Red Equipment Combination List (Which Should You Make?)

(Note – “Imperial / Parthian / Civilization Equipment” is not included in this article.)
– Here is “Imperial / Parthian Equipment Guide”.
Here is “Civilization Equipment Recommended combinations”.

6/12/2022 Update – Added information about the equipment of the Defender for k35 and above.
2021/10/8 Update – Major additions and revisions to the mayor’s equipment

Ares and Achaemenidae equipment can be crafted at forge level 33, but there are so many different types that some people may not know which to choose.

So, I’ ve put together a list of what I think are the basic combinations for each general type.

If you have any doubts, you may want to use these as a base for customization. (What you should equip depends on what skills you want to add to your general, what role you want to play, etc.)

Basic idea

It is very difficult to make choices about equipment combinations without a specific policy.

In this article, the following is assumed.

  • In battle, let the subordinate cities enter the fight, and assume the following as their basic roles.
    • Attack General – Buff
    • Defense General – Buff
    • Subordinate City Mayor – Debuff
  • In cases where subordinate cities cannot be brought into the battle (such as attacks on temples or battlefield buildings), the emphasis should be on Buffs rather than Debuffs.
  • Of the basic stats (Attack, HP, Defense), I would put the most emphasis on Attack.

Details of each equipment’s performance

Please refer to the following article for a list.

Combination of Red Equipment by type

A) Attack: Ranged Specialization

  • Ares Bow (Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Ares Helmet (Ranged Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Armor (Ranged HP) (or “Fearless Ares Armor”, “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor”)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Boots (Ranged HP)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Ring (Ranged Attack & Defense) (or “Fearless Ares Ring” (Ranged Attack, March Size))


The only difference between the “Ranged + Siege” case is the Armor and the Ring.

Armor – The only armor that has a ranged buff is “Courageous Ares Armor”, but it only increases the ranged HP, and “Fearless Ares Armor / Courageous Achaemenidae Armor” doesn’t have a ranged buff, but the debuffs are strong (ranged attack & siege attack / siege attack & mounted defense), so it’s not bad. You may want to go with this one.

Ring – There is no need to equip the “Courageous Achaemenidae Ring” to extend the siege range since the troop formation is not focused on siege. Also, at the end of the game, I have the impression that many enemies have a large number of siege machines in their castles, so we cannot attack them unless we first survive their attacks. Therefore, I gave top priority to the “Fearless Achaemenidae Ring”, which has ranged defense.

Buffs/Debuffs you can get

*Armor – Courageous Ares Armor
*Ring – Fearless Achaemenidae Ring

Note – Figures are based on equipment with 1 star.

  • March speed +54%
  • Ranged Attack +94%
  • Ranged HP +34%
  • Ranged Defense +20%
  • Enemy Siege Attack -20%
  • Enemy Ground HP -20%
  • Enemy Mounted Attack -20%
  • Enemy Mounted HP -20%
  • Siege Attack +34%
  • Siege HP +17%
  • Ground Defense +10% (when attacking)
  • Mounted Attack +17%
  • Mounted HP +41% (when attacking)
  • Mounted Defense +17%
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +25% (when attacking)

B) Attack: Ranged + Siege

  • Ares Bow (Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Ares Helmet (Ranged Attack, Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (Siege Attack & Defense)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Ranged Attack, Siege HP)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Boots (Ranged HP)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Siege Attack & Range)


Armor – “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor” has no ranged troops buff, but it has excellent siege buff and debuff. “Courageous Ares Armor” has a ranged troops buff, but it only has ranged troops HP, so I think Achaemenidae is the better choice for this formation. In addition, “Fearless Ares Armor” has excellent debuffs (ranged and siege attack) but no buffs, so I excluded it.

Leg Armor – “Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor” increases ranged attack and siege HP. “Courageous Ares Armor” increases ranged defense and siege attack, which isn’t bad, but since I mainly use ranged troops rather than siege, I went with Achaemenidae.

Boots – “Fearless Ares Boots” and “Fearless Achaemenidae Boots” both increase ranged HP and march speed, but Achaemenidae has a siege debuff.

Rings – ” Courageous Achaemenidae Ring” does not have the ranged troops buff, but it does increase siege machine range. If the enemy is equipped with this ring, the possibility of being attacked unilaterally will increase even though you have a troop formation that includes siege. Therefore, it is better to have it in this troop formation.

Buffs/Debuffs you can get

Note – Figures are based on equipment with 1 star.

