When is Server Merges ? & What happens?

When ?

Server mergers are carried out on an irregular basis at the discretion of Evony’s management team. This has been done about twice a year so far. Past server merges have been carried out on the following dates

  • October 23, 2020
  • February 28, 2020
  • August 29, 2019
  • June 4, 2019
  • Around July 2018

Whether or not to merge the servers will be considered from the following points:

1 Server Environment
2 Active Player Amount
3 Availability of another matched Server

Once the server merger has been implemented, a notification email is sent out about 10 days before the merger. (It says which servers will be merged, etc.) And the day before, you will be notified of maintenance times and other information, and the merger process will be completed in a few hours of maintenance.

What happens when it’s merged?

– The two servers will share the same world map but can still enter the game from the respective original server access.

– The new server’s number will be determined by the higher SvS ranking.

– All the personal data will remain and this includes the buildings’ level, VIP level, Gems, Gold, resources, sub cities, Generals , troops and items. That means players will not lose any of their personal data.

-The Alliance will remain but all the Alliance Buildings will be removed. All players will be randomly teleported on the new world map. Rebuilding the Alliance City does not cost resources or time. ( If an Alliance hasn’t built the Alliance City or is building the Alliance City, it will still cost resources and time as usual ) The Alliance Donation and stored resources remain and will reappear after the Alliance Warehouse is rebuilt.

-A player still owns his / her original sub cities. The Server with higher SvS ranking keeps its original sub cities and takes in the none-NPC sub cities from the other Server. The NPC sub cities from the other Server will be removed.

-The bookmarks in the two Servers will be deleted because they won’t be useful anymore to all the Servers.

-All the Resource Spots and Monsters will reset. All the Relics will be removed. All the troops outside will automatically return to their City.

-All the rankings will reset and refresh according to the players’ data in the new Server. The SvS ranking and Battlefield ranking will show as the new Server number that has the higher ranking.

– All the Kings and Titles will be deleted and the Throne War will start all over again after 24 hours since Server Merger. If a player has unlocked The Monarch’s Glory, he / she will still get the glory in the new Server. If not , the player will have to be King for 2 times in a row again.

-The Monarch Competition Event will reset and the last stage event’s rewards will be sent.

-The world chat messages will be removed.

-The Undead Event and Monarch Competition records will be removed.

-The monarch name will be added with a number if two players have the same name. For example, two players both named Evony will become Evony 1 and Evony 2.

-The arch of triumph data of the two Servers will be combined.

-The Temple data is subject to the Server with the higher Server War rank.


How to change Server





I would appreciate it if you could tell me the specific steps on how to take the throne.

If you know of a way to find out how many days the server I’ m on has been in existence, I would appreciate it🙏.

Go to the “City of Throne” detail screen in the center of the map, scroll down and tap on “Previous Kings” to get a rough idea of when the server was created. 😃

Thank you very much!
I figured out the approximate date.
I was surprised to see how long I’ve been playing it considering. 😅


Is there a specific time when a new server is created, like the beginning of the month? I’d like to reset the game and start over, but I’d appreciate any advice on when to do that!

There are many reasons to start over, but if the reason is that other players are too strong and you can’t get into the top 5, or you can’t win SVS because there are no rich players who can get to King’s Castle 35, then I don’t think you need to think about it too strictly, because in the end it depends on the luck of what kind of players will come to the server.
So I think you don’t have to wait for a new server to be created, you can start on the young server that is currently marked as “New”. 😃.

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