Drop Rate of Historic General at Tavern (Test Results)

I actually did a mass refresh of the tavern and investigated the number of times historical generals appeared.

The following probabilities are based on these.
(Therefore, note that it is not a probability that is defined as a specification.)

Test 1: 100 Refreshes per Tavern Level

Increasing the level of the tavern increases the probability of the historic general appearing, but at what level and at what rate?

In fact, i conducted 100 refreshes for each level of the tavern to determine the number of times the historic general appeared.

* If tavern level is 10 or below, historic generals will not appear. Only white (common) or green (uncommon) generals will appear. (Reference: Types of rarity of generals)

* Tavern level 20 and below has not yet been investigated.

Test 1 Results

  • Tavern Level 21 -> Blue 23% Purple 1% Gold 1%
  • Tavern Level 22 -> Blue 32% Purple 0% Gold 2%
  • Tavern Level 23 -> Blue 49% Purple 7% Gold 0%
  • Tavern Level 24 -> Blue 46% Purple 9% Gold 2%
  • Tavern Level 25 -> Blue 50% Purple 5% Gold 2%
  • Tavern Level 26 -> Blue 60% Purple 3% Gold 3%
  • Tavern Level 27 -> Blue 68% Purple 7% Gold 2%
  • Tavern Level 28 -> Blue 81% Purple 5% Gold 5%
  • Tavern Level 29 -> Blue 86% Purple 10% Gold 5%
  • Tavern Level 30 -> Blue 106% Purple 8% Gold 4%

*The probability is unknown, but I’ve been informed that they have appeared at levels 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 23. 😃

The gold historic general also appeared at tavern level 21, but if you wanted to search for it with a serious Gem refreshment, tavern level 24 and above would be a good place to start.

In my test result, it was as above, but it is good to think that the probability is about 3 to 5% because there is a fluctuation in the probability.

Reference: About Blue Historic General

For more on the Blue Historic General, see this article.

Test2: 3,400 refreshes for 170,000 gems

At tavern level 30, 3,400 refreshes were made with gems within 5 hours.

Date of implementation: 9/20/2021
( = before Martinus, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, etc. were added to the tavern)

Test2 Results

Number of times/probability of getting a Golden Historic General

  • 10,000 gems (200 refreshes): 5 people -> 2.5%
  • 70,000 gems (1,400 refreshes): 35 people -> 2.5%
  • 130,000 gems (2,600 refreshes): 60 people -> 2.3%
  • 170,000 gems (3,400 refreshes): 75 people-> 2.2%

Generals who appeared

The probability at tavern level 30 was 4% in test 1, but went from 2.5% to 2.2% in test 2.

While this is a decrease from the results of test 1, it is not surprising that there is some fluctuation.

Special note 1: Decrease in probability

However, what is more interesting is that the probability decreased with each refresh.(2.5% -> 2.2%)

I don’t know if this is a coincidence or a specification.

However, after this, I stopped refreshing a lot at once. I don’t recommend it to my readers either.

Special Note 2: Bias of Generals Appearing

There was one more interesting point.

That is, there was a bias in the number of generals that appeared frequently at a given time. (Or a certain number of updates?).

For example, in this case, the bias changed as shown below.
(Please refer to the image above as well)

Baibars -> King Sejong -> Khalid

Actually, what I really wanted during this test was Queen Jindeok, but she didn’t appear even though I spent 170,000 gems at once.

In short, it seems that no matter how many times you update, if it’s not the right time, it won’t appear.

For these things, I recommend that you refresh no more than 100 times a day, and if you don’t get any good generals, change the day.


– If you are looking for generals with serious gem refreshment, I recommend tavern level 24 or higher.

– The chance of getting a golden historic general is about 3-5%.

– I recommend that you refresh at most 100 times a day, and if you don’t get any good generals, change the day.

Reference: About Generals Appearing in the Tavern

Note that only a few of the golden historic generals appear in the tavern. The list below summarizes who appears in the tavern, so please refer to it.

Reference: About Generals to be Employed

Also, the majority of golden historical generals that appear in the tavern are useless. The following is a summary of who the generals to hire, so please refer to it.


