Treasure Hunt Event (Pyramid)

7/1/2023 – Added “How to find the pyramid quickly” and “Score Average (My experience)”.

This event is unique in that you can get a large amount of Gems. If you achieve a personal score of 500M, you can get 189,000 Gems.

Since there is no need to defeat strong enemies, even players with low keep level can get them. On the server I am on, unpaid players have achieved a score of over 2,000M every time.

Tips for achieving the 500M score

Advance your research on “Mysterious Relics.”

The probability of obtaining a high score increases as you advance your research “Mysterious Relic Exploration.”
(It is located at Academy > Research > Alliances.)

It seems that research on relics lv 1-5 (Relic Exploration) has no effect.

Why can I say that?

First, the pyramid score is determined by what and how many items are brought back after exploration. In other words, the more items you bring back, the higher your chances of getting a higher score. Since random what item and how many to bring back, it does not guarantee an increase in score, but it does increase the possibility of a higher score.

Also, although random what item and how many to bring back, the total number of items brought back will remain the same if the pyramid is at the same level. (Tested. You can tell by the total number of non-resource items in your search report.)

In my case, it was as follows.

  • Lv1: 7 items
  • Lv2: 14 items
  • Lv3: 28 items
  • Lv4: 49 items
  • Lv5: 98 items

I wondered if the numbers would be different for different accounts, so I checked the progress of research on different accounts.

The studies of the relics for the above account are as follows.

  • Account A
    • Lv1-5 Relics +7.5%
      • Alliance > Relic Exploration Lv10 +7.5%
    • Mysterious Relics +40%
      • Alliance > Mysterious Relic Exploration Lv20 +20%
      • Alliance > Adv Mysterious Relic Exploration Lv20 +20%

The studies of the relics for a different account are as follows

  • Account B
    • Lv1-5 Relics +4.5%
      • Alliance > Relic Exploration Lv7 +4.5%
    • Mysterious Relics +7.5%
      • Alliance > Mysterious Relic Exploration Lv10 +7.5%
      • Alliance > Adv Mysterious Relic Exploration Lv0 +0%

The number of items brought back is as follows

  • Lv3 Pyramid
    • Account A: 28 items
    • Account B: 21 items
  • Lv2 Pyramid
    • Account A: 14 items
    • Account B: 10 items

This is roughly in line with the buff difference for the mysterious relics.
(basic value of items brought back: 20 items / 10 items. Account A + 40%, Account B + 7.5%)

I also compared the amount of resources brought back.

First, the total amount of the 4 types of resources brought back remains the same if the pyramid level is the same, although which resources are brought back and how many are brought back is random. (Tested. You can see the total amount of resources in the report.)

The amount of resources brought back are as follows

  • Lv3 Pyramid (650K exploration points)
    • Account A: 920.1K (= 1.41x)
    • Account B: 702.6K (=1.08x)
  • Lv2 Pyramid (480K exploration points)
    • Account A: 677.6K (=1.41x)
    • Account B: 520.3K (=1.08x)

This is roughly in line with the buff difference for the mysterious relics.
(Base value of resources brought back: 650K / 480K; Account A + 40%, Account B + 7.5%)

These suggest that the amount of items and resources brought back from the pyramid increases with research on the mysterious relics.

PS – The above specifications are consistent with those of the archaeological sites previously examined. If you are interested, please see the verification report for that below.

Relic – How to Gain More or Explore Faster (with Verification Report)

The results of various tests on how to speed up the search for relics, increase the amount of gathering, and get more resources and items in one exploration are summarized in this report.

Dive into the pyramids on level 3 and above

Ideally, you should dive only level 5 pyramids, but on a competitive server, it is hard to find 5 or even 4.

There is a limit of 20 times per day to enter the pyramid, but I am getting 100M to 150M per day by doing this.

The event period is about 10 days, so I can exceed the 500M score with room to spare.

List of pyramid scores, etc.

There are variations in the scores you can get for pyramids of the same level. (Random)

Score (*)13K-27K126K-188K400K-5.2M2.4M-29.2M7.4M-88.1M
Score Average
(My experience)
Exploration Points340K480K650K860K1.3M
Exploration Time5 min10 min15 min20 min25 min
Stamina Cost2020202020

*These scores are the range I was able to confirm. There is likely to be a little more range.