  • March Speed +54%
  • Ranged Attack +74% (when attacking)
  • Ranged HP +17%
  • Ranged Defense +10% (when defending)
  • Siege Attack +54%
  • Siege HP +17%
  • Siege Defense +17%
  • Siege Range +5%
  • Enemy Siege Attack -40%
  • Enemy Ranged Attack -20%
  • Enemy Mounted Attack -20%
  • Enemy Mounted Defense -20%
  • Mounted HP +41% (when attacking)
  • Mounted Defense +20%
  • Ground Defense +10% (when attacking)
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +25% (when attacking)
  • Ground and Mounted Attack and Defense +25% when attacking monsters

C) Attack: Ground Specialization

  • Achaemenidae Sword or Ares Sword (Both are Ground Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Helmet (Ground Attack & HP)
  • Fearless Ares Armor (Ground HP & Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Leg Armor (Ground HP & Defense)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Boots (Ground Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Ring (Ground Defense)


Sword – “Achaemenidae Sword” and the “Ares Sword” have almost the same performance. The difference is that the former “reduces enemy mounted attack” and the latter “reduces enemy mounted HP”.

Buffs/Debuffs you can get

*Weapon – Achaemenidae Sword

Note – Figures are based on equipment with 1 star.

  • March Size Capacity +6%
  • Ground Attack +47%
  • Ground HP +51%
  • Ground Defense +61% (when attacking)
  • Enemy Mounted Attack -58%
  • Enemy Ranged Attack -20%
  • Enemy Siege Attack -40%
  • Siege Defense +17%
  • Mounted Attack +17%
  • Mounted Defense +7% (when attacking)
  • Ranged Attack +20%
  • Troop Load +17%
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +25% (when attacking)
  • Ground and Mounted Attack and Defense +25% when attacking monsters

D) Attack: Mounted Specialization

  • Ares Spear (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet (Mounted Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Armor (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Leg Armor (Mounted Attack & Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Boots (Mounted Attack & Defense)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Mounted Defense)


Helmet – “Fearless Ares Helmet” is the best choice if you want to increase HP, but I chose the “Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet” because I wanted to improve the strengths of the mounted, and it increases their attack.

Ring – “Courageous Ares Ring” has almost the same performance, but this one reduces the defense of enemy ranged. The “Courageous Achaemenidae Ring” reduces the attack of the enemy ranged. In the first place, mounted troops should not confront ranged troops, but if they do, they must first survive the ranged troops’ attacks or they cannot attack. (Even if you reduce the ranged troops’ defense, it’s useless if you can’t get to them because they’re killed by enemy attacks.) Therefore, I chose Achaemenidae.

Buffs/Debuffs you can get

Note – Figures are based on equipment with 1 star.

  • March Speed +24%
  • March Speed to Monsters +45%
  • Mounted Attack +88% (when attacking)
  • Mounted HP +17% (when attacking)
  • Mounted Defense +71% (when attacking)
  • Enemy Ranged Attack -20%.
  • Enemy Ground Defense -20%.
  • Enemy Ground HP -20%.
  • Siege Attack +20%
  • Siege Range +5%
  • Ranged Attack +10% (when defending)
  • Ranged HP +34%
  • Ground HP +17%
  • Ground Defense +7% (when attacking)
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +25% (when attacking)
  • Ground and Mounted Attack and Defense +25% when attacking monsters

E) Boss / Monster Hunter

Only attack and number of troops are important to defeat monsters without wounds or to greatly reduce wounded.
Reference:Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

Therefore, it is almost the same as the case of “D) Mounted Specialization” which focuses on attack, only the ring is changed.

The reason for changing the ring is that I believe double-item-drop is the most important factor in monster hunting, and only the Courageous Dragon Ring has that buff.

  • Ares Spear (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet (Mounted Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Armor (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Leg Armor (Mounted Attack & Defense)
  • Fearless Ares Boots (Mounted Attack & Defense)
  • Courageous Dragon Ring (Double Item Drop Rate)
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +15% (when attacking)
  • Ground and Mounted Attack and Defense +25% when attacking monsters

F) Attack: Siege Specialization

  • Ares Axe (Siege Attack & HP)
  • Fearless Ares Helmet (Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (Siege Attack & Defense)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Ares Boots (Siege HP)
  • Courageous Ares Ring (Siege Attack & Range)


Ring – “Courageous Achaemenidae Ring” has almost the same performance, but it reduces the “Attack” of enemy ranged troops. “Courageous Ares Ring” reduces the enemy ranged troops’ “Defense”. It is important to defeat the enemy ranged troops before they get close to you (do not let them attack you), so I chose Ares.

