How to buy packs at least 10% cheaper

How: Pay with Amazon Coins

Pay with Amazon coins for in-game purchases and get up to 10% off. (As of 4/4/2023)

1,000 Amazon Coins are worth $10.00 to spend on apps, games, and in-app items. However,
1,000 Amazon Coins can be purchased for less than $10.00.

The discount rate depends on the amount of coins you buy. The more coins you buy at once, the better the discount rate.

Amazon Coin Price List (as of 4/4/2023)


Note: Prices increased on 4/3/2023. (Discount rate decreased.)

Before 4/3/2023


* The 300, 500, and 2,500 coins were discontinued.

To pay with Amazon coins, you need the Amazon app version of Evony

You need to install the Evony app that supports Amazon coins, not the regular Evony app.

Evony apps installed from the iPhone/iPad (iOS) App Store or the Android Google Play Store will not allow you to pay with Amazon coins.

Below are the steps from installation to payment.


1. Install “Amazon Appstore”

First, you need to install the “Amazon Appstore”.
(This is different from the “Amazon Shopping” app)

For Android

Download and install “Amazon Appstore” from the following

Amazon official download page

For iPhone/iPad (iOS)

“Amazon Appstore” is not available on iOS. (It is not distributed)

However, it can be installed as described above if you use an Android emulator on your computer. (See below for details on Android emulators)

You may think, “How can I access my Evony account on my iPhone/iPad from Android?” but you can access it without any problem by linking your Facebook account. (later mention)

2. install the Amazon App version of Evony

  1. Launch the “Amazon Appstore” and login with your Amazon account.
  2. Search for and install Evony in the “Amazon Appstore”.

3. switch accounts in the Amazon App version of Evony

When you launch the Amazon App version of Evony, you will start with a new account, so you will need to switch to the account under which you wish to purchase the package.

Before switching, you must link your account with Evony on the device you originally used. (Google account or Facebook account for Android, or Facebook account for iPhone/iPad)

To switch to the account you want to purchase the package from the Amazon App version of Evony, go to Settings > Accounts and select “Switch Account” in the lower right corner and select the account you have previously linked to Evony.

4. purchase Amazon coins and pay with coins

When you try to buy a package from the Amazon app version of Evony, a payment screen for Amazon coins will appear, from which you can purchase Amazon coins. You will be able to complete the purchase of the package with Amazon coins as it is.

Amazon Coins can also be purchased from the Amazon website and the “Amazon Appstore”.

Note that they cannot be purchased from the “Amazon Shopping” app on the iPhone/iPad (iOS).

How iPhone/iPad users can pay with Android

Pay from an Android emulator on your PC/Mac

Even if you play Evony on your iPhone/iPad, if you have a Windows PC or Mac, you can buy the package with Amazon coins by using an Android emulator and running the Amazon Appstore version of Evony in it.

What to prepare in advance

  • Windows PC or Mac
  • Google account
  • Facebook account

To switch between iPhone/iPad and Android and play with the same account data, you need to link your Facebook account. (Please refer to this article for instructions on how to link accounts.)


  1. In Evony on the iPhone, go to Settings > Accounts > Link Account and connect to any Facebook account.
  2. Install the Android emulator “BlueStacks” on your PC or Mac (free).
  3. After launching BlueStacks, login with your Google account (required for the initial Android setup)
  4. Install “Amazon Appstore
  5. From “Amazon Appstore”, search for Evony, install and launch it.
  6. In Evony, go to Settings > Accounts and in the lower right corner, select “Switch Account”.
  7. Select Facebook, and you will be logged into your Evony account that you used on your iPhone/iPad.
  8. Purchase the paid pack you want with Amazon coins.

To return to Evony on the iPhone/iPad side, exit Evony on the Android (BlueStack) side and then launch Evony on the iPhone/iPad side.


Paid packages: the best value for which ones to buy and when?

A guide to what to buy and when to buy it if you want to pay.


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Aptoide and AppCoin Wallet has been much better so far for me. I am getting 19% back on my purchases (it increases from 15% as you spend) and you can use the bonuses for in-game purchases. Occasionally they will tack on an extra 5% back so I can get 24% back on my purchases when that is live.

I’m not getting the Amazon Appstore as an option on Blustacks. Anyone know if it’s been renamed?

You need to search in browser to download it from Amazon

this is horrible for those who are from Brazil, the app doesn’t even work properly, besides being more expensive.

Ok someone please help me understand. For the 50k of coins you spend $500 USD you can only by 4 packs in game with it. So you would need to buy more coins to get the 5th pack. So why not just spend the $500 USD to just buy the 5 packs like normal? I’m spending $500 no matter what and to get the same number of actual packs I’m spending more.

50k Amazon coins can be purchased for $400. (as of March 2023)
With 50k Amazon coins you can pay $500 in-game.
Thus, you can buy 5 in-game $99.99 packs by paying $400.


If your tablet is Android (if not an iPad), you can use the Amazon version without a Fire tablet.
If you check the antutu score, SoC, etc. and buy the one you are sure of, you will be comfortable playing.

I also recommend buying it on Amazon Fire tablet.
By pre-charging Amazon coins, you can actually get up to 20% discount.

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