Best Skill books Guide – what skills should you add?

2/18/2023 – added use cases for RSS gathering general.
8/19/2022 – added use cases for boss-hunting general and mounted general.
8/11/2022 – With the implementation of the assistant, the number of recommended skill books has been changed from 3 to 6.
8/24/2021 – Added “J) Resource Plundering General”. Updated “I) Resource Gathering General”.
8/17/2021 – Updated “A) Monster Hunting General”.
8/10/2021 – Added “My thoughts” to “F) Wall General (Defense General)”.
6/19/2021 – Added “E) Siege Machine PvP General”.
1/31/2021 – Updated “A) Monster Hunting General” to reflect the addition of the new skill book.

For those who have gotten a new general but don’t know what skills to put on him or her.

This is not the absolute right answer, as skills are largely dependent on your play style, but I hope it helps.

*In addition, I hope you will read the following as well. 😃.


6 Skill books to attach, not 3

In this article, the idea is not what to put 3 on one general, but what to put on the six slots for the main general and his assistant together (no matter which one you put on either of them).

(Note: Mayor & Duty Officer are 3. Because there is no assistant function.)

Some generals have skill books that do not work unless they are attached to their main general, and some have skill books that do not work unless they are attached to their assistants. Please refer to the following article for a summary.
Assistant Generals Guide

Basic Idea 1 – Determine Skills from “Roles”

Basically, the skills you need will depend on what role you want the general to play.

The role is roughly determined by the general’s original skills, but it can be changed in any way depending on your ideas.

For example, since Trajan has an original skill for ground troops, his basic role is to specialize in ground troops for offensive PvP, but he can be used as a wall general for defense by adding a siege machine skill. (Use them as a countermeasure against enemies who specialize in ranged troops, which will become more common in the mid-game and beyond.)

If you don’t know which general is best suited for which role, please refer to the following list.

Basic Idea 2 – Develop Strengths

  • Mounted – Attack
  • Ranged & Siege Machine – Range
  • Ground – HP & Defense

Skills that Cannot be Added

Basically, you can’t add skills that the general already has.

  • Li Jing – Has a skill that increases mounted attacks, and cannot use the mounted attacks skillbook.
  • Baibars – Has the double drop skill, and cannot use the luck skillbook.

However, there are cases where they can be added.

  • Roland ( mounted attack, defense, HP ) can use the mounted attack skillbook.
  • Khalid ( mounted and siege attack) can use the mounted attack skillbook.

So the trend seems to be as follows.

– If there is only ONE buff item, you can’t add the skill.
– If there are MULTIPLE buff items, you can add skills.

However, there are a few exceptions, so if you have a skill book you want to add, you have to try it out to see if it works.

Example of Irregular Cases
– Khalid can’t use lvl 1-3 of Siege Machine Attack, but can use lvl 4.
– Aethelflaed’s original skill is Anti-Monster Mounted Attack & Defense, but the skillbook allows her to use “Mounted Troop Defense Against Monster”, but not “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster”.

Range & Speed

These are abilities that can only be increased with skill books. Therefore, they are basically high priority. (*Exceptionally, the siege machine range can also be raised by the Rings of Ares and Achaemenidae, or the Koryo and Abbas Bracers.)

*The Range Skillbook is only available for ranged troops and siege machines, and the Speed Skillbook is only available for mounted troops and ground troops.

The premise is that PvP battles start at a distance from each other and proceed by turns.

In PvP, especially, range is very important. Since it may increase the number of turns you can attack unilaterally, it is practically equivalent to increasing your attack. On the other hand, if your range is shorter than the enemy’s, it may increase the number of turns you can be attacked unilaterally, which effectively equates to HP down.

Speed is the rate at which you approach the enemy, therefore speed has the potential to reduce the number of turns for ground troops and mounted troops to be attacked unilaterally by ranged troops and siege machines.

In monster hunting, both range and speed are unnecessary. (The evidence for this can be found in this article.)

Increased March Size

When attacking, practically equals increased attack & HP.

Useless when defending.

Defense or HP, which should I put on?

(Now that the assistant function has been implemented, it is easier to put both of these on, so we don’t have to worry about this as much. FYI)

Basically, HP. this one is more injury-reducing.

I tested the following two patterns and found that HP caused fewer injuries.

  • When only Defense buff is increased
  • When only HP buff is increased
  • (In both cases, the increased % is the same)

In addition, the formula in combat is as follows.
Number of Defeated = Attack x Number of Troops x Troop Compatibility Coefficient x (Attack / (Attack + Enemy Defense)) / Enemy HP

Thus, if it were as simple as asking, for example, which is better, defense doubled or HP doubled, HP would be superior.

However, this is not generally true and does not mean that defense can be neglected.
For example, in terms of debuffing.
In the case of infantry, HP can easily maximize debuffing, so defense is more valuable.

Recommended Skills by Role

A) Monster Hunting General

The skills needed for monster hunting depend on what the purpose of monster hunting is. If you want to grow in the shortest and cheapest way, you should use “monster hunting” = “item collecting”. (General EXP is earned in other ways.) In that case, double-drop is the most important thing.

Also, the basis of monster hunting is mounted troops only, and attack is very important. (Raising HP and Defense alone will not get you to zero wounds, you need attack and number of troops to get to zero.)

A-1 Focus on KILL

If you want to defeat a monster that is as strong as possible, or if you often start rallies within your alliance.

  1. Luck
  2. Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Mounted Troop Attack
  4. March Size
  5. Mounted Troop HP or Defense Against Monster
  6. Mounted Troop HP or Defense

1 to 3 are required; 4 if possible; 5 and 6 are for those who hunt a lot of monsters even with injuries. No need if you only hunt monsters with zero injuries. Instead, you can add “Monster March Speed” and “March Speed”.

