How to kill Fafnir

Basics of Monster Battles

  • Fight with only the highest tier of mounted troops.
  • Increase mounted troop attack (buff values can be roughly checked in the PvP battle report). Next, increase the number of troops. If you want to get zero wounds, there is no need to raise any other factors. (Reference: How to increase buffs, etc.)
  • If casualties are inevitable, the number of wounded can be halved by activating the Monarch Talent Lv6 “Mortality”. Raising mounted troop HP & mounted troop defense is also effective, but does not dramatically reduce the number of wounded.
  • Add debuffs.
    • Not a normal debuff, but an against-monster debuff.
    • Basically, you equip Yukimura Sanada (-5% defense) with a set of 4 dragon equipment (-10% attack & defense).
    • If you are fighting solo, set it on the sub-city mayor as possible (they will stack).
    • If you are rallying, only one of the participants needs to participate with it (it does not stack with the number of people, it only applies to one person).

For more details, please refer to this article.

Fafnir Basic Stats

  • Level – 13 (Commonly known as B13)
  • Power – 134.1M
  • Stamina Cost – 40
  • Monarch EXP – 5,000
  • General EXP – 5,000 (Initial value without EXP increase buff)
  • Prestige – 450
  • Alliance Points – 500
  • Alliance Honor – 500
  • Drop Item (Detail)
    • Lv4 Dragon Scale
    • Lv13 Boss Monster Chest
    • Dragon Scroll Chest
    • Achaemenidae Scroll Chest
    • 5K Spiritual Beast EXP
    • Artwork Fragment Chest V
  • Alliance Boss Package (Detail)
    • Senior Alliance Boss Package

Number of troops to kill / wounded

The type of troops, troop level, and number of troops required are approximately as follows. However, note that this depends on how well each player’s buffs (generals, research, gear, etc.) are developed.

Legend: t = Tier (=Troop Level)

t12 Cavalry 1,200,000 -> Wounded 35,000

  • General – Ulysses S. Grant Lv31 3.7M

t13 Cavalry 856,000 -> Wounded 22,000

  • Cavalry Attack Buff – about 780%
  • General – Roland Lv32 4.3M

t13 Cavalry 1,023,490 => Wounded 11,579

  • Cavalry Buff – Attack 919% / Defense 606% / HP 598%
  • Monarch Talent “Lv6 Mortality” – Available
  • General – Hannibal Lv35 5.7M
    • 5 Star / Cultivate +500
    • Attributes – L1461 / A1449 / D1410 / P1359
    • Skills – Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster Lv4 / Mounted Troop Attack Lv4 / Luck Lv4
    • Specialty – None
    • Dragon – Fafnir Lv8
  • Monarch Gear – Cavalry 3 type Lv8
  • Buff Item – Attack / Defense / HP each +20%
  • Rally (= None of Subordinate City)

t13 Cavalry 1,250,000 -> Wounded 24,000

  • General – Elektra Lv34 4.8M

t13 Cavalry 1,300,000 -> Wounded 6,000

  • General – Gaius Octavius Lv35 Maxed out
  • Specialty – Maxed out
  • Research – Cav Maxed out

t13 Cavalry 1,502,500 -> Wounded 5,621

  • Cavalry Attack Buff – 1,000%
  • Monarch Talent “Lv6 Mortality” – Available
  • General – Hannibal Lv35 5.7M
    • Skills – Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster Lv4 / Mounted Troop Attack Lv4 / Luck Lv4
    • Equipment – Ares x2 / Civilization x4
    • Dragon – Fafnir Lv10
  • Monarch Gear – Cavalry 3 type Lv8
  • Buff Item – Attack / Defense / HP each +20%
  • Rally (= None of Subordinate City)

t13 Cavalry 1,600,000 -> Wounded 0

  • Cavalry Attack Buff – about 1,000%
  • General – Martinus
  • Skill – Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster Lv4 etc
  • Research – Cavalry Attack Maxed out
  • Monarch Talent – Lv6 Mortality

Reference – Mechanics of Monster Battle

Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

In monster warfare, what is going on internally and how? Once we know that, we know what to watch out for. I have conducted many tests and analyzed the mechanics of combat.

Reference – Generals Recommendations

Other Bosses

Calculator: Number of Troops to Kill Boss

The tool calculates the number of troops required for zero wounding by simply entering the boss, troop type and level, and buffs/debuffs.

How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?

A comprehensive guide that summarizes the required troop level and number of troops for each boss.