G) Defense General (Wall)

G-1) If You Focus on Siege & Ranged Troops

Guideline: up to keep level 35 or so

At this time, the majority of players will have ranged troops as their mainstay. They will also have a lot of mounted troops for monster hunting. Not many players have strong ground troops (since the main focus will be on creating ranged troops and mounted troops, they will be short on food and cannot afford to create large numbers of ground troops). Also, not a few people have more siege machines than ground troops (because they do not need food to create them).

Therefore, if you fall into the above category, it is easier to intercept enemy ranged troops if you have stronger ranged troops and siege machines. Even if you are attacked by mounted troops, it is not a problem because you can easily intercept them with ranged troops. However, if you have few siege machines, it is better to equip them more toward ranged troops (described later).

  • Achaemenidae Bow (Ranged Attack & Defense) or Achaemenidae Axe (Siege Attack)
  • Fearless Ares Helmet (Ranged Attack, Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (Siege Attack & Defense)
  • Courageous Ares Leg Armor (Ranged Defense, Siege Attack) or Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Ranged Attack & Defense, Siege HP)
  • Courageous Ares Boots (Siege Attack & HP)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Siege Attack & Range)

Helmet – “Fearless Ares Helmet” appears to be unsuitable for defense at first glance, as it has one buff that is exclusive to attacking. However, the fact that it has increased attack for siege and ranged troops is an unmatched advantage. Therefore, it may be used in this troop formation.

Leg Armor – “Courageous Ares Leg Armor” if you want to focus on the attack of siege, and “Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor” if you want to focus on the attack of ranged troops.

Buffs/Debuffs you can get

*Weapon – Achaemenidae Bow
*Leg Armor – Courageous Ares Leg Armor

Note – Figures are based on equipment with 1 star.

  • Siege Attack +81%
  • Siege HP +17%
  • Siege Defense +17%
  • Siege Range +5%
  • Ranged Attack +47%
  • Ranged Defense +42% (when defending)
  • Mounted HP +34%
  • Mounted Defense +20%
  • Ground Defense +17%
  • Enemy Siege Attack -40%
  • Enemy Mounted Defense -20%
  • Enemy Ranged Attack -20%
  • Troop Load +24%
  • March Speed +30%
*Equipment Set Buffs
  • All troop types Attack +10%

G-2) If you focus on the Attack of Rearguard & the Endurance of Vanguard

Guideline: Keep level 35 or higher

Rearguard refers to ranged troops & siege machines. The vanguard refers to ground troops & mounted troops. (Reference: Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege))

At around keep level 35, it is impossible to compete with ranged troops and siege machines alone. The main factor is that more enemies will attack with powerful ground generals. Also, the subordinate city debuff will be completed and more players will have a -700% or more ranged troops attack debuff. The buff’s upper limit has also skyrocketed heavily due to the expansion of keep level from 35 to 40 and the addition of civilization equipment. If the enemy ground troops is strong, they can be easily wiped out.

Mounted troops and ground troops are important to hold off enemy ground troops.

Therefore, what is important in defense at this time is the attack strength of siege machines and ranged troops, and the defense and HP of ground and mounted troops.

Especially if the castle has less than 5B power, it is recommended to focus on the durability of ground troops rather than mounted troops. (Mounted troops should be ghosted and let go. Unghost if necessary.)

  • Achaemenidae Axe (Siege Attack, Ground Defense)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Helmet (Ground HP, Mounted HP), Courageous Ares Helmet (Ground HP&Defense), Fearless Ares Helmet (Ranged Attack, Siege Attack, Mounted HP)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Armor (Ground Defense&HP, Ranged Attack)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Ground HP, Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Boots (Ground Defense, Ranged Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Mounted Defense, Siege Attack & Range)

Helmet – Basically, “Fearless Achaemenidae Helmet” is recommended. This is because the full set of buffs by 6 Achaemenes equipment will be effective (-15% attack of enemy troops). If the ground troops’ durability is of utmost importance, the “Courageous Ares Helmet” is the best choice.

H) Mayor of a Subordinate City

The only thing you need to worry about with the mayor’s equipment is debuffs. Buffs do not need to be considered.

To equip mayors, you must first plan how many mayors you want to use and what percentage of total debuffs you want for which troops, in the end.

Recommended target values for debuffs

Due to Evony’s battle mechanics, the following should be lowered in priority.