Examples of use
  • Combo A – Attack: Large / Double Drop Rate: Small
    • Main: Martinus (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack)
      • Mounted Troop HP
      • Mounted Troop Defense
      • March Size
    • Assistant: Gaius Octavianus (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack)
      • Luck
      • Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop HP Against Monster
    • Supplemental
      • The main general is intended for dual use with PvP. Therefore, the skill books for luck and against monster will not be attached. Equipment is more focused on attack than on double drop rate increase (Dragon, not hurricane bird. Rings are either civilization or Ares equipment)
  • Combo B – Attack: Medium / Double Drop Rate: Medium
    • Main: Martinus (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack)
      • Mounted Troop HP
      • Mounted Troop Defense
      • March Size
    • Assistant: Bibars (Original Skill: Luck)
      • Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop Defense Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop HP Against Monster
    • Supplemental
      • The main general is intended for dual use with PvP. Therefore, the skill books for luck and against monster will not be attached. Equipment is more focused on attack than on double drop rate increase (dragon, not hurricane bird). Rings are either civilization or Ares equipment)
  • Combo C – Attack: Small / Double Drop Rate: Large
    • Main: Bibars (Original Skill: Luck)
      • Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop Defense Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop HP Against Monster
    • Assistant: Hannibal (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack)
      • Mounted Troop Attack
      • March Size
      • Mounted Troop HP
    • Supplemental
      • For Bibars’ equipment, priority is given to double drop rate rather than attack. (Hurricane bird, not dragon. The ring is either the king’s ring or the dragon’s ring.)
      • Assistant is intended for dual use with PvP. Therefore, luck and against-monster skillbooks are not attached.


Mainly, when a single soldier participates in a rally.

  1. Luck
  2. Monster March Speed
  3. March Speed
Examples of use
  • Without assistant
    • Bibars (Original Skill: Luck)
      • Monster March Speed
      • March Speed
    • Nathaniel Green (Original Skill: Stamina Cost Reduction)
      • Luck
      • Monster March Speed
      • March Speed
  • Combo
    • Main: Bibars (Skill: Luck)
      • Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop Defense Against Monster
      • Mounted Troop HP Against Monster
    • Assistant: Nathaniel Green (Original Skill: Stamina Cost Reduction)
      • Monster March Speed
      • March Speed
    • Supplemental
      • In this case, the against-monster skill book is not originally needed for the main general’s Bibars, but it is listed in case it is used in combination with the aforementioned focus on kills.

A-3 For Advanced Users: 2nd Line only General

If you want to hunt efficiently, you want to hunt with multiple lines at the same time.

If you have plenty of ranged and ground troops for PvP, you will have too many ranged and ground troops in the city if you send all your mounted troops out on the first line of monster hunting.

Mounted troops is the basis for monster hunting, but you can also hunt with ranged troops and ground troops (as long as you have enough troops) with zero wounds. If you want to hunt efficiently, you should use them well.

  • Line 1: Mounted only
  • Line 2: Ranged only
  • Line 3: Ground only

Therefore, although it is an extravagant use, it would be a good idea to add the following skills as a second line only general.

For Ranged
  1. Luck
  2. Ranged Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Ranged Troop Attack
  4. March Size
  5. Ranged Troop HP Against Monster
  6. Ranged Troop Defense Against Monster
For Ground
  1. Luck
  2. Ground Troop Attack Against Monster
  3. Ground Troop Attack
  4. March Size
  5. Ground Troop HP Against Monster
  6. Ground Troop Defense Against Monster

Note – Since ranged and ground troops have low attack, it is better to increase the number of troops with march size skill.

B) Ranged PvP General

B-1 Ranged Troops Specialization

Example of troop formation: 90% ranged troops, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ranged troop Range
  2. Ranged troop Attack
  3. Ranged troop Defense
  4. Ranged troop HP
  5. March Size
  6. March Speed

B-2 Ranged + Siege

Example of troop formation: 70% ranged, 20% siege, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ranged troop Range
  2. Ranged troop Attack
  3. Ranged troop HP or Defense
  4. Siege machine Range
  5. Siege machine Attack
  6. March Size

C) Mounted PvP General

Example of troop composition: 90% mounted, 10% other troop layers

  1. Mounted troop Speed
  2. Mounted troop Attack
  3. Mounted troop Defense
  4. Mounted troop HP
  5. March Size
  6. March Speed
Examples of use
  • Combo
    • Main: Zhao Yun (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack, HP)
      • Mounted Troop Attack
      • March Size
      • Mounted Troop HP
    • Assistant: Roland (Original Skill: Mounted Troop Attack, Defense, HP)
      • Mounted Troop Defense
      • Mounted Troop Speed
      • March Speed
    • Supplemental
      • When the main general is used for both boss hunting, the attack and march size should be attached to the main general. the 3rd is HP or defense.

D) Ground PvP General

Example of troop formation: 90% ground, 10% other troop layers

  1. Ground troops Speed
  2. Ground troops Attack
  3. Ground troops Defense
  4. Ground troops HP
  5. March Size
  6. March Speed

E) Siege Machine PvP General

Example of troop formation: 90% siege, 10% other troop layers

  1. Siege Machine Range
  2. Siege Machine Attack
  3. Siege Machine Defense
  4. Siege Machine HP
  5. March Size
  6. March Speed
My thoughts

The most important thing in a siege machine is how much damage you can unilaterally inflict on the enemy before they can get close to you. Therefore, Range & Attack are the most important.

HP & Defense become important when the enemy has a siege machine of the same range or higher. In this case, you can’t attack unilaterally, you have to hit each other.

When the enemy is ground troops, mounted troops, or ranged troops, I consider HP and defense to be low priority for the following reasons.

  • Siege machines have very low HP and defense, and since the skill book ONLY allows you to increase them by 25%, even if you do, it’s not enough.
  • Ground troops and mounted troops are likely to get close to you, and if that happens, you are likely to take a lot of damage even if you have increased the HP and defense of your siege machine.
  • In the first place, you should not use siege machines alone against ground troops and mounted troops (they are incompatible). You need to use mounted and ranged troops to counter them.
  • Whether or not the ranged troops can get close to you depends on your strength, but if they do, siege machines are likely to take a lot of damage.

