King’s Party

6/17/2022 – Updated required gem cost due to game update raising cake level to 10.

Event Summary

During this event, purchasing gems will increase the experience of the cake.
Rewards will be given when the level of the cake increases.

It is unique in that you can get civilization equipment scroll, high-grade duty officers that are not available in the event package, and powerful castle decorations with buffs. However, a hefty payment is required.

Event Period

The event is held periodically, approximately twice a month.
The duration of the event is usually about 10 days, but in rare cases it can be shorter.

Basic Gem purchases are required to level up cakes

The only gems that count for experience are the Basic Gems. Gems that are included in the package as returns are not counted.

For example, the $4.99 event package only counts for 1,000 gems, not the 20,000 gems that are included in the return package.

Basic Gems required to reach each level

The event itself is similar to Ekaterina’s Garden, but the basic gems required are very different.

  • Lv2: 5,000 gems (about $20)
  • Lv3: 25,000 gems (about $100)
  • Lv4: 50,000 gems (about $200)
  • Lv5: 87,500 gems (about $350)
  • Lv6: 137,500 gems (about $550)
  • Lv7: 200,000 gems (about $800)
  • Lv8: 275,000 gems (about $1,100)
  • Lv9: 375,000 gems (about $1,500)
  • Lv10: 500,000 gems (about $2,000)

* All figures are cumulative amounts from Lv1. This is not the cost from the previous level.

Rewards you can get

The rewards are slightly different depending on the event, such as different generals you can get, or castle decorations you can get.

Level 4 (approx. $200): Civilization Equipment Scroll
Level 8 (about $1,100): Duty Officer Equipment Scroll
Level 10 (about $2,000): Civilization Equipment Scroll, Castle decoration, Epic Generals

The following is as of 8/5/2022.

Royal Party

Purchasing 200,000 Basic Gems during the King’s Party unlocks the Royal Party, which is like the next level of the King’s Party.

The number of Basic Gems purchased during the King’s Party will be carried over to the Royal Party.

  • Lv2: 238,000 Gems (about $950)
  • Lv3: 325,000 Gems (about $1,300)
  • Lv4: 450,000 Gems (about $1,800)
  • Lv5: 600,000 Gems (about $2,400)
  • Lv6: Under Investigation
  • Lv7: Under investigation

* All figures are cumulative amounts from Lv1. This is not the cost from the previous level.

Reference: Specifications prior to 6/17/2022 (cake level up to 6)

NOTE – 2022/6/17 – The level has been raised to 10 due to a change in specifications. The following is before that.

Basic Gems required to reach each level

  • Lv2: 5,000 gems (about $25)
  • Lv3: 25,000 gems (about $100)
  • Lv4: 100,000 gems (about $400)
  • Lv5: 250,000 gems (about $1,000)
  • Lv6: 500,000 gems (about $2,000)

* All figures are cumulative amounts from Lv1. This is not the cost from the previous level.

Rewards you can get

The following is as of 10/21/2021.

Cake Lv2
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x20
  • Runestone Chest x25
  • Super Resource Chest x10
  • Refining Stone x200
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x300
Cake Lv3
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x40
  • Runestone Chest x50
  • Super Resource Chest x20
  • Refining Stone x300
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x500
Cake Lv4
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x100
  • Runestone Chest x100
  • Super Resource Chest x30
  • Refining Stone x600
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x550
Cake Lv5
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x200
  • Runestone Chest x250
  • Super Resource Chest x50
  • Refining Stone x1,500
  • 8 Hour Speed Up x400
Cake Lv6
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x380
  • Runestone Chest x400
  • Super Resource Chest x60
  • Refining Stone x2,000
  • 24 Hour Speed Up x300
  • Historic General (Darius I) x1
  • Verona Castle Decoration (Permanent) x1

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I think it’s been around since last time, but it says that for a purchase of 200000 gems worth (equivalent to level 7) you will be invited to be a special guest at the Royal Party. What kind of content is this? I imagine they will introduce a new paid package….


It was up to level 7 and the 200,000 from the king’s party carried over. Level 2 was 238,000, level 3 was 325,000, and beyond that it is unknown…


This is very helpful. Thank you.

Regarding the “mystery tower”, would you recommend the one with hp buffs for ranged and siege or the one with hp buffs for ground and mounted?

I think the latter is a good choice for most people (approximate K38 or less).
If you often attack or receive attacks by siege (approximate K38 or higher), the former would be a good choice.

Any thoughts on the new Celestial castles? Which is better, the one with in-city 30%hp on cav and ground or in-city 30% defense on cav and ground?

I would choose the HP one (Zadkiel).
This is because it is easier to keep the number of injuries down with HP than with defense, and because I would rather have ground troops attack than mounted troops attack because mounted troops will ghost.

Thank for this guide!!
I dont wan’t coin much, but was willing too to get the Godzilla Castle.. but this is crazy!
I rather build another game pc with that amount


I wanted the castle 🏰 when the Kong event was held. Godzilla’s castle also means about $2000… 😱😱😱😱.
And then, does it mean that the scrolls of equipment of the duty officer can only be obtained from here?


Hello why is this game made for rich layers
For example, players who can’t buy packages in large quantities.
What does he do about these expensive purchases and packages?
And there’s also the issue of the endurance of the forces.
Also what does the player do


Well, it’s technically free to play. You’re not forced to buy anything. But like many games this decade, the gaming companies want as much money as possible, so they do add a lot of possibilities to spend money in the game. By spending money you get advantages over others, so you feel great and will probably spend even more.
So while it’s technically free to play, to actually make a difference in the game it’s practically pay to win yes.

Hi, the level 9 gems amount is 375,000 gems.

The last layer is a tough one !

Hello this is Sai again, I can help with one of these missing info. Cake level 5 as of 19-June-2022 is 87500 gems. I know because I only did level 4 for the scroll.

I have the cost for the last cake level as well from our server coiner. It is 500k gems. He couldn’t remember the other levels. I will update here in comments if I get to know them.

What is the cost of cake level 5 in Indian rupees ❓

bro, apakah dari kue level 2 ke level 10 membutuhkan biaya $2000 atau hanya level 10 yg membutuhkan $2000 dolar?

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