  • Ranged Troops & Siege Machines -> Attack
    • Avoid being defeated by enemy ranged troops & siege machines before you get close to the enemy.
  • Ground Troops & Mounted Troops -> HP & Defense
    • Defeat the enemy by your ranged troops & siege machines before they get close.

If you are only thinking about attacking, you can focus on one type of troops, but if you are thinking about using them also in defense, you need to think about all types of troops.

Specific values for recommendations are as follows.

  • Ranged Attack -600% or more.
  • Siege Attack -600% or more.
  • Ground HP -600% or more.
  • Ground Defense -450% or more.
  • Mounted HP -300% or more.
  • Mounted Defense -300% or more

Debuffs are capped at half of the enemy’s buffs, so excessive debuffs are useless. The current top players have a maximum buff value of around 1200 to 1300%, so it is best to aim for -600 to -700% at most.

With the implementation of k40 in November 2021, the maximum buff value is now almost 2000%.
However, for a fight of about k35, about 1300% can be considered the maximum.
Therefore, it is better to aim for a maximum of -600 to -700% first.

However, Siege Attacks and Ground HP tend to be excessive because many of them are equipped with debuffs. There is no choice but to give up on this point.

Also, I would like to increase the debuffs on Mounted HP or defense, but with the current equipment combinations implemented in Evony, it is difficult to combine them with other debuffs.

Basic form of the recommended combination

With the above as the target value, the following is the basic form of recommendation.

  • Achaemenidae Axe (Ground HP, Ranged HP) or Achaemenidae Spear (Ground Defense, Ground HP)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet (Ground Defense, Ground HP)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (Mounted Defense, Siege Attack) or Fearless Ares Armor (Ranged Attack, Siege Attack)
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor (Ranged Defense, Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Boots (Mounted Attack, Siege Attack)
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Ranged Attack) or Fearless Achaemenidae Ring (Ground HP, Mounted HP)



The basic one is the “Achaemenidae Axe”. This is the only equipment that can reduce the Ranged HP.

However, if you want to reduce Ground Defense rather than Ranged HP, you can use 1 or 2 “Achaemenidae Spear”.


The basic armor is the “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor”. This is the only equipment that can reduce Mounted Defense.

However, if you want to reduce Ranged Attacks rather than Mounted Defense, you can use “Fearless Ares Armor” for 1 or 2 of them.

However, I don’t recommend overdoing it, since you lose Achaemenidae’s set debuff (-15% attack for all troops) and the cost is high.


The basic ring is the “Courageous Achaemenidae Ring”. This is the only equipment in Achaemenes that can reduce Ranged Attacks.

However, if all the mayors have this, the Mounted HP debuff will be weak.

Therefore, it is better to use “Fearless Achaemenidae Ring” for 2 – 4 of them. This is the only equipment that can reduce Mounted HP.

Recommendations for the order of crafting

As the player’s level increases, the types of troops that will be fierce in PvP will change in the following order.

Ranged -> Ground -> Mounted, Siege

Therefore, it is recommended to craft them in the following order.

  1. Courageous Achaemenidae Ring (Ranged Attack)
  2. Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet (Ground Defense, Ground HP)
  3. Achaemenidae Axe (Ground HP, Ranged HP) or Achaemenidae Spear (Ground Defense, Ground HP)
  4. Other Equipment

Buffs/Debuffs you can get (Example)

If we make the following assumptions,

  • Subordinate Cities x8
    • Mayor A: Andrew Jackson (Ranged Attack, Mounted HP) x7
    • Mayor B: Cixi (Ground Defense, All Troop Defense) x1
  • Research
    • Attack -140%
    • Defense -70%
    • HP -70%
    • (Academy Lv35 – “Military Advance” maxed out.)
  • Debuffs from Main General’s Equipment
    • None
  • Achaemenidae Axe x6
  • Achaemenidae Spear x2
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet x8
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Armor x8
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor x8
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Boots x8
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring x5
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Ring x3

The total value of debuffs would be as follows.
(The values are based on equipment with 5 stars)

  • Ground Troops
    • Attack -260%
    • Defense -460%
    • HP -790%
  • Ranged Troops
    • Attack -600%
    • Defense -365%
    • HP -310%
  • Mounted Troops
    • Attack -540%
    • Defense -365%
    • HP -330%
  • Siege Machines
    • Attack -1,100%
    • Defense -85%
    • HP -70%

Please check out the debuff simulation tool that I have developed.

You can specify equipment, generals, etc. and calculate the total debuff value.

The results are automatically saved and restored even after the browser is closed, so you can use it as a reminder of your current debuffs.

