How to get “really” good deal in-game purchases

2/1 updated – “Annual Membership vs. 25000% Package”

Mainly for players with a budget of less than $100 per month, but the following purchases are probably the most cost-effective.

– Buy only when there’s a bonus you want in a “Limited Time Promotion”.
– Buy only 25000% packs or 15,000% packs.
– Buy only during the 3-day weekend.
– Buy a $4.99 pack only once a day.

(See below for details on each.)

This would be as follows.

  • buy once a week -> about $20 a month
  • buy 3 times a week -> about $60 a month.

The following is an example of how to buy. (More on the terms in the text later.)

How to buy by case

1. Focus on Research

15,000% package $4.99 for the weekend (limited time promotion : speed up pack)

What you want in this case is a speedup and gold. This will give you about 26 days of speedups, 2M gold and 21,000 gems.

If you don’t have enough gold, you can make up for it by redeeming the gems for keeps. (5,000 gems will give you about 5M gold (though you’ll need to level up your Keeps and research the redemption rate beforehand).

2. Focus on Construction (1) When resources are sufficient

15,000% package $4.99 for the weekend (limited time promotion : speed up pack)

What you want in this case is a speed up. This will give you 21,000 gems for about 26 days of speed-up.

3. Focus on Construction (2) If you don’t have enough resources

25000% Package $4.99 (Limited Time Promotion : Speed Up Pack)

This will give you 15M each of 4 resources, about 20 days of speed-ups, 21,000 gems, etc.
If you’re still short on resources, buy gems or gold on the black market.
Gems can also be used to cover the shortage of speed-ups.

(I mainly do this during “Consuming Return Event – Resource Consuming version”. In order to consume a lot of resources, I want to speed up the construction process, so I need to have some speed-up items.)

4. Focus on Server war and Kill event

25000% Package $4.99 (limited time promotion : Materials & Skills Pack)

I want to have as many items to revive the dead as possible in case I lose. I also want to strengthen my generals and equipment as much as possible, so I want refining stones, materials and skills.

5. Focus on Getting New Subordinate City

25000% package $4.99 (limited time promotion : as needed at the time)

You can get 1,000 “Subordinate City Clue” only during the subordinate cities event.

A) Buy only when there’s a bonus you want in a “Limited Time Promotion”.

When speed packs are shown in a limited time promotion.
When speed packs are shown in a limited time promotion.

This is very important. The content is gorgeous. The Llimited Time Promotion” is a campaign that gives you an extra package based on the total amount of gems you buy. It’s labeled “Limited Time” but it’s always on at the moment. You can see it by pressing the button in the bottom left corner of the screen in the city.

(Note – if you’re new to the game, the “First Purchase” button, not the “Limited Time Promotion” button)

There are 4 different types of packages that you can receive, and they change every hour. (The game screen shows a countdown of more than two hours, but the packages actually switch after one hour. If the package doesn’t switch, you can restart the game.)

(Note – I always recommend restarting the game when you buy it. The display may not switch, but internally it may be switching to another pack.)

Also, there are 3 tiered packages depending on the total amount of Gems purchased.

  • Tier1 – 1,000 Gems
  • Tier2 – 24,000 Gems
  • Tier3 – 100,000 Gems

Each tiered package limited to one per day. However, we won’t go into details as you’ll have to pay a lot of money to get the second and subsequent packages.

Types of Limited Time Package

  • Speed Up
  • Resources
  • Materials and Skills
  • Research

Based on the rate of return, “Materials and Skills” is the best value. However, in reality, “Speed Up” will be the most useful. Research” is not bad, but if the gold redemption rate for Keep is increasing, “Speed Up” is fine. I don’t recommend “Resources” because of its poor redemption rate.

Contents of Limited Time Package

1. Speed Up

About 16 days Speed Up.

About 20,000 gems worth.

