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Revelation of Maya Event

Best Generals (& Combinations)
added Theodosius I.

Best of Assistant Generals: Siege PvP
added Theodosius I.

Best of Siege PvP General
added Theodosius I.

Assistant Generals Guide
added Theodosius I to the combination compatibility.


List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)
added Theodosius I, Cimon.


Calculator: Number of Troops to Kill Boss
Added attacking troop type (Ground, Ranged, Siege).
Added Viking (Hell, Hard, Normal, Easy).
Added Viking Boss, Aglaope, etc.


Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide
Added explanation about the “defending outside the Main City” buff.


Debuff Simulator (ver 1.31)
added Hojyo Ujiyasu, Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, Narses.

How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?
added Viking Hell.

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Monster / Boss Hunt

To defeat monsters and bosses, the number of troops required, the mechanics of combat, recommended generals, and a database of dropped items.

Calculator: Number of Troops to Kill Boss

The tool calculates the number of troops required for zero wounding by simply entering the boss, troop type and level, and buffs/debuffs.

How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?

A comprehensive guide that summarizes the required troop level and number of troops for each boss.

Other Monster Hunting Guides
Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

In monster warfare, what is going on internally and how? Once we know that, we know what to watch out for. I have conducted many tests and analyzed the mechanics of combat.


Generals are very important elements that increase the strength of troops in monster battles and PvP. I have compiled a list, ranking, how to obtain them, and tips on how to strengthen and raise them.

Recommended Generals List & Ranking
Best Generals (& Combinations)

Recommended generals are summarized by role, such as battle-oriented and development-oriented.

For a detailed look at each type of troops, click here.

Main Generals
Assistant Generals
List of All Generals
List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

A comprehensive list of all golden historic generals, over 100 in total, by role.

How to obtain the General
20+ Methods to Acquire Generals: vouchers, events, packages, etc.

A list of locations, events, packages, etc where you can get Golden Historic General (Epic Historic General).

Drop Rate of Historic General at Tavern (Test Results)

How many taverns do we have to refresh to get the golden historic general? I actually conducted a mass refresh of the taverns and investigated the number of times they appeared.

Assistant General

Assistant Generals Guide

Explanation of basic specifications and results of a competitive survey of basic skills, etc.

Duty Officer
Duty Officer Guide

Basic guide mainly for beginners. Includes buff contents, common mistakes beginners make, skills, equipment, etc.

Strengthening & Leveling up Generals
Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

General EXP can be earned by hunting monsters, but it is too inefficient. I will explain how to earn it in other ways.

General Basics
Color of General and difference (Rarity, Quality)

Which color general is better? The guide explains the specific differences between different levels of rarity and such points.


The skills that should be attached to a general, how to think about them, tips on how to attach them, and how to get skillbooks.

Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add?

A guide to which skillbooks to use for each type of general.


About the monarch’s gear & the general’s equipment.


Explanation of basic specifications and list of buffs by level, etc.

Monarch Gear

How to use Monarch Gear, which Beginners Tend to Make Mistakes

A guide to when and how to use monarch gear.

For players at keep level 27 and above.

Strengthening the Military

Basic knowledge and databases to help you win in battles, such as monster and PvP. A guide to the various elements that make an army strong, such as troops, march, buffs and debuffs.

Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)

A guide to which troops to use and when to use them.

12 ways to increase March Size

A guide on how to increase the number of troops per march.

Rank / VIP
Rank Type, Buff List

A guide that summarizes the buffs for each rank and the requirements to become each rank.

Buff / Debuff
Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

A comprehensive guide to buffing and debuffing, the most important factor in making an army strong, including basic specifications and points that many people tend to misunderstand.

For players at the keep level 33 and above.
Debuff Simulator

Tool to calculate total debuff value by specifying debuff generals, equipment, etc. Save function available.

Spiritual Beast / Dragon
Dragon Complete Guide – Type, Buff, Enhance

Dragons that can be assigned to generals to gain buffs. The following is a description of the various dragons, tips on how to train them, and a database of each buff.

