TIPS for Intentionally Creating Wounded Troops (make as many as you need)

Normally, you do not want to generate wounded troops, but in some cases, you may want to intentionally create wounded troops.

Example Situation

For example, in an event where you get a reward or score for recovering a certain number of troops.

The best example would be the daily activity of healing troops.

Also, in trade goods events (e.g., Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Fragrance, Tea Culture, etc.), if you heal 30,000 troops, you can get a total of 300 exchange items. 200 exchange items can be exchanged for 500 medals, so this is an event you will want to complete.

So, have you ever fought an unbeatable boss or a high-level Viking and intentionally created wounded troops, but had trouble with more wounded troops than necessary?


In Evony’s monster battles, you will never have more than 10% wounded troops in a single battle. You can use this to your advantage.

Related article: Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

In other words, you fight with ten times as many troops as you want wounded, and lose on purpose.

(For example, if you want to have 3,000 wounded troops, you can attack the monster with 30,000 troops and lose on purpose.)

Note – It is recommended to fight with NON-GROUND troops. In my environment, the wound count is less than 10% only when fighting with ground only.

Depending on your ideas, you may be able to apply this in many ways. (For example, to make wounded troops in advance for the “Monarch Competition” Event > “Power Increase” Stage.)

If you have any useful ideas, I’d be happy to hear them in the comments section. 😃.




كيف اخوض معارك الغوغاميلاوالقسطنطينية
كيف اكون عضو نافع مع تحالفي
من دون ان يصيبني التدمير


> How to fight the battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople
> How to be a useful member with my alliance
> Without being destroyed

With Ghost (Declaration of War) 60 minutes, no matter how strong the castle burns, your troops will not be injured.
Even when you’re being ambushed to return your troops, the combination of speed up and ghosting will increase your chances of avoiding the ambush.
However, if you are blown away by a castle wall with zero HP, the ghosting will also be canceled, so it is a good idea to bookmark an enemy castle that is not moving so that you can ghost it again.

Nice to meet you. I’m always learning from this site.
As for how to make wounded troops, the easiest way is to participate in a boss rally with a large number of Tier 1 ground (10 times the number you want to wound).
As a matter, I am experimenting with various ways to see how combat works with main and reinforcements in boss rallies, using information from the “Battle Mechanics (Boss, Monster)” section of this site.
My hypothesis at this stage is that the ground of the reinforcements will fight before the mounted of the main troops.

מלאך (שרת354

שלום לכולם,אני עושה את ה בדרך אחרת אני כן מנצח את הבוס,אבל שולח גם חיילים ברמה 1 ככה שיש לי פצעים עם עלות מאוד נמוכה לרפא אותם

> Hello everyone, I do it the other way I do beat the boss, but also send level 1 soldiers so I have wounds with a very low cost to heal them

Hi😀 I think that is also a good way. Thank you for the information.☺️

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