Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add? (8/24 update)

Update 8/24/2021 – Added “J) Resource Plundering General”. Updated “I) Resource Gathering General”.
Update 8/17/2021 – Updated “A) Monster Hunting General”.
Update 8/10/2021 – Added “My thoughts” to “F) Wall General (Defense General)”.
Update 6/19/2021 – Added “E) Siege Machine PvP General”.
Update 1/31/2021 – Updated “A) Monster Hunting General” to reflect the addition of the new skill book.

For those who have gotten a new general but don’t know what skills to put on him or her.

This is not the absolute right answer, as skills are largely dependent on your play style, but I hope it helps.

*In addition, I hope you will read the following as well. 😃.


Basic Idea 1 – Determine Skills from “Roles”

Basically, the skills you need will depend on what role you want the general to play.

The role is roughly determined by the general’s original skills, but it can be changed in any way depending on your ideas.

For example, since Trajan has an original skill for ground troops, his basic role is to specialize in ground troops for offensive PvP, but he can be used as a wall general for defense by adding a siege machine skill. (Use them as a countermeasure against enemies who specialize in ranged troops, which will become more common in the mid-game and beyond.)

If you don’t know which general is best suited for which role, please refer to the following list.

Basic Idea 2 – Develop Strengths

  • Mounted – Attack
  • Ranged & Siege Machine – Range
  • Ground – HP & Defense

Skills that Cannot be Added

Basically, you can’t add skills that the general already has.

  • Li Jing – Has a skill that increases mounted attacks, and cannot use the mounted attacks skillbook.
  • Baibars – Has the double drop skill, and cannot use the luck skillbook.

However, there are cases where they can be added.

  • Roland ( mounted attack, defense, HP ) can use the mounted attack skillbook.
  • Khalid ( mounted and siege attack) can use the mounted attack skillbook.

So the trend seems to be as follows.

– If there is only ONE buff item, you can’t add the skill.
– If there are MULTIPLE buff items, you can add skills.

However, there are a few exceptions, so if you have a skill book you want to add, you have to try it out to see if it works.

Example of Irregular Cases
– Khalid can’t use lvl 1-3 of Siege Machine Attack, but can use lvl 4.
– Aethelflaed’s original skill is Anti-Monster Mounted Attack & Defense, but the skillbook allows her to use “Mounted Troop Defense Against Monster”, but not “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster”.

Range & Speed

These are abilities that can only be increased with skill books. Therefore, they are basically high priority. (*Exceptionally, the siege machine range can also be raised by the Rings of Ares and Achaemenidae.)

*The Range Skillbook is only available for ranged troops and siege machines, and the Speed Skillbook is only available for mounted troops and ground troops.

In PvP, especially, range is very important. Since it may increase the number of turns you can attack unilaterally, it is practically equivalent to increasing your attack. On the other hand, if your range is shorter than the enemy’s, it may increase the number of turns you can be attacked unilaterally, which effectively equates to HP down.

Speed has the potential to reduce the number of turns for ground troops and mounted troops to be attacked unilaterally by ranged troops and siege machines.

In monster hunting, both range and speed are unnecessary. (The evidence for this can be found in this article.)

*A Note on Mounted Troops’ Speed – there is a theory about this skill that it should not be put on PvP generals (the theory being that rushing into enemy range will only hasten death). However, I have no clear evidence for this, so I will not say whether it is true or not.

*The reason I am skeptical

  • If the theory is correct, then I don’t think Ground Troops Speed should be added as well, but I haven’t seen such a theory.
  • VS Ranged Troops – In the first place, troops that specialize in mounted do not attack troops that specialize in ranged troops. If they attack by mistake, they will lose, regardless of their speed.
  • VS Siege – Whether you add speed or not, you will be attacked one-sidedly by siege troops almost from the start.
  • By increasing the speed of the mounted troops, it may be possible for them to get into range of the ranged troops and allow them to attack first, but I think the opposite may also be true. (From outside the range of the ranged troops, close the distance and attack first.)
    • Max Range of Ranged troops -> 600 (500+100)
    • Max Speed of Mounted troops -> 720 (600+20%)

Increased March Size

When attacking, practically equals increased attack & HP. (Useless when defending.)

HP & Defense

As far as I have verified, the number of wounds decreased when HP was increased rather than Defense. Therefore, if you have to choose between the two, I think it’s better to give priority to HP.