Debuff Simulator

Comparison of Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae

Imperial / Parthian Equipment Guide

Civilization Equipment Guide

Forge Guide


If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.



After T1 traps became the defensive mainstream, small coiners above K35, usually defending mainly by T1 traps, may not need to consider buffs of high tier troops of any type. In such a case, I guess debuffing is more important than buffing on Wall’s equipments.

For monster hunting, since I have no hope of ever getting the Ares armor (top 5 in server war? Yeah, right) would you suggest the Ares helmet instead to complete the second set attribute (+25% attack and defense) since Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet is only +17% on attack?

Another related question: what is the trade-off between the Dragon set’s -10% monster debuff and the improved attack stats of Ares? For example if I have 3 dragon and 3 Ares items is that better than 4 dragon and 2 Ares?


It is difficult to compare debuffs and buffs, so please use your personal preference in making this judgment.


Hello, Thanks a lot for these great blogs you are making a great effort to help players, I would like to suggest you make a combination of Mounted and Siege defense since Queen Boudica is available in Tavern and her fragments in relics, which means the only option for F2P players to ascend.

Nice to meet you! I have always found you very helpful!
Now, regarding the sub-city mayor equipment buff, I was told by a member of the alliance yesterday to check it out and noticed that the pvp report shows a change in the buff value as well as the debuff.
Is this only applied to soldiers belonging to the sub-city, although it appears as a buff value…?

Changing the mayor equipment should not change the buff value.
Were those two reports exactly the same except for the mayor’s equipment? Perhaps there was some other difference.
The buff values in the battle reports vary widely depending on the slightest difference in circumstances.
(For more information: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide)


you only debuffs 50 % enemy buffs but there enemy buffs are very low so as you debuff only 50% buffs only these debuffs are showing no need to be worry


I am a bit puzzled about the following:
Here you write:

“Only attack and number of troops are important to defeat monsters without wounds or to greatly reduce wounded.”

But in ‘Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)’ you write:

“The number of wounds depends on the defense and HP.”

So, here you say to reduce wounded only Attack matters, but there you say it depends on Defense and HP…?

In order not to be wounded at all, the attack buff and the number of troops must exceed a certain level of strength.

If wounding is a prerequisite, then strengthening defense and HP will reduce wounding.

Depending on whether you are aiming for a wounding-free hunt or a hunt with minimal wounding, what is of paramount importance can be divided into two 🙆.


I always refer to your site thank you very much. 🙏
regarding mayor armor for de-buff
since ground have much more important rule with defense is not better to have 4 Achaemenidae Spear than only 2?

Sorry if this is a question that has already been asked.
Should I refine the defender’s equipment?
Also, I would appreciate it if you could give me some recommendations for refinement.

Currently, I have Yododono as my main defender.

I usually use Shajar as my assistant and change to Oda Oichi when I am in the battlefield.
As for the assistant, I don’t equip her because I understand that the equipment is meaningless.

You should refine it. For the majority of people, I recommend the following.
Attack: siege & ranged
Defense: ground
HP: ground
If you do not ghost cavalry, you may use HP and Defense for cavalry.
When refining, use % rather than absolute values.
However, if you are defending with hundreds of millions of t1 cavalry, cavalry’s refinement should be done in absolute value. (Higher tier cavalry should be ghosted).

I guess the mounted part has an error: achaemenidae armor -> ares armor. But what if a player not unlock wonder 1?

I have been writing Ares Armor since the article was first published…are you looking in the wrong place?
If you can’t unlock the Wonder, I think Courageous Dragon Armor is better.
Using Achaemenidae armor slightly increases the maximum value of refinements in armor, but still there is not much advantage to using Achaemenidae armor.
The other option is to get civilization equipment, but this requires significant payment.
Related: Civilization Equipment – Recommended Combinations


Sorry if this has already been mentioned.
Any info on equipment to put on subordinate city mayors would be much appreciated!
I have a question on that.

If debuffing is the main purpose, there is no need to refine the equipment for mayors.
Is this correct?