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I always find your articles helpful in my strategy. Thank you very much. I saw Lincoln when I entered the tavern at Keep26 Tavern19. Since then, I entered the tavern every time the tavern was refreshed, and a few days later I was able to recruit Kenshin Uesugi. I did not raise the level of the keep and the tavern. Just for your information.


I am currently K30.
I have gotten 4 Queen Jindeoku.
They appeared twice in a row on the same day.
Maybe there is a setting after all.
I hired her on the spur of the moment, but realistically speaking, I have a very small amount of money, so it’s hard to train her 😓.


Training her on a purple sub is the most effective option for you imo, or maybe using her for raining the bigs during the battlefield could be a good choice also.

Were pretty much the same, but I’m lucky enough to find 4 jindeoks in one sit, at tavern 28, cost less than 50k gems. It was friday, about 3 hours after the server time reset. (Ik, it might be irrelevant, but worth a try). Funny enough, it cost me about 300k+ gems plus to get the fifth jindeok at tavern 30 later 😂 but now im good, it totally worth it, but man. For a low spender it’s such a grind. Good luck for mate!

Would you consider listing the cost of each type of general in this article? There’s nothing worse than having a Historic general appear only to find you don’t have enough coins to buy it.


Does the availability of specific generals vary with your culture, or are they fixed? So for a ample, if you want Trajan, does it help to change your culture to Europe?

Hello Sir, thank you for all your efforts in running this wiki! I love this site, it’s focused and well organized and yet so detailed. I recommend it to everyone and keep coming back here every now and then.
I am on 714, playing for 5-6 months now, Lv 27, moderately spending, active daily.

Many of my alliance mates are running several Queen Jindeoks at once. They keep winning the Monarch Competition regularly by having amazing gathering results (each day). So by the time I already have dumped shiploads of gems into the tavern myself (maybe 100.000 …which is a conservative estimate). I skipped Edward and many others, I got a few Baibars, recruited Gaius Marius out of desperation… Recently I even went back to the Korean culture only because Queen Jindeok may show up more likely! (lol)

So slowly I am wondering: Might there be something else factoring in? Could there be any out-of-the-box-thing I just can’t get behind? It just doesn’t feel random anymore. When I said “at least I have Shajar al-Durr! it might be a trade-off for not getting Jindeok!”, I had to realize that all of my alliance friends do have Shajar, too!
I could go on wasting gems like this for the next year and my feeling is that Her Excellency Queen Jindeok doesn’t even think of showing up – just because! I would like to understand what might be the reason – if there is any other reason.

Dear Friends I know it sounds mad and I can only swear to my mother’s handbag. The first thing that happened after asking here and logging in was to give it another try at the tavern. It took three rounds and guess what happened!

So my sincere advice to anyone looking for Queen Jindeok is: Switch to Korean culture and give it a try – early in the morning! lol.
You’re welcome!


I still don’t understand the “Warn me only if the Tavern has the follow General” feature. Do I have to check a box and press back in the upper left corner? Also, please let me know what kind of notification I will get if they appear.

That one is a setting to make the mass refresh of the tavern more comfortable.
You can change the conditions under which alerts are displayed.
Normally, if you try to refresh when a historic general or just a golden general is out, you will get an alert saying “Are you sure you want to refresh?”.
But when you are refreshing a lot to get a gold historic general, it is depressing to get an alert when a gold “non” historic general is showing.
So, if you check both boxes, you will only be alerted when you have a gold historic general, making it a little more comfortable.


I see, I understand very well. Thank you very much! I will continue to use this site as my bible.

I decided it was “smart” to spend gems on traven when I get it to level 17, so I spended like 20k gems…
I didnt buy any of the following, but I got:
– Genesis Khan
– William Wallace
– Huo Qubing (x2 times)
– Emperor Qin Shihuang (he is good but for sage)

I did also get like 6 historic purples

I think I also used 5,000 more gems when I did it other times and wanted to give it a shot a few times last week before I go all out lmao

I recently created a sub-account for resource gathering, and at tavern level 8, a non-historic golden general appeared.
Then at tavern level 10 a golden historic general appeared.
I didn’t recruit either of them, though.

If the golden historic general appeared at level 10, then the in-game description is wrong😓.
(If you press the “i” in the upper right corner of the tavern, you will see the explanation “You can only recruit Common and Uncommon Generals in Tavern of level 10 or below.”)

