King’s Party

Event Summary

During this event, purchasing gems will increase the experience of the cake.
Rewards will be given when the level of the cake increases.

Event Period

The event is held periodically, approximately once a month.
The duration of the event is usually about 7-10 days, but in rare cases it can be shorter.

Cake Level Up & Costs

The only gems that count for experience are the Basic Gems. Gems that are included in the package as returns are not counted.

For example, the $4.99 event package only counts for 1,000 gems, not the 20,000 gems that are included in the return package.

Basic Gems required to reach each level

The event itself is similar to Ekaterina’s Garden, but the basic gems required are very different.

  • Lv2: 5,000 gems (about $25)
  • Lv3: 25,000 gems (about $100)
  • Lv4: 100,000 gems (about $400)
  • Lv5: 250,000 gems (about $1,000)
  • Lv6: 500,000 gems (about $2,000)

* All figures are cumulative amounts from Lv1. This is not the cost from the previous level.

Rewards you can get (example)

The rewards are slightly different depending on the event, such as different generals you can get, or castle decorations you can get.

The following is as of 10/21/2021.

Cake Lv2
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x20
  • Runestone Chest x25
  • Super Resource Chest x10
  • Refining Stone x200
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x300
Cake Lv3
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x40
  • Runestone Chest x50
  • Super Resource Chest x20
  • Refining Stone x300
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x500
Cake Lv4
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x100
  • Runestone Chest x100
  • Super Resource Chest x30
  • Refining Stone x600
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x550
Cake Lv5
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x200
  • Runestone Chest x250
  • Super Resource Chest x50
  • Refining Stone x1,500
  • 8 Hour Speed Up x400
Cake Lv6
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x380
  • Runestone Chest x400
  • Super Resource Chest x60
  • Refining Stone x2,000
  • 24 Hour Speed Up x300
  • Historic General (Darius I) x1
  • Verona Castle Decoration (Permanent) x1


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