Recommended Skills by Role

A) Monster Hunting General

The skills needed for monster hunting depend on what the purpose of monster hunting is. If you want to grow in the shortest and cheapest way, you should use “monster hunting” = “item collecting”. (General EXP is earned in other ways.) In that case, double-drop is the most important thing.

Also, the basis of monster hunting is mounted troops only, and attack is very important. (Raising HP and Defense alone will not get you to zero wounds, you need attack and number of troops to get to zero.)

A-1 Focus on KILL

  1. Luck
  2. Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Mounted Troop Attack
  4. March Size or Mounted HP or Mounted Defense
  • Baibars (Luck) + Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster + Mounted attack + March Size
  • Li Jing (Mounted Attack) + Luck + Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster + March Size
Suitable for
  • Main general for monster hunting
  • When you often start a rally in an alliance
  • If you want to kill as many strong monsters as possible
Not suitable for
  • If you want to use him/her as a general for PvP

Addendum – Baibars is not one of the higher stats of the golden historic generals, so if you want a pure challenge without double drops, you might want to temporarily replace him with a mounted PvP general such as Martinus.


  1. Luck
  2. Monster March Speed
  3. March Speed
  4. Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
  • Baibars (Luck) + Monster march speed + March speed + Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
  • Nathanael Greene (Reduce Stamina’s cost) + Luck + Monster march speed + March speed
  • Seleucus I (old name: Alexander the Great) (March speed) + Luck + Monster march speed + Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
  • Huo Qubing (March time) + Luck + Monster march speed + Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
Suitable for
  • Rally Participation General
  • Sub-general for monster hunting
Not suitable for
  • If you want to kill as many strong monsters as possible
  • If you want to use him/her as a general for PvP

A-3 For Advanced Users: 2nd Line only General

If you want to hunt efficiently, you want to hunt with multiple lines at the same time.

If you have plenty of ranged and ground troops for PvP, you will have too many ranged and ground troops in the city if you send all your mounted troops out on the first line of monster hunting.

Mounted troops is the basis for monster hunting, but you can also hunt with ranged troops and ground troops (as long as you have enough troops) with zero wounds. If you want to hunt efficiently, you should use them well.

  • Line 1: Mounted only
  • Line 2: Ranged only
  • Line 3: Ground only

Therefore, although it is an extravagant use, it would be a good idea to add the following skills as a second line only general.

For Ranged
  1. Luck
  2. Ranged Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Ranged Troop Attack
  4. March Size
For Ground
  1. Luck
  2. Ground Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Ground Troop Attack
  4. March Size

Note – Since ranged and ground troops have low attack, it is better to increase the number of troops with march size skill.

  • Baibars (Luck) + Ranged Troop Attack Against Monster + Ranged Troop Attack + March Size
  • Baibars (Luck) + Ground Troop Attack Against Monster + Ground Troop Attack + March Size

B) Ranged PvP General

B-1 Ranged + Siege

Example of troop formation: 70% ranged, 20% siege, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ranged troop Range
  2. Siege machine Range
  3. Ranged troop Attack
  4. Ranged troop HP or Siege machine Attack
  • Alfred the Great (Ranged & Siege Attack) + Ranged Range + Siege Range + Ranged Attack
  • Elektra (Ranged & Mounted Attack) + Ranged Range + Siege Range + Ranged Attack

B-2 Ranged Troops Specialization

Example of troop formation: 90% ranged troops, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ranged troop Range
  2. Ranged troop Attack
  3. Ranged troop HP
  4. Ranged troop Defense or March Size
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ranged Attack) + Ranged Range + Ranged HP + March Size
  • Elektra (Ranged & Mounted Attack) + Ranged Range + Ranged Attack + Ranged HP

C) Mounted PvP General

Example of troop composition: 90% mounted, 10% other troop layers

  1. Mounted troop Speed
  2. Mounted troop Attack
  3. March Size
  4. Mounted troop HP

*”Mounted troop Speed” should be chosen at your own discretion. (For the aforementioned reason)

  • Martinus (Mounted Attack) + Mounted Speed + Mounted HP + March Size
  • Roland (Mounted Attack, Defense, HP) + Mounted Speed + Mounted Attack + March Size

