Rally Spot

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

17920,000970,0001,000,000980,0001d 12:1331%Keep17
181,300,0001,400,0001,500,0001,400,0001d 20:5248%Keep18
191,900,0002,100,0002,200,0002,100,0002d 03:3980%Keep19
202,400,0002,700,0002,800,0002,800,0003d 00:1880%Keep20
213,100,0003,600,0003,700,0003,600,0004d 05:1480%Keep21
224,000,0004,700,0004,900,0004,800,0005d 21:4380%Keep22
235,100,0006,200,0006,400,0006,300,0008d 01:0385%Keep23
246,600,0008,200,0008,400,0008,300,00010d 15:0696%Keep24
258,500,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,00015d 22:3996%Keep25
2621,600,00027,000,00027,000,00027,000,00022d 00:50134%Keep26, Army Camp 26
2735,870,00046,420,00048,530,00046,420,00033d 13:14141%Keep27, Army Camp 27
2864,480,00081,840,00084,320,00081,840,00052d 12:22141%Keep28, Army Camp 28
29104,120,000131,520,000137,000,000134,260,00059d 17:51231%Keep29, Army Camp 29
30158,920,000200,020,000205,500,000202,760,00088d 04:49231%Keep30, Army Camp 30
31208,240,000261,670,000267,150,000264,410,000121d 23:16205%Keep31, Army Camp 31
32275,562,000345,822,000351,302,000348,562,000137d 06:00253%Keep32, Army Camp 32
33384,152,000481,559,000487,039,000484,299,000187d 05:05261%Keep33, Army Camp 33
34589,604,000738,373,000743,853,000741,113,000294d 04:56262%Keep34, Army Camp 34
351,137,544,0001,423,296,0001,428,776,0001,426,036,000594d 06:31273%Keep35, Army Camp 35Duty Officer
361,685,484,0002,108,219,0002,113,699,0002,110,959,000792d 12:39325%Keep36, Army Camp 36
372,438,901,5003,049,988,1253,055,468,1253,052,728,1251,174d 09:02329%Keep37, Army Camp 37
383,813,888,4384,768,716,7784,774,196,7784,771,456,7781,995d 11:24319%Keep38, Army Camp 38
397,045,107,7418,807,729,1138,813,209,1138,810,469,113Keep39, Army Camp 39
4016,577,204,68520,722,815,50120,728,295,50120,725,555,501Keep40, Army Camp 40

Duty Officer

Unlocked at Rally Spot Lv35.

Assigning a duty officer to an Rally Spot provides increases March Size Capacity.

You can put any general to duty officer if you just want to get this duty officer buff.

Ideally, Toyotomi Hideyoshi or Zhang Liang. Making him the Rally Spot officer will enable some skills and specialties.  (How to get)

If he is not available, you can use any general as your duty officer. (However, I do not recommend any generals other than the golden historic generals.)

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