Thank you for taking the time to post this very informative article on this subject, but I have found something to be sort of scuzzy about this aspect of the game, and was hoping to get some advice on how to circumvent the problem….
I am a little tight on money right now, but am wishful that my issue will not be completely ignored as a result of not donating.
My problem is that after over a year and a half of playing the game, I still have never managed to get an Achaemenidae Ring Scroll from a chest. In that time, I have opened literally hundreds of the chests, NEVER getting a ring. This means there is no possible way for e to complete the set, as you cannot craft the rings without a scroll, and there is no way to get the scroll except blind luck from one of these chests.
Alliance brothers I play with have gotten the ring scrolls before, but there seems rto be something stopping my account from getting one.
Recently, I have been using the Auction House to bid on Achaemenidae Chests by spending HUGE amounts of Gems I got buying packages in game, and yesterday afternoon i seriously opened 22 chests, not getting a single ring from any of them. That CAN’T be just bad luck, or if it is the RNG on this game is HORRID.
One would think, since this game is a thinly veiled online scam to make money for the owners, that they would want people to succeed, so they could keep getting their money. So, WHY create an RNG that makes it next to impossible to win??
Mainly, I just want to know if anyone else has come across this, or if I just have the worst luck in the universe??
Also, some tips would be welcome, if there is any way to workaround the RNG>

they definitely reduced the drop rate for ring scrolls since june last year.. I got my final 2 in the last 2 weeks so i would keep trying, they may have changed the drop rate back,.


For a long time, I too had a situation where I could not get only Achaemenes rings.
I was advised by an alliance member that it was easier to get a proportionate amount of scrolls by using them all at once, so I consumed 50 scrolls at once and got 3!
Since then, I have been getting average results, so I think it is a matter of perseverance, so please give it a try.

PC Panther

Bro, i think you have the worst luck, rings are hard to come by as probability % is very low. So what you need to do is open 100 scrolls in one go. That’s what I do, usually get 2 – 6 ring scrolls doing this way in every 100 batch.

Mounted troops attacks are horrible.
Scarier than an archer, lack of mounted troops HP debuff.

I am using Leonidas because it’s hard to stack Leo’s red star.
I specialize against bows and infantry defense, and as a result, mounted troops are my big weakness.

With a archer, I could defend with 1600% buff, but…

Thank you for all your informative articles.

As a anti-ranged troops, how about making the defenders Queen Boudica and Leonidas I, with these two’s additional skills being ground and mounted troops defense, HP and siege machines range and attack?
I am thinking mainly of debuffing ranged troops.
Currently I have about a ratio of 7 mounted troops to 3 other soldiers. (I plan to train mainly ground troops and siege machines in the future.)

معدات أريس تقول أنها تزيد حجم المسير لاكن لا تعمل لدي لم تقم بزيادة المسير لماذا

Bonjour j aurais une question sur l équipement de défense et t il le même pour Léo 3


Regarding troop formation during PvP, I heard that if I make a 100m troop, 80% of it should be main and the remaining 20% should be placed t1 to t13. Is it better to place them evenly? Or is it better to have more t10-13?


It depends what type you are attacking with..

Hey bro. Now cav attack very high because civil gear, sometime i meet 1400% attack cav and my ground die all. So what your idea if we change Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor to Courage to debuff cav attack.. give me an advice please.

For Ground you refer as Fearless Ares Armor, but stats you are referring to are from Achaemenidae Armor. Am I correct?


Nice to meet you. I am always grateful for all the valuable information you provide.
I would like to ask you about refining the Achaemenidae equipment. Currently, all 8 mayors are fully equipped with Achaemenidae.
What would you recommend for equipment refinement? Is it a good idea to have sub-cities with construction, training and capacity?
Please advise.

I’d recommend training speed, training capacity and rebirth.


Thank you for your reply. I have mastered those three skills. The question I have asked is about refining the Achaemenes equipment for the sub-city mayor. I would like to get your advice on which items I should align.


Achae gear for sub city mayors should not be refined. Refining does not improve debuffs and only debuffs from the sub city mayors apply to your attack. The sub city buffs do not apply.

Civilization Equipment have been released. Will there be a guide for that equipment? Will the Best General Guide for wall and PvP be updated to include Civilization Equipment?

So far, I have not yet created a guide for civilization equipment.
The Best General Guide is not affected by Civilization Equipment, so there are no updates due to it.

I want to ise Tran hung Dao as my wall general. What would be his best equipment. I also want to focus on mostly ground units for pvp. Thanks


I believe that the “King’s Set” is the set that is equipped to the monarch, is that correct?
Also, if you equip the set to the monarch, does it give buff effects to all the generals?


Hi, in the recent patch Ares hat no longer gives Siege attack range, what do you think?

