Option settings that Beginners tend to Fail

The options in the menu settings aren’t all about personal preferences, such as turning music on or off, but they can also be used in PvP (Player vs Player) to hide important information from the enemy.

Monarch Gear Setting

Recommended: OFF

So enemy players can see the following information by pressing your city on the map, but

  • Monarch Gear
  • Monarch Power
  • Monarch Level
  • Rank
  • Alliances to which you belong

If the enemy sees your monarch gear (Staff, Grail, Decoration), it will give them a hint as to which army type you specialize in (cavalry-specialized, ranged-specialized, etc.). Thus, gear should be turned off so that it cannot be seen.

VIP Level Settings

Recommended: OFF

When your enemies see your VIP level, they can make some guesses as to how strong you are. (What kind of buffs (VIP buffs) are attached to you, whether they are likely to charge more than you, whether they have been playing longer than you, etc.) (Reference: List of VIP buffs / benefits by VIP Level)

Therefore, the enemy shouldn’t know, but if this setting is turned on, your VIP level will be displayed when you chat with them. In the case of world chat, all players in the server will know your VIP level, and even in alliance chat, especially during server wars, spies can get in, and some members may leave the alliance and become enemies later on.

Alliance War Setting

Recommended: Basically ON, but OFF in some circumstances

When this setting is turned on, if you rally, you will be marked in the alliance chat as such. If you are rallying for boss monsters, it’s better to do so, but if you are rallying for “ghost” in PvP, you don’t want other players to mistakenly join the rally. In fact, it’s better not to have that information displayed in chat, as you don’t want it to be known. Especially during the Battle of Constantinople, it’s always good to turn it off. During the Battle of Gaugamela, it should be on if your main responsibility is to rally monsters, and off if your main responsibility is to eliminate enemy players.

March Settings

Recommended: OFF

Being able to see the enemy’s march route is very important in searching and attacking the enemy.

  • Search : Trace the march route to find the location of the enemy city.
  • Attack : Attack the enemy troops when they return to the city, etc.

Turn it off so it can’t be hidden.

Undead Invasion March Route

Recommended: OFF

Undead events often coincide in duration with server wars. If an enemy initiates an undead event during a server war, this is just a chance to search for the enemy, as a march route will be displayed towards the cities of all members of that enemy’s alliance. Therefore, the march route should be displayed.





I think the way to prevent the VIP level from appearing on the chat is to turn off the VIP level setting, but the iPhone app seems to show the VIP level even if I turn it off. Or is the VIP level still attached to the head in the chats that I write myself?

This is not about the settings. are there benefits concerning different cultures?

No, it should be displayed.
Doing so will make it easier for you to find the enemy when they are performing an undead event.

This is an option to hide other people’s undead march routes from your screen.
– On = Hide
– Off = display

This is not to hide your alliance’s undead march route from the enemy’s screen.

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