How to find the pyramid quickly

The desktop version of the Evony app, available for Windows PC & Mac, allows you to find on a very large screen.

Narrow the height of the window to display the map more widely.

Download the desktop version here.

Dive a pyramid alone

More than one person can enter one pyramid as long as they are members of the same alliance.

However, the score you get will be lower if you dive with more than one person (strictly speaking, your score will likely be lower because you will bring back fewer items). In addition, there is a limit of 20 entries into the pyramid per day and a cost of 20 stamina consumed per entry.

Thus, it is inefficient for more than one person to enter a single pyramid. It is recommended to dive alone.

(It is easy to get into trouble if you do not have an agreement in advance within the alliance. It is better to make it an alliance rule).

Send a minimum of weak troops without a general

It is enough to send no generals and no more than 100,000 t1 soldiers.
(To minimize damage in case of unexpected accidents.)

There is almost no benefit in adding generals or sending high level troops, the risk is greater.

It does not shorten the exploration time. Nor will it increase the score obtained.

The time to complete the exploration will not be shortened

Normally, if a general with high politics is sent to a resource tile to gather, the gathering time will be shortened. However, in the case of pyramids, the exploration time remains the same. (Tested)

No matter what troops are sent, the time to complete the search is fixed as follows.

  • Time to complete the exploration
  • Lv1: 5:00
  • Lv2: 10:00
  • Lv3: 15:00
  • Lv4: 20:00
  • Lv5: 25:00

The “Remaining Time” item on the pyramid detail screen indicates the time until the pyramid disappears from the map. Not the time it takes to complete the exploration.

100,000 t1 soldiers is enough

At any rate, a troop load that can carry 1.3M of resources is sufficient, so 100,000 level 1 soldiers are enough.

  • Exploration Points
  • Lv1: 340K
  • Lv2: 480K
  • Lv3: 650K
  • Lv4: 860K
  • Lv5: 1.3M

(The number of troops required varies slightly depending on the troop load buffs, such as research and generals skills.)

The amount of resources that can be brought back can be seen in the lower right corner of the troop selection screen. If this is 1,300,000 or more, it is OK.

As a test, I compared the results with different numbers of troops and different troop levels, but the amount of resources brought back (total of 4 types) shown in the report was exactly the same. The scores are random, so I can’t make an exact comparison, but they didn’t change much.

What are the advantages of attaching a general?

Having a general with a high leadership speeds up the march. If you are going to a distant pyramid, you may attach a general.

Attaching a general with the troop load skill reduces the number of soldiers required.

Rewards List

Personal Score Rewards

8 Hour
Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I5,000,0004,000160671003
Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II40,000,0008,000170671204
Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III85,000,00012,0001801081405
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I125,000,00016,0001901481606
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II165,000,00020,0002001881808
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III200,000,00024,00022022820010
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I300,000,00030,000240261022020
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II400,000,00035,000260301224025
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III500,000,00040,000280341526030

Monarch Ranking Rewards

Castle Decoration: Rain Forest (14 day)11111
Alliance Honor200,000175,000150,000125,000100,00090,00080,00070,00060,00050,000
Alliance Point200,000175,000150,000125,000100,00090,00080,00070,00060,00050,000
Senior Resources Chest (Blue)400350300250200180160140120100
1 Hour Speedup for Training8005003001251009080706050
1 Hour Speedup for Healing8005003001251009080706050
Dragon Source Fragment20018016014012010090807060
Tactic Scroll25020016014012010090807060
Treasure Box100908070605040353025

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I tried your suggestion of only sending 100,000 t1 troops. Infact I sent 1,000,000 t1 troops. The troops came back as normal and had what appeared to be the normal amount of points s and reward. However, the pyramids remained. I checked the details and it appeared to still have rewards inside. I sent troops again like the first time. This time they only stayed about 6 – 8 minutes and only retrieved about 100k rewards, yet it still cost me one of my chances for the day. I did this twice and it did the same thing both times. In short, sending the T1 troops doesn’t work as your description.

