How to increase the Max Number of Generals you can hold

11/4/2011 updated – Upper limit raised by ver4 major update (keep level only)
6/8/2011 updated – Upper limit raised by update (Keep Level, VIP)

Pressing “Generals” in the menu will bring up a screen listing the generals you have, and at the top of the screen you will see the number of generals you currently have and the maximum number you can have.

You can increase this limit in the following ways.

Raise the keep level

* After the article was published, the limit was increased in June 2021 and with the ver4 major update in November 2021.


  • Keep level 12 -> 21 people
  • Keep level 25 -> 38 people
  • Keep Level 33 -> 60 people
  • etc.

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Raise the VIP level and use VIP time items

* After the article was published, the limit was increased in the June 2021 update; no change was made in the ver4 major update in November 2021.

  • VIP2 -> Generals Capacity +0 +1
  • VIP3 -> Generals Capacity +0 +2
  • VIP4 -> Generals Capacity +1 +3
  • VIP5 -> Generals Capacity +2 +4
  • VIP6 -> Generals Capacity +3 +5
  • VIP7 -> Generals Capacity +4 +7
  • VIP8 -> Generals Capacity +5 +9
  • VIP9 -> Generals Capacity +6 +11
  • VIP10 -> Generals Capacity +7 +13
  • VIP11 -> Generals Capacity +8 +15
  • VIP12 -> Generals Capacity +9 +17
  • VIP13 -> Generals Capacity +10 +19
  • VIP14 -> Generals Capacity +11 +21
  • VIP15 -> Generals Capacity +12 +23
  • VIP16 -> Generals Capacity +13 +25
  • VIP17 -> Generals Capacity +14 +27
  • VIP18 -> Generals Capacity +15 +29
  • VIP19 -> Generals Capacity +17 +32
  • VIP20 -> Generals Capacity +20 +36

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How to get VIP Time


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It seems like there was some update that reduced the number of generals you can keep… I’m K31 and after a long time away from the game and with a server merger on the way, I came back… and it turns out that I have VIP activated and the system shows that I have 75/67 generals… now I need to open another general card and it seems I will simply have to release 9 of them to be able to open a new one

Edeward Bemis

says I have 83 of 84 and I am missing Electra, which I was asending. where can I see where she is , or how can i see all of the 84 general so I can make a list and keep track of them?

Metal Church

Here’s a little trick I use. I can hold 63 gens and I keep it filled when I’m trying to get new ones at the tavern and when I do, I’ll go and perfectly dismiss a general that is sitting idle. You can hit the red helmet on your general information page and see if they are able to be perfectly dismissed, it will cost 10k gems but it’s my way of storing gens that I may need later when and if I learn more about them or if I’d like to try something else out later. I have like 11 in storage now and also if you need fragments later to ascend it’s good too! 🙂 👍✌️

what happened if I lost VIP ? it can be gerenrals get dissapeared too !!

no, generals will stay there, but it will show you as having too many – it might say “50/48” if you don’t have VIP turned on.

Not Happy

I just fired 8 great generals to make room then this happens the next day… Wow


The number of generals I can have has suddenly increased from 45 to 67, but I don’t know why. Did the specifications change recently?

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