(If you have any questions about the above, please refer to the following article.)
Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

F) Wall General (Defense General)

F-1) For Keep level up to around 33

Emphasis on Ranged troops & Siege machines
  1. Ranged troops Range
  2. Ranged troops Attack
  3. Siege Machine Range
  4. Siege Machine Attack
  5. Ground Troops Speed
  6. Ground Troops Defense

If you do not have enough ground troops to be competitive (low number of troops, low ground buffs), you can use 5 and 6 for Ranged HP and defense.

My thoughts

PvP at this time is almost always attack and defense with mainly ranged troops.

This is because most players, both the enemy and themselves, focus on training ranged troops and mounted troops, and many players tend to lag behind in training siege machines and ground troops.

In this situation, in order to counter the enemy’s ranged troops, it is necessary to strengthen the ranged, siege, and ground, so basically, you want these skill books.

Since mounted troops are unilaterally hunted by ranged troops, only mounted troops need to be ghosted when defending (strictly speaking, retaining only a very small number for layers). Therefore, we do not need a skill book for mounted troops.

F-2) For keep level around 33 or later

Focus on the attack strength of the rear guard & the durability of the front guard
When ghosting mounted troops (approximate monarch power: 3B or less)
  1. Siege Machine Range
  2. Ranged troops Range
  3. Ground Troops Speed or Siege Machine Attack
  4. Ground Troops Defense
  5. Ground Troops HP
  6. Ground Troops Attack
When not ghosting mounted troops (approximate monarch power: 3B or higher)
  1. Siege Machine Range
  2. Siege Machine Attack
  3. Ranged troops Range
  4. Ground Troops Speed
  5. Mounted Troops Defense
  6. Mounted Troops HP

My thoughts

At this time, it is no longer possible to defend even if only ranged troops and siege machines are trained. This is because the mayor’s Achaemenidae equipment will greatly debuff the ranged troops, and the number of enemies attacking with powerful ground troops will increase. In other words, the defense will be an all-out battle with all types of troops.

If the mounted troops and ground troops in the vanguard are wiped out, no matter how much the defense and HP of the ranged troops and siege machines in the rear guard are raised, they will be annihilated by the enemy ground troops in a single blow. Therefore, it is basically necessary to raise the durability of the vanguard and the attack strength of the rear guard as a priority.

When mounted troops are ghosted, ground troops is the key to defense, so it is advisable to give priority to ground’s skill books. When you are mounted troops ghosting, most enemies will attack with either mounted troops or ground troops. If you are attacked by mounted troops, it is good if you can successfully disarm mounted troops’ ghosting, but it is not uncommon for you to fail. In this case, no matter how much the range and attack of the ranged troops are increased, an engagement between mounted troops and ground troops is inevitable. Also, if attacked by ground troops, if you fail to disarm mounted troops’ ghosting, ground troops will engage each other primarily. For these reasons, we want not only ground defense and HP, but also attack. If attacked by ranged troops, mounted troops’ ghosting will cause damage to your ranged troops. Therefore, we want to minimize the damage by using ground troops speed as much as possible. However, if the number of high-level siege machines is overwhelmingly large, you may choose to attack with siege machines instead of ground speed.

If mouted troops ghosting is not used, the key is how to limit the damage to mounted troops from enemy ranged troops. Therefore, mounted troops’ defense and HP, siege machine range and attack, and ground speed should be prioritized.

G) Subordinate City Mayor

Note: This recommendation will likely change in the future as debuff skill books are implemented on some servers.

Since buffs to troops in the main city do not work, granting skills for mounted troops, ranged troops, ground troops, and siege machines is unnecessary.

Since the mayor will die if the troops in the subordinate city are annihilated, it is recommended to prioritize skills related to the number of troops.

  1. Rebirth (Increase subordinate city troops’ death to survival rate)
  2. Training Speed
  3. Training Capacity

Related: Subordinate City Complete Guide

H) Duty Officer

No need to give skills to the Duty Officer. Giving skills to mounted troops, ranged troops, ground troops, and siege machines will not work.

However, if you have a general who only needs to be on duty during PvP, such as Ban Chao (Archer Tower), and the entire server is in a NAP period (PvP prohibition), you may want to add skills for hunting monsters and gathering resources. If they are of sufficient status to become a Duty Officer, they will work just fine. (They may have better resource gathering performance than the purple generals. (Lucy and Attila))

I) Resource Gathering General (for Tile)

Note: This recommendation is likely to change in the future as some servers have implemented skill books with gathering amount boosts (= Exploitation).

  • Lumber Gatherer (gathering speed)
  • Stone Gatherer (gathering speed)
  • Ore Gatherer (gathering speed)
  • Food Gatherer (gathering speed)
  • (To your taste) March Speed

After the mid-game, it is unlikely that you will run out of troops, so the troop load skill is unnecessary.

In other words, Amir Timur (troop load) is not suitable as a general for resource gathering, and Queen Jindeok, Shimazu Yoshihiro (skill for bring back extra resources), and Gaius Marius (gathering speed) are needed. (If Jindeok is not available, Constance can be substituted.)

Reference: How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

Ideally, 6 of each of Queen Jindeok, Shimazu Yoshihiro, and Gaius Marius should be employed, and all 6 marches should be given 4 types of resource gathering speed increases.

If you are only thinking about attacks, you only need to enhance the resource skills required for the type of army you are focusing on. (e.g., for ranged troops, wood, stone, and food)

However, if you are thinking about defense, you will need all types of troops and building will need all types of resources, so I personally do not recommend being biased towards any one type.

Some people think that food is unnecessary because it tends to overflow, but in my case, I also give the food gathering speed skill because there are times when I run out of food during a resource consuming-return event and have to concentrate only on gathering food.

Examples of use

To be able to handle any type of resource, it is advisable to give all 6 Jindeok the speed of gathering Food, Lumber, and Stone, and Gaius the speed of gathering Ore.

Shimazu does not need a skill book. (You may give them march speed and load if you wish.)

