m using Joseph as my defender. Should I add more cavalry to prevent such annihilation?

I think there are two points.
The first is technique. When defending, first ghost the cavalry only. If the enemy comes at you with infantry generals, you can cancel the cavalry ghosting.
The second is to increase the number of infantry and their buffs. If your infantry is strong, it doesn’t matter whether the enemy attacks with archers or infantry. In Joseph’s equipment refinement, it would be better to add infantry defense instead of archers or siege defense.
If you want to increase the number of cavalry, you need to have a very good cavalry HP and defense buff and archer attack debuff to counter the archers, but I think infantry is more realistic than that.

Thank you for your answer. I will strengthen my infantry because sometimes cavalry ghosts can’t be disarmed in time or there is a delay and they can’t be disarmed. I certainly have weak infantry.

Hello admin, I have one question related to this: Please clarify why we need to ghost the cavalry during defending? I think if we have a lot of soldiers (including all troops), we can defend better.

Most PvP players who are intermediate or above mainly attack with ranged troops. In this case, even if there are mounted troops in defense, most of the time they can’t defeat the enemy and just get wiped out. That’s the reason.
However, if you know that the enemy is going to attack mainly with ground troops, you should retain your mounted troops.


No matter how well we master the characteristics of our troops, it may not mean much because we have to face overwhelming opponents.

Hi. I have a question about PvP (As you may remember, I have been focusing on monster hunter, so this question would be silly to you).
As far as I know, in a battle, if the attacker lose, his troops shall all be killed except for the ones saved by Death-to-wound and Death-to-soul rate, while the troops of defender would fill in hospital and Holy place and starts to die when those 2 building are full. However, when there was a player attacking our alliance city that we were reinforcing, all of his/her troops became wounded, not killed. How did that happen?


Thank you for your answers, admin and 223!

I see, I see.
It seems that both attack and defense are quite difficult. 😓

By the way, I thought at first that the opposing player specialized in ground troops, but the ranged troops are also strong.
The generals, Scipio and Elektra, are over 5M.
The buffs are also over 1000% for attacks.
The debuffs, I lost track of, but I think they are probably pretty strong.

Once, quite a while ago in KE, the opposing player was sending reinforcements to a city that was out of shields, so we all had to rally.
We won the battle, but unfortunately, the player’s soldiers did not die in the battle.

After all, in reality, it would be difficult to defeat him, wouldn’t it? 😭

If you are going to attack, you should look at the equipment of the enemy defense generals.
If the enemy is prioritizing the attacking generals and neglecting the defending generals, you have a chance.


Thank you very much for your help.

In fact, I’ve recently encountered a troubling problem.
I’m facing a full-blown war with an alliance that I’ve never been on good terms with.
The other alliance pays a lot of money, and one of their members is the strongest in our server.
On the other hand, our alliance is almost entirely made up of people with no or very little money, and although the number of K35 players is increasing, they still don’t have enough power and their main army is cavalry. There is also a guy with 1B power, but he is still K34.
I know that I can’t win, but I want to get a shot at it. 😭

So, I’m wondering if there’s any way I can defeat one guy in the other alliance who really pisses me off.

He’s a K35 player with 1.2B power. Is it really possible to defeat him in a rally or something?
I’m so frustrated that so many of my friends have been beaten by this player.

It would be great if you could give me your honest opinion and advice.

I am not an administrator, but I will answer.
The first prerequisite is to scout and know the number of troops, buffs and debuffs for each troop level of your opponent.

The condition is that your opponent does not have many sets of Achaemenes equipment. (= weak debuffs)
If your opponent’s army has a lot of cavalry, you may be able to win if the person with the strongest archer first attacks with a solo archer and then rallies the infantry.
However, the rally capacity of the attacker’s rally leader and the troop levels and layers of the players participating in the rally are also important.
Make sure you have a layer with more T12s. Of course, use infantry specialized generals that you are training.

Scouting reports, rally leader buffs and rally capacity, each individual’s respective troop level and number of troops. Without these information, the advice will be as above.