Is an Ares hat meant to be a helmet? Ares helmets do not originally have a range.
Are you referring to the Ares Ring? But I updated to the latest 4.15.3 today, and it still has the range.


it’s the ‘Fearless Ares Helmet’, they remove 10% of Siege’s range

Hey, I am starting to build a PvP Siege General and was wondering what is the best gear combination (apart from the new gear)

Hi, do you have any views on the civilisation gear yet as to what gear should go on what troop type and how to mix that with Ares and Achaemenidae type gear too?


Hi, shall we prioritise ground defence debuff over ground HP debuff since most ground attackers focus on ground defence buff?


Hello there.

Thank you for everything!
I finally got 1B last week.
I’m using Leo III as my defender.
Regarding the refinement of the defender’s weapons.
The axe and ring all increase the attack of siege machine.
The other helmet, armor, boots all increase the HP and defense of the cavalry.
What do you think?

Please let me know.

Happy Dip

What’s your opinion on the Planagenet helmet and boots for mounted or boss killing?

It’s a good choice. Also, for PvP, I think it would be better to make the ring a fearless ares ring to increase the march size and enable the ares set buff 4.

Hi admin,

I have one more question. Do you think we need to focus only the range + siege or the combined troops (ground, range, siege)? I realize that mounted troop is very easy to wound. In the defense, the ground, range, siege are better or single troop is better.

By the other hand, for refining equipment of the wall general, some players refine HP, defense distribution for the ground troop, attack for the range and siege troop. Do you think it is better?

Thank you.

I do not recommend focusing on the 3 types of compound. The buffs will be half-hearted and weak. Unlike defense, offense is limited by march size, so you can’t make up for it with troop numbers.
I’m not saying that ranged + siege is the best choice, because it depends on the enemy, but in the mid-game, it will often work effectively since many castles are mainly cavalry.

I think it would be a good idea to do so in regards to equipping the defense general, and making HP into cavalry is not a bad idea.
I think attack is important for long range troops and durability is important for short range troops.


While the information you provided is very good, it overlooks that it is extremely difficult for most players to meet the requirements for Ares’ body armor, and it recently became even more difficult with the addition of Lv40.

Nonsense, it’s not overlooked when it’s laying out how you should gear your general. You can coin and get it done quick or you can farm resources/materials and get it that way. K40 doesn’t make this more difficult, plantagenet is going to be for the big spenders who coin during events to get the scrolls.

I assume eventually they will release the scrolls on monster drops or some other way non coiners can get them.

Ares is difficult to get but not impossible to obtain.

I always refer to your site very much. 😊🙏
I’ve recently acquired Ramses, and I was wondering if you could tell me what equipment is best for a siege general?
I’d like to thank you for your time and effort.🙇‍♀️


I have another question please.
If I want to use Leonidas as a defender, can you tell me what red equipment you recommend?


What gear would you suggest for Leonidis on the wall? Skilled with ranged and siege range bonus and ground troop speed.


I’m always very helpful.
Please let me know if you have any recommendations for gathering materials to craft Achaemenidae and Ares equipment.


Thanks for the advice!
I’ll share it with my members right away and get a Viking fest going!


I am always referring to this site. This is a great site. The only thing I would like to know is how to upgrade my equipment. I have raised my forge to lvl 30 and have completed all the requirements for upgrading at this level, including materials, but I can’t upgrade, is there some other requirement?

If the dragon equipment you want to upgrade is still equipped on your general, you will not be able to upgrade it to Ares.
Please try removing the equipment from the general.


I have considered which combination would be best for me. As a result, I am copying all of yours.

Apparently, when it comes to defense generals, foreign players seem to think it’s best to make all their equipment Achaemenes, and are urging me to change it. 😅 (I’m not going to change it.)

As for strengthening the defense generals, I heard that you should aim for 1150 attack buffs for ranged and siege, 900 ground defense buffs, and 900 mounted HP buffs.

Thank you.😃
I too have a similar idea about training defense generals. (Long range troops focus on destructive power, while front line troops focus on durability.)
As for whether ground and mounted should increase HP or defense, considering “ease of debuffing”, “The dragon of Thebes skill buffs”, and “buff slots for equipment refinement”, I too think it’s better to increase defense for ground and HP for mounted. 🤔


If I don’t have the Achaemenidae scroll, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to equip the attacker cavalry general with a full Ares, such as the Fearless Ares Helm (cavalry HP up, cavalry HP up when attacking) and the Fearless Ares Ring (march size up) or the Courageous Ares Ring (cavalry defense up) . 😀

Yes, I agree. It’ s also a good idea to use “Fearless Ares Ring” + “Ares set buff (6)” to increase the march size a lot.😃


Attack: Siege Specialization

Ares Axe (siege attack, HP)
Fearless Ares Helm (siege attack)
Courageous Achaemenidae Armor (siege attack, defense)
Fearless Achaemenidae Leg Armor (siege attack)
Courageous Achaemenidae Boots (siege attack, cavalry attack debuff)
Courageous Ares Ring (siege attack, range)

I made it from my personal point of view.🤭

I almost agree with you.😃 But since the Courageous Achaemenidae Boots do not have a siege attack, I think the Courageous Ares Boots are better instead. (siege HP)
(Added to article.)