  • Combo A – Food
    • Main: Queen Jindeok (Original Skill: Gathering amount Boost)
      • Food Gatherer (gathering speed)
      • Lumber Gatherer (gathering speed)
      • Stone Gatherer (gathering speed)
    • Assistant: Shimazu Yoshihiro (Original Skill: Food Gathering amount Boost / Gathering Speed)
      • None
    • Supplemental
      • When gathering food from alliance resource tile, Shimazu’s gathering amount boost does not work. Therefore, in this case, it is better to use Lucy as the assistant. (Because her gathering speed skill is faster than Shimazu’s.)
  • Combo B – Lumber, Stone, Ore
    • Main: Queen Jindeok (Original Skill: Gathering amount Boost)
      • Food Gatherer (gathering speed)
      • Lumber Gatherer (gathering speed)
      • Stone Gatherer (gathering speed)
    • Assistant: Gaius Marius (Original Skill: Ore, Stone, Lumber Gathering Speed)
      • Ore Gatherer (gathering speed)
      • (Note: Can only add Lv 3 and 4, not Lv 1 and 2)

J) Resource Plundering General (for City)

  • Siege Machine Troop Load
  • March Size
  • March Speed
  • Ground Troop Load
  • Mounted Troop Load
  • Ranged Troop Load

Amir Timur, a good general for resource looting, is not good at attacking. Therefore, before looting, you would first attack the enemy with other attacker generals other than him to neutralize the enemy. Then, I assume that you will attack with Amir afterwards.

If the enemy has a large amount of resources, you will not be able to loot them all in one attack. Nevertheless, if you attack too many times, the risk of being attacked by other enemies increases. Therefore, you want to finish looting in as few attacks and as short a time as possible.

To increase the amount of resources you can loot in one attack, you need to increase the Troop Load. (Also, the reason why Amir is suitable for looting is because he originally has the skill of increasing Troop Load.)

For this reason, troop type, troop level, and troop quantity are important.

The troop composition should be high level siege machines only. The quantity of troops should be as large as possible. This will give you the largest troop load.

Since the enemy is already neutralized, there is no need to add other types of troops or think about layers.

If you don’t have enough siege machines, you can use ground troop, which is the next highest load. In that case, you may want to add the Ground Troop Load skill.

In some cases, a load of mounted troops or ranged troops may be added, but this is not a priority.


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It will encourage me to update the site.



Hi 👋 Thank you for all informations. I’m trying to set the best possible defense. But it’s a particular case: I’m k36 and I have one march for each type all three t14 based, with 3M buffed march… so more than 1.5M T14 ground. I have a t1+t2 meat shield and a decent wall general well flat refined (Boudica, but I’m working on Richard too). Power is around 2B. What do you think should I choose between 1) ghost all t14 + mounted troops and 2) ghost only mounted troops? I was thinking to ghost all attack marches + t14 cavalry, leaving free only a decent layers (about 200k each troops of top lyers) trying to %buff archer and siege troops with generals and to flat buff the t1 cavalry with gear refinements. Make sense or should I change something? I still have to go for wings, that’s why I’m considering also a drastic third option, to sacrify big troops, keeping them in hospital 🙈

Depends on the enemy. There is no simple answer as to which is better.
If the enemy has very strong mounted or siege, then 1 is better; with 2, the top ground and siege will be killed outright.
If the enemy has weak mounted or siege weapons, 2 is sufficient.
After all, it is necessary to assess the strength of the enemy and to make appropriate gorsting, as well as to judge whether it is safe to be attacked by the enemy in the first place (i.e., whether a positive score is likely to be obtained). The only way to do this is to gain a lot of experience; use the BoG/BoC well and do a lot of testing.

In item A-2, you suggest a configuration to Nathanael Greene for those who send a single soldier in rallies. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to add the speed of ground troops instead of marching speed, since the only soldier is ground troops? Is any speed cumulative with another? Thank you for your guide, very useful for me.

Romulo moraes

Me tira essa duvida. O que é esse Coeficiente de Compatibilidade de Tropas? Esta na formula de combate.

Hello, nice to meet you.
I am always looking forward to reading your articles.

I would like to ask you, if I have a unit formation that includes a PvP general who cannot attach the “Attack” skillbook, which other skills should I attach to the “Attack” slot?
(Main general, assistant, or a combination that can’t be attached to either)
I would like to hear the recommendation of the administrator.

I think that for a cavalry general, it would be a good idea to attach ” Attack Against Monsters” for dual use with boss hunting.
However, I don’t think it is a good idea to add ” Attack Against Monsters” for non-cavalry generals, because they are not used for boss hunting.
Then, which skill should I put on…
Should I put on “Troop Load” to increase the amount of loot when attacking?
Or “Renascence” to insure against attack failures? But if the dragon grows up and gets the general’s survivability +100%, it will be useless…
If you have debuffing skills, it would be better to put them on. However, it seems that debuffing is a paid item, so it seems that it is not a realistic option for players who have no money and pay little.

I have tried to think about it in my own way, but I am still not quite sure what to do… I would like to hear your opinion on this for reference. I would very much appreciate it.

Ideally, a debuff skill book, but this is not realistic for most players, so either “Attack Against Monsters” for Pan or “Troop Load” for resource looting is better. (Which is better is up to each player. Depends on which use is more common.)
If you don’t have Baibars to make assistants when boss hunting, I think you can also add Luck. (If you attach Luck, you can’t pair with Baibars.)
As for renascence, in my case, I have an excess of revival stones, so I would not put it on.

Thank you very much for your answer!
The ” granting attack against monsters” for vs. pan was a blind spot. I am glad I asked for your opinion.
I think that the appropriate skills other than “attack” will depend on the role of the general in question.
I will consider and try to find out what skills are suitable, referring to your opinion.


In the premise section.
>> In this article, the idea is not what to put 3 on one general, but what to put on the six slots for the main general and his assistant together (no matter which one you put on either of them).
>> (Note: Mayor & Duty Officer are 3. Because there is no assistant function.)

From the description,
For example, is it correct to say that the effect of a skill book that increases attack is the same whether it is attached to the generals with the higher attack or the generals with the lower attack, between the main generals and the assistant generals? Is there any possibility that the effect would be better if it is attached to the generals with the higher attack?