D) Ground PvP General

Example of troop formation: 90% ground, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ground troops Speed
  2. Ground troops HP
  3. Ground troops Defense
  4. Ground troop Attack or March Size
  • Scipio Africanus (Ground Attack, HP) + Ground Speed + Ground HP + Ground Defense

E) Siege Machine PvP General

Example of troop formation: 90% siege, 10% other troop layers

  1. Siege Machine Range
  2. Siege Machine Attack
  3. Siege Machine HP or Defense
  4. March Size (Note: If you don’t do solo attacks and only use it to participate in rallies, you should also consider the capacity of the rally leader. If you can’t fit it in, then there’s no point in having a march size skill.)
  • Matthias I (Siege+Ranged Attack) + Siege Range + Siege Attack + Siege HP
My thoughts

The most important thing in a siege machine is how much damage you can unilaterally inflict on the enemy before they can get close to you. Therefore, Range & Attack are the most important.

HP & Defense become important when the enemy has a siege machine of the same range or higher. In this case, you can’t attack unilaterally, you have to hit each other.

When the enemy is ground troops, mounted troops, or ranged troops, I consider HP and defense to be low priority for the following reasons.

  • Siege machines have very low HP and defense, and since the skill book ONLY allows you to increase them by 25%, even if you do, it’s not enough.
  • Ground troops and mounted troops are likely to get close to you, and if that happens, you are likely to take a lot of damage even if you have increased the HP and defense of your siege machine.
  • In the first place, you should not use siege machines alone against ground troops and mounted troops (they are incompatible). You need to use mounted and ranged troops to counter them.
  • Whether or not the ranged troops can get close to you depends on your strength, but if they do, siege machines are likely to take a lot of damage.

(If you have any questions about the above, please refer to the following article.)
Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

F) Wall General (Defense General)

  1. Siege Machine Range
  2. Ranged troops Range
  3. Ground Troops Speed (or) Siege Machine Attack (or) Ranged troops Attack (* Select according to the type of troops to focus on)
  • Joseph E. Johnston (Ranged & Siege Attack, Mounted HP) + Siege Range + Ranged Range + Siege Attack
  • Ly Thuong Kiet (Ranged Attack, Defense, Trap activation rate) + Siege Range + Ranged Range + Ranged Attack
  • Trần Hưng Đạo (Siege Attack, Ground HP) + Siege Range + Ranged Range + Siege Attack
  • Leonidas I (Ground Attack, HP, Ranged Attack) + Siege Range + Ranged Range + Ground Speed
My thoughts

While “Attack” almost always uses only one type of troops, “Defense” is basically a total war using all types of troops. In fact, I have the impression that many high level players hold more than a million of each level and type of troops above t12.

Of course, there are times when players intentionally ghost certain troops to dodge the opponent’s attacks. (For example, ghosting mounted troop when the enemy is attacking with ranged troops.) However, from my experience, I don’t find it effective to ghost the rearguard ranged troops and siege machines, leaving only the vanguard ground troops and mounted troops.

In other words, in my case, no matter which type of troops I focus on, I will also use ranged troops and siege machines when defending.

Therefore, I believe that the “range bonus” of these two types of troops, which can only be added in the skillbook and cannot be reduced by debuffs, is essential regardless of what type of troops you focus on. (The same goes for Ground Troop Speed when focusing on ground troops.)

I also think that increasing something by “+25%” at the expense of range is of little benefit and more of a disadvantage in a 1000% buff or -600% debuff class fight.

G) Subordinate City Mayor

Since buffs to troops in the main city do not work, granting skills for mounted troops, ranged troops, ground troops, and siege machines is unnecessary.

Since the mayor will die if the troops in the subordinate city are annihilated, it is recommended to prioritize skills related to the number of troops.

  1. Rebirth (Increase subordinate city troops’ death to survival rate)
  2. Training Speed
  3. Training Capacity
  • Andrew Jackson (debuff for ranged & mounted troops) + Rebirth + Training Speed + Training Capacity

Related: Subordinate City Complete Guide

H) Duty Officer

No need to give skills to the Duty Officer. Giving skills to mounted troops, ranged troops, ground troops, and siege machines will not work.

However, if you have a general who only needs to be on duty during PvP, such as Ban Chao (Archer Tower), and the entire server is in a NAP period (PvP prohibition), you may want to add skills for hunting monsters and gathering resources. If they are of sufficient status to become a Duty Officer, they will work just fine. (They may have better resource gathering performance than the purple generals. (Lucy and Attila))

I) Resource Gathering General (for Tile)

It is recommended to add three skills to increase gathering speed.

