How to kill Lava Turtle (Lv1-5)

Lava Turtle strength, number of troops needed to kill, database of dropped items, etc. (Appear during the “Challenge Lava Turtles” event.)

Basics of Monster Battles

  • Fight with only the highest tier of mounted troops.
  • Increase mounted troop attack (buff values can be roughly checked in the PvP battle report). Next, increase the number of troops. If you want to get zero wounds, there is no need to raise any other factors. (Reference: How to increase buffs, etc.)
  • If casualties are inevitable, the number of wounded can be halved by activating the Monarch Talent Lv6 “Mortality”. Raising mounted troop HP & mounted troop defense is also effective, but does not dramatically reduce the number of wounded.
  • Add debuffs.
    • Not a normal debuff, but an against-monster debuff.
    • Basically, you equip Yukimura Sanada (-5% defense) with a set of 4 dragon equipment (-10% attack & defense).
    • If you are fighting solo, set it on the sub-city mayor as possible (they will stack).
    • If you are rallying, only one of the participants needs to participate with it (it does not stack with the number of people, it only applies to one person).

For more details, please refer to this article.

Strength of Lava Turtle

Basically, event bosses can be defeated if a normal boss of comparable power can be defeated. However, they often have more wounds than normal bosses. (See the “Stats” section of this article for how this works.)

Basically, they should be considered equivalent to Golem.

Number of Troops to Kill – Overview

The troop types, troop levels, and number of troops needed to defeat Lava Turtle are roughly as follows. However, note that this depends on how well each player’s buffs (generals, research, gear, etc.) are developed.

t = Tier (Troop Level)

  • Lava Turtle 1
    • t10 Cavalry 100,000+ / Zero wounds at t11 Cavalry 120,000
  • Lava Turtle 2
    • t11 Cavalry 300,000+ / Zero wounds at t11 Cavalry 400,000
  • Lava Turtle 3
    • t12 Cavalry 600,000+ / Zero wounds at t13 Cavalry 1,000,000
  • Lava Turtle 4
    • t13 Cavalry 1,000,000+
  • Lava Turtle 5
    • t14 Cavalry 1,500,000+ / Zero wounds at t14 Cavalry 2,000,000

Number of Troops to Kill – Details

Details on number of troops, wounded, generals, etc. are as follows.

Lv1 Lava Turtle 12.4M

t10 Cavalry 144,855 -> Wounded 2,168

  • General – Baibars Lv25 1.2M
  • Attributes – about 900 each
  • Equipment – Orange & Gold ranks
  • Skill – Mounted Troop Attack Lv1 / Mounted Troop HP Lv1
  • Research – Military: Horsemanship 20/20 / Adv Mounted Troop HP 18/20 / Adv Cavalry Armor 20/20
  • Monarch Gear – 3 Cavalry Types Lv6
  • Solo
  • Subordinate City – Power 1.1M

t11 Cavalry 200,000 -> Wounded 0

  • General – Martinus 725K

Lv2 Lava Turtle 22.3M

t11 Cavalry 380,000 -> Wounded 0

  • Keep Level 27
  • Research – Academy Lv27 Maxed out
  • Monarch Gear – 3 Cavalry Types Lv6
  • Buff Item – Not used
  • Culture – Japan

t12 Cavalry 340,000 -> Wounded 0

  • Mounted General 1.9M

Lv3 Lava Turtle 74.5M

t12 Cavalry 708,200 -> Wounded 7,002

  • General – Baibars Lv30
  • Equipment – King Equipment x2 / Dragon Equipment x4

Lv4 Lava Turtle 147.5M

t13 Cavalry 1,126,550 -> Wounded 15,276

  • Cavalry Attack Buff – about 930%
  • General – Robert Guiscard Lv34 6.2M
    • Attributes – 1,401 to 1,452
    • Equipment – Ares Spear / Courageous Achaemenidae Armor / Freedom Hero Boots / Freedom Hero Helmet / Courageous Ares Leg Armor / Freedom Star / All 5 Stars
    • Skill – Mounted Troop HP Lv4 / Mounted Troop Defence Lv4 / March Size Lv4
    • Specialty – 1 Gold / 2 Gold / 3 Gold / 4 Orange
    • Dragon – Fafnir Lv10

t13 Cavalry 1,507,500 -> Wounded 7,174

  • Cavalry Attack Buff – 1,030%
  • Monarch Talent Lv6 Mortality – Available
  • General – Hannibal Lv36 6M
    • Attributes – 1,406 to 1,509
    • Equipment – Ares Equipment x2 / Civilization Equipment x4
    • Skill – Mounted Troop Attack Lv4 / Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster Lv4 / Luck Lv4
    • Specialty – None
    • Dragon – Fafnir Lv10
  • Monarch Gear – Mounted Troop Types Lv8
  • Buff Item – Attack, Defense, HP +20%