You mentioned the combo of range and siege I haven’t seen that before. Could you elaborate and write more about the layering different kinds?

The 6 in Section A-1 are basic.
(However, you cannot attach against-monster mounted troops attack.)
Which of these you attach to Caesar depends on who his assistant is.


Example of Irregular Cases
– Khalid can’t use lvl 1-3 of Siege Machine Attack, but can use lvl 4.

I was able to attach the “mounted troops attack against monsters Lv 4” skill book to John Buford.

However, when I fought the same monster with John without the skill attached and John with the skill attached, as an assistant under the same conditions, the number of wounded soldiers did not change.

Does this mean that skills that are more effective than the main skill, even if they can be added, are not effective?

Not sure if you are already aware, but the [rss type] exploitation skill book only seems to be available up to level 3, which brings back extra 20% [rss type] from World map resource spots when General is leading the army.”
It does not work for alliance tiles [experimentally tested]. I have only added it to Gaius Marius as I haven’t received the food books yet to test compatibility with Shimazu. It does indeed stack with Queen J’s and Constance’s base skill of bringing back extra rss, but I have not tried to attach to the main gathering general [Jindeok/Constance] as of yet.
In the gathering report, you see Queen J’s “extra gains” followed by Gaius Marius’s “extra gains,” and they are 20% of the rss spot’s base rss [not (base rss + troop load bonus)*20%].

It would be nice to include these in your Skillbook tables for gatherers, perhaps with an asterisk beside them, and footnote that they are not available on all servers.

If anyone has information on whether the food exploitation book is compatible with Shimazu, and whether books can be added to Queen J/Constance and are compatible with their base skill it would be useful.
If so, Gaius Marius could thus be given ore gatherer, ore exploitation, stone exploitation. Queen J gets stone gatherer, wood gatherer, wood exploitation. And Shimazu gets food gatherer, food exploitation. And all the books fit. No need for additional generals, if the exploitation books are compatible with Queen J/Shimazu.

Also Nick

Food does not work on Shimazu, it is pretty much useless as it is worse than his main skill. none of them work on QJ, they must be attached to assistant, and if the assistant is leading, it will disable QJs entire ability. It does however activate both when QJ leads and assistant follows.

No idea about Constance I, but as she should be replaced by QJ sooner than later, that is wasteful given you only get a few of each.

I only limited tested based on their limited availability, but I wasn’t able to get 2 to stick on the same general. They might occupy the same “Bonus” stat book, even though they all individually affect different resources.

Therefore, I have iron bonus on GM, stone bonus on SY (and he has innate food) and lumber on Lucy. I have 2 of each.

The only way it could be more stat efficient is perhaps using separate Lucies for stone, but then you have 2 more gen spots tied up for ~15% increased speed on stone. For a low keep or F2P player, that is a waste of gen slots.

Side note, you use them much more rarely than you think you will when starting out. 15% is not that significant either, given at K35 I have about 700% gather speed without my assistant buff. So after doing it this way, I am firmly in the 6 QJ, 6 assistants camp.

The debuff skill book has been implemented on my server, but it seems to be a crazy gamble in terms of type and level of skill, in spite of the fact that it is expensive and limited to charges, and it seems to be tough to get.
Is the situation the same on older servers?


Thank you for all the information that you have provided in your articles, very helpful indeed!

I just tried to attach a Lvl4 Wood Gatherer skillbook to Queen Jindeok who already had a Lvl4 Food Gathering skillbook attached to her. The Food Gatherer skillbook got replaced by the Wood Gatherer. Is this a glitch or we can only attach only one of the gathering skillbook to Jindeok? Await your response.

Can Mounted troop speed skill and Ground troop speed skills be applied to a Main Defense General? Does it have any effect?

6 times 7

1. Does March Speed Book (not Monster March Speed) work when attacking Monsters?

2. Will March Speed Book and Monster March Speed stack when marching to a monster?

Untuk petugas bangunan. Peralatan apa yang tepat. Naga, Archamenidae atau Ares.


Kara hızı kitabının ne avantajı var diğerlerine tercih edilir mi

田 中太郎

I have always found your information helpful.
I have a question about the skills of defenders and assistant defenders.
I am currently in the process of increasing the number of infantry and archer in k35 to the extent that I can fully ghost them. After finishing my research on MA1 in K36 and increasing my troops to the point where I can fully ghost them, I am thinking of shifting to T1 mounted troops defense.
In defense against infantry, I think it would be effective to add mounted troop speed so that they can defend infantry. However, would mounted troop speed work well in a T1 defense against archer as well?
Please advise if you can.

I have not been able to do a rigorous AB test, but theoretically it should be better to have it on.
It may reduce the number of times they are hit by ranged troops, which may reduce the number of t1 mounted troops wounded, thereby increasing the number of damage they can do.

There are (or at least used to be) food, wood, stone and ore “exploitation” books which increased the extra amount the general would bring when sent world map resources. For example with a level 3, the general would bring back an extra 20%. In the beginning of our server (949) I got a few and gave to constance and gaius. I don’t remember how I had them but never saw any of them again in any level anywhere.
Do you know if these are premium books or if they can be given to Queen J?

Hi. I started playing recently, about two months ago, so I am at a low level, keep 23. I added randomly skills to the generals because I didn’t really know what I’m doing. I am using Theodora for hunting monsters and I added mounted troop defence and mounted troop hp to her but I just noticed that she already has the same mounted troop hp level as her original skill (+20%). She’s 4 stars and the skill level i added is lv 3. Does that mean that they add and that’s 40%, or not so i just added a useless skill? Thanks

I am not sure I understand your question, but Theodora’s original skill (legendary empress) is mounted troops attack and double drop. There is no mounted troops HP.
However, if a general who has mounted troops HP in his/her original skill could be attached to a skill book of mounted troops HP, it would stack.