I apologize if this is not clear. I’ll leave the rest to the admins.

Thank you 223. 😃

It’s a story that depends a lot on buffs and debuffs in particular, so I can only say that it’s possible depending on that, but I think what seems more likely to win is defense than offense.

For reference, I recently saw a case where k33 was overwhelmingly victorious in the following situation.
– Defender: k33 solo / monarch power 740M / number of troops 21M / buff archer 800, siege 900 / debuff 300
– Attacker: k35 rally / monarch power 1.4B / number of troops 2M+7M / buff ground 980, other 600 / debuff 100

So with a strong debuff and a thick layer, I think it is possible. 🤔


Sorry for the rudimentary question. My Server recently started a Server war, is this supposed to be bi-weekly and all the time? My alliance leader says it should be once a year, is that correct?

MasterCovid (DBF- 176)

Can I kill a thief with the following (and with what damage):
110,000 T10 cav (Troop tiers mixed)
60k T9 cav (Troop tiers mixed)
Wei Qing 980k power w/ general equipment


I think I saw somewhere which traps are good for which, but I can’t find it. Where is it?

Bored 😑

Trap against ground, abatis against mounted, rock against ranged, fire arrow against siege

Please let me know if you know.
How do the stats Defense and HP work?
Which debuff is more effective when the % value is the same for defense and HP?

During pvp , boc and bog how many troops and what types should you leave unghosted to aid wall defense general?

Troop types vary depending on the defense general.
Basically, you can either ghost all of your troops, or leave a small number of troops as a decoy (choose troops that go well with the defense general).
When the enemy attacks, it is a good idea to cancel all ghosts.

It’s almost impossible. At keep level 24, it becomes troop level 9, and at keep level 30, it becomes troop level 12, and the difference in troop strength is too large.
If you are at keep level 27, you will be at troop level 11, and if you are in defense, you may win. (However, the minimum requirement is that the enemy has just reached keep level 30 and there are not many level 12 troops.)
*Actually, when I was k27, I beat k30 several times.

How can we Kill b15, we rallied it the leader sent 1,9m t14 and the all allience send full troope and exeeded it’s level and didn’t die?

If the defense general is equipped with the Courage Achaemenidae Ring or Ares Ring, the siege machine can be intercepted without wounding.

This is in response to the question of whether or not siege machine should be used for undead events.


Is it possible to specialize in siege machine in PvP?
There were detailed explanations for ground, mounted, and ranged specializations, but not siege machine. I’d like to know if there’s a reason for that. Is it just because it takes gems to repair?

Hello. Thank you for the detailed and clear material, I learned a lot of new things and interesting about the game. I have a question: If my castle is attacked during the “Kill Enemy” event, the rider will be killed. At the same time, the hospital is not even half full. Why do they die irrevocably? And how can this be avoided? And another question: how do the hospital and holy palace work together? Why does the military die when the hospital is open? Thank you in advance! 🙏

What about Layering?
What amount and which troop types would you use?

So what are people’s take on having 1mil + T1 troops as a buffer or it is purely a waste?

It has always been very helpful to me. Thank you for making this site.
I’d like to ask you a question, regarding the buffs in the equipment refinement, there are “attack +00” and “attack +00%”, which one should I prioritize? I’m sure you can help me out.

It is a percentage.
Strictly speaking, it is an absolute value for low tier troops and a percentage for high tier troops, but I think the latter is more important. 🤔

Since I received a question in another comment, I will supplement the rationale.

– The smaller the base value, the less the benefit of percentage and the greater the benefit of absolute value.

– The larger the base value, the greater the benefit of percentage, and the smaller the benefit of absolute value.


