PvP Checklist (Things to Do Before Fighting)

This is a list of things you must check before and after a PvP ( Player versus Player ) battle such as Battlefield (Battle of Gaugamela (BoG), Battle of Constantinople (BoC), etc), Server wars (SvS), and Kill event (KE).


  • Switching Defenders
    • If Shajar is set at all times, switch to a combat defender.
  • Subordinate city Linkages (turn on/off automatic fight).
    • Turn off linkages if you want to ghost all troops (turn off automatic fight)
  • Review March Presets
    • e.g., when using march size increase item
  • Turn off Rally Notifications
    • Settings > Options > Alliance War Setting
    • Don’t flood chat with notifications by ghosting
  • Use buff items + set 1 hour timer
    • Attack, Defense, HP, March size
    • Effect wears off in 1 hour, so set a timer on your phone or other device
  • Switching Monarch Gear
    • Create presets for each type of troops and switch between them
  • Switching Monarch Talent
    • Create presets for combat and development, and switch between them.
    • Of particular importance is the Lv 22 Subordinate City Attack.
  • Switching the Civilization Treasure
    • Globus Cruciger (healing speed). Or Tutankhamun’s Dagger (march speed to monsters) for the battle of Gaugamela.
  • Switching Blazon
    • In particular, presets for mounted troops. (The Set Buff for PvP and for Boss hunting)
  • Activate Offer Buffs of Shrine
    • “King’s Protection”. Ranged troops & Siege machine’s Attack, Mounted troops and Ground troops’ Defense (in case of Shrine Lv35)
  • Changing Castle Decorations
    • If you have decorations with buffs.
  • Use Alliance Skills of Alliance Science.
    • “Mighty Force” (increased attack), etc.
  • Use the Dragon Active Skill.
    • For high level players. 3rd talent.
  • Change Culture to Japan or Russia.
    • To get subordinate city buff. Japan for offensive emphasis, Russia for defensive emphasis.
  • Switching Mayors
    • If you want to raise the level by the mayor (details)

SvS/KE only

  • Spend Resources
    • Essential if you are going to ghost the entire troops. Even if not, it is safe to spend them in case you lose in defense.
  • Remove the Defender if you want to ghost the whole troops.
    • If you don’t remove the defender, he/she will die during the defense.

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No veo ningún consejo táctico para usar pvp, pensé que me iba a explicar la descripción de tropas si decido atacar o si decido defender, yo estoy buscando cuál es la clave perfecta para atacar y defender


Tactics change frequently with fads, and there are as many ways of doing things as there are people, so it would be difficult to describe them here.

I always find this site very informative.
I would like to read more about PvP and SVS, and I would be very interested if you could describe any technical details or strategies that you know.
For example, in Constantinople, I would like to know “where to set up, how many people what kind of moves to make,” “how to immediately find the location of an opponent who has been blown away by zero wall HP,” etc. (Blacklisting is not allowed in BOC, so if there is any other way, please let me know).

Jss🐰Rbt S646

BOC, most teams have a hive near knights hall or hospital, some will go near rally hall or a portal. Each is dependent on team strategy. There is no way to arrest warrant a force ported enemy or team mate because the map is small. Scan on outer edge or near darker grass as that is where players usually get ported to. As for your other questions, it is dependent on your team make up and experience.


The most recent thing I noticed.
I think that previously, if you were ghosting, only the walls defender was subject to death or capture even if you were defeated in defense.
However, I have recently noticed that if you are ghosting in KE (and the defenders are unattended), the duty officer of each facility is captured upon defeat.
I have not been able to confirm this in SVS so far, but I think that ghosting does not mean that all but the wall defenders are safe, so I would appreciate it if you could verify the details of the capture conditions, etc.

Sir Bedevere

I think there is a bug, either in the reporting or who gets killed. I got zapped and it said my main wall general was killed and my archer camp general captured. But when released, I got back my wall AG But I don’t want to die again right test this 😁😁😁

SVS, consider filling hospital if you want to heal with Source of Life instead of RSS/speedups.

É muito bom o trabalho de vocês, parabéns!
Se possível faça um POST sobre talentos de monarcas, a melhor formas de distribuição para pvp ou recursos, seria de grande ajuda
Obrigado! 😊

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.

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