Let me share a hunting case with Theodora (as she can reach high double drop rate)

Main: Zhao Yun
Skillbook: mounted attack / march size / march speed

Assistant: Theodora
Skillbook: mounted attack agianst monster / luck / mounted hp against monster

Dragon/Beast: bird of thunder

Ring: dragon ring

attack just a little lower but very high double rate,
very suitable for weaker monsters or joining rally

max raised drop rate: 97% = 10% (general skill) + 18% (skillbook) + 26% (beast) + 15% (specialty) + 28% (equip)

i don’t know how the final drop rate is calculated, but I got doubled items almost every time and my current buffed drop rate is 77%. Wild guess that it is a simple percent addition

some other combinations:
Theodora + Bailer: higher drop rate

I did noticed that making a development general (the hammer icon on general’s info menu) assistant will reproduce the result of improved monster kill drops. I used lvl20 main general Sun Ce – military; and assistant general Theodora/Cleopatra/Hua Mulan (exp doesn’t matter unless you want to add from battle)


Hello! Have you tested skill book and general combos for gathering generals? I want to build 3 identical pairs for Lumber, Stone, and Ore with Gaius and Jindeok. I would have one more pair for food: Shimazu and Jindeok.

I tested Gaius/Jindeok on level 7 sawmill tiles. Did one with Gaius as the lead and Jindeok as the assistant, then switched. Both were exactly to level 20, 3 stars, with no cultivation. Both had set of full set of 4 champions gear (5 stars for all) with Transcend Bow and Ring. No skill books for either. With Gaius as the lead, you see 3 amounts for gathered resources: sawmill, bonus for Gaius (from gear), and bonus from Jideok main skill. With Jindeok as lead, you only see 2 amounts: sawmill and bonus for Jindeok (skill and gear). Total amount gathered for both were the same for both trials, just broken up different in the report.

I ran the above test, because I noticed there are times when a skill book on an assistant seems to be less effective than when on the lead general. Example: monster’s respect skill book. I seem to get less general EXP when on the assistant than when attached to the lead. With the above test, I know they are gathering the same amount without any books attached yet.

1) What are recommendations for who to be the lead and who to be the assistant?
2) What skill books to add to lead and assistant? My thoughts are gathering speed books and load bonus books. Load means fewer troops to clear a tile. Our server is in civil war, so fewer troops exposed is better for me. Not sure what march size would do. My march size is way over what it takes to clear even a level 15 tile. From your advice, level 4 Ore speed can only be added to Gaius, not Jindeok. So how does that factor into adding skill books to build 3 identical pairs (Gaius/Jindeok) of generals for lumber, stone, and ore? Would also have a 4th pair of Shimzau/Jindeok for food.

Thanks for the donation!😃

1) Basically the same as your idea.
Lumber, Stone, Ore: Main Jindeok, Assistant Gaius.
Food: Main Jindeok, Assistant Shimazu

As an exception, when gathering food “alliance” resource tile, Main jindeok, Assistant Lucy (gathering speed +15%).
In this case, Shimazu’s gathering volume bonus does not work, and there is only a gathering speed +10%.

2) The following is recommended
Jindeok: Food speed, Lumber speed, Stone speed
Gaius: Ore speed, the other 2 optional (march speed or load)
Shimazu: any (march speed or load)

You say you are in a civil war, and if you are gathering with high level troops now, I recommend that you gather with t1 troops. This way, even if they are attacked, the damage will be slight. Thus, there is less need to reduce the number of troops by adding loads.


Very welcome for the donation! I greatly appreciate the work you have put into this site. The info has been a great help in my development!

Thanks for the recommendations! Yes, it is all t1 troops for gathering during the civil war. We are a smaller alliance that is remaining neutral in the war. The big alliances in the fight have left us alone more recently, but still not worth the risk of sending higher level troops. So speed and load (fewer troops to clear a tile) are key factors.

I set up 3 identical pairs of Jindeok (main) and Gaius (asst) with Food, Lumber, Stone speed books on Jindeok and Ore speed, Ground Load, and Siege Load on Gaius.

The 4th pair of Jindeok and Shimazu has the same skill books for Jindeok: Food/Lumber/Stone Speed. For Shimazu, I went with Food Speed, Ground Load, and Siege Load skill books. I know the food will cancel out if used in a pair with Jindeok, but I went with this because he could be used by himself to get his food bonus and that gives him some extra speed.

I also have a 5th pair of Constance and Lucy. I already had Lumber, Stone, and Ore Speed for Constance. So I added Food Speed, Ground Load, and Siege Load to Lucy. Lucy could be used for alliance tiles like you said, but food speed books would cancel out if gathering that tile.

Thanks again for all the great work on the site!

I have read a lot and understand nothing about the game….. Still love it tho


I am always referring to your site.
I see that on my server, a skill book to increase the amount of gathering has been implemented.
It seems that only LV3 is implemented yet, so it is difficult to use it to fill 3 skills.

Thank you for all the great knowledge you bring to us.

I have a question.

When using Amir and Attila for resource plundering, we can add up to 6 skills.

Ground, Ranged, Siege machne’s load
March speed, March size
If you were to add one other than the above five, which one do you think would be best?

I don’t feel the need to add a load since I don’t use mounted troops during a plunder.

When thinking about reducing injuries caused by traps, which do you think would reduce them more for infantry: speed, attack, or HP?

I have not verified whether the damage mechanism (offense and defense) from traps is the same as in PvP, so I don’t know.

I would appreciate it if you could help me out.


What would you recommend for Theodora?
Would she be the Main General? If so what skills would be recommended?
What would be a good Assistant General and skills needed?

Good evening.
Out of the six skills that can be added to Trajan, if you were to prioritize them, how would you prioritize them?

I think attack is important, but I also think ground speed and march size are important.

I think HP is better than defense, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you in advance.


I have George Dewey as main defense general with range range, siege range and siege attack as skill books.
I want to know which skill books would you recommend to Yodo-Dono as assistant defense general. I am not sure if she needs archer skill books as she is good with archers or in the other way use skill books for ground and maybe cav as the recommendations in this article. Thanks in advance


I have a question about monster respect skill books. Is it increase your monarch exp, general exp, or both?

Hi I learned so much by reading your pages. I wonder which skill is best for William Marshall? He looks best at archery. So is it good to add Ranged Range and Siege range and Archer attack?