McLaren P1 GTR

Finally I got 2 Officer General without Cost. I’m Checking everyday every 4 hours. Get it 2 Constace I, Menshikov (Keep), 2 Jindeok, Toyotomi Hideyashi (Rally), Emperor Qin Shihuang, Harun Al Rashid, Kim-si-min, Uesugi Kenshin, Hernando Cortes, Philip Sheriden, Sulaiman The Magnificent, Empress Dowger Cixi, Roland, Li Shimin, Antara, Winfield Scott, Gais Marious, John Buford That’s all get without Cost.


I’m sorry, but I have a question. I just got a popup on my screen that said “Historic General’s Quest”. One of the quests said it was clear, and the other two said to spend 2000gem and pay tribute 8 times. So I tried spending 2000gem, but nothing happened, and no matter where I looked, the quest wouldn’t start up again. What was that all about? By the way, I just got the keep lvl 21 yesterday, and it appeared around the top of the research factory.

Also, Queen Jindeok is supposed to be a good general for gathering resources from the world map, but she never does a full gathering for some reason, and every time I send her to gather, she only stays for a very brief amount of time, and gathers a small portion of the available resources??
This is frustrating, and I am about to give up on her completely, as every time she starts gathering resources, it comes back saying 20 minutes, instead of the hours the other generals spend gathering, She does get a bonus, but that does not make up for the fact that she only gathers a small percentage of the available resources from the spot!!

*Actually, I figured out what was happening with jindeok….
All of my troops were going out with my other generals, and she only had something like 3000 troops with her, which is not enough to carry much.
So, she was only gathering what she could carry!!

brother maybe you are not sending full trop load to gather all resources
for gathering full lv 16 your troop load will be 10 m
otherwise your troops will return immediately

I have found that trying to refresh at the Tavern is a waste of gems, and even when you do get a gold general is it not historic….
After some 500 refreshes, I have not been able to find a single historic general at the Tavern, it is a waste of gems, and you will HAVE to get good generals some other way.
For the record, my Tavern is level 20, if that has anything to do with it!!


ya, I have lvl 23 tavern and I just spent… way too much on gems trying to find a gold historic. Well over 500 refreshes and not a single one. I will wait until 25 to try again.

I have tavern on lvl 23 and all generals for my 7 sub cities are bought there ☺️

Ms Jacqui

I got my historic general Genghis Khan recently at tavern level 14. Sadly, I have not seen any more golden generals in my tavern as yet but I am hopeful. I am now up to tavern level 16.

My Tavern is level 26 now, and I get a gold general after every 3 or 4 refreshes….
It may not be one that I want, and they are HARD on your gold, but they are golden generals, with special abilities!!


In the past two weeks, I’ve gotten James Bowie and Charles the Great in the level 17 and 18 tavern.
I haven’t done any gem updates, but I check every time.


Charles the Great appeared on level 13 in the tavern. Unfortunately I recruited him. Probably this was a mistake… 🙄 What’s your opinion?

Certainly not the best general at the end of the game. However, in the early stages of the game, you probably don’t have a strong general, so it’s not a bad idea to train him as your main general temporarily until you get a better one.
In the end, you can use him as a duty officer. (Making him mayor will increase gold production, but it’s not very useful.)
Reference:Duty Officer – Required General Level, Star, etc

Saladin and Oda Nobunaga appeared at level 17 in the tavern, and Trajan at 18. I didn’t have enough gold to buy them, though.


I refreshed purple historic general Yi Song-gye. But after I boosted up to 10M money and re-enter into tavern, all generals were auto-refreshed. (But there were still 2 hours before auto-refresh time)


If i read this correct, its useless to try and use gems to get a gold one at tavern 15 to 19? No matter how often you spin it?

I got a gold historic general (Queen Jindeok) at tavern level 14.


Thank you! But I couldn’t get her because I couldn’t get the money before the next auto-renewal timing lol.

Hi! My tavern is lvl 20 and got 2 gold historic general already 🙂


In the tavern on level 22, appeared the gold historic general Khalid.


I don’t know what the odds are, but even level 23 of the tavern gave me gold!

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