Civilization Treasure
Civilization Treasure

Explains the basics, a list of buffs by level, how to upgrade, and how to obtain fragments of the civilization treasure.

Subordinate City

Subordinate City Complete Guide

How to get greater benefits, setup guides, and how to increase the number from the subordinate city.

PvP / Server War

Ghosting Complete Guide (Essential PvP Techniques)

Ghosting, an essential technique in PvP, how to do it and what to look out for.


Arctic Barbarians Invasion Guide

Lists of scores, etc., and results of tests with different troop compositions, etc.

Dawn of Civilization / Monarch Sciences – How to complete all quests

I have compiled a list of ways to complete all the quests without paying.

Construction / City Development

Keep Upgrade Requirements (~Lv40) & Unlocks

A list of resources and other requirements for each keep level.

How to get Items Efficiently

Speed-up / Resources
How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

A comprehensive guide to gathering large quantities of resources in a short period of time.

How to get Stamina

Stamina is needed to fight monsters. A guide to the various ways to get it, including events where you can get it.

How to get 21,000 Gems in a Week

The basic way to earn free gems is to collect them in a gem mine, but I personally do not recommend it. Other recommended methods are summarized here.

How to raise Monarch Level quickly (How to get Monarch EXP)

In order to raise the maximum general level up, the monarch level must be raised by earning monarch EXP. Here is a summary of these earning methods.

Equip / Refine
Fastest & Cheapest Way to Level Up Monarch Gear

Monarch gear that provides useful buffs for battles and development. As more powerful buffs are obtained as the level increases, we want to collect as many as possible as quickly as possible and level them up. The following is a summary of how to collect them efficiently.

How to get Skill Book

A skillbook that can give additional buffs to generals. A summary of the various methods that can be obtained.

Relic – How to Gain More or Explore Faster (with Verification Report)

The results of various tests on how to speed up the search for relics, increase the amount of gathering, and get more resources and items in one exploration are summarized in this report.

Item List

Chest contents / Drop items
Boss Chest & Drop Item List

A comprehensive list of items dropped by bosses and the contents of chests.

Black Market Item List

A comprehensive list of items and prices available on the market’s black market.


How to Save Money when you pay

Paid packages: the best value for which ones to buy and when?

A guide to what to buy and when to buy it if you want to pay.

Billing Event

Puzzle Walkthrough

A guide to Evony’s pin-pulling puzzles. Includes play videos, unlock conditions, and rewards.

Mysterious Puzzle Level 1~5 Egypt Walkthrough Video

Includes play videos and rewards for all 20 stages.


Evony Term Translation List (Japanese / English)

A list of commonly used terms in Evony, such as NAP, KE, tile, etc., with their Japanese-English equivalents.

About this site

A strategy site by an individual who has been playing Evony The King’s Return for more than 3 years

All articles are written by me, based on my own experiences and verified results.

Author’s Profile – keep level 40 / SvS top 5 Wing holdings / King Wing holdings / Regent / R5 of an alliance that is in the TOP 100 of the Battle of Chalons (Major league). (doing and resting)

About Evony The King’s Return

Evony: The King’s Return is a real-time style war game + puzzle game released in 2016 by TOP GAMES INC. (TG INC.). It has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide.

The puzzle game involves pulling out pins to guide the player to the goal, who automatically moves forward. 300 stages in total. As you raise the level of your keep in the war game part, you will be able to play higher level puzzle stages.

The war game content involves gathering resources, developing cities, raising armies, and fighting monsters and other players; players from over 150 countries can participate simultaneously, and the game progresses in real time 24 hours a day. The game has an automatic translation function, so players can communicate with players from other countries to some extent.

The city development and monster hunting parts are fun to develop over time. On the other hand, the war part is highly action-oriented, and instantaneous decision-making and positioning are important. Therefore, it is not only a training game, but also an action game.

In addition, the battle mechanics are very deep, and the game as a whole requires a great deal of thinking.

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.

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