How about a red equipment group for Monster? It is not the same as mounted for PVP.

Almost the same as for the mounted specialization in the article, only the ring is changed.

– Ares Spear (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
– Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet (Mounted Attack)
– Courageous Ares Armor (Mounted Attack & HP & Defense)
– Fearless Ares Leg Armor (Mounted Attack & Defense)
– Fearless Ares Boots (Mounted Attack & Defense)
– Courageous Dragon Ring (double item drop rate)

The reason is that I believe that double-item-drop is the most important factor in monster hunting, and only the Courageous Dragon Ring has that buff.
Also, since attack and number of troops are the most important in killing monsters unharmed, there is no need to change any other equipment.
Reference: Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

Buen día como siempre aprendiendo mucho de la página
Amigo no podrías poner también ejemplo de equipos del rey y de Dragón cual combinación sería mejor
Por que para llegar a Ares o alquimistas tiene que pasar años quizás con plata quizás más rápido te lo agradecería mucho
Nota y también refinación sería para cada uno

I’m always looking at this site.
I’m currently using Tran as my defense general. Is Tran included in the category of defense generals here? Is it correct to say that any defense general can be used?
Also, I know everyone has their own preferences, but when refining equipment, it would be very helpful for newcomers to know the main items to lock, such as this for armor and this for rings etc. If this is possible, please create it. If this is already done and I missed it, I apologize🙏.

Miguel Angel

Una pregunta, soy principiante en el juego y estoy en proceso de aprendizaje y tengo la duda si es conveniente equipar a los generales para colecta de recursos con la colección del campeón o es mejor con otro tipo de equipo?

>One question, I am a beginner in the game and I am in the learning process and I have the doubt if it is convenient to equip the generals for resource collection with the champion’s collection or is it better with another type of equipment?
I think it is best to use 3 king equipments and champion sets (4) (armor, boots, helmet, and leg armor).
For more information, please refer to the following article
How to get Resources Efficiently (Gathering, Production, Items)
(reffer Section “B-2-5) Before reaching resource tile, change General Equipment to the King’s Equipment”)


In the article:

A) Attack: Ranged + Siege
Courageous Achaemenidae Armor
You compare “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor” vs. “Courageous Ares Armor”

B) Attack: Ranged Specialization
Courageous Ares Armor (or Courageous Achaemenidae Armor)
You compare “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor” vs. “Courageous Ares Armor”

“Fearless Ares Armor” seems preferable to “Courageous Ares Armor” in these instances. It has a Debuff of both Enemy Ranged Attack and Enemy Siege Attack
So, In both instances, I’m wondering why you haven’t compared “Courageous Achaemenidae Armor” vs. “Fearless Ares Armor”.

What am I missing?

This article builds on the assumptions made in the “Basic Idea” section. (For attacking generals, I focus more on buffs than debuffs)
that’s why.

Of course, this assumption is just one policy example. (It is NOT AN ABSOLUTE correct answer.)
Therefore, I think Florenzio’s way of thinking is also one correct way of thinking.


Now that I’m taking into consideration Debuffs from Sub Mayor Ach Gear, I realize your suggestion of focussing more on the Buffs is the better approach.

As such, I’ve changed my mind. I now agree with you that Courageous Ares is preferred for Pure Ranged Attack.

With more experience comes a greater ability to see the bigger picture. 🙂

I’m just wondering if the Achaemenidae set has the same buffs as the dragon set. I’ve noticed it’s the opposite with the kings set.

Thanks for all the advice.


I’m a newbie who just started a while ago. I’ve always relied on you for your very clear writings on how to collect hammers and such.
I was wondering if you could make an article that explains equipment for beginners.
I’d like to know if it’s better not to refine at the beginning of the game, which equipment is better to refine, and what is refining? I have a lot of questions that I’d like to know, and I’m having trouble finding answers.
I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’d appreciate it if you’d consider it!

This game costs more than buying a house, in both time & money.
It is a scam, meant to separate you from your hard earned cash!!

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