  • 5 Minute Speed Up x300
  • 10 Minute Speed Up x200
  • 30 Minute Speed Up x100
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x25
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x10
  • 12 Hour Speed Up x10
  • 24 Hour Speed Up x5

2. Resources

5M resources x 4 types, etc.

About 10,000 gems worth (5M resources are 1,800 gems on the black market; EXP is about 1,700 gems)

  • 50K Food Box x100
  • 50K Lumber Box x100
  • 50K Stone Box x100
  • 50K Ore Box x100
  • Free Tax x10
  • 2K Monarch EXP x10
  • 2K General EXP x10

3. Materials and Skills

Lv5 Material x7, Lv4 Skillbook x2, Refining Stone x100, etc.

Worth more than 30,000 gems (Skill book worth at least 10,000 gems, Refining Stones worth 15,000 gems on the black market and EXP worth about 7,000 gems on the black market)

  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x5
  • Lv4 Skill Book Chest x2
  • Refining Stone x100
  • Persia King’s Treasure x1
  • Pharaoh’s Treasure x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x40
  • 2K General EXP x20

4. Research

4.5 days Research Speed Up, 5M Gold, etc.

About 14,000 gems worth (5M gold worth about 5,000 gems for keep redemption, speed-up worth about 6,000 gems, resources worth about 2,400 gems on the black market)

  • 100K Gold x 50
  • 5 Minute Speedup for Researching x200
  • 1 Hour Speedup for Researching x100
  • 50K Food Box x30
  • 50K Wood Box x30
  • 50K Stone Box x30
  • 50K Ore Box x30

Reference: Package contents after the 2nd Tier

Limited Time Promotion – All Package Contents

B) Buy only 25000% packs or 15000% packs.

Normally, buy a 25,000% pack.
If you need a “Speed Up” urgently, buy a 15,000% pack.

The other packs, Membership and Bounty Cave are not worth buying because they are more expensive.

B-1) 25,000% Return Event Package

25000% return event package

Commonly known as an “Event Package”, “Event Pack”.

The 25000% return package will only be available during the regularly scheduled festival sale (about 10 days).

The contents are

  • 21,000 Gems
  • 3M Gold
  • 15M Resources x 4 type
  • about 3 days of Speedups
  • and other items such as resurrection, research, and enhancement

Over the long term, buying a number of these packs will help you save up for the Source of Life, the Horn of Reckoning, the Runestone and the Philosopher’s Stone later on.

Note that there are 5 levels of this 25000% package, and each time you buy one, you can buy the next grade of pack (increasing in price and content).
$4.99 -> $ 9.99 -> $19.99 -> $49.99 -> $99.99
(Still, if you want the fifth grade, you need to buy the fifth grade within a day.)
You can only buy up to one package of each stage per day. ( = you can only buy one $4.99 pack per day.)

Package contents (example)

*Varies slightly depending on the event.

  • 1,000 gems
  • 1,000 VIP points
  • 5K Gems x4
  • Super Resource Chest x10 *Red chest
  • Research Stone x50
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x5
  • Refining Stone x100
  • Source of Life x20
  • Runestone Chest x20
  • 100K Food Box x50
  • 100K Wood Box x50
  • 100K Stone box x50
  • 100K Ore Box x50
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x30
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x15
  • 100 Stamina x5
  • 1M Gold x3
  • Adv Troop March Speedup x2
  • Adv Royal Waybill x1
  • 1K Chips x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x50
  • 2K General EXP x50

Some sales may include the following

  • Subordinate City Clue Chest x10
  • Tribute x20
  • Horns of Recalling (10) x2
  • Adv City Teleporter x2


Note: Annual Membership vs. 25000% Package

Annual Membership – $99.99
Annual Total
  • Resources 365M x4 types
  • Monarch EXP 9,125,000
  • Speed Up about 121 days
  • 448,000 Gems
  • VIP Points 10,000
25,000% Package – $4.99 Pack x20

*The contents may vary slightly depending on the sale.

