Research Factory

Research Factory can produce Materials and Research stones.

Raising the level of the Research Factory will produce higher-level Materials and more Research Stones.

(Materials are needed to craft equipment in the Forge and in the Wonder.)
(Research stones are needed for research at the Academy. (Only for higher level research))

Construction becomes possible at Keep level 21.

To raise the level of the Research Factory, the Hospital must be raised first.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

  • Produce Materials
    • When the Research Factory reaches Lv21, it can produce Lv3 materials.
    • When the Research Factory reaches Lv36, it can produce Lv4 materials.
  • Produce Research Stones
    • Cannot be used while upgrading the Research Factory.
  • Duty
    • Unlocked at Research Factory level 32.


Below are the main milestones.

  • Lv21: Production of Lv3 materials
  • Lv32: Duty Officer
  • Lv36: Production of Lv4 materials

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

171,200,0001,300,0001,300,0001,300,0001d 01:08136%Keep21Hospital17
181,800,0001,900,0002,000,0001,900,0001d 11:12136%Keep21Hospital18
192,500,0002,800,0002,900,0002,800,0002d 01:17136%Keep21Hospital19
203,200,0003,700,0003,800,0003,700,0002d 20:59136%Keep21Hospital20
214,200,0004,800,0005,000,0004,900,0003d 22:35141%Keep21Hospital21Production of Lv3 materials
225,300,0006,300,0006,500,0006,400,0005d 01:21163%Keep22Hospital22
236,900,0008,300,0008,600,0008,400,0006d 16:43178%Keep23Hospital23
248,800,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,0009d 13:07173%Keep24Hospital24
2511,000,00014,000,00015,000,00014,000,00014d 01:30178%Keep25Hospital25
2627,000,00036,000,00036,000,00036,000,00020d 09:10179%Keep26Hospital26
2748,530,00061,190,00063,300,00063,300,00028d 03:31179%Keep27Hospital27
2886,800,000109,120,000111,600,000109,120,00032d 00:23208%Keep28Hospital28
29139,740,000175,360,000180,840,000178,100,00039d 23:09262%Keep29Hospital29
30210,980,000265,780,000274,000,000268,520,00062d 13:17262%Keep30Hospital30
31275,096,000347,158,000357,844,000349,898,00081d 18:05262%Keep31Hospital31
32362,614,000458,239,000472,291,000460,979,000108d 17:31262%Keep32Hospital32Duty Officer
33503,781,000637,413,000656,894,000640,153,000154d 14:47262%Keep33Hospital33
34770,869,000976,410,0001,006,163,000979,150,000243d 21:45268%Keep34Hospital34
362,195,517,0002,784,620,0002,809,163,0002,787,360,000Keep36Hospital36Production of Lv4 materials

Production of materials

You can specify which type of material to produce.

Up to 8 pieces can be reserved for production.

Production of materials is free, but it takes more than 2 hours to complete one material. You can pay gems to complete it immediately, but it is very expensive and not recommended.

Which materials should I make?

Basically, you should make what you are lacking at the time. But,

When you are near the Keep level 33, you should produce “Dragon Scale” continuously. This is because you will have to craft a large amount of Achaemenidae equipment (*) and the “Dragon Scale” will be depleted.

(*) In order to obtain a large debuff, it is necessary to have a full set of Achaemenidae for all the mayors of the subordinate cities. See the following article for details.
Red Equipment Combination List (Which Should You Make?)

Production of Research Stones

What’s the point of making Research Stones?

There is little need to make them until the middle of the game. Until about level 33 of the keep, research is rarely delayed due to a lack of Research Stones.

The depletion of the Research Stone is around the time when the right-most category of research at the Academy, “Military Advance,” begins to progress more and more. This is around Keep level 33 or so.

In addition, you will have become able to defeat Hard Vikings to a certain extent by that time.

If you can kill a lot of Hard Vikings in a rally, you can get a lot of Research Stones. If you still need more, you can produce them.

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Production Cost

You can produce Research Stone by paying gold and gems.

  • 100 pieces: 500,000 gold, 8,000 gems
  • 500 pieces: 2,500,000 gold, 40,000 gems
  • 1,000 pieces: 5,000,000 gold, 80,000 gems
  • 1,500 pieces: 7,500,000 gold, 120,000 gems

In this game, it is often the case that as the number of items produced increases, the unit cost of production also increases, making it more expensive (e.g., gold levied at the Keep). However, this is not the case with the Research Stone.

How to increase the daily production limit

  • Complete the quests at the top of the Research Stone Production screen.
  • Raise the level of the Research Factory.
  • Assign a duty officer to the Research Factory.

How to increase the production speed

  • Assign a duty officer to the Research Factory.

The following method (research speed-up) does not increase the production speed.

  • Monarch Gear: set an Intellect Crown
  • Academy: put a duty officer
  • etc.

(Although they are named “Research Factory” and “Research Stones”, they are not treated as “Research”.)

Duty Officer

Unlocked at Research Factory Lv32.

Assigning a duty officer to a Research Factory increases the Production limit & Production speed of the Research Stone.

You can put any general to duty officer if you just want to get this duty officer buff.

Ideally, Stephen the Great. Research speed, etc. will be increased. (How to get)

To make a general your duty officer, you need to make that general somewhat stronger.

For other details, see the following articles.

Other Building Guides


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How do you make materials (Dragon Scales) in the Research Factory? When I click on the Research Factory, there’s space for 5 materials to put in a “Production Queue”. Nowhere can I find combinations of RSS, to make different levels of materials. Your article says you should “Produce Dragon Scales”, but you don’t say how.

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