Good evening.

I compared the following when taking the remaining resources from an enemy who had many resources.
– Amir with load Lv.4
– Other generals with no load skill

The other generals had a total of 80M per attack, but then Amir was able to take a total of 110M.

The enemy still had several hundred M in resources and attacked again with the same result.

Considering the 100% + 45% load, I thought it should be possible to take even more resources. Is there a limit?

I was a little concerned about this so I thought I would comment.

How many more resources were actually available to take? Remember that a keep with a high level warehouse and a special duty officer can protect a lot of resources from plunder. I was able to plunder about 150M resources with an average general. It depends on how many resources the target has.

Thanks for your reply, Jacob.

How many more resources were actually available to take?
-> As mentioned above, it was 80M at Himiko and 110M at Amir.

Judging from the numbers, the difference is only 1.4 times.

Also, as I wrote that I tried after that, I verified it several more times, but the result was the same.

Therefore, there is no such thing as not being able to take enough due to the protection capacity.

That’s all for the story of those days.
Currently, 300M can be stolen.

Eloy Omar

A previous person asked, if you lose skill books when you sell a general who has books applied, or if the skill books are somehow returned to you. Your reply seemed unrelated to the question.
If the answer is that the skill books are not returned, do you get more gold for such a general?


Hello. Now that I have Empress Wu, I am going to make her a subordinate city mayor except during PvP to speed up the construction speed. In the meantime, I thought it would be better to increase the number of soldiers, so I added a Training capacity & speed to her skills. I plan to remove Wu during PvP, but should I add Rebirth as well? In case you are wondering, I could not add Construction speed.


مرحبا هل مارتينوس جيد لقتل الوحوش بنفس كتب مهارات لاعب ضد لاعب ام يحتاج إلا كتب مهارات قتل الوحوش


Savunma generali için yetenek verilmediğini duymuştum oyunculardan. Yukarıda ise verilebileceği den bahsediyorsunuz. Örnekte geçen Joseph Jonstona sahibim, hiç yetenek vermedim. Bir de merak ettiğim okçu kulesi Ban Caho ya yetenek vermelimiyim?


In setting up my 2nd Baibars to use with Ranged for monster hunting, can I used the Range Bonus skill, so that they start shooting sooner? Some in my alliance think that Range Bonus only works with PvP and layers, but that doesn’t make sense to me.

For duty officers i found that monsters respect was helpful… i could send them to other folks rallies to level up faster. Though perhaps a luck to go with them if one tries that.

Happy Dip

Duty officers can now be captured… There are certain skill books that will be needed…

The below skills which I assigned for Elektra: Ranged Attack, Ranged Range and March Speed. Later on I found out March Speed is not necessary. Any skills book would be more suitable to replace it ? I would like to use March Size instead. May I know if I use that would that be possible to replaced the March Speed or it’s will be override by other skills?

Thanks in advance.

The below skills which I inputted for Roland ( March size, Mounted HP & Mounted Troop Speed). Later on I would like to use the mounted troop attack to replied the speed, however the HP had been replaced by the attack skill. May I know any skill can replaced for the mounted speed which more suitable for Roland?

The skills for Roland are (March size, mounted attack and mounted speed) at this moment.

Thank you very much and looking forward for your feedback.


Thank you so much for your articles! I have Nathanael Green and I am using him as a general to kill monsters as you recommend. I saw that you wrote this as an example of the skills one could add to Nathanael Greene, “Nathanael Greene (Reduce Stamina’s cost) + Luck + Monster march speed + March speed.” Does that mean you recommend adding those exact ones or was that just an example of what could be added? If you do recommend that, how come you don’t recommend adding the “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster” Skill to Nathanael? Second question. If I am one of the main rally starters and I want to help my alliance kill bigger and bigger monsters, will Nathanael Greene and Beibars be able to handle the bigger monsters or do you recommend using one of the Mounted Generals instead? As of now I don’t have many mounted generals so I don’t want to add specific Monster skills, but maybe I can use them for both. Lastly, if I attack a monster with my sub cities and I have Beibars as a sub city general, will his luck skill apply to the monster attack? Thank you so much for your time and help.

1. this is an example, if your main purpose is to participate in rallies or hunt weaker bosses.
2. if you don’t want to add against-monster attack skills, then a mounted PvP general is not a better choice. It can be strong if you develop your specialty enough, but it is more difficult. Reference: Specialty Guide
3. does not apply. (I have verified this with 5 baibars on sub-cities)

I’m sorry for the rudimentary question.
Barbarossa’s unique skill has a 12% increase in March size, but does it overlap with the March size lv4 skillbook?

I have the best Wall General for Production. Shajar. I only use her for when my bubble is up. What skills would you put on a general like this

There is no need to add any skills to her. However, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to put on the same skills as a regular defender in case of an unintentional bubble down. (Archer Range, Siege Range, Siege Attack, etc.)


Hope you doing well
I want to ask about is that good if I add these skills book to elektra ( range ranged + range sieges + ground speed ) and what is the best for here

Thanks in advance

Cruz da Silva

Olá galera! Eu gostaria de saber qual livros de habilidade eu coloco no general Shajar al-Durr, desde já eu agradeço.

> Hello everyone! I would like to know which skill books I put on General Shajar al-Durr, thank you in advance.

In wartime, you should change to a combat defender, so there is no need to add it.
However, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to add the same skills as the combat defender to prepare for unintentional bubble-down during non-war situations.
See the section on defenders below.
Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add?

Capt Bootleg

I want to add Ground Troop Speed skill book to Trajan. I noticed that Level 1 Ground Troop Speed is 5% increase giving a max of 20% at Level 4 and Level 1 March Speed is 10% increase, giving 25% increase at Level 4. Would it be better to add March Speed instead of Ground Troop Speed? or What is the difference between them? Thank You.


How do you add level 4 skills to a general with the same skill but at a lower level with a reduced risk of overwriting?