Maximum value of Ares equipment Refine (Ranged HP)
– In case of % : +25%.
– In case of absolute value : +1246

t1 Ranged Troops HP : 250
– % -> 312
– absolute value -> 1496

t12 Ranged Troops HP : 5900
– % -> 7375
– absolute value -> 7146

t14 Ranged Troops HP : 8000
– % -> 10000
– absolute value -> 9246

Hi😃 There are probably very few players out there who don’t build an arsenal.
This depends on your budget and how you want to have fun.
It is cheaper to create new troops than to upgrade them.
Therefore, if you want to keep your budget low, you should not upgrade, make only a few troops until your keep level is high, and then make a lot of troops after your keep level is high. You need to be patient.
If you are on a budget and want to enjoy PvP and other activities right away, you should build and upgrade more and more troops.


As for the undead event, there are two groups in my alliance: those who let siege escape outside the city and those who keep them inside the city.
The undead event is also a kind of PVP, and if the siege is a countermeasure against ranged, I think they leave it there, and if they don’t want to destroy it at all, they let it go outside.
Are the characteristics of the troops the same when attacking or defending?

I am k28 and have 80mil power right now. I slept through the last 3 undead events and won all 20 marches with all my siege left in the city. Sure I get wounded siege, but I just heal them and the troops when I wake up and log back in. Hope that helps a little.

Hi an experience player told me that order in which players join rally against an enemy also matters can you break this down for me ?

Oooo. I’d like to know the answer to this as well! 🤔

Nice to meet you. I always refer to this site. I admire you for putting together such a large amount of information so neatly.
This is about the speed of ground and mounted. I think the usual order of attack is after the siege hit each other, the attacker’s ranged troops attack the city’s ground and mounted, then the city’s ground attack the attacker’s siege, then the attacker’s siege attack the city’s ranged troops, then the city’s mounted attack the attacker’s siege.
If increasing the speed of ground and mounted changes this order, then I think there is merit in increasing it.

Thank you for your deep insight.😃
It’s hard to talk about the benefits of speed.😓
I too believe that increasing the speed will not necessarily change the order of attack.
I think it mainly depends on the enemy’s troop formation (especially with or without siege machines) and whether or not range and speed are strengthened.
I think this is further complicated by the fact that the last update added more variations to the range of siege. 😂
As a user of a siege machine, I’m happy about that, but on the other hand, it makes it more difficult to explain, so as a person explaining it, I have mixed feelings. 😅


Nice to meet you, I’ve been reading your site for a while now.
I have a question. I heard a rumor that T12 troops are very special and can deal with any level of enemy troops, is it true?
I’m at lvl 33, and I can only make cavalry for T13.
I’m not sure what I should do, as I was just thinking about upgrading other troop types.

The logic is roughly as follows. However, whether it is true or not is currently unknown to me.
“Evony’s battles are basically fought between troops of the same tier, but only t12 fights troops of all tiers. Therefore, t12 can kill the lower tier instantly, which makes the battle more advantageous.”
It is certain that there are k35 players who say that t12 is experientially stronger (higher kill rate).
The rumor also says that it is recommended to make troop formation with more t12s than t13s and t14s, but only to keep costs down. Therefore, it is not because t13 and t14 are useless.
I hope this gives you some hints.😃


Thank you for your answer!
I see what you mean, that’s very helpful!
To be honest, I’m still not sure what to do, but I’m going to start building the T13 facility.
Thank you very much!

Yes. In the game, the labels for the hierarchy of troops are not consistent, with some screens showing “level” and others showing “tier”.😓


That’s very helpful!
By the way, a strong player in SVS had many tiers of troops all over the place. Simply put, I feel like I only need t13, but is there a reason for that?

This is a troop formation tactic called layer (layering).
The theory is that mixing in lower tiers will give you more time and advantage than forming only top tier troops.
In fact, when I tried it, the test results showed that there were fewer wounds that way.

Some Earth

Merhaba. Sitenizi beğenerek takip ediyorum. Ama hala katmanlama ile alakalı bir makale göremedim. Lütfen bu konu hakkında bilgiye ihtiyacımız var

Thank you for the article with answers to my questions! It is quite informative. I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, but it’s much clearer now that I’ve read your article. In the article written by a different person, it was said that boss monsters are treated as ground and should be attacked with mounted, but I think your article is more correct. I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, because there is a lot of variation in the way boss monsters are treated as ground.

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