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T13 1,302,600/0 Wounded
Aethelflaed 4.3M – luck, mons march speed, mount troop vs monster
Roland 6 star assist – Mount troop attack, mount troop hp, march size
Monach mortality, lvl 7 monarch gear, kings protection, hunter 5%, monthly membershp 10% attk, hp, def
Moun att 972, def 674, hp 699


Managed to kill a Fafnir with only 753.916 t13.

Lvl32 Roland, 3.4 M power, full dragon gear, some gear refinement, but not much, equipped with lvl 6 Fafnir dragon, one red star, specialities about halfway, lvl4 mounted against monster skillbooks.

k34, maxed mounted research, some mounted blazon, one sub general with dragon set debuffs.

Probably would have many wounded, but I had the Ramune effect activated, so there was zero.

Ymir3, 0 wounded.
Fafnir, 11,000 wounded.

Someone has
Ymir3, 9,000 wounded.
Fafnir, 3,000 wounded.

What is the difference between these?

Below is my general and data.
Thank you in advance.

Lv34 Martinus 6 stars 5.2M
3 specialties Max
Buff 870
T13 1245000
wounded 11,000

Tonko aka star

I kill Fafnir with 1.1 M t12, alone 20k wounded Li Jing l31 4 ares 4.7M power, when I attack with 1.2M t12 and raly wounded 0


General Aethelflaed Lv.30 Star 7,Cavalry Attack 4,March Size 4,Luck 4
Power 3.2M (all dragons equipment), 3 specialties max + only 4th released 4/5
Assistant Roland Lv.30 Star 6,Cavalry Speed 4,Cavalry Defense 4,Cavalry HP 4, Specialty not unlocked
Assignment Hurricane Bird (Gold, Lv.6)
Monarch Lv.30(k33) Talent Mortality 4 available Gear Lightning Dagger Lv.8, all others Lv.7

Cavalry buff Attack 684%, Defense 573%, HP 494% (confirmed by attacking NPC subordinate cities)
Against Monsters buff: Attack +83% Enemies-25%, Defense +28% Enemies-10%, HP +45% Enemies-10%,
Double Drop Rate +72% (Hurricane Bird + Dragon Ring + Luck + Specialty 2)
Research All cavalry buffs up to Academy Lv.33 completed

t13 cavalry 1,080,250
No change in wounded when I am the rally leader or when I solo Sanada in subordinate cities 10,790



Aethelflaed Star 8 Power 3.8M (Achaemenidae spear + helmet, 4 other dragons)
Assistant Hannibal Star 4 against monsters HP 4, against monsters defense 4, against monsters marching 4
Sub-city Sanada 6, Hernan, Mansa 2 (dragon spear, general’s equipment 2×2 others, etc.)
Art hall Lv.33 unlocked. Artwork buff Lv.2
Others are almost the same as above. k33 monarch Lv.30

t13 cavalry 1,080,250
Solo + sub-cities reduced to 5,098 wounded.

Are we starting to see the limits of k33? I can’t get Ares and I’m starting to feel like I’m losing my head.


Achieved 0 wounded at k34.

t13 mounted troops 1,223,250
General Arthelflead Lv.31 Star 8 Specialty 3 + 3/4 Achaemenidae 5 + Dragon Ring
Assistant General Roland Lv.31 Star 6
Assign Hurricane Bird Rank MAX Lv.9

Mounted troops attack 739% + 128% against monsters (no buff items used)
Double drop rate 85% total
Subcity Sanada x8 Japan Blue x2, Purple x1

Concerned reader

Not sure how accurate these numbers are
Tried with the following configuration:

Monarch mounted attack, defense and HP gear on at level 7
Martinus 4.5M
1,802,162 T13 mounted troops
Boosted attack, defense and HP 50%

Still managed to get 11,839 wounded

I have a lvl 35 Gaius fully maxed, specialties maxed, cav research maxed, 1.75m t13 cav and get 6k wounded. Same general with 1.3m t13 cav also gets 6k wounded.

We are seeing similar disproportionate injuries – we should have smoked the fafnir, however, after the update, the same attack marches are seeing wounds when not previously there. We believe there is a problem with the update OR they changed the killing vector and didn’t tell anyone.

I heard that there was a glitch after the update that caused the monarch gear buffs to stop working, but that it was fixed in a subsequent update. Please try updating the app.

I’m sending a Lv 34 Martinus 4.6M all arch gear with mounted refines and halfway through the final stage of the last specialty, 1.669M T13 and i get 6K wounded. Research is maxed for K33. 50% buffs also applied

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