Lv5 Lava Turtle 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,653,250 -> Wounded 7,839

  • General – Martinus Lv36
  • Dragon – Fafnir Lv10

t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1,384%)

  • Monarch Talent Lv6 Mortality – Available
  • Keep Lv38
  • Research – Academy Lv35 Mounted MAX / Military Academy Lv2 Mounted MAX
  • Main General – Roland Lv39 7.2M
    • Red Star 1 / Cultivate +500
    • Specialty – Gold x3 / 4th is Orange
    • Equipment – Ares Sword / Courageous Ares Armor / Plantagenet Boots, Helmet / Rurik Leg Armor / Freedom Star
    • Dragon – Fafnir Lv13
  • Assistant – Baibars / Specialty – None
  • Skill Book – Mounted Troop Attack, Defense, HP Against Monster / Mounted Troop Defense, Speed / March Speed (All Lv4)
  • Blazon – Soul Set Buff (6/6)
  • Monarch Gear – Mounted Attack Lv8 / Defense Lv8 / HP Lv8
  • Buff Items – Attack / Defense / HP +20%
  • Subordinate City – None

Lava Turtle Basic Stats

Description – A turtle born from the scorching lava.

* General EXP below is the Initial value without the increase buff.

Drop Item (Detail)Alliance Boss Package (Detail)First Down
First Down
Monarch EXP
First Down
Lv112.4M2035003500505050Junior Lava Turtle Chest
Refining Stone
5K Spiritual Beast EXP
Artwork Fragment Chest V
Senior Alliance Boss Package175017500
Lv222.3M3035004000505050Medium Lava Turtle Chest
Refining Stone
5K Spiritual Beast EXP
Artwork Fragment Chest V
Senior Alliance Boss Package180020000
Lv374.5M3035004500505050Senior Lava Turtle Chest
Refining Stone
5K Spiritual Beast EXP
Artwork Fragment Chest V
Senior Alliance Boss Package190030000
Lv4147.5M4035005000505050Legendary Lava Turtle Chest
Refining Stone
5K Spiritual Beast EXP
Artwork Fragment Chest V
Senior Alliance Boss Package200030000
Lv5225.2M4035006000505050Epic Lava Turtle Chest
Refining Stone
5K Spiritual Beast EXP
Artwork Fragment Chest V
Treasure Box
Senior Alliance Boss Package220035000

Reference – Mechanics of Monster Battle

Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

In monster warfare, what is going on internally and how? Once we know that, we know what to watch out for. I have conducted many tests and analyzed the mechanics of combat.

Reference – Generals Recommendations

Other Bosses

Calculator: Number of Troops to Kill Boss

The tool calculates the number of troops required for zero wounding by simply entering the boss, troop type and level, and buffs/debuffs.

How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?

A comprehensive guide that summarizes the required troop level and number of troops for each boss.


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I have been doing tests and reached the conclusion that DEFENSE buffs do not have any effect when attacking BOSS monsters (this is true at least for Mounted troops).
I tested Defense buffs from Monarch gear as well as “City Buff . All Troops Defense”.
Defense buff DOES have a positive effect when fighting regular monsters.
HP buff DOES have a positive effect when fighting BOSS monsters.
I am still running tests, but so far, the above has been confirmed and verified by a second player.
Perhaps you would like to run your own tests to verify this and update your pages.
(Also, if you find the information useful and publish it, it would be nice if I could get credit!! :D)


Victory over Lava Turtle 5 at K33. A little over 20,000 wounded.
Lv.30 Aethelflaed Star 8 (power 3.8M) + Sub-cities Sanada 6 Hernan 1 Mansa 2.

See comments in Fafnir for details on equipment, etc.

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