Spiritual Beast – Type, Buff, Enhance

What is a Spiritual Beast?

A support gear that can be assigned to a general to enhance his or her abilities

Types of Spiritual Beasts and Buffs

There are 4 types of Spiritual Beasts, each specialized for a specific troop type.

Thunder Scorpion – Ranged
  • Ranged Troop Attack
  • Ranged Troop Defense
  • Ranged Troop HP
  • March Speed
Bird of Hurricane – Mounted
  • Mounted Troop Attack
  • Mounted Troop Defense
  • Mounted Troop HP
  • Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters.
Lord of Lava – Ground
  • Ground Troop Attack
  • Ground Troop Defense
  • Ground Troop HP
  • Troop Load
Behemoth King – Siege
  • Siege Machine Attack
  • Siege Machine Defense
  • Siege Machine HP
  • March Size Capacity

Therefore, depending on what the general is good at, you can decide which beast to assign.
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How you need to use it

You need to activate it with a Pasture. (Pastures can be built at keep level 21.) You can activate one at a time, depending on the level of the Pasture.

  • Lv 6 – Thunder Scorpion
  • Lv11 – Bird of Hurricane
  • Lv16 – Lord of Lava
  • Lv22 – Behemoth King

Requires Spiritual Beast EXP to activate it. (300,000 EXP per beast)
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How to Assign and Release the General

To assign a beast to a general, open the general’s details screen and press the dragon symbol in the top left corner. The same procedure is used to unassign the beast. Note that once the beast is unassigned, it will not be able to be assigned to the general for a period of one hour.

Beasts are “WEAK” if you don’t train them.

The buffs right after activation are only +1-2% each.

Example: Behemoth King Lv1 Quality Gray

  • Siege Machine Attack +2%
  • Siege Machine Defense +2%
  • Siege Machine HP +2%
  • March Size Capacity +1%

Beasts need to be cultivated in two ways

  • Level Up – Use Spiritual Beast EXP to raise it.
  • Smelt – Upgrade Quality using Gems, Medals and Gold.

In case of Level Up

In case of Smelt (Quality Up)

These can be raised in parallel and separately. Start with the easiest one to raise first.

Either way, the buffs go up 2% at a time. (If the initial value is 1%, they go up 1% at a time.)

  • Lv1 Quality Ash (0) -> Attack +2%
  • Lv1 Quality Green (+1) -> Attack +4%
  • Lv2 Quality Ash (0) -> Attack +4%
  • Lv1 Quality Blue (+2) -> Attack +6%
  • Lv2 Quality Green (+1) -> Attack +6%
  • Lv2 Quality Blue (+2) -> Attack +8%
  • Lv9 Quality Orange (+4) -> Attack +26%
  • Lv10 Quality Gold (+5) -> Attack +30%

Performance when trained to maximum

Each +30%. (If the initial value is 1%, the value is +15%)

Example: Bird of Hurricane

  • Mounted Troop Attack +30%
  • Mounted Troop Defense +30%
  • Mounted Troop HP +30
  • Double Item Drop Rate from Monsters +15%

Level Up Requirements (Spiritual Beast EXP)

Lv2 : 300,000EXP (Cumulative 600,000EXP)
Lv3 : 700,000EXP (Cumulative 1,300,000EXP)
Lv4 : 1,100,000EXP (Cumulative 2,400,000EXP)
Lv5 : 1,500,000EXP (Cumulative 3,900,000EXP)
Lv6 : 1,900,000EXP (Cumulative 5,800,000EXP)
Lv10 : Cumulative 12,500,000EXP (MAX)

Smelt (Quality Up) Requirements (Gems, Medals, Gold)

  • Green (+1) 1K Gems, 100 Medals, 500K Gold
  • Blue (+2) 4K Gems, 300 Medals, 2M Gold
  • Purple (+3) 10K Gems, 800 Medals, 5M Gold
  • Orange (+4) 20K Gems, 1500 Medals, 10M Gold
  • Gold (+5) 60K Gems, 4000 Medals, 30M Gold

Which is better, Dragon or Spiritual Beast?

You can activate a dragon if you pay 300,000 gems after making your Pasture level 26. However, dragons are also weak if you don’t train them. A large amount of Lv6 materials, gems, refining stones, etc. would be needed to raise them. However, the buffs you get will be greater if you spend these on crafting and refining the general’s equipment first.

So until the general’s equipment is sufficient, it’s better to refrain from training dragons and train Spiritual Beasts and assign them to the general.

*As an exception, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Martinus, El Cid, and Isabella I etc. have skills that enable their own buffs when attaching a dragon, so in their case, it is better to use a dragon in some cases. (Mainly if the beast is not fully trained.)

*For more information about “Dragon”, see the following article.






I’ve heard of people using the Thunder Scorpion on Ban Chao in the archer tower. Will this still buff your archers or is it a waste? Thanks for everything you do, this site is vital to evony success

I read the article again and realize that you did mention the max percentage at 30% on each (Luck would be halved at 15%). Sorry for disturbing

Hi, can you tell me the stats of Thunder bird at maximum level and smelt? Thanh you

Zachariah A Lloyd

Is Smelting really worth the cost??
I mean, it is not cheap, and Medals are somewhat slow to come by, as are Gems / Gold….
From what it shows, the improvement is not substantial versus the cost!!

Zachariah A Lloyd

Hello all, interesting conversation, and I have a question really….
How do I get enough exp to activate the Thunder Scorpion please??
Because every time I try I get the same stupid error that I need more Spiritual Beast exp, and it does not show me anywhere that I could find how much you need, nor how much you have. Did I build that Pasture thing for nothing, or what here?? Is there a bug that will not allow you to activate any of the beasts?? Someone please explain this to me, and Thanks in advance!!

Beast exp. can be obtained several ways. You can purchase it at the market under the black market tab. You can also get it by killing thieves. Lastly some of the monsters you kill will provide monster exp.

For me the best way to get Spiritual Experience is Lv12 resource tiles; they contain 5k Spiritual Experience. You do not always get it in times of peace, but you always get it during KE and SvS (do not farm though during SvS). During KE in my server, we have agreed to not attack resource tiles).
You also get Spir Exp in the wheel of fortune, if you are lucky (up to 10,000),

G maximus

I activated my bird of hurricane and assigned him to a general. I’ve been adding beast EXP to it, but I don’t see it fly with the troops when I go into battle. Am I missing something?

So should I not assign a scorpion to minamoto since he would be good with a dragon?

If the Thunder Scorpion is well trained and the dragon is not trained, it is better to attach the Thunder Scorpion.
If you attach a dragon that is not trained at all, the ranged attack is +15%.
Therefore, if you have already trained the Thunder Scorpion until it has more than +15% ranged attack, then the Scorpion is better.
If Scorpion is weaker than that, then Dragon is fine.

It’s a bit confusing about upgrading spiritual beast. Is it all 5 quality levels available for upgrade at any of 10 beast levels? And what to upgrade first? Is there any difference? Thank you.

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