  • Lumber Gatherer
  • Stone Gatherer
  • Ore Gatherer
  • In some cases, any of the above for “Food Gatherer”.

After the mid-game, it is unlikely that you will run out of troops, so the troop load skill is unnecessary.

In other words, the general for resource gathering should be Queen Jindeok (skill for bring back extra resources), and there is no need to use Amir Timur (troop load).

Ideally, you should employ 5 or 6 Queen Jindeok, and the 4 types of resource gathering speed-ups should be given universally throughout.

If you are only thinking about attacks, you only need to enhance the resource skills required for the type of army you are focusing on. (e.g., for ranged troops, wood, stone, and food)

However, if you are thinking about defense, you will need all types of troops and building will need all types of resources, so I personally do not recommend being biased towards any one type.

Some people think that food is unnecessary because it tends to overflow, but in my case, I also give the food gathering speed skill because there are times when I run out of food during a resource consuming-return event and have to concentrate only on gathering food.

J) Resource Plundering General (for City)

Plunder from Farm Account

  • Siege Machine Troop Load
  • March Size
  • March Speed

“Plundering” here does not mean plundering from enemy players, but plundering from your own sub-accounts (commonly known as farm accounts) for resources.

If your sub-account has a large amount of resources, you will not be able to plunder them all in a single attack. However, if you attack too many times, the risk of being attacked by the enemy increases. Therefore, you want to finish looting in as few attacks and as short a time as possible.

In other words, Troop Load is the most important factor when plundering.

For this purpose, skill, number of troops, and type of troops are important.

As for the general, the only choice is Amir Timur, who has the Troop Load skill.

Also, since sub-accounts all troops are evacuated beforehand by camping or ghosting, there is no need to think too much about the troop formation for the attack. (Ghosting is not possible if the sub-account is not a member of an alliance.)

Therefore, you only need to use siege machine with the highest Troop Load when attacking.

Plunder from Enemy Players

  • Siege Machine Troop Load
  • Ranged Troop Load
  • March Size or March Speed

If you use Amir, the plundering general, to attack the enemy, it will be limited to low level cities. (Since he is not a great attacker.)

Then, I think the troop formation should be Ranged Troops + Siege Machines.

Then you can decide whether to use the March Size skill or the March Speed skill, depending on whether you want to focus on the amount of plunder per attack by reducing the number of attacks, or whether you want to focus on attacking a lot in as short a time as possible.





How do you add level 4 skills to a general with the same skill but at a lower level with a reduced risk of overwriting?

Example: Barbarossa – He has Bloody Leader – March Size +10% Mounted Troops Attack +15%
No way to add level 1’s for those but we can add Level 4 of each I think. In this case, is there some approach to reduce the overwrite chance or you just have to try and hope you get it.


When attacking a world boss, what kind of skill composition will increase the damage?
Besides “cavalry attack” and “against monster cavalry attack”, is it “march size”? Is it defense or HP?
Is it the number of troops rather than skills? Is it troop formation?

If I use a skill book to extend the range of my siege machine and also equip a ring, will both be effective?

Shah Amaan

Hello sir The wrong touch of my finger has added a level 1 ground troop load skill to in Minamoto. I have used 40 skills to replace it but it is replaced on the second.ground troop lod still there. The ground troop load is not being replaced. What can I do now? 1 Million James has gone bad by buying Skill 😕😕😕

Unfortunately, I think starting over from the beginning will do the least damage. (Again, put on the 3 Lv1 skills you want to put on, then put on Lv4) 😢.

Olá. Ainda não vi comentários sobre.
Qual a diferença entre energia e HP das tropas?
E além disso, qual a diferença de acrescentar um livro que aumenta o HP ou outro que aumente o HP contra monstros?
Foi clara a pergunta?

Hi. I haven’t seen comments about it yet.
What is the difference between energy and HP of troops?
And besides, what’s the difference between adding a book that increases HP or one that increases HP against monsters?
Was the question clear?

energia (in Portuguese) and HP (in English, etc.) are the same.
The HP increase against monsters only works in monster battles; the HP increase works in all battles.

Thank you very much for the article, it is very helpful!

