Important Usage of Subordinate City

You can have a subordinate city once you reach keep level 11, but some people may not know what advantages it has and how to handle it. This article will explain how to utilize and the importance of subordinate cities.


Subordinate cities can gain buffing effects just by having them. For example, it can increase your construction speed, or increase your attack power.

Examples of subordinate city buffs (for Japan and uncommon)
Examples of subordinate city buffs (for Japan and uncommon)


  • The effectiveness of the buffs increases with the rarity (quality) of the subordinate cities.
  • When you occupy a subordinate city on the map, you get an additional buff for that number of subordinate cities.

What effect you get depends on what culture the subordinate city is of.

Culture for Battle
  • Japan – Attack when marching / Research Factory Material Production Speed
  • Russia – Attack when defending own city / Trap Attack
  • Arabia – Hospital Capacity / Healing Speed
Culture for Development
  • Korea – Extra Resources from Gathering / Warehouse Capacity
  • Europe – Construction Speed / General EXP Monster Kill
  • China – Main City Resource Production / Training Speed
  • America – Current Sub City Gold Production / Research Speed

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Important 1 – Note on choosing a city culture

There is one subordinate city within your city, and that culture will naturally be the one you chose at the start of the game, but

  • The buff items you get from the “Culture Feature” and the buff items you get from the “Subordinate City within Your City” are completely different.
  • You can increase the effectiveness of the buffs in the “subordinate city within your city” by increasing the quality of the subordinate city.

In other words, if you want a research speed increase, it should be below.

Instead of picking China (where the “Culture Feature” is “Research Speed +3%”), pick the America (where the “subordinate city buffs” is “Research Speed” (no Research Speed in the “Culture Feature”)).

That will give you a stronger buff in the long run.

In the case of America, if you raise the quality of a subordinate city (within your city) by one to make it uncommon, you get a +6% research speed boost, and you can increase it even more.

More to the point, I recommend changing the culture more and more, depending on what you’re focusing on right now. (In the early days of the game, you can choose a development type, and then switch to a battle type when the game is mature, etc.)

Important 2 – Don’t just look at the quality

In some cases, it is more effective to focus on the “culture” of a subordinate city rather than the “quality” (Epic, Legendary, etc.) of the subordinate city.

For example

  • If you’re focused on offense, you’ll only collect the subordinate cities in Japan.
  • If you’re focused on resource gathering, you’ll only collect the subordinate cities in Korea.

Note that you can have up to 9 subordinate cities, but if they are all from the same culture, they will look like this

  • If you have 9 Japanese Epics – Attack buff +90%
  • If you have 9 Korean Epics – Resource Gathering buff +135% (e.g., if you finish gathering all 7M resource tiles, you get 16.45M)
NOTE – Mayor’s Buff

Even if the mayor has buffs (such as attack increasing skills, equipment, etc.), they will not have any effect on the main city’s troops. Therefore, there is no need to focus on the mayor’s buffs.

For more information, please refer to the “Mayor” section of the following article.
Subordinate City Complete Guide


In the subordinate cities, you can train troops, but they are frankly weak and not a force to be reckoned with. This is because in most cases, the level of the subordinate cities is lower than the Keep level, and therefore the level of troops is lower. I don’t recommend spending money on training troops in subordinate cities.

The important thing is not the troops of the subordinate cities, but the mayor.

If the general assigned to the mayor has a debuff performance (attack down, HP down, etc.), the debuff effect will come into play if the subordinate city is brought into battle. (Some higher level players have achieved debuffs of -600%. (including Equipment and Specialty))

In addition, all debuffs of each mayor are added (not duplicated).

Therefore, we can say that “general who should be the mayor of a subordinate city” = “general with a debuff skill”. Please refer to the following article for a list of generals who have debuff skills.

In addition, the following method is also effective.

General EXP Earning

If you bring a subordinate city with a mayor into the battle, that mayor, the general, will also receive EXP. (The mayor gets half the EXP that the main general gets.)

If the main general gets 10,000 EXP, each mayor gets 5,000 EXP.

See this article for details. (Fastest way to Level up General & earn EXP)

NOTE – Gold Production, Troop Training

Having a subordinate city will automatically produce gold or train troops, but these are only extras and are not a major benefit. It is not recommended to spend cost and effort on these.


The major benefits of having subordinate cities are buffs, debuffs, and general EXP.

With these in mind, it’s a good idea to increase the number of subordinate cities, increase the quality, and change your culture.





I am wondering why there is no stats on siege gen for pvp as attacking other cities. Is it not recommended to attack mainly on siege. I only see siege bomb but no details on gens.


I have a question. I would like to know what the power difference is between the subordinate cities depending on their rarity.

So does cultivating subcity generals have any benefits? Or the the idea mainly just to debuff.

I’m new to the game, but I want to ask how do I use the subordinate clues I earn? Icant get to a subordinate cities pool. Can anyone help? Thank you

“If you bring a subordinate city with a mayor into the battle”
<- How do I get them to enter the battle?

When attacking, before the battle, in the troop selection screen, choose the subordinate city you want to enter. 😃
However, you will not be able to choose and participate in the following cases.
– Rally
– Attack on the temples and buildings in the battlefield
– Attack on a NPC subordinate city

When defending, you need to set up an automatic fight. How to do this is explained in the following article.
Subordinate City Complete Guide

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