Soul Binding

Note: As of today (8/28/2023), this feature is only implemented on a very few servers.

Therefore, the specifications may change in the future.

If you find any errors in the article content due to specification changes, etc., I would appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments section.

What is “Soul Binding”?

This is a function that allows the “Specialty Level,” “Cultivation (Leadership, Attack, Defense, Politics),” and ” General’s Level” of a General already developed to be passed on to another General.

(“Flexible Specialty” and “Star Level” cannot be transferred).

One general can be transferred to another general by linking (binding) the 2.

However, the following conditions apply.

Link Conditions

  • The general to be linked must be at least Lv35, have 4 max specialties (non-flexible), and be at Star Level 10.
  • Can only be linked to generals of the same troop type.
  • “Binding Essence” is required to link.
  • Each link is only valid for 15 days.
  • A general can only link with one general at a time.

Link Counts & Benefits

After linking, at the end of the 15-day linking period, the number of times you have linked to that acceptor will be counted as one.

Once you have linked to that acceptor 10 times, you will be able to link to that acceptor thereafter without consuming a “Binding Essence”.

How to obtain a “Binding Essence”

Available at the King’s Party. In other words, you need to pay for it.

  • Cake 1: 30 ($20 total)
  • Cake 2: 50 ($100 total)
  • Cake 3: 50 (total $200)
  • Cake 4 and after are unknown.

Link Cost

  • The first link is “Binding Essence” x100.
  • The second and subsequent links are unknown.

In other words, if you want to continue the link, you need to charge a lot.
(At least several hundred dollars, thousands of dollars if you want to make the link permanent)

Link Update

  • 3 days before the end of the link, the link duration can be updated.
  • When updated, it will be added to the current remaining time.
  • Once updated, the link cannot be interrupted until the end of the original link period.

Link Interruption

  • Links can be interrupted at any time.
  • When interrupted, the link count will not be increased.
  • When a link is interrupted, a portion of the “Binding Essence” is returned according to the remaining period of time.
  • When a General who has been bound more than 1 time is dismissed, a portion of the “Binding Essence” will be returned, but the link count of this General will be reset to 0.

Linkable Generals

At this time, only generals for combat can be linked. Generals for development, duty officers, and subordinate city mayors will be supported in the future.

Other Specifications

  • Can be accessed from the Council of State.
  • The initiator and the accepter of a linking cannot be selected for the same troop.

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Are the Specialities stackable? If I bind 2 generals with all 4 Specialties maxed out do they add to each other?

Happy Dip

Do you have recommendations for general to use in the Soul Binding option?

I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding the purpose of this feature (Soul Binding). Considering the information you provided, is evony envisioning a usage where, for example, a promising new general or assistant could be linked with before their development, and then they would participate in battles (PvP or monsters)? I feel like this is kind of misguided…

I’m not sure if this is correct, but I’m wondering if this is a remedy for the fact that it is quite difficult to max out 4 specialties.
(Especially for users who have maxed out old generals’ specialties on older servers.
Maybe to give them motivation to get new generals for a fee?)
However, I think it’s a shitty feature that doesn’t make any sense, since it requires a high fee in the end.

Thanks for the article, been playing almost four years, the game has become relentless in its pursuit of money and every new thing added seems based on how much you can spend, they give us tiny amounts of everything to keep the money rolling in. I will probably leave the game this year.

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