Following your logic for PvP Mounted General, for Hannibal it should be the following then?:

attack + march size (for higher attack) + speed (I agree to your thoughts about speed)

I am curious about your thought.
Kind regards,

Hi. What do you recommend for Amir? I’m using him to gather rss from other low lv keeps in pvp. I have March size but was sure about what to pick for the other two. I was thinking ground troop speed and maybe ranged defense

James Bowie

Hi I have Aethelflaed. I cannot put Mounted Troup Attack against monsters but can put Mounted Troop Defence & HP against monsters. I was thinking of putting this with with March Size as I want to build it up to eventually hit B15 – any thoughts? or should I put Luck or Mounted Attack in there?

As explained in the article, I believe that luck is absolutely necessary.
Next is the mounted attack.
After that, if you want to achieve zero wounds, march size.
If you are willing to give up on getting wounded, HP or defense.
The following article may also be helpful.
Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

Wouldn‘t you see troop load as a bonus when sending a gatherer to the alliance mine? Having 5-6 Jindeoks I would give two of them the troop load skill. Unfortunately I have only one so far 😉


If you have Jindeok you should have enough troops that troop load is a waste.. unless you don’t log on for days at a time I guess. Better to give her three gathering speed increases so you can gather different rss’s with one Jindeok

Do the General skills apply when you send them 1:1 on another Alliance member’s rally? For example, will a Double Drop skill result in increased chances of items being dropped when you add them to another’s rally?


What should be the ideal skill books for lhalid we cammot stack siege attack to him. So what should be the skillbooks for hom


If it is an Lv.4 skill book, I think it can be granted.

Hello, what is the purpose of skill on duty officer if it’s not work it? I think the skill work on city only?, I hope remove that kind of slot if it’s not using it🤨🤨🤨 great idea who put the slot that no use😤😤😤or if happens make the skill from officer works on city only. Thank you evony

“In this case, the 10% includes mounted, ground, and siege of all tiers (1 to highest).
90% ranged means all tiers of ranged (1 to highest).
(This is a troop formation tactic called “layering”. This is stronger than a top-tier-only formation.)”

you said about layering troop. please write the article about layering (how to layering troop and why you need layering your troop).
thank you.

Prince Pi

Would you skill Trajan the same way like Scipio or in a different way ? I am asking because he has defense in his main skill as well.

She is a defender not suited for combat, so I don’t think you need to add any skills to her.
(Make her a defender when you don’t PvP, change to another defender when you do PvP)

Hi, when you say “90% range troops and 10% troop layers”. What troops would make up the 10% layers? Would they be different tiers or just 10% siege & ground of the same tiers?

Thanks in advance, a great tips website!

Hi Steve.😃
In this case, the 10% includes mounted, ground, and siege of all tiers (1 to highest).
90% ranged means all tiers of ranged (1 to highest).
(This is a troop formation tactic called “layering”. This is stronger than a top-tier-only formation.)

Really… I didn’t know that. So, if you had a march size of 500k, 450k of ranged troops made up of how many from each tier would you recommend?

- Babayka -

I’m keep Lv. 26 and I only use my best archer general, Jumong (+35% attack), for PvP with march size, range, and HP skills. This because most enemies around my level focus on monster hunting (cav’s), and farming. I know he’s not the best archer general, but I don’t pay much and he kills a lot of higher tier troops with my T10’s.
But I’m always layering 90/10 with 100% archers. I get about 5% more wounded when layering with other sorts of troops compared to full archer march.
Does this depend on the general? Since Jumong is purely for archers.


I’ve always found this site helpful. My question is, if I sell the general with the skill attached, will I lose the skill book as well? Or will I get the skill book back?


Hi regarding on the duty general so it good to assign immediately at the building where he is specialized regardless new general or enhanced/cultivated?

thanks for tips…


Thank you for all your wonderful articles. Thanks to this site, Evony has become more fun.
Today, when I added “Mounted Troop HP Against Monster ” to my general with “Mounted Troop HP” on it, only the one with the larger percentage was applied. Is there something wrong with the article?


When I put on “Mounted HP Increase” and then put on “HP Increase Against Monsters” without it being overwritten, it reduced my wounds but not as much as I expected.
After that, when someone pointed out that both were applied, I checked and found out that I just forgot to calculate the buffs from equipment, city buffs, and general stats, but apparently both were applied. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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