Example: Barbarossa – He has Bloody Leader – March Size +10% Mounted Troops Attack +15%
No way to add level 1’s for those but we can add Level 4 of each I think. In this case, is there some approach to reduce the overwrite chance or you just have to try and hope you get it.



When attacking a world boss, what kind of skill composition will increase the damage?
Besides “cavalry attack” and “against monster cavalry attack”, is it “march size”? Is it defense or HP?
Is it the number of troops rather than skills? Is it troop formation?

If I use a skill book to extend the range of my siege machine and also equip a ring, will both be effective?

Shah Amaan

Hello sir The wrong touch of my finger has added a level 1 ground troop load skill to in Minamoto. I have used 40 skills to replace it but it is replaced on the second.ground troop lod still there. The ground troop load is not being replaced. What can I do now? 1 Million James has gone bad by buying Skill 😕😕😕

Unfortunately, I think starting over from the beginning will do the least damage. (Again, put on the 3 Lv1 skills you want to put on, then put on Lv4) 😢.

Olá. Ainda não vi comentários sobre.
Qual a diferença entre energia e HP das tropas?
E além disso, qual a diferença de acrescentar um livro que aumenta o HP ou outro que aumente o HP contra monstros?
Foi clara a pergunta?

Hi. I haven’t seen comments about it yet.
What is the difference between energy and HP of troops?
And besides, what’s the difference between adding a book that increases HP or one that increases HP against monsters?
Was the question clear?

energia (in Portuguese) and HP (in English, etc.) are the same.
The HP increase against monsters only works in monster battles; the HP increase works in all battles.

Thank you very much for the article, it is very helpful!

Following your logic for PvP Mounted General, for Hannibal it should be the following then?:

attack + march size (for higher attack) + speed (I agree to your thoughts about speed)

I am curious about your thought.
Kind regards,

Hi. What do you recommend for Amir? I’m using him to gather rss from other low lv keeps in pvp. I have March size but was sure about what to pick for the other two. I was thinking ground troop speed and maybe ranged defense

James Bowie

Hi I have Aethelflaed. I cannot put Mounted Troup Attack against monsters but can put Mounted Troop Defence & HP against monsters. I was thinking of putting this with with March Size as I want to build it up to eventually hit B15 – any thoughts? or should I put Luck or Mounted Attack in there?

As explained in the article, I believe that luck is absolutely necessary.
Next is the mounted attack.
After that, if you want to achieve zero wounds, march size.
If you are willing to give up on getting wounded, HP or defense.
The following article may also be helpful.
Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

Wouldn‘t you see troop load as a bonus when sending a gatherer to the alliance mine? Having 5-6 Jindeoks I would give two of them the troop load skill. Unfortunately I have only one so far 😉


If you have Jindeok you should have enough troops that troop load is a waste.. unless you don’t log on for days at a time I guess. Better to give her three gathering speed increases so you can gather different rss’s with one Jindeok

Do the General skills apply when you send them 1:1 on another Alliance member’s rally? For example, will a Double Drop skill result in increased chances of items being dropped when you add them to another’s rally?


What should be the ideal skill books for lhalid we cammot stack siege attack to him. So what should be the skillbooks for hom


If it is an Lv.4 skill book, I think it can be granted.

Hello, what is the purpose of skill on duty officer if it’s not work it? I think the skill work on city only?, I hope remove that kind of slot if it’s not using it🤨🤨🤨 great idea who put the slot that no use😤😤😤or if happens make the skill from officer works on city only. Thank you evony

“In this case, the 10% includes mounted, ground, and siege of all tiers (1 to highest).
90% ranged means all tiers of ranged (1 to highest).
(This is a troop formation tactic called “layering”. This is stronger than a top-tier-only formation.)”

you said about layering troop. please write the article about layering (how to layering troop and why you need layering your troop).
thank you.

Prince Pi

Would you skill Trajan the same way like Scipio or in a different way ? I am asking because he has defense in his main skill as well.

It depends on how much you want to increase specialty, but I think it should be basically the same. 🤔
If you max out Specialty, Scipio will also get a big boost in defense.
For more information, please refer to the following article.
Best of Ground PvP General

She is a defender not suited for combat, so I don’t think you need to add any skills to her.
(Make her a defender when you don’t PvP, change to another defender when you do PvP)

Hi, when you say “90% range troops and 10% troop layers”. What troops would make up the 10% layers? Would they be different tiers or just 10% siege & ground of the same tiers?

Thanks in advance, a great tips website!

Hi Steve.😃
In this case, the 10% includes mounted, ground, and siege of all tiers (1 to highest).
90% ranged means all tiers of ranged (1 to highest).
(This is a troop formation tactic called “layering”. This is stronger than a top-tier-only formation.)

Really… I didn’t know that. So, if you had a march size of 500k, 450k of ranged troops made up of how many from each tier would you recommend?

- Babayka -

I’m keep Lv. 26 and I only use my best archer general, Jumong (+35% attack), for PvP with march size, range, and HP skills. This because most enemies around my level focus on monster hunting (cav’s), and farming. I know he’s not the best archer general, but I don’t pay much and he kills a lot of higher tier troops with my T10’s.
But I’m always layering 90/10 with 100% archers. I get about 5% more wounded when layering with other sorts of troops compared to full archer march.
Does this depend on the general? Since Jumong is purely for archers.


I’ve always found this site helpful. My question is, if I sell the general with the skill attached, will I lose the skill book as well? Or will I get the skill book back?


Hi regarding on the duty general so it good to assign immediately at the building where he is specialized regardless new general or enhanced/cultivated?

thanks for tips…


Thank you for all your wonderful articles. Thanks to this site, Evony has become more fun.
Today, when I added “Mounted Troop HP Against Monster ” to my general with “Mounted Troop HP” on it, only the one with the larger percentage was applied. Is there something wrong with the article?


When I put on “Mounted HP Increase” and then put on “HP Increase Against Monsters” without it being overwritten, it reduced my wounds but not as much as I expected.
After that, when someone pointed out that both were applied, I checked and found out that I just forgot to calculate the buffs from equipment, city buffs, and general stats, but apparently both were applied. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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