In the Prison, various actions can be performed on captives (soldiers and generals) captured in PvP.

  • Captive (soldier): Labor (to gain resources), Release (to gain prestige)
  • Captive (general): Release, Execute

As the level of the Prison is increased, the following increases

  • Prison Capacity
  • Captive Rate

Construction becomes possible at Keep level 11.

To raise the level of the Prison, the level of the Quarry must be raised first.

About Captives (Soldiers)

Taking a soldier captive does not make them available to you to use as your own soldier.

There are two things you can do

  • Labor: resources are obtained. This is equivalent to 4 hours of resource production in your city. However, this is only 4 hours of basic production and excludes increased production through research and other means. The basic production amount can be checked on the detail screen of the keep. (White numbers. Green numbers are not included.) In addition, 1,000 captives of war are consumed per forced labor. Once forced labor is performed, there is a cooldown of 6 hours. This incurred cooldown can be ended by paying Gems.
  • Release: Prestige is gained. 50 per release. The amount of prestige you receive does not increase as you raise the level of the prison. Also, 1,000 captives are consumed per release. Once released, there is a cooldown of 6 hours. This cooldown cannot be shortened.

Other details

When attacking a player’s city by PvP and winning, you can take enemy soldiers as captives.

Note that this is the case when players of your server fight each other, or when you fight players of an enemy server in SVS. This excludes battles fought on battlefields such as Gaugamela.

You cannot get captives by defeating NPC subordinate cities or barbarian castles.

About Captives (Generals)

Capturing a general does not make him/her available for use as your own general.

There are 3 things you can do

  • Leave him/her alone: Leave him/her imprisoned in a prison. If the enemy pays Gems, they will be released (but you will receive Gold, not Gems). There is a time limit for keeping them imprisoned, after which they will be released without cost.
  • Release: The enemy general is released unconditionally.
  • Execute: The enemy general dies. The dead general can be revived in the shrine.

Other Details

Attacking a player’s city by PvP and winning may result in the capture of the enemy wall defender or duty officer. Conversely, if a player attacks and loses, the general leading his troops may be captured.

Note that this is only the case when players of your server fight each other. This excludes battles fought on battlefields such as Gaugamela, and SVS’s fight against players of the enemy server.

If you win a rally, only the rally initiator can capture the general. Or only his general be captured.

The general cannot be captured unless both the attacker and defender have reached the keep level of 15.

If the main city of the player holding the generals captive is broken into, all the imprisoned generals in it will be released.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

All menus are available during the upgrade. Nothing will be disabled.

  • Captives
    • When soldiers are captured, they are housed here.
  • Imprison
    • Unlocked at keep Lv15.
    • When generals are captured, he/she is housed here.

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

15600,000600,000620,000610,0001d 01:52105%Keep15Quarry15
16860,000890,000920,000900,0001d 03:33131%Keep16Quarry16
171,200,0001,300,0001,300,0001,300,0001d 14:34131%Keep17Quarry17
181,800,0001,900,0002,000,0001,900,0002d 05:59131%Keep18Quarry18
192,500,0002,800,0002,900,0002,800,0003d 03:35131%Keep19Quarry19
203,200,0003,700,0003,800,0003,700,0004d 09:49131%Keep20Quarry20
214,200,0004,800,0005,000,0004,900,0006d 04:08131%Keep21Quarry21
225,300,0006,300,0006,500,0006,400,0008d 15:24131%Keep22Quarry22
236,900,0008,300,0008,600,0008,400,00012d 02:21131%Keep23Quarry23
248,800,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,00014d 01:46178%Keep24Quarry24
2511,000,00014,000,00015,000,00014,000,00021d 02:39178%Keep25Quarry25
2623,700,00031,600,00031,600,00031,600,00030d 09:11178%Keep26
2736,340,00045,820,00047,400,00047,400,00042d 05:27179%Keep27
2855,300,00069,520,00071,100,00069,520,00047d 21:23214%Keep28

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How do you capture troops? At some point I gained many captives, but now I seem to only kill or wound troops, and capture very few.

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