Server Gifts on Wall – Item List

In the city’s walls, you can receive items for free.

There are two main types.

  1. A pre-determined item that you can get every hour. (See below. The items with the time shown in the top row)
  2. Items that do not have a specific time. A random item that you will receive when someone in the server buys a package. (See below. Items without a time stamp in the bottom row.)
Server Gift

1. Items you can get every hour

Server TimeItem
0:0010K Food Box x1
1:0030 Minute Speedup for Trap Building x1
2:00Green Material Chest x1
3:0010K Lumber Box x1
4:0030 Minute Speedup for Researching x1
5:002K General EXP x1
6:0010K Stone Box x1
7:0030 Minute Speedup for Training x1
8:0010K Gold x1
9:0030 Minute Speedup for Crafting x1
10:0010K Ore Box x1
11:0050 Gems x1
12:0030 Minute Speedup for Healing x1
13:001K Monarch EXP  x1
14:00Green Material Chest x1
15:0030 Minute Speedup for Construction x1
16:00100 Chips x1
17:00100 VIP Points x1
18:0010K Food Box x1
19:00VIP 60 Minutes x1
20:0010K Lumber Box x1
21:0030 Minute Speed Up x1
22:00Free Tax x1
23:0050 Gems x1

2. Items that are not timed to be received


  • 100 Gems x1
  • 100 Chips x1
  • Senior Resources Chest x1
  • Green Material Chest x2
  • 1K Monarch EXP  x1
  • 2K General EXP x1
  • Free Tax x2
  • 30 Minute Speed Up x1
  • 10K Food Box x1
  • 10K Lumber Box x1


*The above has been verified with server gift level 8. If there are different ones for different levels, please let me know in the comments section.



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