  • 300M Resources x4 types
  • Monarch EXP 2,000,000
  • General EXP 2,000,000
  • Speed Up about 60 days
  • 420,000 Gems
  • VIP points 20,000
  • 60M Gold
  • Material Bag (Silk Road)  x100
  • Refining Stone x2,000
  • Source of Life x400
  • Runestone Chest x400
  • 100 Stamina x100
  • Adv Troop March Speedup x40
  • Adv Royal Waybill x20
  • 1K chips x20

In addition to the above, there are “limited time promotion” level 1 packs x20.
If you choose the speed pack, you will get an additional speed boost of about 320 days.

B-2) 15,000% Return Super Value Activity Package

15000% return package

If you want speed-up items in a hurry, you can buy the 15,000% return Super Value Activity Package. This can be bought when you achieve 120 scores in your daily activities. You can only buy one of these per day. You can buy them from the Gems page in the store.

It includes

  • about 10 days of Speedups
  • 21,000 Gems
  • 2M Gold
  • about 4.5M Resources x 4 type
  • etc

Unlike the 25000% package, this one doesn’t include any “Source of Life” or “Runestone”.

Package contents

  • 1,000 Gems
  • 1,000 VIP points
  • 5K Gems x4
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x100
  • Super Resources Chest x25 *Golden chest
  • 100 Stamina x7
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x5
  • 100K Gold x 20
  • 5 Minute Speed Up x500
  • 10 Minute Speed Up x250
  • 30 Minute Speed Up x 100
  • 100K Food Box x30
  • 100K Wood Box x30
  • 100K Stone box x30
  • 100K Ore Box x30
  • VIP 1 Day x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x50
  • 2K General EXP x100

C) Buy only during the 3-day weekend.

For three weekends only (After 7am GMT on Friday), if you buy a pack, you’ll get an extra “Weekend Purchase Package” based on the total amount of gems you buy. (You can see the details on the Gems page in the store.)

  • total 500 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 1
  • total 1,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 2
  • total 2,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 3
  • total 4,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 4
  • total 7,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 5
  • total 15,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 7
  • total 70,000 Gems -> Weekend Purchase Package Level 10

Only the gems in the base of the billed pack will be counted, not the gems that are in the package as a return. For example, for a $4.99 pack with a $25,000% package, only 1,000 gems are counted, not the 20,000 gems that are in the package as a return.

The $4.99 pack has a base of 1,000 gems, so if you buy one $4.99 pack over the weekend, you’ll get up to the “Weekend Purchase Package Level 2”.

Package contents

Level 1

  • 50K Gold x30
  • 5 Minute Speedup for Researching x60
  • 10 Minute Speedup for Researching x30
  • 15 Minute Speedup for Researching x10
  • 5 Minute Speed Up x30
  • 15 Minute Speed Up x10
  • 10K Food Box x30
  • 10K Wood Box x30
  • 10K Stone box x30
  • 10K Ore Box x30
  • 2K Monarch EXP x5
  • 2K General EXP x5
  • Speaker x 1

Level 2

  • 10K Food Box x100
  • 10K Wood Box x100
  • 5 Minute Speedup for Training x250
  • 10 Minute Speedup for Training x100
  • 15 Minute Speedup for Training x50
  • Troop March Speedup x3
  • 5 Minute Speed Up x100
  • 10 Minute Speed Up x50
  • 15 Minute Speed Up x20
  • 2K Monarch EXP x10
  • 2K General EXP x10
  • Speaker x 1

Level 3

  • Green Material Chest x200
  • 5 Minute Speedup for Crafting x300
  • 10 Minute Speedup for Crafting x150
  • 15 Minute Speedup for Crafting x50
  • 5 Minute Speed Up x30
  • 10 Minute Speed Up x20
  • 15 Minute Speed Up x10
  • 10K Food Box x50
  • 10K Wood Box x50
  • 10K Stone Box x50
  • 10K Ore Box x50
  • 5K Monarch EXP x5
  • 5K General EXP x5
  • Speaker x 1

D) Buy a $4.99 pack only once a day.