I think you misspelled 1,000,000 instead of 100,000, but as explained in the article, the number of troops required depends on Troop Load buffs such as research and general skills.
If it were 1,000,000, you could take out all of the Lv5 pyramid no matter how low the Troop Load buffs are (the amount you could gather would be over 8M). Must be a glitch.


@TimberWolf i usually send 100,000 t1 troops in level 4/5 pyramids and they perfectly works as the writer described it. In addition, this troops size, 100k, totaly finishes level 4/5 pyramids, which means they finish the resources in pyramids 20/25 minutes, respectively.


Does anyone knows where to use this items from the pyramid or its just useless


서버전할때 오히려 기회가 많다. 1티어 병력의 피해를 최소화하기위해 레벨1 아무르 장군에 지상 Load Lv4 스킬북까지 넣었지만 효과가 없었다. 그러므로 장군 및 스킬북 load는 적용되지 않은것 같으며 대신 모나크 기어 Load는 적용되는것 같다.,

how does one use the relics acquired from the pyramids before they expire….to gain additional points


Are there certain times of the day when pyramids are more likely to appear?


The base is three times an hour.
In addition to that, there may be an extra.
Furthermore, it is sometimes possible to not appear at all.

i got 33M
recently spawned pyramid gives you high scores

Robin Hood

Hello and first of all congratulations for the really useful guide 👍
I wanted to ask you if this event in your server is working properly, in our server it is completely broken for more than 8 months, it doesn’t reset the scores and it doesn’t give any reward.
Although all the players have written to the support, they keep ignoring us and do not solve the problem, many players spend a lot of money in this game, and not having a response from the developers is really frustrating, do you have any advice for us to solve the problem with the ‘assistance? Who can we write to to be heard?


instead on waiting for their reply give the reviews (negative if they are not sorting out the problem) on their page and they will listen to the problem in real quick time


On the last day, I don’t see many higher level pyramids such as pyramid 5. Do the higher level pyramids appear when someone uses Pharaoh’s treasure map?


Thanks for the reply.

I was wondering if, for example, level 1 would occur naturally, but it doesn’t.


I have not kept detailed data, but the pyramids with longer remaining time (freshly appeared) earn more score.


Once you get the Gold Treasure Hunt Chest III, you should not fight for the monarch ranking. The event period is too long, and you will end up losing the gems you have obtained.

Na descrição do evento, no item 4, diz:

Durante o período do evento, use o Mapa do Tesouro do Faraó para receber as coordenadas de uma pirâmide e ganhar alguns pontos.

Minha pergunta é como posso obter o mapa do tesouro.

Não há nada explicado no jogo.

> In the event description, in item 4, it says:

During the event time, use Pharaoh’s Treasure Map to receive Coordinates of a Pyramid and gain some scores.

My question is how can I get the treasure map.

There is nothing explained in the game.

One is included when you buy the 5th level of the event package ($99.99) during the Pyramid Event.
Reference: Event Package 1-5 All Contents (total: $185)


Thanks for the valuable information.
I am still in the process of trying this out, but can I get Anubis more than once if I re-enter lvl 5 about 5 times? Has anyone verified this?
I can confirm that sometimes more than one person can get Anubis even if more than one person enters and the rewards are prorated.
I have also been able to confirm that even if one person re-enters, it is possible to get Anubis in the middle of the times. Therefore, I wonder if it is possible.
If Anubis can be obtained more than once even if one person re-enters the pyramid, it may be possible that we don’t have to search for 20 pyramids?


I don’t think there is any advantage to re-enter.
If multiple people enter, it is just a matter of splitting the 70 items (as 0 research) among everyone, so of course there is a chance that everyone will get Anubis, depending on the probability.
Even if you re-enter multiple times, that would only mean that you would get the 70 items in smaller portions.
It is rather a wasted effort to reduce the number of challenges by re-entering.

As stated in the admin’s article, I believe the only way to make it more efficient is to increase the number of items that can be taken per pyramid through research.
As for the rest, good luck with your scrolling.

Como você faz para procurar as pirâmides no mapa? Existe um modo eficiente ou apenas rolando a tela.

> How do you look for the pyramids on the map? There is an efficient mode or just scrolling.
scrolling only. But there is a hint. If you play with Evony on PC or Mac, or use the screen rotation app on Android, the map becomes wide horizontally, making it easier to find.

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