As mentioned above, “Limited Time Promotion” is very important, and if you don’t get it, you’ll lose a lot.

However, you can get the first tier by buying one $4.99 pack, but to get the second tier, you’ll need to buy 24,000 gems that day to get it.

If you have a monthly budget of less than $100, this will be tough to buy.

Therefore, the best deal would be to buy the $4.99 pack once a day, and repeat the process over and over again.


  • Buy only when there’s a bonus you want in a “Limited Time Promotion”.
  • Buy only 25000% packs or 15,000% packs.
  • Buy only during the 3-day weekend.
  • Buy a $4.99 pack only once a day.




What do you think about the first day package, the most competitive package and the super building package unlock on levels 6, 11 and 16? Do you recommend buying any of them?

Hola necesitó saber si puedo comprar paquetes de mi cuenta principal del juego para enviar a otros jugadores como donación o compartir no se si me dejó entender espero sus respuesta

hello, in case it is my first purchase, if I buy the package of 25000% of 4.99, with this it is enough to obtain the purchase reward of 15000 basic gems

hello there, may I ask how is possible gain the double drop purchasing package in the game?

Thank you for all your help.
Regarding the 25000% Return Event Package, which is more economical, buying a package of 5 levels or buying a lot of packages of the first level?

It’s relatively expensive. 🤔
Membership is $99.99 for an annual pass, which is roughly the same price as buying 20 $4.99 packs of the 25000% package.
Considering that you’ll get all of these 20 times and each time you’ll also get a limited time promotion, the 25000% pack is a better deal.
(Details have been added to the article.)

If you purchase the package until the 5th Tier. Is there anything you should take care of? Better buy them fast after each other or spread it out on the day?

If you buy up to 5 tiers of the 25,000% event package, you will receive a limited time promotional 2nd tier pack as a bonus.
(You can get it if you buy 24,000 gems in total)
Therefore, it is a good idea to proceed with buying the 25,000% package when the contents of the 2nd tier pack of the limited time promotion is what you want. 😃
Reference : Limited Time Promotion – All Package Contents

Hi, I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking there is a relatively cheap way of triggering the limited time package bonus. If you buy three $5 packages in one day, but space them 4hrs apart, you would trigger the lvl1 package 3 times, thus activating the bonus package. Does this indeed work like this, or do you really need to trigger all three tiers? The bonus package countdown is for 24hrs, while the individual tiers are for 4hrs, hence my idea.

Thank you for sharing your idea 😃.
After receiving the 1st tier limited time package and then 4 hours later, unfortunately, it is still the 2nd tier. 😭
So it seems that we have to clear all 3 tiers honestly.

Ahmed Ismail

When i updated keep to level 25 Package king growth show to me and I closed by mistake ,, 8 can’t get it again
Where I can find it


Thank you for clarifying on the cost. I was getting worried if it is going to be an expensive game, I would have to quit playing.
Your guide is very helpful thank you so much for the effort.


The detailed explanation is very helpful.
It is written that bounty caves are more expensive, but what kind of billing format is used?
I read the description in the game, but I had no idea… Maybe that amount of money is going to be charged every day? I can’t get to it.
Do you have any further information?

It’s not $19.99 every day, it’s $19.99 for 30 days. Every day you get 1,500 gems, 1 x 100 stamina and 1 x LV5 material, so in total you only get 45,000 gems, 30 x 100 stamina and 30 x LV5 material.
If you are willing to pay $19.99, it is better to buy the 22,500% pack ($4.99) once a day on the weekend and get the bonus Limited Time Package and Weekend Purchase Package 4 times in a month. You can get more than 80,000 gems, etc.


Thank you for the explanation.
I see, you mean that 22500 is an exceptional price.
That helps me a lot.

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